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  1. It was the re-credit on BIGLY I meant. Though Plant also referred to himself "co-writing Communication Breakdown" in Barney Hoskyns' Trampled underfoot book, and that's still Page / Jones / Bonham.
  2. Would Only One Knebworth Show Have Been Better?

    Suspect NASA had more important things to worry about in 1979 than analysing gig photos. It was all getting a bit lunatic by then. In '76 the Stones had got no more than 100,000 at Knebworth so it was hubristic imo to expect both shows could be sold out, which Bannister defined as 150,000 x2: i.e three times as much as the Stones. Bannister's book does make you cringe at the tactics Grant employed, one of which according to him, was to say "on our last American tour one person died in suspicious circumstances, you don't want to end up like that". This was with Grant's lawyer present!!
  3. Any time now.....

    Mindbleach please!
  4. New Bath '70 Video?

    Does anyone know what he means by ASA? Presumably something technical designed to cope with filming in falling light levels??
  5. Page in 2017

    I bet most of his mental energy in 2017 has been spent thinking up ideas for the anniversary next year. If there's isn't some "suddenly discovered long lost" Zep recording in time for the 50th anniversary, I'll eat my guitar strap.
  6. Speaking of which, notice that on Allmusic and elsewhere, Plant is now a writer on the first album, whereas on the originals he wasn't credited. This must have changed at some point but I have no idea when
  7. The Rest in Peace Thread

    RIP Elvis, today is the 40th anniversary of his death.
  8. Last Ever Photograph of Bonzo

    According to Mick Wall, Bonzo was at the time prescribed a medication called Motival (fluphenazine) but a quick google shows this has weight gain not loss as a side effect. Wall also says ("according to band insiders") Bonzo had got off heroin at that time, but again, usually this results in putting on weight not losing it.
  9. Bonzo is on Lulu "Everybody Clap" (him and Pat were friends with Lulu's manager I think), plus the Screaming Lord Sutch album (...and his Heavy Friends) among other things. Contrary to what's on wiki he's NOT on Donovan's "Hurdy Gurdy Man", as confirmed by John Paul Jones who was the musician booker as well as playing on it. (JPJ confirmed this several years back)
  10. Slightly OT and just my personal opinion, but I suspect JPJ ought to have more credits than he does. He once said "if people think Page & Plant presented me & Bonham with songs and we just had to learn them, that's so far from the truth". This was a genuine collaborative band.
  11. Page in 2017

    this is as believable as the stuff about "I'm on the touchlines warming up".
  12. The later albums?

    Royal Orleans "filler"? Have to disagree, imo it's one of Zeppelin's most underrated songs. I agree parts of that record sound tired though, with hindsight, it'd have been a better idea to take time off while Plant was recuperating. Carouselambra may not sound like typical Zep but cringeworthy's a bit strong. The lyrics are great, but buried too far down in the mix, maybe because they were too close to home for certain band members.
  13. The Rest in Peace Thread

    RIP at 81 Glen Campbell, the Rhinestone Cowboy.
  14. Tape of the first rehearsal?

    anything as yet unreleased from the early days would make me drool. First rehearsal, Denver 26/12/68, scandinavia gigs.... wonder if anyone's ever asked Jorgen Angel if he saw someone recording that first gig (unofficially or officially!)
  15. football

    Um, no offence, but have you watched England play recently?! Germany beat us easily back in March with mostly their reserves. Can't see past Germany for the WC as Brazil are still rebuilding after the 7-1 & Spain are a shadow of their former selves. Since 2014 Argentina have made a mess of two major (Copa America) finals. Chile would be my dark horses for the semis, mighty team.