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  1. Xolo1974

    Next EV Release

    Ok. It’s been a year since Seattle ‘75. We’ve had the Immigrant Song, STH and Friends from Osaka 71. I dimly recollect someone saying WLL would be coming out for Osaka 71....but my memory may be playing tricks on me. So....given it’s been a year, what do we reckon the next “full” release is?
  2. What’s the definitive version of this boot?
  3. Xolo1974

    I've Been Sleeping On Bradfford 1973

    Definitive version of the Offenberg/Bach boot please gents? And sound quality out of 10? Never really listened to the 73 Europe tour....but I’ve just listened to @ZepHead315 compilation and it’s great
  4. Not seen you round here for ages Strider...welcome back
  5. Xolo1974

    Nitpicking Page 1973

    From a sound quality perspective, which are the best 73 continental soundboards? And while we’re at it, which particular boot is the definitive version? Cheers
  6. Is the book any good Steve?
  7. Xolo1974

    New Peter Grant Book

    Been there. Great pub. However, at the time I was completely unaware of the historical significance. I went for a few pints before some cup final or other at Wembley.
  8. Xolo1974

    what are you listening to right NOW!?

    Terrific album. I was 13 when it came out. Played it to death. I think it was 1993 they played in manchester. It was initially mid week but postponed to a Sunday. They were shite. On stage three hours late and a 1hr 20 min set. I was well pissed off. Support acts were good though. Soundgarden and Faith No More
  9. Xolo1974

    All My Love - story behind the song?

    Great post Steve, thanks
  10. Xolo1974

    Dublin 1971

    Could I have it mate?
  11. Which actual show and boot version is this?
  12. Spot on! Still sounds good to me!!!
  13. Xolo1974

    Empress Valley Warning

    Oh dear, what a shame. Nevertheless, if 929 comes out, I’ll be buying the Eelgrass version. Thanks for the info Duckman
  14. Xolo1974

    Empress Valley Warning

    I’m hoping you’re right. My understanding is that “Eelgrass” releases come out shortly after EV releases and are a cheaper version. Is this true? And are EV and Eelgrass one and the same companies....one offering a premium packaged product and the other a cheap and cheerful one? Or do Eelgrass just rip off EV releases?
  15. Xolo1974

    Empress Valley Warning

    Lovely response mate and much appreciated. Thanks. I have the STH from that show in MP3 if you’d like it. It sounds great