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    Yeah you're right....he has to be seen to be playing.....
  2. Meeting forum members in the flesh

    London water is the worst water ever. Disgusting!!! Liverpool is way better - straight from the Welsh hills
  3. Which Zep 'Epic' Is Your Favorite.

    Out of those above I've selected Kashmir, but my own view is Ten Years Gone
  4. Baton Rouge 2/28/75

    Just curious....apart from the crappy matrix mentioned by Nutrocker, does anyone know if a decent matrix has been released? Kashmir is terrific from this show
  5. Page's best live solo

    Great choice. Close but no cigar. I go for Thankyou from Orlando 71.
  6. Boots of P and P touring in the 90's

    Could not agree more with this. For those of you who haven't yet heard No Quarter from 30/3/98 check it out. It is absolutely outstanding. Jimmys playing is just breathtaking
  7. football

    Yeah mate, Istanbul was great. Great few days away with my cousin and a mate. My mum and dad arrive for a month on the 17th nov. on the 18th nov I go to see the Led Zeppelin experience with my dad. 22nd Nov I'm taking my mum to see Cat Stevens for her birthday. Me, my mates and Dad are going to see the first two days of the Perth ashes test match before they go home. Shouldbe a good month. I bet on your suggestions for Huddersfield, West Brom, Newcastle, Chelsea and spurs. Did a multi bet - odds of 166 to 1. $10. If they come in I'll send you some beers!
  8. football

    ....good selection but I have my doubts about the Chelsea aresenal game - think it might be a home win
  9. football

    Just to show I'm a good sport (even with utd supporters), I'm going to put my money where your mouth is and put $20 (I'm in Australia) on these selections. I'll let you know the odds I get mate
  10. football

    What a game that was. Best game of footie I've ever been to. Check this out - my wife got it for me for my 40th - ticket, programme, passport visa etc
  11. football

  12. football

    Ha! I just spat out my coffee. Everton! Jesus Christ. I'm from the red half of the city. As Shankley said "if Everton were playing in my garden I'd draw the blinds" Can't wait for the return at anfield
  13. Boots of P and P touring in the 90's

    Gonna download Cologne. There is a DVD out there on Cologne - is that a boot or official? If it's official and hence multitracks I may get that and separate the audio for when I'm in work. otherwise I'm assuming it's a soundboard?
  14. Boots of P and P touring in the 90's

    Don't think I've heard Cologne. Isn't that a shortened festival set? I saw them in Manchester on that tour. Terrible acoustics at the venue ruined it. No Quarter was epic though
  15. Boots of P and P touring in the 90's

    I only usually play '98 boots as some of them have exceptionally good playing from jimmy and/or awesome sound quality. My most frequents include Paris (30/3/98), Shepherds Bush (25/3/98) and New Orleans (date escapes me).