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    June 22, 1977 - It is completely over the top. It winds up toward the ending then Page blasts off into outer space again, and adds some figures I have not heard in any other version.
  2. I searched for a thread like this and did not find one. I found a thread on music your parents liked. What comments do you remember your parents making about Led Zeppelin? There is one I will never forget. I had just bought the original vinyl release of TSRTS soundtrack in fall 1976 and was blasting out the ending boogie part of Whole Lotta Love. My dad walked into my room and said "Who is this? That rhythm section is pretty good. The walking bass line - the oldest trick in the book."
  3. Pat's Delight

    I searched for a thread on Pat's Delight and could not find one. When I listen to the intro riff it sounds like a Cream type riff from that era. Not an exact riff, but the same type of construction and feel. But what really struck me lately is how much it sounds like an inspiration for early Rush a few years later. Again, not an exact riff, but a style and feel. Does anyone know if Page had a specific "inspiration" for this riff? Moby Dick was a great riff but I wish they had played this a few more times after 1969.
  4. Toronto Sept 1971 - one of the all time great versions and recordings of this song.
  5. Creedence Clearwater Revival

  6. What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    Ah, Chopin. So much amazing music. So many different ideas and approaches. Fantastic !
  7. Whats up with Keith Richards on LZ?

    Yes the Stones had some great lyrics, but you are underestimating Plant given the songs you chose for this comparison. I think Plant wrote some great lyrics in a hard rock context. Celebration Day Misty Mountain Hop For Your Life The Rover Sick Again Royal Orleans - a great story song by the way Hots on for Nowhere Night Flight
  8. I know Page has said the studio material is all done, but it would be so great if he could work the same magic on this gem that he worked on Sugar Mama. Remember how rough the old Sugar Mama bootleg sounded? It would also be great to get a release of the original Swan Song.
  9. one of my all time favorites. The performance and the sound are just staggering.
  10. Random Newspaper Articles

    Dec 26 Interesting review of first ever US Zeppelin concert on JimmyPage.com today. I was going to paste it here but then thought maybe I should not. You can't read the original article on Jimmy's site but if you click the article they have retyped it so it is easy to read.
  11. Random Newspaper Articles

    Sam, Thank you so much !! "A kind of stamp" indeed !
  12. ITTOD

    Musically and lyrically there is a great range of material and styles. Plant's vocals are very different across songs. I am glad Zeppelin did an album like this with some upbeat and fun songs again after Presence. I think Presence is amazing but Out Door was a welcome relief. It harkens back to Houses with its great variety of styles and approaches. The great thing about Zep is that all their albums are very different.
  13. Random Newspaper Articles

    Sam Do you have the TIME Magazine original review of LZ III? I have been searching for it. I remember reading it in around 1974 when I was looking at back issues of TIME in the school library for a project (not about Zeppelin - the project was about the violence in Northern Ireland). I recall it was good review. At one point they said that Since I've Been Loving You was very soulful or something to that effect. Maybe something like "it has more soul than a revival meeting"? Thanks
  14. ITTOD

    I would be interested to hear your thoughts on how it is a one dimensional album.
  15. As Rush fans know the band just released a 40th anniversary Farewell to Kings set which includes this remastered and expanded 1978 show originally released on Different Stages in 1998. Some added tracks and great remastering. Merry Christmas from Rush Ok, it turns out YouTube does not allow the embedding of the video, but here is the URL, or just search in YouTube if you have not yet purchased the new Farewell to Kings release. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WCmZa712aM
  16. One of the great concert openings ever (besides Zeppelin). Marc Ford and Rich Robinson rip in, then "WEEELLLLLLLLLLLL. . . . We are the Black Crowes!!" and then all hell breaks loose. Hard to believe it was almost 25 years ago. I remember seeing this live on MTV like it was yesterday. This MTV set showed me that the Crowes were really something special. I knew they were great from the first two albums but this was the first time I saw or heard them live. I finally got to see them live on the Amorica tour and then many times since. One of the truly great rock bands ever.
  17. Greta Van Fleet

