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  1. What is the TRUE meaning of Zoso?

    Also as a side note, thank you for that poop by the way reswati, as a sidenote i also have an idea which would cure both world hunger and the over population problem we face here on planet earth,.. erm well there may be some nay sayers, those who find my proposal distasteful but hear me out; CANNIBALISM! Cant believe the politicians have let this one slip by them so far. We could be building jaws like tigers, weeding out the weak and tasty. Im all for it and if i ever come to power im threatening to personally eat anyone who doesnt vote for me in the next elections.
  2. What is the TRUE meaning of Zoso?

    The above symbol resembles in a most uncanny way, the structure of an eye and its extraoccular muscles, rectus and obliques. With the exception of the superior oblique which i believe has been either misrepresented to make a decorative object more aesthetically pleasing or structurally sound OR has been designed (for the above symbol) to represent the action of the associated muscle along with its synergistic counterpart/s. Also the absense of the superior rectus,an explanation for which i could only speculate upon. As for how this has anything to do with the occult and to tie this together with my eye theory, the word occult is derived from the latin "occulere": (to hide/covered over) and is not unrelated to the latin anatomical term for the eyes "occulus", the suffix "cult" has a very sinister (sinister being latin for "left") connection (as i believe) to the word cull, the "T" then, or the "t", i believe refers to the sternum and clavicle. Mr page is alluding with this symbolism, and through the use of double entendre within the lyrics of his music, reaching out to a vast audience, to people who are enlightened and to those who are noT, sharing his knowledge as far as he can, and to the extent he dares. To me the yin yang symbol and the swastika represent the same thing, the flag of great britain, the union jack, much the same. This is my optomistic view mind... two sides to a coin, much has been omitted and avoided in these few paragraphs. Hopefully with this post and my previous post on this same page, many might agree that the mystery of zoso is now apocalypse. All that is left now is for someone to add on to this semi-permanent record of the twenty first century with some loosely connected, dismissive, or at best ;derisive one liner, and with that my efforts to flush down the huge turdy element of this thread will have been wasted, have at it dumper!
  3. What is the TRUE meaning of Zoso?

    An example of his character and knowledge, "os" is Latin for mouth, the "so" could perhaps have some distal connection with the "so" in soul, . The capital Z, well, spelt phonetically we have zed, "de "in Latin is "out", perhaps "ed" in Zed is in ( I know Latin "in" is the same;). SOrry for the thread revival, just felt compelled two. This is the second time I have replied to this thread, the first reply mysteriously disappeared soon after posting, cenSOrsHIP perhaps?