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  1. What next? AGAIN

    Eh? Sorry but I don't remotely understand the point you're making. When did I say I wanted it to be like 1972? I don't criticise Plant for not doing a reunion either (I can understand his reasons and respect them fully). Was that what you were tryng to say?
  2. What next? AGAIN

    I don't want to have a pop at Plant, but his "past bad future good" schtick irritates me at times. There he is in the latest Classic Rock magazine, saying how "rock music ran out of steam" and you think er, what? In the interview he appears to dismiss almost all modern rock and roll. He's more than entitled to his opinion after all he's achieved, but at times you just think the lady doth protest too much.
  3. What next? AGAIN

    The phrase Warners used was "a series of events" to celebrate the anniversary. For all his understandable reluctance to revisit the past, I'd be disappointed if Robert Plant isn't involved in said events, assuming they're just public appearances. Personally I'd love to see a proper documentary, released to cinema, of the three of them revisiting Zep landmarks & talking about what it meant to be there. Page at 39 Gerrard St, at the site of where he saw Plant sing with Obs-tweedle, the old site of the Marquee for the first London gig, the Denver Auditorium for the first US gig. The Forum. With plenty of archive pictures to illustrate "how it was then" and "how it is now" as it were.
  4. The Ashes Are On Again

    I reckon 2-2, we retain the Ashes. Brisbane a draw, England win Adelaide & Sydney, Australia win Perth & Melbourne.
  5. Robert Plant Guitarist

    I'd like to know if there're any pics of Robert playing his "occasional bass"
  6. This is also being discussed on the Steve Hoffman forums and speculation is a-swirling that the piece being "mastered" right now (as per that Twitter post by John Davis) might be Southampton '73
  7. What next? AGAIN

    The Sims 2017: the Zeppelin edition!
  8. Coverdale/Page

    Totally agree. There's a "what if" right there. Imo getting back with Plant was a unnecessary safety net, just when JP was getting his guitar chops and songwriting abilities back. I rarely play WIC now but play the Coverdale + Page record regularly.
  9. Bootlegs

    I'd be interested to know too. So many different versions of the "nicked tapes" story have circulated that it's hard to piece together an accurate picture. Did it happen mid 80s when he was on tour with the Firm / late 80s / early 90s? A member of the house staff or person who befriended Page & Charlotte with the intention of stealing the tapes? There are several different stories
  10. Thanks eternally for this. The cleaned up version shows how much better the LA (and NY) shows were than the other late '77 tour shows. What the hell happened in early July? I suppose we can guess but the contrast between this and Seattle or Tempe is stark
  11. The Beeb have shown highlights of the last three Ashes, and the deals were usually done late, so though I've heard nothing I'd hope the same thing would happen this time too. I'm debating getting BT Sport as if you have BT phoneline they give it you half price, or something. I won't give Murdoch any money though, so live summer cricket has been a dream for more than a decade now. We seem to be slightly off topic, so to bring it back to the subject of JP, and avoid annoying the moderators, here he is
  12. Best game in the world, all you need to know.
  13. absolutely. If it's "mastering", it has to be something that hasn't been officially released before, bootleg only or even completely unknown. I always thought that something would "emerge" for the anniversary. I still wonder whether Page will magically find something in his vaults "well Robbie Williams' builders caused a wall in my basement to fall down and behind it I found footage of Bath '70, a full photo archive of Carnegie Hall '69 and a soundboard of Baton Rouge 1977. Would you believe it!!"
  14. and Greenidge & Haynes. Even in their prime though, Aus stuffed them once with Dutchie Holland bowling on a turning pitch at the SCG. Our spinners couldn't even do that!
  15. What did they think of other bands

    There's a link here to John McLaughlin's mid 60s session dates & he crossed paths with JPJ fairly often too. http://www.bathedinlightning.com/bonus material/john_mclaughlin_as_session_man__known_releases__1964_67_.html
  16. You looking forward to the Ashes then rm2551?
  17. Jimmy Page Vs Robbie Williams

    I read in the paper today that Robbie Williams has had to cancel his latest tour dates on medical advice.
  18. Yardbirds '68 out Nov 5th

    Interesting, cos I wondered if the reason the (in the end infamously bad tempered) meeting with Epic was kept in the diary was to give the impression they were talking to someone else. Maybe it was important to have someone on the West coast as another option?
  19. Express and Star Article.

    Good old Percy. Ikeme has been a handy keeper for Wolves and it's typical of Plant's love for the club that he did this.
  20. PMSL! He does look somewhat parsonical in that pic
  21. Looks like it's just finished. Quotes seem like fairly standard ground being covered. Good at least to see him out there, even so.
  22. Page in 2017

    As mentioned on another thread, Jimmy is in the latest Mojo music mag, talking extensively about the late period Yardbirds and specifically about the forthcoming "Yardbird '68" live release. http://www.mojo4music.com/magazine/
  23. I also noticed on the newsstands that while Plant is on the front of Uncut talking about new music, Jimmy is on the front of Mojo talking about a release of a performance from 50 years ago...
  24. Wasn't sure whether this mag is distributed in the US, so as there are a lot of US users on here, I thought I'd put up a thread. www.uncut.co.uk/publication/uncut/december-2017 Some wonderful Plantisms in this interview. Some great reminisces too, including Bonzo playing Wild Thing on guitar at 4am during recording sessions. And Plant recalling he went to the gig with Page to see Bonzo play with Tim Rose, I always thought Page went to that gig on his own as he wanted to assess Bonzo's playing without any distractions. Elsewhere, he namechecks Traffic, PJ Harvey, Richard thompson and just about everyone. An enjoyable read.
  25. It was said that Keef was so monged they could barely get him out of the limo to go onstage. Once onstage he enjoyed it so much they couldn't get him off