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  1. Is that how you reply to a new member? to put their grammar down after being paid a compliment?
  2. dear zep head i have followed what you write etc you should write a book the internet isnt the answer to everything and a book from you and ledzepfilm i would pay a lot keep up the good work thanks
  3. the record company wanted jimmy to release the whole e.court and the whole knebworth but page did a retospect of clips,now these clips of e.court and knebworth that we see are a mixture of each night so you may watch a song say stairway you get clips of over the hills and far away and many other songs so he couldnt release these as seperate gigs due to pages jiggery pokery like he did on the song remains the same dvd,people are sitting on a digital copies i.e HD and untill one break ranks we wont get them also why do you think the bootlegers called the first weekend at knebworth Secrets Revealed? its cos you would see where page has chopped it here and there to make the clips for the 2003 DVD