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  1. football

    Hey Chill, was just wondering, the divisions and matchups and even the odds are out for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia this coming Summer. Cant wait. So do you want the honors of creating the thread with the divisions and all? I thought we would see if anyone would like to start a contest and pick the teams that come out of the 8 divisions and then make it all the way. There are 6 teams only favored higher than England who are at plus 1650 to win the Cup. I like their odds and and their chances this time. None of the usual suspects strike the fear of God in me. How about you? Anyway if you do not want to do it maybe you can pass the torch on to someone like Strider? If none of you are interested, let me know and I will do it. There are many websites to get the info. 5 dimes has the odds. Some real intriguing matchups early on. One that catch's my eye is Germany vs Mexico. Yes, first match!!!! A dandy. I really think Mexico is dangerous. I hope they win that game. I do think Germany and Mexico come out of that group. Sweden have a small shot. England is in with Belgium and I would expect those two to advance. So no USA and the real surprise this time is NO NETHERLANDS. I think this is the first time in my life I can remember the Dutch being out? No Scots or Irish. The usuals are favored. Germany, Brazil, France, Argentina (way overated IMO), Belgium, Spain. Then England. Big drop off to the next team which is Portugal. So they are giving England a fighting shot. Lets hope. I await your answer.
  2. 2017 NFL Thread

    Sounds like you guys do not have an ounce of faith in Frank Reich? Anyway, the New England assistant's own agent said it was the worst decision of his life to renege on the contract with the Colts. Short term it could be. I do believe he has burned his bridges short term with any other team for a head job. I guess its far worse than what Mahone did to the Bills. Now I am glad to have McDermott. But one has to see how this plays out in NE. If Krafts lets say meets an untimely demise and then all promises are no longer good, McDaniels has plenty to worry about. I believe this will be Belecheck's last year regardless of what happens. The man is going to be 66. It gets tough to walk those cold sidelines for 3 hours in Denver in January. Or Buffalo in January. Get ready. It will be a snake pit. I am sure he had the job promised to him. Perhaps keeping his kids in the school system was part of it? But that is always the case is it not? As for Reich, he has Andrew Luck. So I would not count that horse out of any race. I do believe the Texans can be a quick turnaround with the return of their QB. Tough division. This upcoming draft/FA is one of the most interesting in ages. And once again my teams have a shot. Bills and Rams for those that do not know. And now Sean's team is back in the race too with Gruden. I am picking them to run away with the West. Just before they pack their bags for Vegas. Don't forget to bring lots of quarters boys. Maybe Russell will be there waiting for all of ya as your mascot? LOL> If he can put down the crack pipe for five minutes. I wonder if Gronkowski is going to play or retire? He seems to be up in the air on this? Cant blame him. Hey Chase, if you read this, what did they get from his house? The local news up there must have given more details?
  3. 2018 MLB season thread

    Hosmer has signed an 8 year deal with the San Diego Padres. The flood gates are open
  4. 2018 MLB season thread

    Ha. Ok. Judge and Stanton against the world huh? I think it was a big mistake firing Girardi. We will see. Its going to be a race. My sleeper team in all of baseball is the White Sox. They are young and upcoming. I might be a year early gauging them, but they are going to be a bitch very soon. I think the Dodgers are too good to be caught in the NL in one year. Dodgers and Cubs and and Nats. Sleeper, Brewers who just picked up Cain from Royals. I put a few futures in. Small wagers with huge returns. Example, an all Chicago series. $2 to get $999. A rematch for $5 gets you $64. The smallest. Yankees and Dodgers is getting some action. I have Orioles vs Dodgers, Cubs. White Sox to win the Central, $5 to win $140. Orioles $5 to win $75 on the division. More moves are coming. Now that Wellington Castillo is gone to the White Sox I am certain Sisco is starting for the O's
  5. 2018 MLB season thread

    The Orioles have started making moves and one Manny Machado is still wearing the black and orange. Bring it on bitch's
  6. 2018 MLB season thread

    Just not sure if I will be around when the season starts? Depends on how things go. So I will wait on you guys to post. As for Paul's post, I feel the same way. I have looked at the depth chart and we need to pick up a quality starter. But I do like our lineup I would not count the Orioles out. Does anyone know if the former Yankees skipper is still interested in managing? Has he been hired?
  7. 2018 MLB season thread

    Hey all. I am going in for surgery on March 26. I am wondering if Paul or Sean is running the contest this year? I may put my entries in early if we are going to do the contest.? I think we should? What say all of ye?
  8. 2017 NFL Thread

    What is that supposed to mean? Unreal. My condolences to those Gypsies that are moving from Oakland to Vegas.
  9. What are you watching on TV now?

    Oh man. BLACK SEA the movie with Jude Law. Ever seen it? I love submarine movies. The Hunt For Red October and U-571 are my all time favs. This one is much different but its worth a see.
  10. Winter Olympics in South Korea 2018

    I am shocked there is no thread. No interest? Well how about 2020? In Lost Angeles CA? All air fairs and hotels are being paid for by Strider for Led Zeppelin members. LOL. Sean. Ha. I just had to say that Sean. Get ready to pony up. That place is going to be a fucking ZOO. Anyway, I bet the Ruskies in womens hockey this morning. They lost 5-0 and I won. They were getting 5 1/2 goals. LOL. Won by the skin of my chinny chin chin. You know I would rather watch those hot mamas curling than that damn bobsled our luge or whatever you call it. Those fucking women are Amazon's. The cross count skiing sprint was fun to watch. I really loved the last place finisher. Hot little Finnish girl. If I was there I would ask her to go for a drink. In any language I could muster. LOL. Smokin!!!!! Lets see some action on this thread please.
  11. football

    NO. I meant I do not think Barcelona could beat Manchester City. I do not think the German or Argentine national team could beat them right now
  12. 2017 NFL Thread

    I am not sure but I am more interested in what goes on in April? One mock draft had the Bills trading their two number ones to the Giants for and taking Rosen as their next Jim Kelly. Not sure. My last name is Baker so Baker Mayfield has a nice ring. I am sort of keen on pursuing Foles and at the same time drafting one of these 6 supposedly NFL ready QB's according to Mel Kiper. Then we have two options. But being the small market team we are, its doubtful we can do both. WE took a sad hit losing Erik Wood. He is finished for good. Sucks. So with a lower pick we must take a center. But at number one its QB, then pass rusher to help Hughes and then linebackers to stop the run. We must hope that Matthews, the receiver from the Eagles, comes back healthy and ready for a big year. He can really help. We have a top 3 secondary in the NFL. I would not trade them for any secondary in football.
  13. football

    I do not believe Barcelona could beat Man City
  14. football

    Go Leicester !!! Vardy scores!!!!!
  15. 2017 NFL Thread

    How is JaMarcus Russel doing? LOL. Did you know about the time they sent him the tapes and asked if he studied them? He said yes and they were blank? Just like his cocaine infested head. On your dime. LOL