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  1. Presence Success

    In Dec 1976, the readers of the oh so punk NME voted as their favourite musical act....wait for it....ERIC CLAPTON! And this was a few months after his infamous drunken "wogs" rant in Birmingham that led to the formation of Rock Against Racism, too.
  2. Presence Success

    You and Bill Grundy both! GRUNDY: What about you girls behind? GRUNDY: Are you worried or just enjoying yourself? SIOUXSIE: Enjoying myself. GRUNDY: Are you? SIOUXSIE: Yeah. GRUNDY: Ah! That's what I thought you were doing. SIOUXSIE: I've always wanted to meet you. GRUNDY: Did you really? SIOUXSIE: Yeah. GRUNDY: We'll meet afterwards, shall we? STEVE: You dirty sod. You dirty old man. GRUNDY: Well keep going, chief. Keep going. Go on, you've got another ten seconds. Say something outrageous. STEVE: You dirty bastard.
  3. Totally agree. Monster got an unfair slating because it wasn't the previous album (sound familiar?). I still listen to it & Automatic, but Out of Time hardly at all.
  4. Presence Success

    Was it really the time of Punk in March '76? Punk has become such a self mythologising thing, in the British media at least. Due to the presence (no pun intended) of old punks like Tony Parsons etc. But in terms of going mainstream it was more like '77. In March '76 the Pistols hadn't even yet played their legendary gig at Lesser Free Trade Hall, which if everyone who claimed to be there had been, the capacity would have been as big the Pontiac Silverdome...
  5. I chuckle that this message from Percy is conveyed to the House of Lords through the "thinking man's crumpet" Joan Bakewell. I'm sure Percy had a twinkle in his eye, "now Joan you won't forget to mention the winter fuel payment thing will you?" OT, I wonder if this is the first time Zeppelin have ever been mentioned in Hansard?!
  6. The Ashes Are On Again

    Just 180 needed on the last day for a famous victory!! Or I might have started on the Christmas beers early....

    Hi Dylan, There was Bath 1970 film Supposedly the Bath film was too dark to use due to them filming with the wrong camera or somesuch. No 1969 film (as far as I know) Edit: See Sam's post below!!
  8. Pontiac Silverdome 1977

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/world-us-canada-42216297/pontiac-silverdome-stadium-fails-to-implode-in-detroit The stadium that wouldn't die!
  9. The Ashes Are On Again

    Well what a crap day. The rain saved us, suspect if we'd had to bat under lights for another 15 overs we'd have finished the day something like 40-5. Gah!
  10. Chris Squire Rumours

    Mook, if it was 73, maybe it was around the time Jones wanted to quit and Grant talked him round to staying (after the end of the '73 tour). Maybe it was an idea briefly considered i.e. "have him on keys only to lighten the workload". Incidentally, in the Barney Hoskyns book (reliable source rather than Davis) it says Keith Emerson was an option on keys, before Jones said he'd do that as well. Interesting as before I read the book I'd never seen that anywhere else.
  11. The Ashes Are On Again

    Despite the bagging we're getting in our media, the decision to bowl first wasn't a bad idea imo. A few quick wickets tomorrow and we can have Australia out for 270-280. Then it's time for our batsmen to do their job, as they didn't in the last Test! Get a big score and put pressure on!
  12. The Ashes Are On Again

    Bris Vegas forecast for Sat & Sunday is rain. Friday is fine tho'
  13. What next? AGAIN

    Eh? Sorry but I don't remotely understand the point you're making. When did I say I wanted it to be like 1972? I don't criticise Plant for not doing a reunion either (I can understand his reasons and respect them fully). Was that what you were tryng to say?
  14. What next? AGAIN

    I don't want to have a pop at Plant, but his "past bad future good" schtick irritates me at times. There he is in the latest Classic Rock magazine, saying how "rock music ran out of steam" and you think er, what? In the interview he appears to dismiss almost all modern rock and roll. He's more than entitled to his opinion after all he's achieved, but at times you just think the lady doth protest too much.
  15. What next? AGAIN

    The phrase Warners used was "a series of events" to celebrate the anniversary. For all his understandable reluctance to revisit the past, I'd be disappointed if Robert Plant isn't involved in said events, assuming they're just public appearances. Personally I'd love to see a proper documentary, released to cinema, of the three of them revisiting Zep landmarks & talking about what it meant to be there. Page at 39 Gerrard St, at the site of where he saw Plant sing with Obs-tweedle, the old site of the Marquee for the first London gig, the Denver Auditorium for the first US gig. The Forum. With plenty of archive pictures to illustrate "how it was then" and "how it is now" as it were.