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  1. Some of my favorite 1977 video. So cool.
  2. Donna the Buffalo. Have not seen them in 10 years. Saw them many times 1998 - 2007. Great jam band.
  3. Some nice picking by Rawlings. He's got a real Norman Blake thing going here.
  4. Great stuff. Takes me back to Mighty Rearranger. I hope this is a reflection of the rest of the album.
  5. Explosive Live Tracks

    Celebration Day Toronto 1971 Especially the ending jam 2:50 to the end. Electrifying.
  6. Page in 2017

    If he actually cleans up and releases that show it will be a very worthwhile release. Such a great show that CBS butchered so badly.
  7. Tampa '77

    Page also said in the Muni interview a few days later that while they were waiting, a storm tracker airplane was up figuring out what the storm was doing and how long it would last. Were they going to reschedule the show and honor tickets, but because of the fighting the city cancelled the show?
  8. Not only was Fool in the Rain immensely popular, it is a fantastic song and an amazing performance and recording. Every element is strong, and the whole thing comes together perfectly. It is one of Plant's finest vocal and lyrical efforts, ever. Bonham is monstrous, the piano and bass are rampaging, and Page just kills it on everything he plays. It is exuberant and lively. It fits that old definition of rock and roll as being fun songs about sad things. For me the ultimate Out Door is the original release as so well described above. And yet the outtakes are fantastic and show that the band was having so much FUN and had so much energy and life in them after everything they had been through. A bonus disc of: Ozone Baby - a bit lightweight but so much fun and swagger and life. And Jones is out of this world. Darlene - a real gem from start to finish. Everyone kicks out the Jams ! It is a real great tribute to their early rock and rockabilly heroes, updated for the Zep sound and the 70s. Much better than Candy Story Rock which was in the same vein. The ending jam on Darlene could go on forever. They are so dialed in. It swings like mad and Page is on fire. When I read about Page being out of it during these sessions I wonder how he could have played tracks like Darlene, Ozone Baby, and Wearing and Tearing. He is a force of nature, keeping up with Jones and Bonham every step of the way. Bonzo's Montreux - astonishing, with or without the "electronic treatments" that Jimmy added - what a drum track !! Wearing and Tearing - simply incredible in every way. If only this had been a single in spring 1979 as originally planned. and, Fire, or whatever is was called. That is a new direction and shows alot of spark and creativity. So sad it was never finished.
  9. Jimmy Page WNEW 1977 Interview

    Steve thanks for posting this. I realized as soon as I saw the link that I had limited my "search" to YouTube, thinking it might be on there. Years ago I had this interview on cassette from someone I was trading tapes with back in the 80s. Now I cannot find that tape. I was struck by how Muni pushed Page so hard about naming musicians he wanted to see or who he really liked. It was great to hear Page talk about the scope of the New York concerts. And interesting to hear Page talk about the disaster in Tampa just a few days before.
  10. Way back in 1979 or 1980 I was listening to WNEW-FM in New York. They played an interview of Jimmy with Scott Muni from June 1977. The story was that Jimmy wandered into WNEW and ended up in the booth with Scott Muni. At the beginning of the interview, Scott says "well, we have a visitor in the studio" or something like that. Apparently this was an unscheduled interview and Jimmy just showed up. I have searched and searched for this interview and have never been able to find it. There are so many other interviews out there, on YouTube etc. Has anyone else ever heard this interview? Does it exist? Thanks.
  11. Today In Led Zeppelin History

    40 years ago today. Saturday, August 13, 1977 at JFK Stadium in Philadelphia. This was going to be the last show of third leg of the US tour. 100,000 fans at a daytime concert. I looked up the weather in Philly that day. It was 91 and humid. To get an idea of the scope of the crowd, go check the video of Live Aid. That is JFK Stadium filled to capacity.

    Speaking of No Quarter, can anyone remind me which show has Plant introducing the song as "about a journey, a rather, dubious, journey." They way he pauses and says "dubious" is hilarious. As I recall that is a great version but I can't remember which show it was. He was always saying it was about a journey, but this was the only time I heard his say "dubious journey".

    It is a cloudy and rainy day so I went back and listened to all the LA 75 NQ again. indeed 3-25 is fabulous ! The piano playing is especially stunning. When people tell me that Wakeman and Emerson were better than Jones I have them listen to stuff like this. Jones was so creative and not just about bombast and rapid flourishes. When I listen to NQ from LA 75 I realize they are not just performing a song. They are creating new music every night, live on the spot. And that is different from just "jamming" the way alot of bands do. What makes NQ so interesting and endlessly fascinating is the interplay among Jones, Bonham and Page. you can hear them develop ideas in real time, playing off each other in new ways every night.