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  1. Four Blocks in the Snow
  2. Why In Through The Out Door is a GREAT album

    Many new ideas and approaches, a renewed vitality and spirit, great material. The one thing that really strikes me is the amazing return of Plant's voice. On PG he sounds damaged although it works with the material. Presence vocals work well with the songs but are not his best singing. Robert's singing on Out Door is a joy to behold. I wish the vocals were stronger in the mix in In the Evening - on the outtakes you can hear him more clearly. Fool in the Rain, Hot Dog, and All My Love are simply magnificent vocals. One other note - I think South Bound Saurez is fantastic - it is simple and silly, but that piano, guitar and drums sound magnificent. And that blistering Page rave up solo - short and SWEET.
  3. On Jimmy's website today (Oct 10, 2017) he includes a link to a video of Communication Breakdown of this show. Well, the link says "Watch this performance". When you click the link you get this which says it has over 41,000 views. But the first screen before you click play clearly shows the French TV clip from June 1969. Did Jimmy really mean "watch a video from the performance on French TV earlier that year"? He almost gave me a heart attack by saying he had a link to a video of Paris 1969.
  4. Haven't listened to this in a while. I always thought this was one of the most Zeppelin non Zeppelin tracks ever.
  5. Debut Album Openers

    Strider - agreed a great opener but I think of Spiral Scratch as the Buzzcocks debut when Howard Devoto was still with them. The opener there is the killer "Breakdown". And on that EP Fast Cars is known as "Boredom".
  6. Debut Album Openers

    I can't believe I forgot about Sabbath and the Ramones. Excellent choices. And Patti Smith - killer. Here are a few more The Clash - Janie Jones Sex Pistols - Holidays in the Sun Big Country - In a Big Country Television - See No Evil - a defining moment for new wave As I was typing this I see that Strider included the Clash and Pistols. And that reminds me - The Damned - Neat Neat Neat not so great - Deep Purple - not really Steppenwolf - first track was Sookie Sookie - great track but a cover Allmans - a cover Grateful Dead - Golden Road - good but not great
  7. Debut Album Openers

    Recently I have gotten back into listening to Cream, and hearing their debut album opener I Feel Free got me thinking. What bands (besides Zeppelin) have such great, defining debut album openers? I Feel Free is so amazing - it starts as a three part a cappella in a jazzy mood, then the drums and fuzz guitar kick in. Such a great beginning for the band. Other defining debut album openers from bands I like: The Beatles - I Saw Her Standing There - everything great about the early Beatles in one track Jimi Hendrix - Foxy Lady Doors - Break on Through - one of the most iconic debut songs ever Blue Oyster Cult - Transmanicon MC Pink Floyd - Astonomy Dominae Rush - Finding My Way Aerosmith - Make It Stevie Ray Vaughan - Lovestruck Baby ELO - 10583 Overture Pearl Jam - Once Kansas - Can I Tell You Debut album openers that don't quite make the cut ELP - The Barbarian Santana - Waiting - other tracks on the album would have had more impact like Jingo or Soul Sacrifice Black Crowes - Twice as Hard. Jealous Again would have been a better opener. Too bad the outtake Don't Wake Me was not the first album opener ! Yes - Beyond and Before - nothing really great on that first album Jethro Tull - My Sunday Feeling - ok, but not great. Best track on the album is Cat's Squirrel. So what debut album openers strike you?
  8. Favorite HMMT performance?

    Danish TV
  9. The Crowes channel their inner For Your Life
  10. Great recording and mix. The new material is fantastic, including Turn it Up from the last album. The band is very tight. Bones of Saints would have fit on my favorite Plant album, Mighty Rearranger.
  11. 2:48 - 4:51 some of the most exciting moments in recorded musical history.
  12. This short version is so strong and compact. Superb.
  13. The first song on this great album is my favorite. I love when the guy in the audience says "that'll do" after Eric introduces Deserted Cities of the Heart.
  14. Cobo Hall, Detroit 1976. It still amazes me that they could play this live.
  15. Royal Albert Hall 1970

    so well put !