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  1. LedZeppfan1977

    2017 NHL season

    Well why don't you take a look at their lineup and see where they got their players. They were allowed to take an established player from every team. Fleury and Neil are two good examples. They are not a true expansion team of rookies and new players. They are a second line all star team that was put together with bullshit rules to give them a shot. Well that sure worked out. Back to other poster, I like Washington to undress them for the pretenders they are. Winning on adrenalen and trying to psych teams out with slot machines and that stupid knight act. Ovetchkin and Backstrom and Connelly and a bunch of Russians I cant spell are one heck of a lock down unit but getting the lead is crucial to Washington and the way they play. But they are a quick strike team as are Vegas but a guy like Karllson the Swede is not Alexander Ovetchkin. No way Jose. Go Capitals!!!! Underdogs too. Unreal. Only slight advantage Vegas has is the goalie. Fluery is probably a tad better than Holtby but Holtby has been great other than a couple of those Tampa games has been great.
  2. LedZeppfan1977

    2018 MLB season thread

    Bloody bastards just signed Bautista. Now I hate them. Go Braves
  3. LedZeppfan1977

    2017 NHL season

    Disagree totally. I am really hoping the Caps win. They can play shut down D. Have the star power to win. Ovetchkin, Backstrom, Connolly, Eller, Oshie, Orpik, Carlson. Go Caps Go
  4. LedZeppfan1977

    2017 NHL season

    The Capitals have outplayed Tampa but not been rewarded. Tonight I expect them to win and force a game 7 and win it. They are the best team left. I hope that fucking Holtby does not give up another soft goal. Go Capitals. And to me the Capitals would beat Vegas. Tampa will have more trouble with them. Washington can play shut down defense better than Tampa. Tampa is getting better goalending right now and that is the only reason its 3-2. But its far from over.
  5. LedZeppfan1977

    2018 MLB season thread

    Wait just a minute. What do you think I am smoking? I am not crazy enough to even think they will finish any higher than 4th in the division. I am not sure they can fix the mess they are in and its certainly too late to even think of playoffs let alone World Series. NO CHANCE. I never said they would be in the World Series. If you are referring to the contest, that is for fun. I picked them to win the division. Never thought they would tank this bad. They have contended for the last 6 years or so. This is back to 1985. After they won the Series they were horrible.
  6. LedZeppfan1977


    The World Cup to me is the only true World championship event other than the Olympics. (some events). The NFL is only in America. The NBA too even though there is much interest abroad in the NFL in England and in hockey, the NHL, in many countries. And in baseball pretty much the US and Japan. So the World Cup of soccer is the only real World championship of all continents. (excluding Antartica of course). The US did not qualify but that is not because they had no chance to. Its never going to be as big as the "big 4", football, baseball, basketball and hockey. Once every 4 years there is great interest. The premier league has picked up a bit of momentum here but its only the die hard soccer fans that watch. And they are a vast minority. I live outside a city that should have an MLS franchise but they screwed that up. Soccer is pretty big here. Rochester, NY. Had the old Lancers here, and played against Pele and the Cosmos in the title game back in the 70s. They built a for soccer only stadium and the promise of joining the MLS and it fell through, like everything else here. Lied to us So the team that did exist, the Rhino's they were called, were in a different north American league that was pretty big geographically. They lost the team this year with the promise that they would come back next year. Maybe they have fixed it? Not sure. Dont care. I saw them play the Chicago Fire of the MLS here once. The Rhinos beat them, when they were the champions of the league they were in. I look forward to watching the World Cup, will be interesting it being in Russia. I am not convinced the usual favorites are as good as advertised. Like Argentina, way overated. Germany may be also. I expect some surprises.
  7. LedZeppfan1977


    World Cup is coming!!!! The only soccer most of us Americans really care about.
  8. LedZeppfan1977

    The NBA 2017-2018 Thread

    I have thought of that. And Cousins when he goes back to the Pelicans. How good can they be? I have Golden st to beat Houston tomorrow. Laid the hammer down on the Capitals and Warriors. Parlayed
  9. LedZeppfan1977

    MLB 2018 Picks Pool

    It could be worse. You could be an Orioles fan. Mutiny in the club house no doubt. I have no doubt many of these guys have quit but for Machado and Gausman. Gausman pitched two gems in a row and gets nothing. A 9 inning shutout. And they score a big fat 0. Only Machado is hitting and playing. Showalter must be fed up. I just do not know where the problems started. They are better than this. They have been a playoff team 3 of the last 5 years. Yet here they sit with the same record as the Reds.
  10. LedZeppfan1977

    2017 NHL season

    It would be the big story if not for bloody Vegas. Its a travesty that they allowed them to build an expansion team like this. On deck is Seattle but doubt they will have the same success. June 22nd is the draft and my Sabres have the number one pick. Expect it to be Dahlin, the Swedish defenseman
  11. LedZeppfan1977

    2018 MLB season thread

    Better chance of me hitting the Power Ball lottery 3 draws in a row. I do believe they have quit except for Machado and Gausman
  12. LedZeppfan1977

