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  1. Good article here with comments from Plant on how he feels about Zeppelin's 50th anniversary. https://www.heraldmailmedia.com/lifestyles/entertainment/led-zeppelin-s-th-anniversary-tinged-with-sadness/article_0dc046c3-8c16-56ca-8330-98b4c7f112e6.html
  2. Just heard the news the other day that ABBA is going to release some new music later this year, and that they may do other work together too. They are not releasing 'new mixes' or remixes, or anything like that. They have recorded totally new, original songs. So, how shocking would it be if Led Zeppelin did this too?
  3. irondirigible

    Companion discs are rubbish

    Of course this is true that it's a choice to buy them or not buy them. But I think its a worthy criticism. There's really not much on ANY of the reissues that is worth getting or that adds to the original album. I would much rather have seen a single edition (perhaps a 2 disc set) or various outtakes and alternate tracks, rather than tacking this stuff onto existing albums.
  4. The peril of doing this is that you hit the 'save' button and then realize you've forgotten something. But here goes... Before you read my list, I am sure you will wonder where certain tracks are. But I would say this represents my favs of LZ. After making the list I compared it to Rolling Stone Magazine's top 40 LZ songs, and the top 10 of that list does not look much like mine. To each their own. Again, no order whatsoever - numbers are just so I don't go past 10. 1) Kashmir 2) Ten Years Gone 3) Stairway To Heaven 4) Over The Hills And Far Away 5) Whole Lotta Love 6) Black Dog 7) No Quarter 😎 The Rain Song 9) Thank You 10) In The Light
  5. The Rolling Stones' "From The Vaults" series is getting almost tiresome. But for Stones fans, like me, its still awesome. I have no doubt there are many more of these archival releases to come in the future. Why is there no equivalent for LZ? There are TONS of great live shows that can be seen online. So the tapes are obviously out there. Is it a legal matter of who owns them, or something like that? I enjoy the 3 live albums we do have, but I think there could be more and I would pre-order them in a heartbeat.
  6. irondirigible

    Items you can't convince yourself to buy

    Like gibsonfan159, I'd buy them in a second if they were the same price as shorts at my local discount store
  7. irondirigible

    Companion discs are rubbish

    It's what every old band does not. Re-release your old album, cleaned up a bit, and tack on a few goodies, Some of the goodies are good, some stale, some you don't know why they bothered.
  8. To be completely honest, I feel that Stairway To Heaven always loses something when its live. Now, many great songs do lose something from the studio when played live, but what's lost is replaced by something novel, great feeling and intensity, etc. But I find that whenever I hear Stairway live, it loses something and there is nothing there in its place. No so with Whole Lotta Love, Dazed & Confused, Ten Years Gone, Black Dog, and many more. But Stairway... not sure why...
  9. My answer is probably yes. More so, Plant and Page as Plant has an incredible voice and Page is so gifted. John Paul Jones and John Bonham... could be Left to chance if they hooked up with other great musicians. But even with Plant and Page, its hard to say. The magic of LZ was what they did together, how it all worked as one. Plant and Page have had decent solo careers, but I am bold enough to say that these solo careers would not have taken off without LZ. If they did, they would not have garnered much fame as a result.
  10. There seems to be so much stuff out there. One figures there must be possibilities for live releases. I understand that the biggest issues are a) sound quality, and b) lack of completeness (breaks, missing pieces, whatever) I still think our best hope is a sequel (of sorts) to How The West Was Won, with cherry picked cuts of two or three live shows, perhaps put together in some thematic way.
  11. irondirigible

    New Plant interview

    Thanks for posting this!
  12. irondirigible


    If Page is planning to release something (live material, re-mixes, or whatever) then he will certainly be having talks with people who will help him decide the best date from a marketing standpoint. They wouldn't want to release it at the same time that some other major artist is 'dropping' an album, as they say. With that said, it doesn't really matter to Zep's true fans. They'll get it no matter what. I just hope that this year doesn't pass and all we've had is some collection of studio outtakes or a greatest hits package. I really am not interested in remixes and I own all Zep's original releases, official live albums, etc. Now... live concerts, cleaned up, nicely packaged with liner notes... count me in!
  13. irondirigible


    It would make sense to do this. He cares about the legacy, keeping the band current somehow, and of course the money
  14. https://hhhhappy.com/listen-to-led-zeppelins-first-ever-recorded-concert/
  15. First off, I love this collection of live tracks. Its an absolute gift to fans. I read of the remastering and heard there are some differences. I've had the original on CD for years. Is it worth buying it on CD again? Love to hear the case for doing so. I do have a big, fairly 'high end' sound system so I would think differences could be discerned. But if they are not really significant differences, then why bother? After reading about it I was shocked to see the recording at my local Walmart, where usually they have music that appeals to younger audiences and not much else.
  16. The performance on TSRTS It seems like a perfect version in almost every respect. Vocals, keyboards, awesome. It rocks at certain points and it has that creepy, beautiful, almost soothing vibe as well. I do enjoy checking out many of the live version of the song which are easy to access. Most run from 20 to 33 minutes or thereabouts. Is it true that there is a version that clocks over 40 minutes?
  17. irondirigible

    LZ songs just you don't like...

    I have no great adoration for Hot Dog. But its meant to be taken with a few grains of salt, and maybe a few shots of whisky. Think of it like the Rolling Stones' Far Away Eyes. You have to have a sense of humor about it. I don't listen to it much, but I don't dislike it. It has that Texas swing sound to it, and kind of a 50s vibe that LZ obviously enjoyed as evidenced by many of their live reocrdings
  18. irondirigible

    LZ songs just you don't like...

    Gosh, I don't know what to say... I like The Crunge and I FREAKIN' LOVE Dyer Maker! There is one LZ song that most love and I don't care for. I am a bit timid in mentioning it
  19. irondirigible

    Why Zep Were Never Truly Recreated

    Zeppelin had it all. Songwriting ability both in terms of melody and lyrics. This alone is huge. Then there's the production, arrangements of instruments. That was peerless. Then there's playing, vocals. Also peerless. They were truly unique in every way. There are many bands that might sound a bit like LZ, and this is testament to LZ's greatness. Some of these bands sound very good. But they're just not the full package. There are many good reasons why Led Zeppelin remains one of the biggest selling and most commercially successful rock acts in history. They are huge now and they will be huge in 50 or 100 years from now.
  20. Indeed Page was already known. But I am not sure if he would be a household name on the strength of is pre-Zeppelin work
  21. irondirigible

    Joe Walsh

    Walsh is amazing. I love his solo work more than anything by The Eagles or with other bands he was with (though those bands are good too) There is no one making music like his now.
  22. Well, the way I see it, they could do a How The West Was Won II. There are so many pieces of live shows, and many sound very good with incredible playing. Sadly, some of the best playing they did live is found on bootlegs of poor sound quality. But they could scrape together a bunch of tracks and make a new live compilation, which is basically what HTWWW is.
  23. Led Zeppelin existed for only a short period of time, recording less than 90 songs, if memory serves. It must be hard to continually 'release' interesting stuff.
  24. Yes, but we know we are out to lunch.