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  1. This track is one of my favorites on the DVD. Plant is in strong voice, they are all obviously having a great time, Bonham on the spoons, the bass, the others singing here and there, such joy and smiles all around. And to top it off I love the figure Page plays at 3:14-3:20 and then again a bit later.
  2. John M

    What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    Much better than the single version typically played on the radio.
  3. John M

    Favorite drum intros

    I was reminded of this one recently at the drag races - top fuel nitromethane burning dragsters. Years ago my brother said at the races from now on whenever you hear this song you will think of a dragster at the starting line idling just before the light turns green. Below the song I put a compilation of dragsters warming up.
  4. The way Friends is listed on the CD cover in the photo above looks odd - why is it separated out like that? I would buy this if it had Celebration Day. For me the 1971 Celebration Days - and especially this show !! - are a holy grail. Thankfully we have Toronto 71, but unfortunately the Orlando 71 SBD is missing Celebration Day. And the Toronto recording does not sound nearly as good as what has been released of this recording. I can assume that this totally kick-ass 9-29-71 Celebration Day would be absolutely staggering if it sounded like the 9-29 Immigrant song. We already have Black Dog 9-28-71, and we already have Immigrant, Stairway, and Friends. I wonder if they would sell alot more and make more money overall if they released it for say $50.
  5. John M

    What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    Released Sept 1970. What a first side ! Revival, Midnight Rider, and In Memory of Elizabeth Reed.
  6. John M

    BBC Sessions Appreciation

    The BBC sessions are an amazing document to be treasured. I can still recall the moment I heard the 1971 set on the radio for the first time I think in the late 70s. Immigrant Song was so raw and powerful, so different from the studio version - and that solo at the end! That was unexpected. And the rest of that set is just fantastic. I first heard the June 27, 1969 session in a record store in Providence Rhode Island in 1982. I was there to buy Death Wish 2, and I saw the "import" section. There was a disc with a black cover and just the four symbols in white on the front. No other print of any kind. I asked if I could check it out. When I dropped the needle I could not believe it. That was a very well worthwhile $8 purchase.
  7. I was listening to Seattle 3-21-75 No Quarter and was digging the avant-garde, almost atonal bit that Jones gets into on the piano around 19:50-20:10. I don't recall hearing that in any other version.
  8. John M


    I got Proximity for about 3 or 4 years in the late 90s. It was quite good. I recall that the editor had a positive review of Walking into Clarksdale and what he wrote got me to better appreciate the album, especially Blue Train, which is a fantastic track. Unfortunately I did not keep the copies during the last 2 moves I have made.
  9. John M


    From what I have read over the years I am not surprised. Who would have thought to record them in fall 1968 when they were unknown as a group? And in England in 1968 they played small venues with little press. Then they signed the big record deal and announced a tour of the US, so that whetted the appetite of fans in America, where by 1968 the Yardbirds were bigger than back home in England. Starting with early January 1969 we have tapes - that was right after the Atlantic signing made its way through the press and radio, and then the record was released with great US FM radio advance play and support and it just exploded from there. So in retrospect I am not at all surprised there are no other 1968 tapes. What does suprise me is the excellent high quality photo shoot of their very first ever live gig. Now that is some kind of historical document too!
  10. John M


    Yes! That was one of the special moments for me too, June 11, 1977. I had never heard White Summer before so I kept wondering what is he playing? Is this a new song? Then the familiar Black Mountainside started and the intensity built up to that incredible opening of Kashmir. I had no idea what to expect not knowing the set list in advance. Not knowing the set list added real mystery and excitement to the show. I had not seen any reviews of the tour yet and of course there was no internet or social media. The laser pyramid and the opening to Achilles probably equaled the opening of Kashmir for me. One other thing that I recall vividly is the lighting during Kashmir as Page did that circular pattern on the stage. During No Quarter Page took a full run toward the piano and did an abrupt stop right in front of it. For a second I thought is he going to jump on top of the piano ? He was that active and mobile during the show. The opening of the show was pure mania and bedlam. Then the Rover started and I thought wow they are playing the Rover !! When Sick Again took over I thought wait what ? What happened to the Rover? What is this? Wow it is Sick Again!! I had already forgotten the Rover, except I was writing down the set list as we went and later saw my scribbled note saying the Rover.
  11. John M


    I know this is off topic for this thread but I went back and compared both Orlando and Osaka Immigrant Songs. Both are essential listening of course but I give the nod to Osaka. The bass and drums are clearer and much more distinct, and the solo is longer with the wah wah section. And the rest of the Osaka show is so excellent. Osaka Celebration Day alone will be worth the price of admission to me.
  12. John M


    Sunrise, North Rim of the Grand Canyon
  13. St. Louis 1975 Godfather Records Jones' bass sound is superb!
  14. John M


    If it were filmed from an upper room above the crowd then the angle in the photo is all wrong.