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  1. Why Zep Were Never Truly Recreated

    Totally agree. Generating a commodity , volume over value
  2. Why Zep Were Never Truly Recreated

    I remember a time when not everyone I met listened to music in fact I remember people actually stating with pride that music was not for them or was of no consequence and half of of those that claimed to listen couldn’t actually hear anything for trying. Where have all the non listeners gone? It seams to me that everyone is a “music” fan now, after all, everyone has virtually all the music ever on there phones! Next thing all this lot are fast becoming music creators! It’s like The markets got bigger but the talent pool has got smaller?
  3. Why Zep Were Never Truly Recreated

    GVF have noticed something they like from the “old days” . Who hasn’t? i doubt I’ll be queuing up on record store day in 50 years to buy an alternate mix of whatever from GVF and not just because I’ll be 104
  4. How about an acoustic reunion?

    Agree, would be great! But be over the moon if they went with a total analogue recording chain on the old gear. It was part of the sound
  5. Maybe there’s more couple more singles to come? Last of the “ interesting” alt mixes .
  6. As far as complications go, would it make sense to do a “latter days” only Comp or chronology ? It Might if you wanted to document live versions of the later tracks and only parts of the later shows were spectacular?
  7. Yeah all these would be great but i reckon there will only be 4 or 5 items in all. Just think there will be staggered at approx 2 year intervals and maybe anymore would be, dare I say it, too many live albums!!!
  8. 10 years worth! My guess is four or five further releases. I’ll assume EC is one of em. Not sure about the others.
  9. How about an acoustic reunion?

    Going on RPs comments about acoustic material. I think an acoustic approach is the most likely of all the unlikely scenarios. Suspect it’s also the most likely scenario where something new might occur IMHO acoustic doesn’t have to mean without power or mean running through all the zeppelin songs in a row, straight bat, that have acoustic guitars in them. It might just mean low key, no cavernous ice rinks. There’s a lot of possibilities. These guys are artists.

    Oh yeah duh! Would that be different to the download? Maybe surround sound?

    Dude. Why come on here and post that. Even if it were true no one could possibly take it seriously. A mega fan and this is your first time on here?
  12. Wow. That’s interesting! It would be very interesting to contrast the yardbirds 68 with zeppelin 68 , that’s quite a story . How about some studio sketches or unreleased, assuming there are any, zeppelin doing “for your love” for example,as the companion disc.
  13. What next? AGAIN

    I’m hoping it’s not just HTWWW that’s now different because it on vinyl. I mean I like HTWWW but it’s not fresh enough