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  1. LedElvis75

    Best Stairway

    Gosh dangit! This is it. I want this in pro quality so badly I lose sleep at nights. Edit out the :30 of Jimmy sucking on his hair and give it to us, DAMNIT! This and TUF from this same show. Both brutal, EPIC versions.
  2. LedElvis75

    Nitpicking Page 1973

    I believe so, yes.
  3. LedElvis75

    Nitpicking Page 1973

    I certainly believe so. Page, Bonham and Jones are pretty solid. This is probably the most painful listen, as far as Robert's voice goes. Just brutal. Really makes you wonder why they performed CB as an encore!
  4. LedElvis75

    Ten Years Gone

    Right! Have always wondered this too.
  5. LedElvis75

    Japan 1972

    72 Japan just might be my least favorite tour they ever did. Just seem to lack the hunger from earlier tours and the energy/nastiness of later tours.
  6. LedElvis75

    Best Audience Recordings of 1970

    , which I've always assumed was a result of him (and/or the sound techs) having to adjust to how to tune (and maybe mic) it differently, compared to the maple kits he had played previously. It wasn't just the shells that were different--he was also switching from emperor-coated heads on the batter side and ambassador-coated heads on the resonant side to clear power-stroke heads with the black dot on the batter side and clear heads on the resonant side, which makes quite a difference sonically, and also gives a slightly different feel with the sticks. In a way, the twangy tone of his kit in '73 fits well with Page's really snarly guitar tone and Plant's raspy voice, but if I had to choose between his '73 or '75 tone to go play a show with myself, I'd probably choose '75... agreed
  7. LedElvis75

    Best Audience Recordings of 1970

    LOVE the Moby Dick's from 1970. July 19, 1970 in Berlin is one of my favorites. So is the one from Boston. Bonzo just had endless stamina and energy and could literally do anything he wanted. And the green sparkle kit just sounded so meaty and huge! Probably my favorite Bonham kit. Just sounded gorgeous. And Plant's voice... yeah. I don't think any vocalist to this day has ever sounded so fucking impressive on stage.
  8. LedElvis75


    Have fun tonight George!!
  9. Very strange Bonham show (indeed), but TUF from that night has always been my favorite. And the mood of NQ fits Bonham's mood from that night to a T. Both are very sluggish, but the results are great (for NQ). He really picks things up nicely for TUF and then chases Jimmy around brilliantly in my all-time favorite STH. Jimmy really needs to cobble the best parts of the 24th and 25th together to form a complete show. Would be an absolute monster live release.
  10. LedElvis75

    pick one

    Listening to your Pittsburgh remaster now! Phenomenal show. NQ is just insane. Guess I'll pick this one for a complete sbd tape.
  11. LedElvis75

    Recordings that have "that special something" for you

    8/23/71 Fort Worth. I absolutely LOVE the deep snap/pop sound of Bonzo's snare in this (phenomenal) recording.
  12. LedElvis75

    Black Country Woman 1977 - Missed Opportunity?

    Might be what I hate MOST about '77. Those truncated versions of WLL for the encore are just awful. Hear me out here... just imagine hearing Ramble On as an encore in 77. How amazing could that have been had they been able to pull that off? Ramble On might've been the best part of those 98 P/P shows. Just killer!
  13. LedElvis75

    What show or live song are you listening to now?

    This show has been dogged for years. Just don't get all the hate it has gotten. Sure, it's not 1973 Jimmy, but whatever fluency he lacked that night (year) Bonzo more than made up for with his playing. His (Bonzo's) performance alone puts this in my top 10 all time Zep Boots.
  14. LedElvis75

    What show or live song are you listening to now?

    May 16, 1973 - Houston. Happy 45th Anniversary! Killer May 73 show. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mgYWWN2z-U8
  15. LedElvis75

    Seattle 1977

    Sounds fantastic.