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  1. Next Soundboard Release

    Thanks mate
  2. Next Soundboard Release

    I didn’t realise there were soundboards for these dates. What’s the track listing?
  3. The songs are great live. I think the album suffers from poor production
  4. Official release candidate

    Agree. As Long As I Have You is blistering. Texas Pop Festival is my favourite from that year though
  5. Call out to zephead again my friend. I would love a link
  6. Why Zep Were Never Truly Recreated

    Agreed. Fantastic playing, particularly in 98
  7. football

    We have to be careful. If they get an early goal it’s game on
  8. football

    Yes! Love it
  9. The Beatles thread

    Strider - great post mate. For the last year I’ve been learning to play the guitar. I love it. I’ve just about mastered barre chords. I have literally just put the guitar down before reading your post. I have just been playing “A Day In the Life”. When I realised I could and was playing it was like a teenagers wet dream. My recollections of listening to Sgt Pepper for the first time are not as strong as LZII, but what an album it is. I’m doubly proud as I’m from Liverpool as you know. Come on Liverpool tonight (playing Manchester City in the quarter finals if the European cup)
  10. I thought the singer sounded like Geddy Lee
  11. Good old Roger’s still going strong Mook
  12. VInyl Bootleg questions!

    Prunes????? WTF?????
  13. But if you had a protective mgr that insisted the only way to see or hear Zeppelin live was by seeing them live......
  14. Super stars - Graf Zeppelin

    Well I’ve had a look and I’m buggered if I can find it