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  1. Who wrote the solo/break in Kashmir from 3:25-4:15

    OK -- so you are just a troll then contributing to the noise that erodes the discourse in forums like this. It's just disappointing to see a guy with your obvious love for the band (based on your post count) spreading such miss-truth in the face of overwhelming evidence. Not cool at all -- asking if you were high was a polite way to handle it because you could have said "Ya man - totally high - my bad"....
  2. Who wrote the solo/break in Kashmir from 3:25-4:15

    Are you high? How can a guy with your post count come here and perpetuate such obvious untruths. Those are real recorders played by Jones. As said -- you can actually hear him breath and blow. You can isolate them in a DAW and hear that quite plainly. Here's some more info on those parts - I re-scored them for my own recording of Stairway last year using some VST's after spending hours and hours listening to them. http://www.thestairwayproject.com/tracks-recording-recorders-original-stairway-project/
  3. Stairway to Heaven - Solo - Guitar Lesson

    That was horrific
  4. I found this guy a couple years ago -- his production voice is very unique across his originals and covers -- there are quite a few Zep covers buried in his youtube channel - but check out his latest... bloody hell -- just herculean in terms of work - even if it's not to your specific taste holy man! Just awesome. I present Mike Gubisch:
  5. The rain song

  6. Hey guys - anyone here sing Stairway really well and have the ability to record vocals?
  7. Looking for singer for Stairway Cover

    The whole project is being made into a web based tutorial called "The Stairway Project" and will go online in a few months. Here's a mastered version of the first local vocalist I worked with. She was the most amateur of the vocalists but I really fell in love with her interpretation of the song. She sang fearlessly and with lots of heart and dynamic control giving the song an almost existential quality. I'm posting this for you guys to hear as a preview. When the whole project is complete I'll make sure to let you know and post the links to the other versions.
  8. Looking for singer for Stairway Cover

    Tracking has been going well - being local really helps. My original vocalist got injured so I had to quickly look for alternatives - I got lucky when the local people stepped up for me. Thanks again.
  9. Looking for singer for Stairway Cover

    Hi Matjaz1 -- just wanted to let you know that we went with two local vocalists on this project. Thanks for sharing your tracks with us. I particularly enjoyed the photos you posted in your videos of you visiting the Zeppelin sites. I used to live in the UK and never visited any Zeppelin sites the years I lived there (though a friend was staying with RP while I was there we could never hook up). I had another friend that worked for George Martin at the time too (1994) and I was just too busy to visit -- today I kick myself for both missed opportunities. I also really enjoyed your version of Dekle moje pojdi z menoj It's great to Hear Slovenian music.
  10. Ineteresting take on JPJ

    I'm just finishing up a note for note cover of Stairway and let me say that the parts that have most amazed me are Jones' contributions to this song. Listening to several hours of them working the song up in various sessions and hearing how Jones and Page would basically jam it out - listening to both parts evolve was invaluable. The little keyboard flourishes are key to pulling off the song and still very "unknown". Search the web - you'll find hardly anyone actually covering the song and playing the keyboard parts correctly. There's not even a proper as recorded by score that gets them right (or even tries). My own version is probably 98% in everything but the key parts - those I'm probably at 80% - some of which are still very hard to pull out and isolate. They are like a perfect mix of colors and rhythm that gives an impression as a whole but are hard to figure out their component parts. And when the bass guitar kicks in with the signature Jones feel? - the song goes to a whole other level. I love Jimmy Robert and John --- But Jones? That man has a magic that is elusive and entirely unquantified.
  11. Guitar tone "Houses of the Holy "

    try the delay pedal with a super short delay time (and feedback). You'll hear it simulated. Jimmy I think used an out of phase pickup selection on his tele - I have a fender guitar that is wired for an out of phase tone and you can hear it immediately.
  12. Looking for singer for Stairway Cover

    You sing well Matjaz - the high parts are tough to sing for sure - that's what knocks me out of the running - my voice just can't do those. What kind of DAW do you use and mics/preamp/interface?
  13. Led Zeppelin amp settings

    Yup -- totally song, amp, and guitar specific -- also production specific - a lot of the tones had to do with mic placement and exist only in the studio environment. The other thing is that often people's subjective ear lies to them about what they think jimmy's guitar sounds like -- he's way LESS heavy than you perceive it usually. Just listen to the rocking out section of Stairway carefully -- it's not what you think it is. The biggest mistake is people tend to over distort or saturate their guitar when playing Zeppelin when they should do the opposite.
  14. Lawsuit over Stairway to Heaven

    I think, from what I've read, that the general consensus is that Taurus was not played live at any of the specific Zeppelin related dates - and that it is not officially alleged otherwise.
  15. Lawsuit over Stairway to Heaven

