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  1. Thank You was only played on the last night, so Jimmy wasn´t able to choose the best out of 3, or "frankenstein" the best pieces of three nights to create one super version. I am afraid, he simply wasn´t satisfied with the version of the 29th. And YES, I think he should release it, as he should release the original, intact NQ!
  2. Autumn Moon

    Japan 1972

    Had the same problem with the envelope, I guess no one is able to get the photographs out without damaging it. The flyer is really beautiful, I wish they had more stuff like that with their boxes. I have managed to listen to the 2.,3.,4. & 5. October so far, as you said, it is worth every penny.
  3. Autumn Moon

    Consoling Plant.

    Sad but true, JPJ & JP did not attend the funeral. Don´t know Jones´ reasons, but Page was indeed on vacation, more precisely on a round trip, from H-ville via Smackland to Brownstone by the sea.
  4. Autumn Moon

    Robert Plant @ at Silver Clef Awards.

    Ah, I see- Primrose Hill isn´t really far away from Camden. I have noticed that over the past years he gave most of his interviews in cafes or kebab houses situated in Camden. Thanks for the info.
  5. Autumn Moon

    Hadn't seen this one before. What's the origin?

    Recording overdubs for Whole Lotta Love, A&M Studio, Los Angeles, May 1969
  6. Autumn Moon

    Robert Plant @ at Silver Clef Awards.

    Agreed, this bag looks pretty shitty, but he did not carry it without a cause. On his way home from the Awards he took a rest in a lovely park, opened his bag & took out the cigarette-papers and some......... And you know how it is..... BTW, do you know if he lives in the north of London, he mentions Camden Town quite often.
  7. Autumn Moon

    Empress Valley Warning

    Responding to the release of Deus Ex Machina by Eelgrass, EV released their budget jewel case shortly after, to the same price. The EV budget version came quite exactly 2 months after the initial releases of their limited box sets. My love for the 75 tour is manageable, so I thought buying the EV cheapo is a good idea.
  8. Autumn Moon

    Empress Valley Warning

    Could be their classy strategy, keep silent, leave the spotlight on Jimmy´s announcements for official anniversary releases. The book in October, the re-remastered TSRTS in September- huh, breathtaking. Hopefully one interesting "Live from the Archives" for christmas, if at all. And then, out of the blue, EV´s 929 early September. No advertising or fanfare needed, this is a holy grail. Knowing the new IS version, the only thing that would benefit from a SB/multitrack matrix would be the guitar. Is it technical possible to bring in just the guitar? All the other instruments of the old (so called) SB version would spoil the sound of the new, real SB. If it´s possible, one should use the guitar of Wendy´s definite 929 release of 2016, it is raw & exiting like the official RAH 1970. And then 928, please.
  9. Autumn Moon

    Led Zeppelin II cover.

    Mook is right. The original photo shows members of JASTA 11, the famous fighter-pilot-squadron, led by Manfred Freiherr von Richthofen (Der rote Baron). This was WW1 and Pilots often wore individual overcoats. Anyway, similar designed coats were used by the navy also. If you search the net for a short coat with double-row-button bar, you should find something similar. Here is a link for an authentic german WW1 pilot jacket: https://www.amazon.de/Noble-House-Fliegerjacke-Lederjacke-Ledermantel/dp/B00UZCPN5A
  10. Autumn Moon

    Empress Valley Warning

    Thanks for your kind offer. It may sound weird, but I don´t even want to hear another single release, that would "spoil" my anticipation for the hopefully complete release. IMO there will be no more single releases, as I am totally convinced of EV releasing 929 about september. Imagine, that would be he definite 50th anniversary release.
  11. Autumn Moon

    Empress Valley Warning

    Hi, I´d like to apologize for offending you with some of my comments, for becoming personal. That wasn´t smart, wasn´t polite- sorry for that. Back on topic. About EV spat the dummy- Honestly, what kind of reaction did you expect from EV? I am not a fan of their Superdeluxe-Boxsets-policy either, but I can understand their point of view. About 929, I just have the IS-single & I am convinced with its sound quality. I think you know the new versions of IS and STH, Friends will be with the same superior sound, I suppose so. Finally, no, I don´t think it is a competition. I am happy with my bootleg collection, that´s it. If someone has 5 times as much, if someone has downloaded every boot ever released, congratulations! -what´s that to me?
  12. Autumn Moon

    Empress Valley Warning

    No 929 Friends yet? Man, the tears are tripping me. Sorry, don`t want to be disrespectful, but this is way too funny. Why all this EV & Co. bashing? Haven`t you ever thought about the bootleg business & its mechanisms? To get a boot released companies like EV have to track down the tape owners, convince them, negotiate the price & finally have to invest a lot (!) of money upfront. This is not managed by Father Christmas, and I haven`t heard about a crowdfunding project of torrent sites & downloaders yet. And then there are hopefully 200 fans who will buy the limited silvers, which are really expensive these days, due to a bigger number of fans who download & never pay a single $. Finally, I have been buying boots for 30 years, I am not a rich man & there were years I couldn`t afford to buy a single boot. So, let´s do what we do best: I keep buying silvers & you keep downloading, with our heads held high, no whining!
  13. Autumn Moon

    What show or live song are you listening to now?

    Burn Like A Candle on Graf Zeppelin Full show, dimmed lights & smoking requisites at hand- by the time I reach Louie Louie, I will be pretty tall. That is what I call a remedy.
  14. Autumn Moon

    Jimmy Page confirms 2018 release(s)

    This! & please both 928 & 929!!! Ha, this would be the first and only time that I would thank Mr. Plant for preventing a LZ live release.
  15. Autumn Moon

    New "Song Remains The Same" 2CD/4LP/3DVD Deluxe Set

    Weird, on this forthcoming 4LP set the 29 minutes of Dazed & Confused will be squeezed onto one side. The 2007 version has it separated over two sides. 29 minutes on one side, I don`t think this will necessarily improve the sound quality. Remember the Stones` Aftermath, their decision to give us the full "Goin Home" treatment (the worst jam on vinyl ever, only topped by Loves` "Revelation" on Da Capo) deteriorated the sound noteworthy. Anyway, only will buy this if the 1976 version of No Quarter is on board.