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  1. Xolo1974

    Led Zeppelin 50th Anniversary

    Can’t argue with that. I was born late in 74. The 80’s were shocking for hard rockers. Then....Looking back I can see how and why I got into Guns n Roses so much
  2. Xolo1974

    Walking Into Clarksdale - Rediscovered

    The songs were great live, but on the official release I just couldn’t get into them. The production was terrible
  3. Guys - I'm having terrible trouble downloading from filefactory for some reason and i can't get on dime. Could somebody please send me a link to some other source for the SBD Winston merge....i'm dying to hear it
  4. Just a heads up. Some dude (LedSox) has posted on Guitars 101 a merge of the soundboard with the Winston Remaster. Speed corrected by 2%. Only snag is that i think Black Dog is from the night before
  5. Hi @Strider - didn’t realise Jarvis cocker was touring. Very entertaining dude. Hope he comes to Australia. Anyway, you may be aware, he used to be in a band called Pulp. They were brilliant. Big regret of mine that I never saw them in the 90’s. I have some of their stuff including boots. If you want any let me know. I suspect that you’d like a similar band from that era - The Verve. They’re a bit heavier though. I never saw them either. At that age I guess I must have been too busy chasing girls and focusing on my accounting exams (face palm).....a profession I turned my back on over two years ago. Next concert I am going to is ‘No Quarter - The Led Zeppelin Experience’ Have a good weekend. Neil
  6. Xolo1974

    Led Zeppelin 50th Anniversary

    New live album? Couldn’t give a toss. I’m 44 and I discovered Led Zeppelin bootlegs three years ago. I love em and I’m having a whale of a time listening to them all. I feel lucky to have discovered them and grateful that they are out there. Far better than any official release
  7. Xolo1974

    Vienna 73 and Bonzo’s Birthday Party

    Well thanks everybody. I now have the WR for Vienna. I will give it a listen today. Would love the Graf Zeppelin version of BBP - thanks George. Believe it or not, I’m only just getting into the 73 shows. I’d always used Heywoods version of the TSRTS as a representation. Oh how I was mistaken. The shows I have so far are - Seattle (thanks @ZepHead315), New Orleans (thanks George), Offenberg, Essen and Vienna. Any other must haves? @Strider you mentioned a couple? Incidentally and completely unrelated, I have Graf Zeppelins latest version of Blueberry Hill on its way to me. Anyone wants a copy PM me. Cheers guys
  8. Looking for a little bit of help peeps. First question...are these shows any good? Second question - what are the definitive versions? Are they audience or SBD recordings....or are they matrixes. Appreciate any help. Thanks all Neil
  9. I think this board sounds absolutely fantastic. Can’t wait to hear the rest of it...assuming it gets trickled out. Then I’ll stump up and buy it
  10. I think that’s missing the point mate. I would have thought that anyway that bought the set did so because; a) they want the music and fancy packaging; and: b) they believe in the concept of maintaining a market for the bootleggers, which ensures future releases.
  11. Great post George. Could not agree more
  12. 94. But everything goes to shit with the men in my family at 80
  13. Just the best ones I guess - 10 to 15 of em.....which is pretty much what i have in my old vinyl collection. Yeah sure, it's not cheap....but given how it is sourced i would expect to pay a premium....just not a ridiculously out of reach premium that i have no chance of paying....particularly when i know the rest of the show will be trickled out....and it doesn't even include stuff previously released (Friends and STH). Cheers