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  1. The Song Remains the Same - Upcoming screenings

    Damn, well played!
  2. My personal remaster of Trampled Underfoot from 5/24/75

    This TUF is one of my all time favorite live Zep moments. Just spectacular. This and STH from the same night-if we get these on this live project later this year... yeah, that's what I want.
  3. Good post. Love Plant's voice in 79. Don't know if I like it more than 69-71 or even 72, but yeah, it's different, in a good way. And very strong. If we get TUF and STH from 5/24/75 I'll be a very, very happy man.
  4. Just imagine seeing Bonzo laying down the drum track to WLL... Oh my... Not sure what's all included in that LZII studio film, but it looks like it is legit. Getting that would be phenomenal.
  5. Zep II Studio Footage... YES PLEASE. Montreux 72 Footage... DOUBLE YES PLEASE! Those were supposedly very HOT shows.
  6. Well, if we get STH and TUF from 5/24/75 (even just the audio of it) it's a MAJOR win, as far as I'm concerned. I'd never get sick of listening to those two tracks in ok "sbd" quality, let alone pristine multi-track quality. Throw a best of Japan 71 in there as HTEWW and shit... I might just lose my mind. It really is a great interview. I've gotten to really love listening to him. This and the Oxford interview/lecture are fantastic.
  7. Suspicions

    How about 10/28 and 10/29/72 in Montreux? Man, would I love to hear those shows!!
  8. Suspicions

    Yeah. Extremely silly.....
  9. Suspicions

    Bonzo certainly plays like he knows he's being recorded... I will say that. This is one of my all-time favorite shows, just due to him. He is spectacular throughout. That said, I highly doubt this was multi-tracked....
  10. Next Soundboard Release

    I'd love to have another April 77 soundboard.