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  1. RockDude4492

    Yardbirds '68 out Nov 5th

    I don’t think you’re being snarky! No I did not, and I’m rather annoyed about it. I’ll keep you all posted on when I do
  2. RockDude4492

    Yardbirds '68 out Nov 5th

    Gotcha, I haven’t either but someone on the Steve Hoffman forums reported getting a shipping notice. The day’s not over yet!
  3. RockDude4492

    Yardbirds '68 out Nov 5th

    Source? I haven’t heard anything about a further delay. I contacted the Jimmy Page site this morning regarding the status of this, still waiting for a response though
  4. RockDude4492

    Yardbirds '68 out Nov 5th

    Wait, according to the email we all got, they should be shipping out in the next couple of days, no? I didn’t think we would have to wait until the 17th if we ordered through Page’s website. Definitely agree with you on the other stuff though! I’m just glad that someone had the foresight to record any show and that it’s finally getting cleaned up. A professionally recorded Shrine ‘68 would have been amazing though!
  5. RockDude4492

    HTWWW vs. Burn Like A Candle After 10 Plus Years

    My only issue with Burn Like a Candle is the sound quality, but ultimately I give it the nod as it is the full show unadulterated. I’m sure this has been discussed before but what version of BLAC do people like best?
  6. RockDude4492

    John Davis is "Mastering" Led Zeppelin

    I am very much hoping it’s live. Any guesses as to what it could be? If the picture is any indication, maybe we’d be getting something from ‘75 (Earl’s Court?). If not, maybe a remastered How the West Was Won? I’m dying to know now, more Zeppelin in any capacity can only be a good thing
  7. Hello all, I was wondering if anyone could help me find a particular shirt (seems people have been able to do so on here with a bit of luck). I've always had a soft spot for the Tour Over Europe from 1980, so I would like to buy a shirt representing that tour. While I do like the currently available T-Shirt, I'm particularly interested in the raglan shirt as seen here: This shirt also has the tour stops mapped out on the back. I believe this was available from the official Zeppelin store at one point. I would like to find one new but if anyone has leads on a gently used one, I may be interested in that, specifically a Medium or Large in either case. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  8. RockDude4492

    New Mystery Soundboard?

    Just got a hold of this. Totally worth the wait. A prime example of why Led Zeppelin is the greatest rock band to ever grace this mortal earth.
  9. RockDude4492

    Seattle 3/17/75 Appreciation

    Agreed! It's such a great jam, fantastic interplay from everyone.
  10. RockDude4492

    Seattle 3/17/75 Appreciation

    Hello All, So in anticipation for the impending release of the 3/21/75 Seattle soundboard, I decided to go back and listen to the soundboard from 4 nights prior in Seattle, the EVSD release Haven't We Met Somewhere Before? I haven't seen much discussion here, but man does that show kick some major sort of butt! The whole band is on fire throughout the entire show. Even Robert Plant, who as we all know was not in top form during this tour, was reaching at least late-'73 levels IMO, which is significantly better than most other shows. I would also venture to say that the version of "Rock and Roll" from this show is the best '75 version that I'm aware of, in terms of performance from all four (though I still have yet to hear the 3/21 board since it's not available yet). "No Quarter" is also really cool. I love the jazzy/funky middle section versions, and this one certainly does not disappoint. "Dazed and Confused" rocks super hard and is comparatively concise (especially compared to 3/21). I will admit that "The Crunge" section of "Whole Lotta Love" is a bit messy, but still enjoyable. I had spent a fair bit of time with the Vancouver shows, but hadn't really given this show a good listen, but I'm super glad I did. Anyone else really dig this show? Also, more importantly, anyone attend this show? Would love to hear any memories/anecdotes.
  11. RockDude4492

    New Mystery Soundboard?

    That's fair, I would just like to own a silver pressed disc for this show but I will probably also download it until I find one. Maybe EV will release a standard version at a later date...
  12. RockDude4492

    New Mystery Soundboard?

    Hey question for you guys. Has anyone ever purchased an Eelgrass title over an EV title for any of the soundboard revolution titles? I know they are generally clones of the EV. I'm wondering if they will come out with a standard version of "Deus Ex Machina." How long after the EV title comes out does the Eelgrass one show up? I obviously want to get my hands on this show but I don't necessarily have the means to splurge for one of these boxes (as much as I want the one with the 3/17 board as well).
  13. RockDude4492

    What live song do you skip or endure?

    I never skip anything. Ever. I am too young to have seen Zeppelin live, so I am grateful these recordings exist. I also appreciate and enjoy the virtuosity of all four of them, so marathon performances of "Moby Dick" and "Dazed and Confused" don't bother me. I even find the noise solos interesting. I always really liked the violin bow thing, so that probably helps as well. That being said, I can understand why others may feel that the longer songs can be grating.