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  1. Couldn't see a thread for it, so.... Classic Rock have brought out a lavish (10 quid!) special in the UK for the 50th. Writing by Mick Wall () and Chris Welch & Barney Hoskyns () and others. Mostly a compilation of stuff from previous issues but some new stuff. One thing bugged me was basic factual errors. The 1969 BBC radio pic is again captioned as 1968, Percy and Cole on the bed in the Starship as "a hotel in new york", etc. It wouldn't have taken much checking. Fun reading though & I heartily recommend it. There's a good retrospective on the first UK gig at Newcastle Mayfair. And apparently the first song Slash ever mastered on guitar was Tangerine, so there you go.
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    I think JPJ specifically said Communication Breakdown emerged from onstage jamming on "Train..." late on the September tour. It'd be fascinating to hear some more audience reminisces from that tour than just Jorgen Angel (great as his are). I.e. what on earth did die-hard Yardbirds fans think of this new beast? The equivalent now would be, imagine there's no internet and little information, and you go to see your favorite band. Suddenly there's three new people on stage and the sound is heavier & more aggressive & bluesy. Do you embrace it, demand your money back or just indifferent? I was hoping this would be the kind of thing in the photo book out in October, but it looks from previews like it's for casual fans rather than die hards.
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    Thing is, this is true of Dazed as a song, but not true of the whole set. As brilliant as that recording from the Fillmore is, the set list 8 months earlier would have been very different. The first shows would not have had Communication Breakdown, probably not Pat's Delight. My guess is September 1968 = Dazed, one of the blues covers, Smokestack Lightning / How many more times, As long as I have you, Flames, old Yardbirds tune, possibly For Your Love. That is substantially different to the Fillmore set, and makes it all the more frustrating there's no known recording of the Scandi shows.
  4. http://ledzepnews.com/2018/08/12/john-paul-jones-performed-with-his-new-band-snoweye-in-norway/ Norwegian festival musical goings on with Jonesy's new band. In the land of the ice and snow.... Mostly pics but there's some video footage too.
  5. I've long wondered whether Page knew exactly what the lyrics were about, hence why Plant's voice is so far down in the mix.
  6. 76229

    New Jimmy Page Biography Released

    I think Brigante was quoting the second extract he posted.
  7. 76229

    New Jimmy Page Biography Released

    This is a good exampe of the basic fact checking that seems not to have been done. Coleby was traced, it's in one of the threads on here. He was found in Switzerland iirc. Anyway, it proves yet again the only Zep biog worth its salt is Barney Hoskyns' "Trampled Underfoot".
  8. 76229

    Led Zeppelin Quiz - Not EASY!

    Figured it wasn't Olivia Newton-John, but I got it wrong too.
  9. 76229

    New Jimmy Page Biography Released

    I know this Hermit, I was referring to the summary in the Mail article, which is worded as in, Bonham was involved in the beating up itself, which he wasn't. Specifically it says "At a show in Oakland, California, in July 1977, a stagehand was attacked and beaten by Bonham, Grant, Cole and John Bindon" . Please understand I'm not condoning what happened at Oakland, it was a disgrace; but if something sells itself as "definitive" it needs to get stuff like this right. Basic errors in things like people's ages isn't a good look.
  10. 76229

    New Jimmy Page Biography Released

    That bit is my biggest problem with this book. Even if Robert had said it (and we have no idea whether he did or not), quoting something from the heat of the moment, after the most horrible traumatic incident in his and Maureen's life is just not right, imo. It's low.
  11. 76229

    The Trouble with Bonham. 1978-80

    I think on the first few US Zep tours, Page was vegetarian. Presumably that was to do with his stomach issues, though he was always watching his weight.
  12. 76229

    Jimmy Page Vs Robbie Williams

    https://www.channel4.com/news/basement-battle-jimmy-page-and-robbie-williams-planning-clash Moving pictures from inside the house!! This was on Channel 4 News in the UK last night.
  13. 76229

