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  1. Robert Plant Talks 'Wild' New Solo LP, Looks Back on 2007 Led Zeppelin Gig

    same old stuff; nothing new at all.
  2. Is Jimmy Page done making music?

    Jimmy and Zeppelin management dropped the ball is about the stupidest statement i've ever read.

    I'm traveling to Alpha Centauri soon so will miss the inaction action.
  4. Greta Van Fleet

    Not bad

    He's keen on being seen. That's why he's spending so much time preparing for this MASSIVE WORLD TOUR. Additionally, he'll be traveling in a Graf Zeppelin. So exciting.

    A good long nap is likely in order.
  7. Is Jimmy Page done making music?

    I don't think he's been seen in 2017......
  8. Any time now.....

    Immigant song; the riff was lifted from the Get Smart theme song!
  9. Page in 2017

    Billy Fuller, Bass player for the Sensational Space Shifters, want to come off the road and concentrate on producing, so Jimmy Page is going to join them to help them out on bass. Good Lord.
  10. In a Graf Zeppelin of course
  11. Why RP frustrates me.

    The correct decison was made.
  12. Video: Jimmy, Robert and Ahmet

    Jimmy is stoned out of his mind; don't get yourself.
  13. Warner Bros. Aborted Led Zeppelin Movie Project

    The movie is still in the works as is Page' new music and tour. remember now....Page is on the touchlines; lol
  14. The Next LZ?

    Better than most those 1980's hair bands pretending to be as badass as LZ. Still, not all that great......
  15. Rare Led Zeppelin T-Shirt

    Pirates I tell you. A nasty bunch. If Peter was here he would have them walk the plank..
  16. Rare Led Zeppelin T-Shirt

    Love it!
  17. I agree they played very well live and the marketing may have been an issue; I certainly do not remember seeing any "tour" info at the time although I live in the Pacific NW. I would have gone; hell, I'd go see Page play even if he was playing with Puff!
  18. Good Grog Charlie Brown
  19. Loved their LP, but Nobody wants to see that live.....it couldn't sell out a 5000 seat hall
  20. john paul jones, Ignored ?

    Does this mean RP & JPJ won't relocate to the USA, get married and adopt several children while naming JP as the Godfather?
  21. Why RP frustrates me.

    Well, ok. I'll fix this by telling Robert to play his solo material only. There; done. He agreed and apologized for any misunderstanding. Robert did ask if you thought it was ok he play covers of Pearl Jam in the future......
  22. Did Presence have a bad mix?

    Agreed! To me it will always be a Zeppelin record minus 80% of Jimmy Page.
  23. Presence album cover

    I believe the little girl on the right is saying: "where's my fucking ice cream?"