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    Oh yeah duh! Would that be different to the download? Maybe surround sound?

    Dude. Why come on here and post that. Even if it were true no one could possibly take it seriously. A mega fan and this is your first time on here?
  3. Wow. That’s interesting! It would be very interesting to contrast the yardbirds 68 with zeppelin 68 , that’s quite a story . How about some studio sketches or unreleased, assuming there are any, zeppelin doing “for your love” for example,as the companion disc.
  4. What next? AGAIN

    I’m hoping it’s not just HTWWW that’s now different because it on vinyl. I mean I like HTWWW but it’s not fresh enough
  5. ITTOD

    I notice how during the page and plant project they would use parts of the latter half of carolselambra as the middle section of ITE. Pure genius . Had things been different I suspect this idea might have become a standard live set piece.
  6. What next? AGAIN

    Yes, I quite like the vocal too, so for me it was totally worth adding it in. It’s another zeppelin track to enjoy that otherwise wouldn’t have been and this before “free as bird” . Also really enjoy this as an instrumental, its a complete powerhouse. Still think it’s highly unlikely that other stuff would be revisited.
  7. What next? AGAIN

    Yeah. Im just wondering if putting three or so live albums out in a year, together with full concert video might be too much ! ....then again...no. Can’t possibly have too much zeppelin!
  8. What next? AGAIN

    Other possibility is an expanded “DVD” with extra footage, snippets say from bath, EC and others? To compliment any audio live releases. Put any remaining bits of video together where there might not be enough for a stand alone release Plus would love to see DVD available via iTunes or similar
  9. Never seen zeppelin, would I rather have the memories or the recordings? As far as I’m concerned having either is really cool , boths a dream

    It might be my limited imagination but...Well I’m guessing a condensed compilation of the photos and sequencing of, from the super deluxe books plus some more, slightly differing presentation of em. Question for me is what further information would another photo book Provide? Why do it? I notice that in the announcement a point is made that they are all collaborating on it..
  11. What next? AGAIN

    I remember a comment by page in one of the interviews where he mentioned not releasing what had already been bootlegged. Didn’t he go ahead and release some bootlegged stuff anyway, such as “Jennings farm”? Or was the companion audio version recording of it not bootlegged? I think he was also asked if any tinkering had gone on with the companion stuff, such as remixing, over Dubs, processing or effects etc and he replied that he wasn’t into “rewriting history”, or words to that effect. IMHO this was exactly the the right approach for a project like the companion audio one. But would not necessarily be appropriate to have as a rule that would apply to anything else. I think there’s a couple of unknown instrumentals or that brutal artistry boot, which are great, would these have gone on the PG companion audio together with swan song, take me home ? IMHO PG would then have been in danger of becoming a triple and diluted from its original. Maybe it was better to stick to the companion audio concept and bank these tracks for later. If indeed they are bankable at all.
  12. What next? AGAIN

    IMHO using something from back in the day, from their former selves and building it up via their current selves is really interesting. To me it was part of the attraction of the o2 gig seeing how they tackled it, how the strength of the material stacked up against everything that had come after it was written and then before it was now being performed. I think led zeppelin is not just an era, collections of tracks, four specific blokes etc IMHO it’s like a way of approaching music that’s stood the test of time. o2 proved it to me and I reckon plant uses the same approach in his solo work. So I see no reason why Swan Song
  13. What next? AGAIN

    When RP stops performing the songs albeit in interesting ways, then that’s when it really has come to an end, for me any way. I’m guessing he won’t stop doing that until he actually stops performing altogether
  14. What next? AGAIN

    Some might say the free as bird thing was hokey. Which it probably was! I guess it depends how it could be framed. Something new or half new would be the only thing not done but it’s probably the least likely so... I think you’re right. The next release could very well be the last activity we see we've had the concert! the studio vaults are clear? Last few live tapes are next? and that’s it.......50 years is quite a nice note to end on. I’m sure the led Zeppelin forum will rumble on for a very long time beyond though!