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  1. Little Things You Don't Like About Led Zeppelin?

    As far as Robert's lyrics, they didn't bother me, but what I can't stand are the shrill "push, push yeah!s" in latter day TSRTSs. And I hate the poorly-pronounced, lowered pitch versions of OTHAFA; I actually prefer the MSG '77 version where he goes for the high notes, but can't hit them.
  2. It's not over 'til it's over....

    Yes, definitely. And in the EC D+C, he's going for notes he can't begin to hit; sounds like a dying pig when he does that, and it made him hoarse on STH.
  3. The Apparent Ignorance of Later Shows

    Addictions will do a lot to you, Tempe being a prime example (Still, STH from that gig was great). I think the source of the off nights was touring exhaustion as much as drugs and booze, cause they kept a busy schedule. And I think that Plant and JPJ were often well aware of the band's lower standard, but there was little they could do other than what they did. Plant was having vocal issues he couldn't control, but I think he did his best, and that he really cared, and JPJ never had a bad night. IMHO, though don't sound any less aggressive in Frankfurt '80, at the forum in '77, or on any of the later "on" nights than they did in the early days.
  4. Battle of Evermore live harmonies

    I'll listen to those again and listen spec. for it
  5. Battle of Evermore live harmonies

    Thanks. I don't recall ever hearing it in '79. Which songs did Plant use it on?
  6. Battle of Evermore live harmonies

    Hello, all. Recently I have been listening to a number of '77 shows, and, this may be a dumb question, but was Robert harmonizing with himself on "I hear the horses thunder..." and "Oh, well, the night is long...", and "At last the sun is shining..."? I know he did at the end of Rock 'n' Roll. Does anyone know what piece of equipment was being used for that? Thanks.
  7. What live song do you skip or endure?

    I would skip some Moby Dicks and some D + Cs, but I actually like most noise solos pretty well, and I really can't see why most fans seem to despise them. I also wouldn't skip Hot Dog most shows, but I would consider skipping the related trio of slow tracks from the '80 shows.
  8. BBC Sessions and How the West Was Won Reissues

    Yeah. Jimmy would have to mess around with the vocals from the 5 different EC nights to make something that would satisfy him. But that's the thing: fans have lower standards than him.
  9. Dates for '73 Zeppelin live recordings

    Thanks. I was looking for a list like that, since the must-hear list on The Year of Led Zeppelin is a bit much to take in, though it's still a good site.
  10. Dates for '73 Zeppelin live recordings

    Thanks! I downloaded it from a different site that didn't provide that info, can't remember where.
  11. Dates for '73 Zeppelin live recordings

    I was wondering if anyone has the dates for tracks on the Odds and Ends disc of Ascension in the Wane. Any help is much appreciated! Thanks.
  12. led zeppelin cd`s for sale

    That's always a good way to go, giving them to a good home.
  13. led zeppelin cd`s for sale

    ALAC is NOT A CHINESE VIRUS!, I have a converter (FLACtunes) that converts FLACs to ALACs, and it works fine, Itunes plays the ALACs fine. They are even offered for download from the LiveDownloads site, where such artists as Springsteen and Roger Daltrey still officially sell their shows... And besides, I don't need to access stuff in the cloud, it's all on my personal Mac.
  14. I saw a reference somewhere to a show where, for some reason, Jimmy couldn't play his bow solo in HMMT, so JPJ played it instead. Does anyone know when this was, and if there's a recording of it? And if there is, could someone point me to it? Thanks.
  15. BBC Sessions and How the West Was Won Reissues

    Yeah, I just wish Jimmy wouldn't be such a perfectionist and cut everything up. Plenty of bands/artists are willing to release something imperfect, and not cut bits and pieces out of everything. The Who, for example, don't chop-up all of their live output (listen to IOW '70, it's great, but imperfect, or the early stuff on the TKAA soundtrack). They even released all of their shows from 2002, 2004, 2006, 2007, and the U.S. tours from 2015/16 without edits. Twice in 2006, Roger Daltrey had to walk off stage due to allergies or bronchitis, and they just released those shows without edits. And how about releasing a '70 or especially a '71 complete soundboard from before RP got screechy sounding.