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    Boleskinner are you kidding? That's the only proper tour never knowingly bootlegged! I would be absolutely over the moon if something emerged from either Scandinavia '68 or one of those early UK gigs. As the least documented shows those are like gold dust to me.
  2. I think you're right. I agree the "doing it by the year" approach would leave the band exposed in quality terms as to the post 1975 period. My guess is a chronological live album for 2018/19 would kill two birds with one stone: the copyright would be renewed for songs covering the whole period 1969-79, and it would be a "big bang" release for the anniversary with individual gigs to come later
  3. Planet Rock interview: 50th celeb Page

    I agree there'd be an element of that. Page has always been into the significance of numbers & anniversaries. He even said once "there are powerful astrological forces at work in the band" (Hey it was the 70s, man), something numerological in a way.
  4. Planet Rock interview: 50th celeb Page

    Woop! "a number of releases". This is promising!
  5. How about an acoustic reunion?

    I wouldn't take that literally. I think Plant says a lot of stuff in interviews that's meant metaphorically but taken literally. I'd take it to mean: in 2014 he wouldn't have minded doing something similar to Unledded on a smaller scale, but Page showed no especial interest. Doubt it was an actual proposal. FWIW, i reckon Kelly Girl is about right here. I'd imagine Page won't just be doing 50th anniversary stuff this year, but next: after all, the bulk of the early Zep breakthrough story happened in 1969. By the time the promo for that were over, it'd be 2020 and Page will be 76. Anyone betting on solo albums is like betting on the Dow to go to 40,000.
  6. I've also seen people say there are two guitars on Communication Breakdown on the Royal Albert Hall show on the DVD. I can't hear it, but not being a guitarist it's possible it is there and my ears aren't picking it up
  7. Whats up with Keith Richards on LZ?

    I'd say, because Woody fitted in. You can 'ave a larf with him, he won't threaten you as senior pro, he's not a singer, and everyone gets on well with him. If you were being cynical, you'd say this was the moment the Stones realised they had a lucrative future as a heritage act, and thus everyone getting on well was more important than getting a really white hot player. Edit: Strider put it better than me!
  8. Wonder if this is a part of the 50th celebrations, or an independent event? I'm guessing the latter.
  9. Looks like there's been a subtraction rather than addition; someone on the Steve Hoffman Forum said the running time of Whole Lotta Love implies Hello Marylou has been cut from the medley
  10. Apparently over at The Other Place, they are saying there will be "copyright extensions" type releases this year. "Informed sources" say etc etc

    This is a very good point. Few knew of the LA / Long Beach tapes before HTWWW either. Page likes springing surprises, so I'm still hopeful. Steve, this is your cue to post the "what are you retarded" clip you always post when this topic comes up...
  12. The Yardbirds

    https://twitter.com/CaigerRob NEW YARDBIRDS MASTER TAPES found, according to this chap. Fourth tweet down
  13. Whats up with Keith Richards on LZ?

    Glyn Johns that is. George doesn't sound that bothered by Zep 1 in that clip does he. More interested in lunch, not surprising given he sounds as stoned as you can be and still be able to distinguish what planet you're on!
  14. Whats up with Keith Richards on LZ?

    I'm glad someone else is prepared to say this. I saw footage of the Stones on their South American tour and my God they sound bad nowadays. Like a bad Stones tribute band.