    New Jimmy Page Biography Released

    Sheesh. By the look of it, it makes Hammer of the Gods look restrained. I just don't understand the market for this kind of thing. Is anyone genuinely shocked nowadays that 70s rock stars took lots of drugs and there were groupies? Anyone who doesn't know this must be living in a cave. Or reading the Mail. Edit: having read further down, this is riddled with mistakes. European tour 1979? Bonham & Cole were not directly involved in the beating up of Jim Matzorkis at Oakland. And they've even got Lori Maddox' age wrong! Does no one in publishing bother to do fact checks and due diligence anymore?! Page must be fit to be tied that this has come out so close to the anniversary. A tacky thing like this is the last thing he needs, especially with his problems with the fat dancer living next door.
  14. 76229

    New Peter Grant Book

    A real sign of how London's changed. Nowadays Cheyne Walk is for the super rich only.
  15. 76229

    New Jimmy Page Biography Released

    "[his] image was as integral to his art as the 20-minute guitar solos with which he would blast his audience’s eardrums – the violin bow he employed when performing ‘Dazed and Confused’ clearly doubling as a wizard’s wand." Oh dear lawd. "this romantic dandy lived in a castle with a moat" Er? Grant's pile had a moat, not Page's. This kind of inaccuracy doesn't bode well, I hope the rest is better. To be fair, Salewicz was "there", being senior on the NME in the mid -70s, so I'll reserve judgment till it comes out.
  16. I'm still quizzical about this. Page & Grant both said they kept the interest of Warners' Mo Ostin & Epic's Dick Asher & Clive Davis going, to bid Atlantic up. Why do that if there was already some kind of pre-agreement? I'm willing to believe Atlantic had signed something that said they would get "first look" at whatever JP & JPJ + others came up with. But that isn't "securing a deal" necessarily. Superhype Co wasn't established till that October, so who did Atlantic do the deal with in August before they'd even played a show, RAK? Not saying Jerry's wrong, but it doesn't fit the official timeline. Where's Steve A Jones when you need him?!
  17. Two options here: 1) everything we thought we knew about the band's origin is wrong, or 2) Jerry Greenberg's memory is faulty. No offence to Jerry, but I'm going with 2). It'd place the signing in early August '68, not November!
  18. I wasn't following it that closely back in 2002/3, but how many rumours were there that the multitracks of LA & Long Beach existed? I'm clutching at straws I know, but if those can remain broadly unknown for so long, I'm willing to believe there might be a '68 live tape, even if it's a long shot. I could care less about recording quality either, just to hear them onstage in Sept or Oct '68 when arrangements were still being worked out would make my musical year, possibly decade. JPJ said Communication Breakdown "emerged" from a live jam on Train Kept a Rollin, imagine actually hearing the show where it happened.
  19. Funnily enough that was a Grant idea from back in the day. Unannounced gigs at off the wall venues (Waterloo station and The Oval cricket ground were mentioned). Just set up and play, the buzz builds and by the 3rd or 4th number a huge crowd has gathered. Pity it never happened, it'd have been a great event.
  20. From the 1977 Trouser Press interview I have one idea of a chronological live LP which would be two or three albums going back through "Communication Breakdown," "Thank You," and all those sorts of numbers. We've got recordings starting with the Albert Hall in 1969 and 1970 with two a year from then on. RAH '69?
  21. 76229

    Which shows do we know were multitracked?

    "A select few" doesn't sound like just Pontiac & Seattle though. Out of 44 shows, a select few could be as many as 7 or 8. And then I woke up...
  22. Someone posted elsewhere, that Plant said in an NME feature in 1972 they recorded an hour of rock and roll covers in soundcheck at LA. Let's assume the Chicago '73 soundcheck is actually Chicago '73, and that Plant wasn't talking rubbish. Might this be the previously unreleased "different perspective" JP's talking about?
  23. https://variety.com/2018/music/news/led-zeppelin-photo-book-concert-peak-1202875196/ Sneak preview from Variety! I'd guess I've seen about 50% of these, but thought there were some interesting ones in the other 50%. Mostly 75 & 77 tours.
  24. Not just Cole, the director Peter Clifton said this as well. According to him Jimmy got the hump because the climbing the mountain sequence made his bum look big.
  25. 76229

    Led Zeppelin Live book with unseen photos

    Note this is a re-release of the Luis Rey book, not the upcoming Dave Lewis one. I should have put that in the original post.