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  1. Updated Soundboard Wish List

    Yessir! I'd never ask for another Zep recording again if we got these two. IS from 6/15 is some of the nastiest, raunchiest playing from Jimmy's entire career. And the D&C is just bone crushing.
  2. I've tried listening carefully to the 8/8/69 San Bernardino show to see if I could make out 2 bass drums. The recording is so poor, however, it makes for a difficult listening experience. But this is the time period... early August 69.
  3. This is it! My Holy Grail of Holy Grails... a recording of Bonzo employing the double bass drum. Man, what I wouldn't give to hear him playing the double bass drum...
  4. ^^What a shame... that that's considered some of the best footage we have.
  5. Underrated/overrated shows

    Love it! Care to offer more? I personally love the EC run. A best of 5/23, 24 and 25 would make for one ridiculously good & HEAVY live album.
  6. Holy shit, can't believe I'm just now stumbling upon this. Almost brings a tear to my eye that there's no recording of this....
  7. It really should be this simple, shouldn't it be? And then a best of EC, piecing together the start of the 25th, with the middle of the 24th, then ending with the encores from the 25th. That'd make one helluva 3+ hr live show.
  8. Say what? They weren't at their best for the 6/25 & 6/27/72 shows?? Seriously?? I love the Japan 71 run and want those as much as anyone, but please don't dismiss those 72 shows. They're damn near perfect. Listen to the Burn Like a Candle source all the way thru and tell me that's not one of the most perfectly executed live performances by any band EVER.
  9. Yeah, what he said!
  10. Saw that over at The Hotel. Yuk.
  11. That is true, but boy, wouldn't it have been nice to add TY to this HTWWW reissue? That is just killer and probably my 2nd favorite version of that song ever (8/31/71 being #1).
  12. Your Led Zeppelin Time Machine (with a twist!)

    Carnegie Hall!
  13. The Song Remains the Same - Upcoming screenings

    Damn, well played!