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  1. Jimmy Page confirms 2018 release(s)

    Well, don`t you worry about that, Plant used that excessive reverb effect for Black Dog only (plus in the Whole Lotta Love freak part), every other song will be fine. I am a little bit worried about the heavy noise reduction. EV should not cut the heights that strong- the recording would surely benefit from more cymbals, a biting guitarsound & an overall more lively sound. If they are only halfway smart, they will release 928 in the summer of the 50 anniversary, that would be a worthy celebration. With some great officially anniversary releases on the horizon, EV needs a heavy caliber like 928 as counterweight, precious few would dig just another of these 75 boards.......
  2. Jimmy Page confirms 2018 release(s)

    I´d love to see a kind of Stones` "Live from the vaults" series or some unreleased live video. What ever it will be, I`ll take it. Allright Mr. Page, show the world that Deep Purples Made in Japan is not alone on the very top of the Fuji!!!
  3. Yardbirds '68 out Nov 5th

    Haven`t got my vinyl yet, but yes, you are damn right! Even more, I`d say that Mr You`re a Better Man Than I, the following bridge & Heart Full Of Stone are their finest moments. Jimmy`s guitar tone is out of this world, terrific!
  4. Seattle 73 Question

    Haha, tbh I have never heard of Messrs Departee & Neckey, did they record the audience tapes? According to Argenteum Astrum & Bootledz, Graf Zeppelin is the only label which uses the second aud source (the longer one) as their primary source. As I love this Seattle gig, especially the wonderful version of No Quarter, I`d love to get me a TMOQ vinyl. But since these gutless fools at discogs have banned bootlegs, this will be a nearly impossible task.
  5. Seattle 73 Question

    I have both the Graf Zeppelin & the Eat A Peach release of V1/2. EAP is a mix of two audience sources on 3 Cds, the GZ-set has 3Cds audience & the SB on 2 Cds. I prefer the GZ over the EAP release, as it is a touch clearer and more dynamic, at least to my ears.
  6. HTWWW vs. Burn Like A Candle After 10 Plus Years

    Has anyone heard the new Wendy release "Burn Like A Candle" 3 CD Ltd Edition Paper Case yet? While I am more than happy with the Graf Zeppelin version, every new release of this fabulous show seems to be a tantalising temptation. Back to topic: Until there is a remastered, raw & complete HTWWW on vinyl, it`s BLAC all the way.
  7. What happened to Plant's voice in 1972 ?

    Reading my comment again after six months, I`d like to admit, that my concluding sentence (God given gift.........) was a little over the top & clumsy. Well, it wasn`t my intention to judge Robert`s offstage activities with a wagging finger, I am anything but a moralist and have NOT lived a life of a saint myself. Actually, I wanted to explain my thoughts about the loss/change of his voice in 72, after reading some strange comments like: "Cocaine does not harm a singers voice" & "only the failed vocal-cords surgery is to blame".....So, he did what he did, for good or bad- I do not condemn or glorify his antics. PS: I think you are terribly wrong: of course he liked to be tucked up in bed with a cup of lemon/honey and a couple of lemon squeezing ladies, didn`t he?
  8. Best Led Zeppelin concert recording

    No, I like the Winston remaster 929 Arigatou Osaka, but I was referring to Wendy`s "Live In Japan 1971 929", which I think is second to none. I have read your criticism about the sound of the Winston remaster & recommend the Wendy release, IMO a really considerable improvement. Try it, you won`t be disappointed.
  9. Best Led Zeppelin concert recording

    Thanks for your information about the Thank You mistery (a mystery, at least for me). And yes, an excellent audience source for 9/29 would be perfectly wonderful. Have you heard Wendy`s 2016 release "Live In Japan !971 929" yet? IMO the best SB so far plus a decent audience source. And this SB release is anything but flat, if we refer "flat" to horrible sounding 1973 SBs.
  10. Best Led Zeppelin concert recording

    Twenty years ago I got my first Japan 71 bootlegs: Reflections From A Dream remastered (9/23) on TDOLZ & Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (9/29) on Mud Dogs. I was totally blown away by these superb performances & I am obsessed with the tour of Japan 71 ever since. For 9/23 I`ve got the the above mentioned Reflections..., Tokyo Tapes on EV, First Attack of the Rising...on EV, Rock Carnival Not on Label & Rock Carnival on EV. I agree with you that the first third of the 7th source is incredible & sadly the sound declines afterwards. Also, the sound of sources 2,4, & 5 seem to weaken after the acoustic set. To my ears all the CDs that I know are heavily equalized, noise reduced and polished. For sound improvement the sky is the limit: I`d really love to hear Eat A Peach & Graf Zeppelin releases of 9/23- 9/29, as both of them are known for excellent & natural sounding releases!!! By the way, according to Louis Rey`s fantastic book "Live" the last song of 9/23 was Thank You, can anyone confirm this?

    Any title of the mentioned bootleg comp. has following mark: This release has been blocked from sale in the marketplace. It is not permitted to sell this item on Discogs. You can`t sell/buy these titles anymore, also the statistics and the sales history has been removed. I`m located in Vienna/Austria, maybe only european users are affected?

    Casual air raid few weeks ago? Do the EU-clowns want to crucify all bootleg companies again? I thought they should have to deal with bigger issues......... Every single release of Godfather, Godfatherbox, Eat A Peach, EV & and Tarantura has been blocked. So not only the european bootleg companies....... Wendy & Graf Zeppelin are not affected yet.
  13. New Mystery Soundboard?

    OK, granted that you are right, may I take the liberty to ask: 1.) How many of the 25+ yet unreleased SBs are from 69-73? 2.) How dou you explain that EV exclusively released "666 The Great Beast" only a few months after the discovery of the 4 unknown SB-tracks of Montreux 70? 3.) Do they (EV) already own the complete 9/28/1971 tapes?
  14. Excellent choices has been made already, beloved 929 mentioned several times.........So, I vote for 9/23/1971 Budokan, Tokyo. To warrant a great release, it has to be the antithesis of HTWWW: Presented in a lavish 3 CD and 4 LP package, using only actual pictures of 9/23. No editing! No idiotic sound-polishing! Of course including the coversongs, royalties has to be paid this time! (Dear Mr. Page, you can`t eat money & the very last shirt has no pockets) Recommended title: "Many, Many Moons Ago"
  15. I have all official releases on Vinyl. The sound of Vinyl & the coverartwork in LP-size- simply perfect. Seven Vinyl boots excluded, all my boots are on CD. No downloads.