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  1. John M

    My Television shows.

    Another good show was Halt and Catch Fire For comedy my favorite is Monty Python's Flying Circus. A close second is the original BBC TV series The Hitch hikers guide to the Galaxy. It is based on the original BBC radio scripts which were amazing as well. They were so faithful to the books, unlike the travesty of a movie version that Hollywood released awhile back.
  2. John M

    What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    In celebration of summertime - outdoor festival season and outdoor jamming season. Dan Crary from 1970.
  3. John M

    My Television shows.

    Try Fargo the TV series. All three seasons are great, especially season 2 which is set in 1979. Another great one is Mr. Robot.
  4. John M

    Comments from Non Fans

    Here's another one I recall. A bunch of us went to the TSRTS movie for like the fourth time the first year it came out. One non fan joined us. After the movie she said "Well, they are pretty good, but they need to get some better material."
  5. I was thinking about some comments and reactions I have heard over the years from people who are not Zeppelin fans. Freshman year in college - we were blasting studio Stairway in the dorm. A crowd gathered in the hall to listen. When the song was over the first comment was the very predictable "wow, what a great guitar solo". Then our Resident Assistant (sophomore, preppy, liked Jackson Browne, Boz Skaggs, etc) said "Forget about the guitar solo, I want to know who is playing those drums !!" What funny or interesting comments have you heard about Zeppelin from non-fans?
  6. I agree. LZII was the first Zeppelin album I heard and that track is special. It seamlessly blends many different elements. I know I said in another post that Bring It On Home made the biggest initial impression on me, but Ramble On has more to explore.
  7. It is July 6, 1969 Newport Jazz Festival but I don't know which boot version. I just found it on YouTube. If you click to watch it directly on YouTube you can see some description, but it does not say much about which source(s). I had this show on a cassette from way back in the old tape trading days. This morning I saw on JimmyPage.com his notes about the show, today being July 6. He said that they followed Buddy Rich and his Big Band (!!), and that the crowds were getting so big that they announced on the radio that Zeppelin were NOT going to play, just to keep the crowds down. Plant is buried in this mix but the band sounds great and they are killing it !
  8. John M

    Good cover songs

    Leann covers Merle. And here is the original by Merle. Maybe the most perfect country song ever. Written by Merle, released Aug 1, 1966 right around the time of Revolver and the Yardbirds' Roger the Engineer.