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  1. Presence

    Each to their own, but it's a snore-fest for me. Like SIBLY grew up and got depressed. Only bit I really like is the opening riff in the weird time signature.
  2. Chris Squire Rumours

    I agree. It's an awful Xmas cracker joke come early. And the crackers were bought from Poundland.
  3. Chris Squire Rumours

    lpman was just making a point about personalities clashing. He also stated at the end of his post, "If Zep were ever going to expand the lineup it would have been with a second guitarist / multi-instrumentalist." So I think he covered all bases, musical and personal, as being in a band is not just about how good a player you are. See Ronnie Wood joining the Stones.
  4. Chris Squire Rumours

    How is it "absurd" to speculate that two big, alpha-male personalities - Squire and Bonham - in a band might clash? I think it is quite plausible and likely. And regarding Page and Squire, being mates and going on holiday occasionally, is quite different from working professionally together and being in each others pockets on tour.

    The price
  6. Jimmy Page will speak at the Oxford Union - 23 October at 8pm

    Don't think Wood would have suited Zep's style at all. He's too traditional. Page had a second guitarist in P&P in 95 and it sucked. The Black Crowes and Page thing was okay, but he was buried and it was too many cooks at points. I like to have Jimmy all to myself . Flaws and all!
  7. Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience (Tour)

    Flamin' Nora! That's steep for effectively a tribute act, albeit it a rather unique one. I saw JB play back in the 90s with Paul Rodgers, so already ticked him off the list. Still tempted though, 'cause they don't come out to Oz often. Hmm...
  8. Jimmy Page will speak at the Oxford Union - 23 October at 8pm

    If this is the only live release for the 50th anniversary, I'll be disappointed. 68-73 live are already well covered in official releases. The best of 75-80 is what fans want. Unfortunately, I've got a gut feeling there isn't any live multi-tracks from 77 onwards - aside from Knebworth - and Page isn't keen on tarting-up soundboards.
  9. Glad it cheered you up. Kashmir, Black Dog and the revamped WLL are really good from the 11th. Jimmy is very shaky in the rest. Unfortunately the 11th video was the first to be leaked in the 1990s, and the 4th video wouldn't surface for many years. So the 11th is the full show most people have seen. I agree on Plant's demeanour. Up until 1975 he still believed in the whole Zeppelin "thing" and lived it on stage. After 75, post injury and then the tragedy with his son, he naturally had a different perspective on things. His on-stage persona became more tongue and cheek and self-deprecating. Almost like he was on the outside looking in.
  10. Kingdome release?

    As an aside, I just saw this video of Wings at the Kingdome in 76, a year before Zep played. The video quality is very similar, perhaps slightly better, to the Zep footage and is clearly sourced from the same feed for the in-house big screen. Footage is extremely dark in places and you think the Kingdome might have adjusted the lighting or cameras to improve the quality on the screen for future gigs. A shame they didn't improve it in time for Zep playing the following year. However, I imagine the screens were 95 per cent used for sporting events that were on during the day or illuminated by giant floodlights. Would be interesting to see other night time gigs from the Kingdome to see if they all suffer from the same poor quality. Just typical of Zep, that the one semi proshot gig, that we know of, in 77 is pretty poor in quality and doesn't have a multi-track
  11. What next? AGAIN

    For me, Page dying would bookend it, as he had been the torchbearer for the band since its demise and the force behind posthumous releases. But you could say the O2 was the bookend really. Page has intimated the studio vaults are pretty much dry after the companion discs, so fans are hoping, not "expecting", that we might get some more live releases instead. Bootlegs will continue to trickle out, and as the remaining members get closer to 80 , their public activity will subside. It will be a slow tail off, rather than a defining event that will mark closure. Bar Page dying.
  12. Plant's vocals on I'm Gonna Crawl

    Yeah, it's a great performance and the "Every little bit" section is extremely raw and powerful. Great searing lead guitar sound from Page as well, which he would employ to great effect on the TOE. IGC gets overlooked because it's the last song on one of their lesser-know albums, the track is essentially a pastiche of a 1950s ballad, and SIBLY is their iconic blues number in 12/8.
  13. John Davis is "Mastering" Led Zeppelin

    John Davis and co must be peeing themselves at all the frenzied speculation on here. I imagine any release would be around November 2018 in the lead up to Xmas (ka-ching, ka-ching), even though August 12, 1968, or thereabouts, was the date of the first rehearsal. So might be a long wait.
  14. Robert Plant rearranging zeppelin classics

    I would say it's more like 90 per cent of the fans there are Zeppelin fans, rather than there to hear Zeppelin music. I know that hardcore fans of Zep, like myself, actually want to hear him do more stuff from his solo career, rather than bastardised versions of Black Dog. The casual Zep fan who sees Plant is in town, will no doubt go along under the false assumption he will play Zep songs, a la the original versions. Paul Rodgers still plays BC and Free hits at his gigs, like the original versions, but he still has the pipes to pull it off and has no solo career, of any distinction, to draw upon.
  15. Jimmy Page will speak at the Oxford Union - 23 October at 8pm

    Not too bad actually. Having read and watched countless Page interviews, it's clear when he gets asked an opinion on something - for instance in this case David Bowie and his peers - his modus operandi is to just explain the nuts and bolts of how him and Bowie got together and what they did. Almost like a factual news report. There is rarely any analysis or anecdotes to colour, or interpret, the facts. So once you know Page's history, the interviews can be pretty dull, because he's no raconteur. But I enjoyed the stuff about him visiting the uni in his youth.
  16. Thanks to fans, Final concert

    In a nutshell, they're too old now. Page was sweating buckets at the end of the 02 and looked absolutely shattered - and that was a decade ago! The legacy of poor-post Zep performances was rectified with the O2 show, which was consistent with some occasional moments of magic (Kashmir, FYL, etc). No need to do anything more.
  17. I would expect nothing less from an Edinburgh boy ;-) You should buy a pair and head doon to the Grassmarket.
  18. Knebworth 1979 Backstage pass t-shirt

    Love how people like Cristabel come on this forum looking for advice on selling/valuing Zep memorabilia, then get it, and don't even bother posting to say thanks.
  19. I def get that feeling as well. When Charlie Rose spoke about the anniversary, Plant couldn't wait to change the subject and reminded Rose it was 37 years since they broke up. The only time Robert has really entertained any sort of Zep reunion is when his solos career has been in the doldrums.
  20. John Davis is "Mastering" Led Zeppelin

    I'm just glad it wasn't John Davis is "masturbating".
  21. Jimmy Page will speak at the Oxford Union - 23 October at 8pm

    lol. And have you been to Rome - the place is falling to bits...
  22. Jimmy Page will speak at the Oxford Union - 23 October at 8pm

    Back in 73 Page was still rocking unis; now he's sitting on a leather chair in one, talking about all the old days.
  23. Page in 2017

    Well it's August and still no sign of new music or a tour from Jimmy. He said in virtually every interview for the remasters that he was warming up last year and would do something in 2017. I really hope he never again mentions doing something new, unless he actually means it. He owes us nothing, but please stop with the "next year I.." It really is beyond a joke now and fans have had a gut full.
  24. Plant on Stern - 10/17/17?

    Can't listen to Stern cause he constantly interrupts his guests before they can get a sentence out. In the clips above, Plant sounds bored rehashing old stories he's told many times before.

    To my knowledge, all three members have to agree on any Zep posthumous releases. Of course I get your point that Jimmy would be the catalyst for any such activity. At risk of repeating myself, the two main stumbling blocks are: a. they are all minted and don't need the cash b. Plant is enjoying a glorious Indian summer in his solo career