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  1. Moby_Dick_Ale

    09/29/1971 Osaka - Stairway To Heaven - EVSD SBD Single

    I don't know for sure as Japanese is not my native language, but I think this BBS is the predecessor of http://starship.jpn.ph/zeppelin/beauty/
  2. Moby_Dick_Ale

    09/29/1971 Osaka - Stairway To Heaven - EVSD SBD Single

    I don't think it's on a bonus disc. According to the info given, the "Oh-show" box contains 5 cd's: 2 containing the "new soundboard" show and the other 3 the complete show in one form or another as we already know like Moonchild's "Arigatou Osaka". According to www.argenteumastrum.com: "plus as a special bonus the original EVSD Audience source to provide two completely different listening perspectives for this awesome show”.
  3. Moby_Dick_Ale

    09/29/1971 Osaka - Stairway To Heaven - EVSD SBD Single

    A BBS was/is a bulletin board in the early days of the internet. Full of announcements and stuff you whether or not you wanted to know about a certain subject - e.g. Led Zeppelin! Later on you were able to download photo's with an astonishing rate of 2400 Baud = 9600 bps. I once downloaded a Led Zeppelin MSG-photo which took me about 12 mins.😜 During which you weren't able to call or receive telephone calls...
  4. Moby_Dick_Ale

    09/29/1971 Osaka - Stairway To Heaven - EVSD SBD Single

    Apparently they (EVSD) don’t have a/the complete 929 soundboard
  5. Moby_Dick_Ale

    09/29/1971 Osaka - Stairway To Heaven - EVSD SBD Single

    I think it is an other topic, but I'd like to answer jbrum77634: I know they're all on sale on Yahoo Auctions (and maybe some other sites also). On the other hand when I buy a copy from AirRaid he gets it to my door for the price listed plus another $ 23,- p&p. When I buy a copy at Yahoo Auctions, maybe I'll have to pay just the same amount for just the box. After that they just add another $ 40.- p&p (from seller to the warehouse and from warehouse to your door). But - and that's the tricky part - they just state the real value etc. on the packaging. EG: "commercial goods" - $ 300.- And than customs come in (in The Netherlands) and add just another $ 65.- or something like that. So in the end it gets really expensive and that's when I'll pass... For example: few years back I bought the 3rd issue of EVSD's "Deep Throat" but I kept wanting the original 2003 copy with the silver box and the rigid books. I know BootLedZ is selling a copy for $ 777.- and on eBay is a copy for just $ 939.66 That's way too expensive for me. Last month I bought a copy on Yahoo Auctions for $ 250.- Add another $ 40.- p&p and an extra $ 55.- customs. In the end it was just $ 345.- and that's fine for me (€ 290,-). AirRaid says its a gift, 2nd hand cd's, max 2000 JPY. So it gets in (your country) for free.
  6. Moby_Dick_Ale

    09/29/1971 Osaka - Stairway To Heaven - EVSD SBD Single

    I notice a lot of people are suspicious. They obviously don't trust EVSD and they expect EVSD is going to release more of this show. Right now the cheapest copy is $ 198.- and it goes up to $ 298.- The "Deus Ex Machina" box set got prices from $ 350.- for a Deluxe box (8 cd's, 300 copies), $ 600.- for a Limited box (14 cd's, 200 copies) and $. 500.- for promo copy (7cd's, 100 copies). All these copies sold fast. Why would they be waiting when they could ask way more bucks for a complete show? Anyway, I ordered my copy today!😀 The "Oh-show" limited box (as you might expect😜)
  7. Moby_Dick_Ale

    Happy 50th Anniversary

    There are quite a few photos I havent seen before in any of my other books, so its worth the money!
  8. Moby_Dick_Ale

    Happy 50th Anniversary

    Received "Led Zeppelin by Led Zeppelin" today. It is truly a wonderful, fully packed photographic document, about 400 pages. Meanwhile listening Led Zeppelin l... Takes me back almost 50 years (49).
  9. Moby_Dick_Ale

    Maybe, just maybe...

    Led Zeppelin is reportedly planning ‘several events’ in October – but the band won’t play together. On the other hand, friday 10-26 Robert Plant & the sensational space shifters are playing the o2 arena, london. i've got tickets for that show (dead center: Section a2, row n) and it would be a real treat seeing Robert, jimmy and John paul playing together....
  10. Moby_Dick_Ale

    Offenburg March 1973

    Bedankt voor het aanbod Duckman. Een Westvleteren 12 sla ik niet af... (Thanks for the offer Duckman. I won't refuse a Westvleteren 12...)
  11. Moby_Dick_Ale

    Moonchild - Winston remasters new label?

    AirRaid sells EVERY Moonchild cd for just $ 11.- Even some EVSD’s, no LZ, just U2 for $ 11.-
  12. Moby_Dick_Ale

    Moonchild - Winston remasters new label?

    Did a little research for you: https://www.cdandlp.com/en/search/?q=Led+Zeppelin+-+eat+a+peach has 5 out of 6 for sale (except "Blueberry Hill") which is very hard to find these days. Another site offering "Eat A Peach" is https://www.discjapan.com Maybe you can try your luck with http://www.argenteumastrum.com sometimes he sells "Eat A Peach" I bought my "Moonchild" cd's from AirRaid ($ 11.- each). I bought 5 copies and had to pay $ 23.- p&p so in the end a total of $ 78.- making it $ 15.60 each. Try https://www.discjapan.com for a lot of labels...
  13. Moby_Dick_Ale

    Bonzo's Birthday Party // Versions A, B, and C

    You can find all info regarding that issue here: http://www.bootledz.com/comparisons/7273.htm Version A = Version 1 (eins) from the original box: first tape source base, second tape source to complete Version B = Version 2 (zwei) from the original box: second tape source Version C = Version 3 (drei) from the original box: third tape source, first & second tape source to complete Soundboard isn't as much as a sampler: it's all available/known soundboard from that night.
  14. Moby_Dick_Ale

    Japan 1972

    And yes, for such a joyful occasion I'll drink a hot saké...😜🍶
  15. Moby_Dick_Ale

    Japan 1972

    As a matter of fact, right now now I'm in the Festival Hall, Osaka and - so far - it's worth every yen I've spend. A bit disappointing though, I didn't manage to get the photographs out of the envelope without damaging it 😭 (the envelope, not the photo's) on the other hand, my supplier (you know who) did give me a copy of the flyer which was made for this box...👍