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  1. LedElvis75

    Why In Through The Out Door is a GREAT album

    I've rediscovered this album recently. Have fallen back in love with it all over again. Substitute Wearing For Tearing for Hot Dog and it's a Killer F'ing album all the way thru.
  2. LedElvis75


    Not a huge fan of the this live, but going to give this a listen. Thanks. The studio version is just brilliant. You ever "reconnect" with a Zep tune after some time off? This and The Epic (which should've been used on the official release)... recently, just can't get enough of either of these songs.
  3. LedElvis75

    Led Zeppelin or Related on YouTube

    Cannot believe this is the first I've seen of this. Damn that was awesome. What a F*CKING catalog of music they have!!! Just gets me all goosebumply, if that's a word.
  4. LedElvis75

    What's your favorite live Trampled Underfoot?

    1st place - 5/24/75 - I agree with whoever said it earlier in the thread... this is one of the top 5 moments on stage for Zep. Just fascinated by how good this is. It literally NEVER gets old or boring. 2nd - 3/24/75 - As Luis Rey says "It's absolute, fabulous chaos." Have always loved this version. Bonham does some real interesting shit in it. 3rd place goes to 4/27/77 - Bonzo's playful, creative fills really makes this one unique.
  5. LedElvis75

    The Entourage

    That's Paul Rodgers?? It looks just like a young Walter Matthau. Great thread, BTW.
  6. LedElvis75

    Atlanta 1973 soundcheck photos

    Just noticed that!
  7. LedElvis75

    1977 Close Up Behind John Bonham Drums Pic's

    Wonder what the bucket's for....????? HAHAHAH
  8. Saw this on Twitter last night and something immediately jumped out at me... The positioning of Bonzo's Speed King Bass Drum pedal. Look at how cocked it is and check out the angle of Bonzo's foot. Am I seeing that correctly?
  9. I don't think I've seen it. Direct me to it when you get a chance, if you don't mind. I'm still looking at that pic above and saying to myself, "Something just aint right about it." The arms of the pedal look to be at a 45 to the bass drum head. Just odd all the way around...
  10. This is just fantastic. I had no idea when I made this thread last week that we'd be talking about an entirely different and nearly complete source like this. You've instantly become a legend my friend.
  11. LedElvis75

    Amsterdam 72 Video Question

    Well, Cole wasn't too pleased about it being opened, was he?! Hahaha.
  12. LedElvis75

    What's the worst live performance of a song?

    Yeah-a little bit. Went and listened to it again and Jimmy is a little weak. Bonzo is magnificent (as usual in 77) which hides a lot of Jimmy's sloppiness.
  13. Yep. And just listen to Bonham on the 5/24/75 STH. He gets overlooked because it's one of Jimmy's best ever solos, but Bonham was spectacular on it.
  14. The atmosphere is fantastic! A different perspective for sure, which is why I made this thread on it. I don't care how inferior this is to Eddie, it's cool as hell listening to another source of this legendary show. Awesome find.
  15. LedElvis75

    What's the worst live performance of a song?

    I've always stayed away from this one. This and Greensboro 75. Too much of a diehard fanboy to listen to arguably their two worst shows. Will. Not. Do. It!!!!
  16. LedElvis75

    Best Led Zeppelin concert recording

    Oops-completely missed that post. My bad Sounds like an entirely different (tweaked) source to me.
  17. LedElvis75

    Best Led Zeppelin concert recording

    Why am I thinking the remainder of it was ruined/destroyed in a warehouse fire??? Maybe I'm just imagining that???!! Or thinking of a different tape and show altogether...
  18. LedElvis75

    Best Led Zeppelin concert recording

    I've got the DADGAD remaster playing right now. It is fantastic. Celebration Day is killer. Makes me wish it was a regular part of that '72 set.
  19. LedElvis75

    Best Led Zeppelin concert recording

    Listening to 6/9/72 Charlotte right now. HIGHLY underrated recording. And the performance is just blistering. Not as crazy as 6/14-15 or 6/19 but the playing is impeccable. And the recording itself is fantastic.
  20. LedElvis75

    9/28/71 sound board ??

    Never read that before. Thanks.