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  1. 76229

    Jimmy Page Vs Robbie Williams

    The fact that Page is also fighting similar plans from his other neighbour Harvey McGrath shows that this is not some personality / music clash, but that Page genuinely cares about the house.
  2. Just a fun thread for riffs that make you think Zep but are actually other artists, to start off Lenny Kravitz - Rock and roll is dead Stone Roses - Driving South Think it's fair to say both were inspired by listening to Zeppelin....! Any others?
  3. The great Diamond Head. That riff sounds Page-like.
  4. 76229

    Germaine Greer and Led Zeppelin.

    I think the footage is from when they went to Oz in 1972? It's from the longer sequence where JPJ talks about not doing charity shows (in the context of concert for Bangladesh) and Bonzo is interviewed wearing some enormous lapels.
  5. I'd give the Mick Wall a miss. Try Barney Hoskyns' "Trampled Underfoot" which is brilliant and interviews plenty of people around the band who've never spoken in other books. Staffers at Swan Song records, Peter Grant's wife Gloria, roadies like Henry Smith.
  6. 76229

    Is Jimmy Page done making music?

    You could argue that most musicians in rock have a creative well that runs dry after about 10-12 years. Beck is an exception but how many others are there? Has Clapton written a great new song in the last 25 years? Jagger or Keef? The Who? The vast majority of that 60s / 70s era of bands have been "back catalogue acts" since the late 80s now so Jimmy's not exactly alone in this is he. He's not helped himself by constantly promising a new album that doesn't arrive, but in every other sense, he's only same as most of his contemporaries.
  7. 76229

    Cause of plant/JPJ friction

    Certain British humour just doesn't translate abroad. Plant is a natural raconteur and extrovert and says a lot of stuff not meant to be taken seriously. Essentially him & JPJ are opposites: extrovert and introvert, Plant garrulous & JPJ laconic. Given his great mate Bonzo had huge respect for JPJ, I bet deep down Plant knows the band would never have been so good without Jones.
  8. 76229

    Jimmy Page Vs Robbie Williams

    Robbie Williams is now in the news here for escaping a fire at some posh hotel in London. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-44393663 It's all go right now for the fat dancer.
  9. Couldn't see a thread for it, so.... Classic Rock have brought out a lavish (10 quid!) special in the UK for the 50th. Writing by Mick Wall () and Chris Welch & Barney Hoskyns () and others. Mostly a compilation of stuff from previous issues but some new stuff. One thing bugged me was basic factual errors. The 1969 BBC radio pic is again captioned as 1968, Percy and Cole on the bed in the Starship as "a hotel in new york", etc. It wouldn't have taken much checking. Fun reading though & I heartily recommend it. There's a good retrospective on the first UK gig at Newcastle Mayfair. And apparently the first song Slash ever mastered on guitar was Tangerine, so there you go.
  10. 76229

    Redditch to erect a statue of John Bonham in his honour

    The inscription is perfect. "resonate within the world of music and beyond" indeed. Well done to all involved, I think Bev Bevan was involved in this too?
  11. 76229


    George, your channel is one of the my go tos for drums on YouTube. Keep on rocking, and tell Terry to lay off the caffeine. 😃
  12. 76229

    Jimmy Page Vs Robbie Williams

    It can't be easy having to live next door to a gurning berk like Williams. That'd sap anyone's creativity. 😉
  13. 76229

    Jimmy Page Vs Robbie Williams

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-44290922 Latest....
  14. 76229

    Robert Plant - Pre-Zep History

    Isn't this significant? Iirc further back on this thread the latest BoJ date with Plant in the band was something like 16th/19th March 1968. Now this is the 30th. Or did they carry on using his name even after he'd left to go work with Alexis Korner? Edit: it's also the same venue Zeppelin played on 26th October 1968. Despite the name & address, Ewell College was actually sited closer to Epsom than Ewell.
  15. 76229

    Hadn't seen this one before. What's the origin?

    That's the equivalent of £16,500 a week now, or $23,000 a week. Nice work if you can get it. Sutch was such a well known figure over here for his appearances in by elections. For some reason there was lots more by elections in the late 80s early 90s than there usually are. Every time, there he'd be, adding a bit of life and fun into some dull discussion of the EC or the poll tax or whatever. Many of his actual policies were thought of batty at the time, but are now law, like pubs opening all day.
  16. 76229

    Hadn't seen this one before. What's the origin?

    Page later claimed that he'd been under the impression the recording sessions were a light hearted muck around, and then the record company threw them onto a released album without proper mixing, production etc, to make a quick buck. Hard to tell, because the record sounds alright to me (agree with SAJ, it's a blast!) but then again it's just the kind of thing record companies would do.
  17. Disbelieve the Loch Ness monster theory. There aren't enough food sources in the area for a creature allegedly that size to survive for that long. (incidentally JP apparently believed in the existence of the Monster when he owned Boleskin. Don't know whether he ever said he saw it while he was up there...)
  18. Believe: that someone other than Lee Harvey Oswald fired the fatal shot. Don't believe: that McCartney carked it in 1966 and got replaced by a lookalike.
  19. 76229


    I doubt it'll be that late. Plant might already have given the game away. When he said "we didn't get together till September", it felt a bit Freudian to me: i.e. he already knows it'll be that month. Of course it was actually August, but.....
  20. 76229

    Gibson files for bankruptcy protection

    This. Chapter 7 is fatal, chapter 11 at least allows you to come out of it.
  21. 76229

    Bonzo 70th Birthday Bash in Chicago

    Hi George which ones? I enjoyed your Wanton Song on the Bonzology YT channel.
  22. The Girl I Love She Got Long Black Wavy Hair St Tristan's Sword Royal Orleans with Bonzo's vocal (sure it's him) Untitled jam (from the Physical Graffiti sessions) Jennings Farm Blues
  23. ☣️The "Good Post" emoji seems to have gone, so there's Bonzo's symbol instead. 2018 can be / is both a celebration (of the band) and a commemoration of John Bonham's passing. I especially agree with the bolded part.
  24. 76229

    Jimmy Page Vs Robbie Williams

    Come on chillum, can't you see the game being played? Jimmy's obviously rented it as a rehearsal space. 😉
  25. 76229


    Wonder what the song they're playing is where Dreja is shaking the maracas? "Happenings" middle section?