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  1. Best Led Zeppelin concert recording

    Oops-completely missed that post. My bad Sounds like an entirely different (tweaked) source to me.
  2. Best Led Zeppelin concert recording

    Why am I thinking the remainder of it was ruined/destroyed in a warehouse fire??? Maybe I'm just imagining that???!! Or thinking of a different tape and show altogether...
  3. Best Led Zeppelin concert recording

    I've got the DADGAD remaster playing right now. It is fantastic. Celebration Day is killer. Makes me wish it was a regular part of that '72 set.
  4. Best Led Zeppelin concert recording

    Listening to 6/9/72 Charlotte right now. HIGHLY underrated recording. And the performance is just blistering. Not as crazy as 6/14-15 or 6/19 but the playing is impeccable. And the recording itself is fantastic.
  5. 9/28/71 sound board ??

    Never read that before. Thanks.
  6. 9/28/71 sound board ??

    Yep. Have heard that. What a damn shame that'd be. I'll settle for SBD's in similar quality to the BD sample, tho!!
  7. 9/28/71 sound board ??

    3/12 and then one of the January shows with Levee or Wanton is what I want. What would truly be EPIC is the Japan multi's being released by Page. That would be one for the ages. How The East Was Won....
  8. Best matrices aside from Four Blocks in the Snow?

    Guys-Is there a matrix of the 5/30/77 Landover show? Looking and haven't found anything.
  9. 9/28/71 sound board ??

    If it's going to be another 75 show first, I'd be ecstatic with the 2nd night in Long Beach.
  10. 9/28/71 sound board ??

    Not that I know of. Really strange what's going on with this one... I'd bet right now we get another 75 show before the rest of this Japan show. Damn shame.
  11. Just to have a different perspective of that great, legendary show.
  12. Tokyo 10-3-72 8mm Rare Footage

    No doubt about it. Far more patience than I've got.
  13. Well, that's that, then... I guess. Shoot.
  14. Ah, yes. Thanks bud! Enjoy the weekend.
  15. How much of that 2nd source exists? Of course, the Millard recording is glorious and one of the All-Time Greats, but this 2nd source isn't bad. Would love to hear it if more exists. Very interested in finding it if anyone knows.