    I was very skeptical at first because of the hype. Then I got the full CD From the Fires (double EP really) with 8 tracks. Yes, Safari Song and Highway Tune are both muscular and catchy. Great riffs. And yes he can belt it out like no one in a long time. And yes, Black Smoke Rising is a good rock song. Flower Power is a nod to acoustic music and is more Black Crowes than Zeppelin. In fact overall these guys owe a lot to the Crowes. Great sounding guitar solo on Safari Song - has a Wanton Song sound. They can all certainly play. For me they are the most exciting new guitar based band since the Black Crowes broke out in 1990. The one track that really struck me as their best songwriting effort is Edge of Darkness. Lyrically and musically that one shows a lot of future promise. It also owes a great debt to the Black Crowes. This song would have fit nicely on The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion. I am really looking forward to see what else they can come up with.
  18. In addition to the great choices listed above, Custard Pie. Speaking of intros, when we first saw the film TSRTS in 1976 my brother said Celebration Day should have been in the film and it should have started off in the dark and have the lights blast when the drums and bass come in. I must say that still sounds a good idea to this day. In fact, Celebration Day would have made a great show opener.
  19. favorite band (besides zeppelin)?

    Two more I can't believe I forgot to list earlier Kansas Aerosmith
  20. Presence Success

    Strider - great point about Aerosmith's "Rocks". Where I was that album was huge - blasted at every party and in every car, along with Boston (debut album summer 76 I think?), and of course the omnipresent Frampton Comes Alive which was EVERYWHERE 24/7. And of course there was also Skynyrd which everyone was suddenly listening too with the release of their live album. I can recall trying to get people to play Presence at parties (I know, it seems silly to play Presence at a feel good high school party), but it was a steady diet that year of Rocks, Boston, Live Skynryd, and Frampton live. Another release that hit big in my high schools was Kansas' Leftoverture in fall 1976. I also agree with your points about TSRTS LP. When that came out a lot of people who liked Zeppelin quickly forgot about Presence and got totally into that album. To hear Live Zep jamming, stretching out, playing some of the "hits" - and we had Black Dog in the movie. Can you imagine how big that album would have been if it had included all the songs it does in the remastered version?
  21. Presence Success

    Aside from Royal Orleans (very funny if you can get the lyrics and you know the story) and Candy Store Rock (one of their weakest tracks ever in my opinion), it is just so relentlessly intense. Most of it is gloomy, while Achilles points toward the light at times, but Achilles is so big and overwhelming. It is one of my favorite albums but for the casual fan it is just too much intensity. Hots on for Nowhere sounds a bit "fun" but the production is so heavy and brittle at the same time. I love it, one of my favorite tracks,and it has some of the best lyrics Plant ever wrote - but again, hard to follow, dense, obtuse, and not upbeat. I guess I agree with all the posts above about the combination of the sound, the instrumentation (almost no acoustic and no keyboards), and the lack of anything approaching a "popular hit". To me it is one of their best albums, and as the band have said it really captures a moment in time. Tea For One is so brutally intense, yet so hazy and druggy. Again, I love it but it is not for the more casual fan. The release of Ten Ribs and All shows they could have had the light and shade. That is an incredible track. With lyrics it could have been a great other side to the album. If they had left off Candy Store Rock and closed the album with a completed Ten Ribs, that would have been even better.
  22. favorite band (besides zeppelin)?

    Depending on my mood any of these could be my favorite band after Zeppelin. No particular order. I go through phases with all of these. Beatles Yardbirds (both the Beck and Page Yardbirds) Cream Yes Pink Floyd Jethro Tull Rush Black Crowes Renaissance (once Annie Haslam joined) Santana (really only the first three albums and live shows from that period) Allman Brothers (up through Brothers and Sisters) Going beyond bands, I also go through phases where my favorite music is Beethoven, Franz Liszt, Chopin, Prokofiev, or Rachmaninoff.