    Jimmy is known as "Led Wallet"... very tight fisted with his money. I once read (and it may be bullshit) that Jimmy actually asked the band to pitch in some money for drinks/snacks at their first jam. Not sure if that is myth or known truth but the fact that he's very very tight with his money is pretty well known.
  16. Lawsuit over Stairway to Heaven

    How about this as a corrected point then: It is NOT ALLEGED that Spirit played Taurus Live at any event or venue that Zeppelin attended. That it seems to be a matter of record that at the events (just a few) that both bands presences can be verified, Spirit did not play "Taurus". What's important here (as was later posted) is that it was suggested previously through the oral history or popular myth that Zeppelin watched Spirit perform "Taurus" night after night and that this was the circumstances that preceded this monumental theft. I still think that there is no evidence of misrepresentation or deception on the part of Zeppelin in their testimony.
  17. Lawsuit over Stairway to Heaven

    The LA times is little more than a rag - but even if we take these statements as true fact (which I do) - I'm not seeing deception or lies. Why are some of you concluding that Zeppelin lied on the stand? I find it reasonable that access was possible - I find it "possible" the song was heard in some way shape or form -- in no way do I find that probable, nor do I find Zep's claims to the contrary necessarily untruthful and their claims of not remembering in any way a practice of deception.
  18. Lawsuit over Stairway to Heaven

    I suspect Jimmy owns pretty much every record from the era as a collector and that most of them were sent to him gratis by record companies. That the jury didn't "buy" some of Zeppelin's testimony is conjecture yes? I'm still trying to get a sense of what are agreed on facts or undisputed or proven facts.
  19. Lawsuit over Stairway to Heaven

    Well I'm asking specifically what you think they said or was said as testimony that was lies?
  20. Lawsuit over Stairway to Heaven

    Well -- I'll say again -- what fibbery? And how do you draw that conclusion? In what way do you allow yourself to conclude that Zeppelin lied about anything here? What do you base that on? Are you disagreeing with what are now established facts? You can't just make a statement about lies without compelling evidence thereof. You shouldn't allow yourself the belief that there were lies without something compelling to support that belief. This isn't religion where you just get to believe whatever you want because of "feels"... Doing so is akin to being one of the long standing guys who have repeated ad nauseum over the years that Zeppelin watched Spirit perform "Taurus" live night after night --- turns out that was complete fiction - not only did they not really tour together, nor did Zeppelin ever really watch anyone who opened for them from the side of the stage, nor did Spirit ever play Taurus live ------- so give us something that we can either accept or argue against that has led you to believe there were lies from the Zeppelin camp.
  21. Lawsuit over Stairway to Heaven

    Why does there still seem to be confusion among the members here with respect to access and the possibility that Zep hadn't heard the song prior to writing STH? Am I wrong in my understanding that: Robert was at least passingly familiar with the "Fresh Garbage" cut and his influence brought the riff to the band to work up during a jam? Robert's familiarity was knowing the song from a compilation album. That "Fresh Garbage" is also on Spirit's album that contains "Taurus", but that there's no suggestion or evidence that Robert's access to "Fresh Garbage" equates to access to "Taurus". Further: That although the band shared a bill with Spirit on two occasions, and there's evidence that points to Robert having attended a concert where Spirit played, that "Taurus" was not played at those concerts. That it is further established that Spirit did not play "Taurus" live until after STH was written - at least a decade after. And That Jimmy Page has in his collection the Spirit album that contains "Taurus". That there is evidence to suggest that this album was acquired by Jimmy after STH was written -- decades after. That Jimmy's album collection is essentially a music archive and possessing an album among 1000's of others does not constitute access. And to conclude That there is no evidence proving access within the critical time period, only the suggestion that access wasn't an impossibility. That the myth that Zeppelin watched Spirit perform "Taurus" night after night from the stage is completely busted. I'm still very confused why members here insist that Page and Plant's denial of or recollection of even knowing or remembering much of anything about Spirit is somehow selective on their part or strategic with respect to this case. Can you imagine their lives? The demands on their time? The amount of people clamoring for a piece of them? The drugs and alcohol? The fallibility of memory? I bet Jimmy doesn't remember how to play half the Zeppelin catalog - that he'd have to woodshed for a long time to do so. I just don't see anything nefarious here at all. Am I missing something or are the facts above as I stated in the bullets correct?
  22. Lawsuit over Stairway to Heaven

    Sorry Guys (and Strider) -- I just had to post this one last one in case you'd never heard of "Wallet Boy" and Chris Eliot's "Get a Life". from back in the day.
  23. Awesome Cover "Nobody's Fault..."

    That's sort of a style thing for him - I'm just impressed by what it takes to conceptualize and pull off that kind of cover. - It's fully thought-out and executed.
  24. Lawsuit over Stairway to Heaven

    Did you happen to find a guy's wallet?