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  1. Plant on Stern - 10/17/17?

    Can't listen to Stern cause he constantly interrupts his guests before they can get a sentence out. In the clips above, Plant sounds bored rehashing old stories he's told many times before.

    To my knowledge, all three members have to agree on any Zep posthumous releases. Of course I get your point that Jimmy would be the catalyst for any such activity. At risk of repeating myself, the two main stumbling blocks are: a. they are all minted and don't need the cash b. Plant is enjoying a glorious Indian summer in his solo career
  3. Plant on Stern - 10/17/17?

    I can't see this happening. Robert hates discussing his private life and Zeppelin tittle-tattle, while Howard thrives on all that salacious stuff and goes in hard. Unless they have agreed up front not to go down certain roads. I never thought Macca would go on Howard, but I think a middle-ground was struck and it wasn't too awkward.
  4. Disappointed that no interviewer, to my knowledge, has crow-barred in a question along the lines of "Will anything be released or done to mark Zeppelin's 50th anniversary next year?"
  5. After watching that One Show interviewer, have to admire Plant. At 69, still such a verve for life and doesn't take himself too seriously. He's a multi-millionaire but still plays fives and goes for a pint with the boys. Plus he stays in Britain and hasn't jumped ship to save on tax. Nice one, Percy!
  6. Great performance of Bones of Saints on Later. Loved that swampy guitar sound and the low toms on the drums.
  7. Plenty live on 6Music today

    I wonder if Jimmy is curious and has taken a peek at this performance?
  8. Plenty live on 6Music today

    The BBC engineers know how to record a gig. Sounds fantastic.
  9. Plenty live on 6Music today

    I think one or two Zep numbers in the encore would suffice. Plant's argument would be that he's taken the original versions and twisted them into something different with the SSS. So, in that sense, he's not a jukebox and more of the "Mighty Rearranger". There will also be the consideration of keeping the audience happy and selling tickets.
  10. Plenty live on 6Music today

    Unsurprisingly 6 Music posted a clip of Plant performing WLL on their website to lure in casual viewers, but must be kind of demoralising for him that they chose a clip of him singing a 1969 song from his "old band" as the promo. After all the years he spent trying to shake off the past and it still defines him. It always will...
  11. Jimmy Page will speak at the Oxford Union - 23 October at 8pm

    I can honestly say that I've not watched, read or heard, any Jimmy Page interview that has been very revealing or entertaining. He doesn't go into any great detail or depth on anything, not even the music, and there's no anecdotes or amusing stories to compensate. In recent years it has got worse and he just wants to talk about how great Zep were and deal in complete generalisations. My expectations for this talk are extremely low.

    I always loved the malevolent intro to this song when it was played live (especially the Knebworth 11th version when the camera cuts to Jimmy's face and he looks like an extra from The Walking Dead). Another treat is hearing Page playing his blue strat live: bending chords with the whammy bar and conjuring up demonic sounds. The one thing that never quite worked was the guitar sound blending with the synth. They never seemed to gel to form a powerful hole and sounded quite distinct. Maybe a limitation of the technology and sounds available at that time.
  13. Jimmy Page will speak at the Oxford Union - 23 October at 8pm

    No chance it will be a debate. Knowing Jimmy, it will either be a written speech—from which he will not deviate—or at the most some questions that have been heavily pre-vetted by his PR team (Ross Halfin). It's clear Jimbo just wants to be feted now as the Godfather of Rock, rather than a musician still putting out music and taking chances. Which is all good, if he hadn't said he was going to get back out there about 5,000 times when he was promoting the remasters, and for several years before that.
  14. Jimmy Page will speak at the Oxford Union - 23 October at 8pm

    Another appearance from the wizard who no longer casts any spells...
  15. Good point. Macca's voice is weak and shaky now and he can't do the earlier material justice. As I've also said, at the age of 69 Plant is maximising what potential he has left.