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    Especially if it includes some dynamite unknown stuff that he's "suddenly discovered". First rehearsal, 1968 UK gig recordings....yeah I know but I can dream

    Be interesting to know what date they're planning. 12th/19th Aug for the first rehearsal? 7th Sept for the first gig? 4th october for the first UK gig, or Boxing day for the first US show? Or, all of the above?
  3. Peter Grant & Robert Plant interview 1976

    Grant had to be a hard bastard just to cope with the mob people that ran some clubs & venues. I always think of that story Chris Dreja tells from Yardbirds days: band turn up late cos of freak snowstorm, miss first gig of two. "Promoter" sticks gun in Grant's gut yelling he's cost him $5000 and he's going to kill him. Grant gut butts promoter down the steps till he falls in a heap. Hard to imagine nowadays, but the wild west back then.
  4. The Rest in Peace Thread

    RIP Frank Vincent "Go get your shine box!"
  5. What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    Been listening to this new band. They rock and.... that name! Scientists have discerned a certain Zep-influence. There's even a lyric about how the West was won.
  6. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

    Cracking band though I've not heard any recent stuff. I remember the original drummer getting on stage completely out of it at the NME awards, and just standing there grinning and not saying anything for about 10 minutes
  7. Isn't Bev Bevan part of the campaign to have the statue put up in Redditch? Maybe Bonzo sold it to him?
  8. Is Jimmy Page done making music?

    This. I bet Clapton would do it as well. It'd be way of getting back to his blues roots and no one would be yelling "play Stairway" or any similar nonsense.
  9. The Rest in Peace Thread

    RIP Holger. There is a crossover between Can & the drone stuff that JP experimented with in the 70s but mostly I just liked Can because they were a great band.
  10. Greta Van Fleet

    This band are the real deal and might become as big as late '80s Guns & Roses. THAT big.
  11. Rocker Robert Plant promised a VIP reception at Glasgow hotel

    However, when Plant and his bandmates - Jimmy Paige, John Paul Jones and John Bonham - decided to pop downstairs for a pre-gig feast and a few fine wines, they were refused entry to the hotel’s restaurant After all this time there's no excuse for not knowing how to spell Jimmy's surname. FFS! I suppose all newspapers have laid their sub editors off nowadays
  12. Southampton '73 Multitrack

    Hadn't heard this before, but given it was '73 when the idea of a concert film was in Grant's head, it'd be interesting to know if that footage survives. Moving footage of a small venue British Zeppelin show would be a good counterpoint to the only surviving US film all being from the enormoarena period. If only there was film of the 68/69 US shows.... Or the Back to the Clubs tour.
  13. Would Only One Knebworth Show Have Been Better?

    Blimey hermit, you're asking a lot of 38 year old memories!!
  14. For a rock star, Lord Sutch made a great comedy by-election candidate
  15. It was the re-credit on BIGLY I meant. Though Plant also referred to himself "co-writing Communication Breakdown" in Barney Hoskyns' Trampled underfoot book, and that's still Page / Jones / Bonham.