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  1. Any time now.....

    Is "snowflake" some sort of American slang? Meaning what exactly?
  2. Would Only One Knebworth Show Have Been Better?

    I've got the Winston matrix of the 4/8/79. This is good, but not brilliant by any stretch - bit tinny to me. Obviously, there are the multitracked versions on the official DVD. Is there a bootleg DVD available of the whole show that includes the multitrack audio for all of the songs? Reason is, if there is, I will get it and try and extract the audio. Cheers
  3. Would Only One Knebworth Show Have Been Better?

    Was there still a good atmosphere? Also was it obvious that a sub par performance....or was all that lost when you were actually there?
  4. Good analysis. This is the way I would have liked to have put it, but couldn't. My words were insipid and uninspiring
  5. Random Thoughts v.3

    The Vatican.....
  6. Definitive 1969.04.27

    Ok ta I will give it a bash
  7. Look mate, I just don't like it ok. I find it insipid and uninspiring. It's a matter of taste, and I don't expect to have to have to explain it any further...any more than I expect you to tell me why you like it. Would be nice to be taken at face value though when I say it has nothing to do with his Zep connections. That's what has got my back up
  8. That was always my understanding too
  9. Definitive 1969.04.27

    Little help please. I have the Liquid Led release but it's a bit tinny to my ears. Any ideas on the best version of this? Cheers
  10. My opinions have nothing to do with the fact I expect him to do Zeppelin type stuff, or whether or not he should have reformed Zep. I have no beef with him. I just don't rate the music, I really don't. And I don't rate anything he's done for a very long time. Sure it's good that he is still putting new music out (unlike some). Doesn't mean we all have to like it
  11. Page in 2017

    Don't be silly fellas. It'll be the deluxe version of HTWWW and Celebration Day. Also the Super Super Deluxe versions of the back catalogue
  12. Page in 2017

    Twiddle some nobs!!!! Love it 🎶😂
  13. Explosive Live Tracks

    Whoops. Yep, Orlando '71
  14. Explosive Live Tracks

    Had a Zep boot playlist on in my car on the way into the city....and on comes The Rover/Sick Again from 21/6/77. The power is incredible. The fact that Jimmy's guitar cuts out makes its re-introduction seem even more blistering. Strider I'm jealous Would love to hear your thoughts on explosive live songs and from which particular show and boot. For me, the solo in thank you from 31/8/69 also springs to mind. Cheers