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  1. 2017 NFL "potted plant" Memorial Pool

    Bonger, not sure if you saw the message. You have not picked the Seattle vs Rams game. Just to remind you
  2. 2017 NFL Thread

    I guess I was right. I looked 3 times and did not want to look like an idiot but saw no Rams or Seahawks. I like the Rams. What are those unpredictable Lions going to do this week? I have been cheering for them for years to get in. And that coach must go. The experts are picking 5 QBs to go in the first round. Well, I expect the Bills to trade two number ones to move up. Whatever it takes, we need a new QB.
  3. 2017 NFL Thread

    All aboard the Miami bandwagon!! LOL. I will be shocked if Taylor does not start. He says he is ready. So its simply up to the coach and this is like the second time we have been alive at this time of year since the days of Kelly and Flutie. Go with Taylor
  4. 2017 Major League Baseball thread....

    He is supposed to put the Marlins first. Is he? As for all this Machado talk, its pretty bad when a small market team like mine is forced to deal a guy like this? If that happens. I think Duquette is going to see if he can get two good starters without trading him first. If not, the White Sox are now in the lead. But it appears if they do not get quite enough that the White Sox could then trade him to the Yankees for more as suggested by a CBS writer. I say no way. If the White Sox pull the trigger its going to cost them big and they are wiser to keep him given all the young talent they have. I am picking them to win the Central, I will say that right now. Or at least get a WC. I just hate the thought of the O's trading Machado
  5. 2017 NFL "potted plant" Memorial Pool

    I think you forgot to pick the Rams/Seattle game Bonger?
  6. 2017 NFL "potted plant" Memorial Pool

    Strangest thing I ever saw on Vegas line. Buffalo -3 if Taylor starts. -1 if he does not. Its right on 5 dimes. My picks. Indy Detroit LA Chargers Buffalo Carolina Baltimore Houston Minnesota New Orleans Philadelphia Washington Los Angeles Rams Pittsburgh San Francisco Oakland Atlanta
  7. 2017 NFL Thread

    Go 49er this week. Beat Tennessee and help the Bills out. We can send the Titans packing. They have the Rams and Jacksonville to close. Yes we have New England in a week and now an all of a sudden competitive Miami team twice. If we played them a month ago there would not have been much doubt but they have played far better and upset the almighty Pats. Trap game IMO. We will see. I know many will jump on the Miami wagon now Its too little too late for them to get in, but I am more concerned about them ruining it for the Bills. Even though just getting in would make the season a success. Given the QB situation I believe its already a success. Next year we cash in those many picks, and then I believe we can be right in the mix Congrats Paul on your teams big win
  8. 2017 Major League Baseball thread....

    That filthy bastard should be hung on the streets of South Beach. I used to like him. Now he has created a farm team for he stinking thieving bastard Yankees. Now they will try and unload the ex Red Sox outfielder Jacoby. Then come after the O's for Machado
  9. 2017 NFL "potted plant" Memorial Pool

    I had Miami for the record. And also for the record Walter did not take it as a joke. But I was joking as he did not have all 3 members picking from day 1 to my knowledge. I could care less. No money. If this was for money I assure you I would be picking games with my head and not my heart.
  10. What's the weather like where you are?

    I am 60 miles, 1 hour East of Buffalo and a little less from Orchard Park where the Bills are about to play the Colts. Here its clear and in Buffalo, its a Blizzard, white out. Been that way all week. Its coming our way though. Sucks i guess it snowed in Houston for the first time in 30 years. Some kids have never seen snow. Unreal. On Facebook I saw a snowman made in San Anton by a friend.
  11. 2017 NFL Thread

    Peterman to start in a Blizzard in Buffalo
  12. 2017 NFL "potted plant" Memorial Pool

    Damn Jabe, I hope you were not really in the can? LOL> Go BILLS!! And Rams

    Cant wait to get my collection
  14. 2017 NFL Thread

    I don't care if its 3 am in a monsoon, Seattle wins
  15. The NBA 2017-2018 Thread

    Maybe they will be less lazy knowing he is out? We shall see. I give the Pistons a big shot tonight. Freakin Lakers won in Philly knocking down a 3 with 2 ticks on the clock