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  1. Tainted cheese

    Could Bonzo play with anyone?

    I think he would, and still have been considered exceptional . . . Jimi Hendrix reportedly wanted him for a drummer, he would have easily thrived for him too . . . what if? Glad it didn't happen though!
  2. Tainted cheese

    09/29/1971 Osaka - Stairway To Heaven - EVSD SBD Single

    Thanks! I was so damn excited to hear the news a little over a week ago of the release of this concert, only to learn a few hours later as I tried to order it, that it was only half the concert--Oh man that pissed me off . . . again, piece-mealing this out over the months and years! After having a quick listen by use of your link, it is a joy to hear Rock n'Roll so clear w/ Plant's voice up front, but especially Bonham's pistons firing like clockwork! I guess I'm going through the five stages of grief, but getting better, almost ready to move to "acceptance" after listening to that . . .
  3. Tainted cheese

    09/29/1971 Osaka - Stairway To Heaven - EVSD SBD Single

    I fold! Done chasing the carrot, I'll wait for the cheapest option tooor until the whole thing is released, I hope they stack up and gather dust in their warehouse until they loose their shirts on this BS gimmick they are peddaling. I'll be in my 60s by the time these clowns are done playing their games . . . yes I'm jaded, got excited only to be let down . . . all within a few hours!
  4. Tainted cheese

    Best Sounboards by Year

    Good timing as the Seattle 75 board tape just came out a year ago and is outstanding quality and performance. There’s a bunch for the 75’ tour that are good (Ones from Feb MSG and Ragin Cajun forget date) but not on the same level as the Seattle show. Orlando 71’, Montreux Switzerland 1970, April 28 Fillmore 69, Mobile 73’, to name a few great ones and get you started. Good luck.
  5. Tainted cheese

    Which LZ Song Made the Biggest First Impression on You?

    I was 15 and working as a floor sweeper at a clothing store, it was after closing time when the manager put Black Dog (didn’t know it at the time or about Zeppelin) over the store’s intercom ceiling speakers full blast and the weird intro starts and catches my attention, and BAM! I was transfixed, “What the hell is that?” I stood there with a huge broom in my hand staring at the 50 foot ceiling wondering who or what this guy was talking about, and those breaks, start, then stop, and those lyrics were hypnotizing! As I walked out of the store around 10:30 at night I asked the manager who that band was . . . The next day I went to the record store looking for an album by a guy named Led Zeppelin, that’s was in June 1987. I saw the cover and thought what king of band puts a guy with sticks on his back, no title, the song I heard the previous day, Black Dog didn’t even have the words “Black Dog” in it, I thought this band is like no other I was used to, and then I went home and ran through the entire album, and every single song was like a revelation, Plants voice in battle of evermore was other worldly, I remember thinking Every song is outstanding, I was used to albums/bands where one or two songs at on their album at the most were good, but the ENTIRE ALBUM?! . . . I told my close friends about this like I discovered a portal to another world, and I was the only one who knew about it! There began my obsession with Led Zeppelin.
  6. I agree that it is good, the drum groove after the first few minutes is my fave on Kezar '73.
  7. Tainted cheese

    Super stars - Graf Zeppelin

    http://www002.upp.so-net.ne.jp/airraid/availableev.html give this a try
  8. Tainted cheese

    Super stars - Graf Zeppelin

    Found it, thanks!
  9. Tainted cheese

    Super stars - Graf Zeppelin

    Thanks, promising, is it stereo or mono? Could you tell me more about where to hear this sampler, as I searched that phrase you gave me in this forum with no luck. thanks
  10. Tainted cheese

    Super stars - Graf Zeppelin

    Hello there, I am hopeful about this new release Coming out soon, or just a few days ago, as Graf Z. reported that their release of Japan Sept, 24, '71 is using a new source! I'm a sucker when it comes to these reports, but oh boy would a new source without the overloaded bass be a bonus. Has anyone out there verified this yet? Thanks
  11. Tainted cheese

    9/29/71 Immigrant Song sb release

    Or, Jimmy already has, by releasing these titles through back-channels to EV for years, as I have read some theories as to how this sbdrevolution started in the first place, plausible eh? Regardless, I am hoping these boys in Japan don't screw with us much longer, if indeed they have the full tapes of 28 & 29. God damn they have patience to hold these for so long!
  12. Tainted cheese

    MOVIE QUESTIONS: The Song Remains The Same

    Hello there, I hope I didn't miss the answer to my question, but aside from the song Thank You, which nights are each song from in the TSRTS release both the original and the 2003 release. I read somewhere the first night was used the most, not sure if that's true? thanks in advance
  13. Tainted cheese

    New Mystery Soundboard?

    Sorry if this has been answered already, but have to ask, Eric has told me Deus is in stock, except for the Promo box version, and others have claimed it is on the way and has been shipped out. . . I was also told I should be able to see the different set options via the net, but can't see anything out there -- I assume Empress V is still not ready with this release yet, even though I have been told otherwise? Thanks in advance
  14. Easy choice in my mind, LA Forum 1971, twin night combo pack, twofer! That would be the apex for my Zeppelin fix!
  15. Tainted cheese

    31 disc Earls Court set by Empress Valley!

    I saw the price climb neck in neck with our US national debt, would bet this guy did that to advertise, and then sold it off of eBay at a fraction of the listed price. Could be wrong.