    Random Thoughts v.3

    And NOT watching our Orioles
  13. LedZeppfan1977

    The NBA 2017-2018 Thread

    More like the Washington Generals of the NBA and the worst 1 seed in history. As for the 76ers I am sick over this series. Steven A Smith was there and he really let the 76ers coach have it and he is right. He said he has never seen a coach blow the first 3 games of a series. But he did. In game two with a 22 point lead 5 minutes before the half, he does not call time out but instead allows Boston to just have a clinic in 3 pt shots with the crowd gong nuts. Dumb ass went to the half up 4. As Barkley then said, if they lose this game that will be the reason. It was. Yesterday, the dumb bastard has Simmons, his best player throwing the ball in at desperation time rather than have him catch the ball to try and win the game. Embid was put out in no mans land at the baseline and top of the key rather where he should have been, in the damn paint. So now its 3-0. But I tell you, someday a team is going to rally from 3-0 in the NBA. Its been done 3 times in hockey, and once in baseball by the Red Sox. The last time in the NBA that a team almost did it to my memory was Chicago vs the Pistons. I forget which one had the 3-0 lead, as it was a semi final series and neither team won the title that year. This 76ers team is better than Boston without Heyward who is out for the season. If its going to happen, and someday it will, this series is perfect for it to happen in. Must start by beating them tomorrow. The sixers are 6 1/2 point favorites as I type. I hope they wake up. Its really pathetic. PS, Strider, you may wish to not use the Capitals as an example. They are about to dispose of the Penguins and are my pick to win it all. We shall see
  14. LedZeppfan1977

    Horse Racing Thread

    I had a trifecta 7-6-11. Coming down the stretch I thought I had it. I had seperation and the fucking 11 shit the bed on me. I was talked onto the 6 and 11 by the commentators. I liked the 7 and who wouldn't? I also liked the 5, and I did not figure him to be coming late. The 9 should have done that. Eddie O had himself some day. I mean he picked 3 races in exact order including the Derby. I just did not like putting two speed horses together in my trifecta. Typically in horse racing you have speedy types that burn out near the end of a route or long race like this. Justify had plenty of gas. He might be a triple crown winner? I wont bet against him in the Preakness and I say he destroys the field. The Preakness has always been a chalk players dream race. Because not only does this race typically run to form, with favorites usually setting up the Derby winner for heartbreak in the Belmont three weeks later, but its the most predictable race for seasoned handicappers like myself. No brag, just fact. So to me Justify is the single unless he is ill or sore and I have heard no problem of him coming out of the Derby. So now we have 6 straight Derby's where the favorite won. Last time was 1882, the year my late great grandmother was born. She lived to the ripe age of 97 and passed in 1979. Giacomo was mentioned yesterday. A day I will always remember. I won $1500 and change on the pick 3 leading into the Derby. It cost me $27 to make the bet going 3 deep in each leg. And I felt mighty good about it. The third leg, the Woodword Reserve Turf race was on that day won by America Alive, a horse out of the sire Quiet American. A great Turf sire. He payed $37 to win and I had him that way also. The sickening part is I was going to "buy" the Derby and play the pick 4. If I singled any horse it would have been the second place finisher Afleet Alex who would have won if not for traffic problems that were insane. He weaved in and out but could not make up the ground and 100-1 Giacomo won. A gray that Alex destroyed in the next two legs. So anyway, it would have cost me $27 X 20. To cover every horse in the Derby to hit the pick 4. $540. I was then single and had no chains on me. I should have spent the damn monty. The return was a half a million dollars. The same amount one of those gold bricks in the movie "Black Sea" would fetch you on today's Gold market. I am still sick over it.
  15. LedZeppfan1977

    2018 MLB season thread

    They are not only having a horrible season of epic proportions, I do not know what is going on? They are not this bad on paper. There has to be some type of rebellion against Showalter. Yesterday Gausman pitched a gem and it was his second in a row. But no reward. 9 innings of shutout ball and they do not score one damn run for him. Machado is doing his part however and will likely start for the AL at Shortstop. He is one of the best players in the game and is having a very good year. I am wondering if the plan is to trade him or build around him? I do not know the financial situation but they are not on the same playing level as the Red Sox or Yankees. IE, do not have the deep pockets those teams have or even your Cardinals have. Baltimore is small market and like the Pirates have paid dearly for years for being such. Guys like Jake Arrieta came up through Baltimore but then they leave for the big money. I am not sure if it makes sense to trade Machado. I would not. The Dodgers have said they wont pay the price. But they are already paying the price for not trying to make a deal for Machado. Where the hell are they going without him? The only two guys in the world I would consider in an even up trade for Machado would be Betts or Bellinger. I am a huge fan of Cody Bellinger. That kid is great. But so is Manny. The Orioles have problems that go deeper than the surface is showing. When Schoop and Britton come back later in the month or week, they will have a team on paper that is far better than their record suggests. I think they have forced the hand for Buck's being fired. How can they not fire him? Is the season already over? Pretty much. Unless they somehow wake up and it seems that firing Buck is inevitable. Why I do not know. I always liked him. But obviously some players have quit on him.