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  1. This could be a strange year. I mean, there are going to be some surprises. Tons of players moved. The usual teams expected to win are getting older, and that eventually catch's up to you. I do not care who you are. I hope the Rams keep the old helmets on. Go Bills, Go Rams. I will say this McDermott means business. But I have no idea what this team is going to look like or play like.
  2. Mourning his Mets. They could not even help us out with one win over the Yankees. Paul, its OK. I hope you are ok seriously. And if Esther is in first place the fix has to be in. LOL. Being the only one that picked Colorado I am a bit surprised I am not higher. Seattle has come on, but I hope they fade I will take the second wild card if that is what it takes. If it does happen and Showalter is ever in that position again, he had best get Britton ready to pitch 3 innings if neccessary. Miley is just killing our team. He is a worthless sack of shit. Everyone else, including Jiminez is pitching well and they had the sense to put Tillman on the bench. Davis needs to wake his ass up. Machado is on fire. The rest of the team need to play like him and Schoop.
  3. I do not see that happening. My only big question is Kershaw? Will he be ready? The Cubs have a ton of trouble with the Nats but I am not sure of the severity of Harper's injury. As for my own team, I wish we had the Cincinatti Reds in our division. So we blow another chance at a sweep last night and the game was lost in the 3rd inning when we had the chance to blow it open. Today I like our chances. Then we come home and hopefully put an ass whipping on Oakland and the Angels. Oh, it sounds like Stanton could be moved by the Marlins? Those Marlins who have been quietly kicking ass. As for the AL, we need a winning streak and we can claim that wild card. Boston can be caught but they have to start to crumble soon. They have no depth in their pen. And no scary lineup like when they had Ortiz. Time for some individuals to step up on our team. We have huge decisions coming. There might be more up side to keeping Beckham at short over Hardy. I cannot believe I am saying this. But the kid can hit better than Hardy. His defense is not quite as good, but its good enough, especially with Manny and Schoop on each side Speak of Manny, I believe the Orioles will not rest until he is locked in long term. I wont. Did I hear Machado? The filthy thieving Yankees are already stockpiling their money to try and steal him from us.
  4. CP looked improved at the end of last season so I was a bit surprised they went down the way they did. MU to me is the team to beat. Buy Leicester City can certainly score. If only they could keep it out. So do you think Jamie Vardy will be on the England World Cup team?
  5. I am fit to be tied. Fucking Hellickson is cruising along and with one fucking pitch the entire game is lost. 3 run shot that just cleared inside of foul pole. God those fuckers will pay when they come East next week. And I mean PAY
  6. Well you must not have heard about the big trades yesterday? Bills trade Watkins to LA Rams for a corner, and draft picks. Bills get Matthews, the big name receiver from Eagles. Darby goes to Eagles. Lots of big moves. Sean (Strider), are you out there buying up all the LA Chargers jerseys you can get your hands on?
  7. CP shoved it up my ass good. I had Everton, and need MC today and MU and Tott tomorrow done in by the Huttersfield Cow Fuckers
  8. Bills, Rams and Eagles in a big 3 way deal, and two of them are my teams. Mixed reviews. I have read one on ESPN saying the Bills did the right thing getting the draft picks and such for Watkins. We get a big name reciever in Matthews from the Eagles. So Tyrod has Bolden and Matthews. We get a corner from the Rams i do not know about. The Bills picked up draft picks and the so called experts are saying the Bills threw the 17 season away for picks? Not so sure I agree. I mean, we have McCoy and two top notch receivers and we all know the big question is whether Taylor can play half way decent at QB? Its a very question filled team are the Bills and Rams.
  9. I see no stopping the Dodgers. The Cubs will have to play Washington and the Nats have owned them. Every time my team gets to 500 they get beat by a run Tonight Bundy goes so they should win. But they need a huge run to even have any hope of the wild card Its not impossible thanks to the floundering Yankees. they have lost a ton of game they were expected to win. Houston was the choice to win the AL and maybe the Series. Now they look horrible. Cleveland is going to win the AL again IMO Houston has no bullpen either They should have moved heaven and Earth to get Britton. Now they will pay the price.
  10. What a joke Chrystal Palace is. Unreal.
  11. I would be shocked if that happened. The Brewers are also right there but in the end I expect the Cubs have too much. But they wont beat the Dodgers
  12. Hey King, wee are both at 500 with the same records. Even though you have less work to do to catch the front runner, the Cubs are starting to look like the Cubs of last year. Milwaukee being 1 1/2 back is just nuts to me. We have the Yankees and Tampa in our cross hairs. Hellickson tonight. I hope he pitches like he did the first game.
  13. I hate the thought of it. But its the only way I was ever going to get to see Led Zeppelin
  14. Well the Bills today signed Bolden, a big name receiver. Shocking
  15. Thanks