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  1. What live song do you skip or endure?

    I think it is one of those little things that make Zep so great. It is fun and upbeat, and it fits really well.
  2. What live song do you skip or endure?

    curious as what you don't like about it. I prefer the guitar tone on the main riff live. both versions superb
  3. Favorite Plantations

    The most exciting musical event you are likely to experience in the next 10 minutes The finest percussionist Led Zeppelin has ever had And now we come to a very emotional part of the evening A very good friend of ours, who is often playing with the band these days Ten Years Bonham ! Spot the Looney ! The man who brings us snow when we need it. And this all time classic from LA 1975 I feel the ah, the atmosphere is starting to create itself between you and us. We must try to get a little bit warmer than it is though, you know? I want to see you sweat as much as me. Total satisfaction, you know? It's like you can't give a lady satisfaction, you get satisfaction yourself until giving it to the lady first, yeah? So we'd like to think that it's a male and female relationship where we should both sweat, you and us. Hey, try and work that one out. ah To enable us to try and take you to the point of, of ah, satisfactory climax, thank you very much madame, I'm on me way. I'm on me way.
  4. Favorite Plantations

    "The man who keeps Budweiser, going strong" The way Plant pauses after "Budweiser" really adds to the effect. Plant was a master at timing.
  5. What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    The great Eddie Kendricks in 1972, a year before his big FM radio hits Keep on Truckin' and Boogie Down. This is much more soul than those. I cannot believe this was not a single. It could have been a big hit. I just discovered this song last year. It became a club hit apparently, but not a radio single. Check out the groove, the bass, piano, the horns, - the entire arrangement is just so perfect. A great song, and a wonderful vocal performance. Some sources say the band is the Funk Brothers but not sure if it is James Jamerson on bass. But turn up that bass ! So smooth and yet so funky.
  6. What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    Some smooth grooves from the Kool and the Gang debut album (1969)
  7. 9/29/71 Immigrant Song sb release

    My goodness that is fantastic !!
  8. "Thank you. Good evening. It seems so early really to do a concert, you know? Cause we only got out of bed about two thirty. So you see, I just finished me bacon and egg, and here we are. Well this might, what's the name of this place? So, we go to Mobile. So, we go to Bombay. So, we go to Hong Kong. So, we go to Bangkok, and everywhere we go it always seems to be wild, the same." He said that before TSRTS. Great show and a great recording. Led Zeppelin in Mobile, Alabama.
  9. Thanks for posting these 1977 remasters or whatever they are. Both KILLER just like the Kashmir and Achilles you posted earlier. FANTASTIC !
  10. Two little things I have re-noticed on live song intros lately HTWWW Black Dog - a little jolt of guitar in a place where there is usually no guitar at around 0:14 And the way Page combines the fast rhythm of Communication Breakdown into Good Times Bad Times intro on Paris Oct 1969, around 0:27 - 0:35
  11. The Moody Blues

    Just saw them in Vegas. They were much better than I thought they would be, now at age 72 for Hayward and Lodge. Hayward especially. He sang wonderfully, hitting all the notes on his greatest songs. I never thought of him as a guitar player much, but seeing him live in a stripped down format his riffs and leads came to the fore. He NAILED them all while singing his heart out. Many of the songs were better than the overproduced originals. Nights in White Satin came through as just a fantastic acoustic guitar song with a flute solo. The original is so busy and overproduced. Ride My See Saw ROCKED, much more than the original. Even the 80s hits sounded great without all the horrid 80s production that practically ruined them as songs back then: Wildest Dreams, I Know You're Out there Somewhere, and The Voice - I never thought about what great songs they are because the original production was so cheesy 80s pop. But it was the rockers that rocked. I'm Just a Singer was so powerful, Story in Your Eyes was focused on a strong electric guitar - with an extended guitar jam at the end, and Question was over the top with powerful 12 string strumming and that voice. My goodness - most songwriters and singers would give anything to ever write one chorus as good as the first part of the slow section ("It's not the way that you...") - well Hayward topped that by writing a second part to the middle section ("I'm looking for someone. . ."), even more wonderful than the first. And he sang it so beautifully all these years later. The crowd was delirious. Question got a bigger ovation than even Nights. When I go back and listen again to their albums I realize that Hayward was one of the great singers of his day. Sadly, I never saw the Moodys in their prime. They stopped touring in 1974 before my first concert, and their 1978 album that came out when I was in college was so bad that I lost interest.
  12. That is fantastic ! If anyone ever says they didn't have it in 1977 play them this. WOW.