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  1. Bradford 1973 Dazed and Confused. Fantastic.
  2. John M

    Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes

    Oct 16, 1999 Worcester, MA. I was there. Joe Perry came on stage for "Oh Well" by Fleetwood Mac. Fantastic show. What a set list (from Jimmy's website today). Video below set list. Celebration Day Custard Pie Sick Again No Speak No Slave What Is and What Should Never Be Hard to Handle Mellow Down Easy Ten Years Gone In My Time of Dying Your Time Is Gonna Come Remedy The Lemon Song Shake Your Money Maker Shapes of Things Nobody's Fault But Mine Heartbreaker Encore Hey Hey What Can I Do Out on the Tiles > Whole Lotta Love You Shook Me Oh Well
  3. I searched for a thread like this and did not find one. I found a thread on music your parents liked. What comments do you remember your parents making about Led Zeppelin? There is one I will never forget. I had just bought the original vinyl release of TSRTS soundtrack in fall 1976 and was blasting out the ending boogie part of Whole Lotta Love. My dad walked into my room and said "Who is this? That rhythm section is pretty good. The walking bass line - the oldest trick in the book."
  4. John M

    Best Live Bass Solo

    A few more: March 14, 1969 Stockholm I Gotta move after Page breaks a string and the whole song is bass, drums, harmonica and vocals. The funky sections of WLL in 1973 and 1975
  5. John M

    Vienna 73 and Bonzo’s Birthday Party

    Re: Vienna 73. I often disagree with Luis Rey's views in The Led Zeppelin Tape Documentary, but in this case I agree. He called Vienna 73 one of the all time essential concerts. The introduction to Heartbreaker is a special unique moment.
  6. John M

    New "Song Remains The Same" 2CD/4LP/3DVD Deluxe Set

    So glad they kept that bit at the end of Moby Dick when Plant says "John Bonham! John Bonham! John Bonham!" each time followed by a blast from Page. I have read many reviews over the years about how tired they were at the end of the tour and the show lacked energy. Maybe the opening number lacks a bit of energy but the rest of the show is great. It is 1973, not 1971. The music is different with the new songs but they are all played with energy and verve. And if Dazed in this set lacks energy then I am not sure what energy is.
  7. My goodness the bass in this remaster !!
  8. John M

    New "Song Remains The Same" 2CD/4LP/3DVD Deluxe Set

    The new version brings it all back from 1976. I can recall being on a camping trip with friends in the summer of 1976 and hearing on the radio that a live Zeppelin album was coming out featuring a 27 minute Dazed and Confused. We were so excited about that news ! We could not wait for the album and the movie. Then the first time we saw the movie there were standing ovations at various points. Many of us had not seen Zep yet but would see them in 1977. When Plant said "Jimmy Page, guitar" after SIBLY a friend of mine yelled out "No shit!" as the movie theatre crowd was going ape after that song.
  9. John M

    New "Song Remains The Same" 2CD/4LP/3DVD Deluxe Set

    I am so glad the speeded up run during the Mars section of Dazed is still there. It was in the original movie but not in the soundtrack album if I recall correctly. I also miss the pickup "click" after the first chord of TSRTS, as well as Plant's "here we go!" during the "sliding sliding" part at the end. But these are quibbles, and in a cool way they remind me how well I had this committed to memory, moments in time from so long ago. I am even getting used to the Celebration Day solo. It sounds like it is less "doctored" than the original version? I have heard other 73 shows including MSG shows where he plays it like that. The new version is fine. What really struck me was listening to Dazed in full just after being blown away by the new Osaka 71 soundboard Dazed. They are very different but I must say Page is at an absolute peak of fluidity and creativity during the MSG 73 version. Page is on fire. Somehow Jones and Bonham keep up with him - magical ! That jam before the San Francisco section was to me never better than on this version.
  10. John M

    New "Song Remains The Same" 2CD/4LP/3DVD Deluxe Set

    I have been listening closely to the new version compared to 2007 and my old CD copy of the original version. My original vinyl was worn out years ago. All the 2007 cuts aside, this new remastering sounds fantastic to me and I am glad I got it. As a good friend of mine has put it, rock guitar never sounded better than the 73 Page. I read a comment in the online Pitchfork review of the remaster - it said that Page had a sleazy, psychedelic guitar tone. That is a rather apt description.
  11. Some of the comments on Zeppelin videos are interesting or funny. One person commented about June 22, 1977 "Dude, that Page solo in OTHAFA was crispy." Crispy indeed ! Other comments are head scratchers. Recently someone commented on the new Osaka soundboard complaining about why doesn't Zeppelin ever play the songs the way they were on the albums.
  12. John M

    What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    Raw power and ferocity along with sublime lyricism. Played by Alfred Brendel, one of my favorite pianists. His renditions of the Beethoven piano sonatas are otherworldy. Here is one of Chopin's finest.
  13. I will be 109. When I was in college, friends wondered if I would still be listening to Zeppelin in my 40s and 50s. Back then that seemed so far into the future as to be unimaginable. I will be listening to Zeppelin as long as I can.
  14. very well stated, and I agree. I find this recording astonishing and a real treasure. Sure I wish it was complete, but then again I wish that Orlando and Toronto 71 were complete as well. Think about how special this tape is - often rumored and here it is all these years later. Zeppelin at or near their peak, the one time ever they played "Friends" and they play it so well, not like a one off lark. And apparently they played it only because Bonham was sick. What a coincidence that we have this excellent soundboard of THAT ONE show. At first I thought how good can this be without WLL and Celebration Day? Certainly I have heard great 1971 versions of everything else except Friends. But then I listened to Heartbreaker and I was absolutely blown away all over again, and it just went on from there. An incredible and precious document, something to savor and cherish.
  15. John M

    What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    19th century rock. Liszt's instrumental version of the amazing song by Schubert.
  16. John M

    Whateve Happened to Jugula

    such a great interview. I love the way they ridicule the interviewer and his idiot questions. My favorite Page line is "why don't they come out here with their batteries?"
  17. How could Jimmy or anyone else ever have thought these tapes were not good enough to release officially? If Page can release Paris Oct 1969 he can certainly release this epic recording.
  18. John M

    Whateve Happened to Jugula

    I listened to this album much more than the Firm in the 80s. Too bad Jimmy and Roy did not team up for a series of albums and tours back then. A great album. This track in particular is a standout.
  19. John M

    What are you watching on TV now?

    Better Call Saul Snowfall
  20. John M

    Holy Grails

    Yes ! That Iceland footage on the DVD is so tantalizing. It being in Black and White adds to the mystique.
  21. This track is one of my favorites on the DVD. Plant is in strong voice, they are all obviously having a great time, Bonham on the spoons, the bass, the others singing here and there, such joy and smiles all around. And to top it off I love the figure Page plays at 3:14-3:20 and then again a bit later.