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  1. I agree that Kashmir on the 11th is my perhaps my favourite of all time too.
  2. Cause he's repeatedly promised to deliver new music and he hasn't, while his former songwriting partner has. It's not rocket science.
  3. I thought the last album was excellent, but as I posted in another thread, I think May Queen doesn't go anywhere and the Friends-style riff is boring and repetitive. Hopefully the other tracks are more engaging.
  4. Hmm...It doesn't really go anywhere and the repetitive Friends-style riff is quite boring after a while.
  5. My point is can't he do both - create new music and twiddle some knobs. Other artists of his generation - Neil Young, McCartney, etc - manage it with ease.
  6. Page has been a producer and archivist for the last x years, not a musician. His latest knob-twiddling exercise is the remixing of the 1968 Yardbirds album, Live at the Anderson theatre, essentially another reissue. "Anyone remember laughter...?"
  7. Agree with you, JTM. I always look forward to hearing Plant's new stuff. I might not like all of it, but he's making new music and putting himself out there. The easy option is to rest on your laurels and wallow in the past.
  8. Be prepared for a long wait:
  9. How much did you pay for shipping to Japan?
  10. A multi-millionaire selling a wedding gift from Robert Plant! Oh dear...
  11. Well it's August and still no sign of new music or a tour from Jimmy. He said in virtually every interview for the remasters that he was warming up last year and would do something in 2017. I really hope he never again mentions doing something new, unless he actually means it. He owes us nothing, but please stop with the "next year I.." It really is beyond a joke now and fans have had a gut full.
  12. I think it's safe to say that Plant is not a great songwriter in the traditional sense of sitting down with a guitar and composing a tune, but he's good at capturing a mood or latching onto a riff and twisting it into something unique. So, to an extent, I agree that when he's got too much autonomy over things, the music can suffer. That's why I think Raising Sand was so good, because I don't think he would have challenged T-Bone Burnett and Krauss too much, because he respected their talent and was in their musical "world". The result - probably one of Plan'ts best and widely praised albums of his post-Zeppelin career. With the SSS, he's head bummer and will have the final say on things. Another example of him having too much control and compromising things is WIC - his choice of producer, live in the studio style approach, etc. So, yeah, I think Robert could benefit from a strong right-hand man in the songwriting and production process.
  13. That's a good selection. Hopefully one day we'll get a best of SBD for every touring year. I'm pretty familiar with 75 and 77, but my knowledge of SBDs from other years is a bit sketchy. A BluRay for each tour could contain the two or three "best" versions of each song from that tour, satisfying most people's tastes, and the oddities that were played only once or twice on tour. Of course, these things tend to become redundant as new SBDs appear, but at some point we will run out.
  14. The return of the return of Bruno? No thanks!
  15. I would love a SBD of the 2nd Copenhagen warm up in 1979. Personally, I think this is Pages most fluid live playing since 1975. The audience recording is great, but imagine a matrix. I think there's a good chance the SBD exists, because the band would want to listen back to how things sounded before the big comeback Knebworth shows.