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  1. JAP

    New Jimmy Page Biography Released

    This article.... holy s%t Old George’ Pickingill Gardiner / Villente Crowley / Spare Page Art college, Pre Raphaelites, Vision focus patience then Aura Led Zeppelin.
  2. JAP

    Led Zeppelin favourite to headline Glastonbury 2019

    I don’t doubt Eavis has approached all the those on the list. he has a problem he’s got the 50th Glastonbury and his retirement one to do in 2019/2020 but would prefer not to have the spice girls . His main targets for the top slot aren’t even bands anymore.
  3. JAP

    Led Zeppelin favourite to headline Glastonbury 2019

    I don’t know much about the current situation with fleetwood Mac but I would have thought they would have had higher odds at topping Glastonbury than LZ. I mean England are 8/1 to win the World Cup . I would have thought that more likely than LZ headlining Glastonbury, at England least are still playing together as a group
  4. JAP

    Led Zeppelin favourite to headline Glastonbury 2019

    I suppose in 2019 it will be 50 years since zeppelin did the 1969 bath festival which was the inspiration for Glastonbury. In fact wasn’t it the Zeppelin performance at Bath that Eavis saw , which was the trigger for him to start putting on festivals? Synchronicity.
  5. JAP

    Led Zeppelin favourite to headline Glastonbury 2019

    I think there’s been speculation around Zeppelin doing Glastonbury for at least the last 5 events. It’s not a new rumour. It seams like it’s just been re-rumoured for the next one. I’d go as far as putting a £1 bet on . But wouldn’t buy a ticket .
  6. JAP

    Potential Zep Reunion? Probably not.... but Maybe...

    Currently extremely unlikely but imho, the press pumping out stories like this make it even less likely! Separate performances!? It’s all very nice but surely they could forget all the political crap and wrap the evening up together? Perhaps by letting the cover bands handle some of the usual standards they could tackle a couple of deeper cuts or acoustic numbers? The possibilities are endless. honestly, it’s driving me nuts.
  7. It could be time to spell it out. For example they could say something like , “ expect 3 further live releases Over the next 12 months, one of them will be xx but the other 2 will be surprises. In addition other surprise events and small releases will take place during this time” and that’s your lot! I’m not saying that specific content is going to happen. I’m saying it’s time to start communicating as people are getting pissed off. It comes across as though they are winging it. Only when you look back on it do you see the plan. You can still have surprises and manage expectations. It can makes such a difference to how positively people react
  8. And that concludes the reissue campaign! I think that the way the release of the 3 live reissues could have been handled better. We weren’t sure that all three (BBC, HTWWW, TSRTS) of them were to be released and over what time period and so it got mixed up with the potential for 50th year celebration stuff. IMHO it would have been better to hype/release the 3 of em at the same time and frame them as a collection before getting into the 50th debate. But I’m sure time didn’t permit
  9. I was under the impression that Led Zeppelin played at the o2 arena in 2007. I mean I’m sure all three plus the other one confirmed that was the case ?
  10. It’s certainly an interesting piece of music. I’ve often wondered about it. Was it part of something page was working on, such as in the light? Or just done spontaneously as they were filming
  11. JAP

    Three Crows

    https://soundcloud.com/james-platts-1/the-summerland-2 another one!
  12. Every time he has performed a zeppelin track during a live show over the last 38 years it brought it all flooding back? Nah don’t think so... I’m worried that this JB line is starting to look convenient . Very sad
  13. Im not sure RP has moved on . His own words suggest he can’t get past JBs death and other sad events when it comes to LZ. He draws a link between the two
  14. Did Led Zeppelin played the o2 in 2007 ? cos JP, RP, JPJ, JB seemed to have confirmed that’s what happened. You could say it was as tribute to their former themselves as well as Ahmet I suppose. But if RP gave the green light tomorrow for led zeppelin activity live or recorded of any description then...... we would either accept it as legit or not but it has no bearing on what’s possible