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  1. Explosive Live Tracks

    Off the top of my head... Train Kept a Rollin' - 1/26/69 Pat's Delight - 1/26/69 Out on the Tiles - 9/19/70 Immigrant Song - 9/23/71 Dazed and Confused - 3/21/73 Rock and Roll - 3/12/75 TSRTS - 6/21/77 Achilles Last Stand - 6/21/77 Whole Lotta Love - 7/7/80
  2. Favorite versions of Dazed and Confused?

    Offenburg is indeed a fantastic performance from Page and probably the best overall show of the tour. That being said, I really like Dazed (especially the "Machine Gun" tease before the bow solo), but it's not quite as good as the other two. The band skips the Mars: Bringer of War section, and it feels somewhat hurried and rushed (even though Page in particular is playing his ass off). Vienna and Hamburg have that little something extra, the "X factor" if you will. But Offenburg is a great rendition as well, just a 9 or 9.5 out of 10 rather than a 10 out of 10.
  3. Lewd Tunes

  4. Favorite versions of Dazed and Confused?

    It's a close tie for me between Vienna 3/16/73 and Hamburg 3/21/73. Those versions are both absolutely amazing. The Page/Bonham interplay was never better than it was on this Euro tour, and these two versions capture it at it's peak imo. It's as if the stage has become a battleground, a war zone if you will. The jams are just explosive from beginning to end. Imagine being in the front row hearing that in person! I keep going back and forth between them and I honestly can't decide. Vienna has Page slightly more "on" while Hamburg has Bonham slightly more "on". Vienna has better sound throughout, but Hamburg has a bigger portion of the song in soundboard. Vienna has that incredible interplay prior to the bow solo, while Hamburg has that jaw-dropping outro jam. Vienna has that fantastic moment where Page shreds acapella, while Hamburg has Plant singing "got a cold sweat!" while Bonham throws in mind-melting fills, and then has him doing those Tarzan wails. Well, regardless, these two for me are the greatest live songs that Zeppelin ever did. Dazed would never be bettered (as a whole anyway) than it was here imo.

    I'd have to go with 6/23/77. Yes, TSRTS version is legendary, but it's edited and, while tight, only hints at what the band would do with the song in the future. While Page's solo here doesn't compare with TSRTS, I really feel like the band as a whole nailed what they were trying to do with this song live. There are no wasted notes, no moments that drag on for too long, no points where I lose interest. Every section flows and, at 30 minutes, it manages to fly by. Plus, listen to that climax! "The dogs of doom are howling more" indeed!
  6. Best of the 75 soundboards - a live compilation

    Which song are you referring to here?
  7. In the wake of the release of "Deus Ex Machina", I thought it might be fun to do a live compilation of the 1975 soundboards. 75 is personally one of my least favorite live years, but I think a killer compilation/live album could be assembled using these soundboard recordings. In terms of soundboards, this is the most documented Zeppelin tour of all, and the soundboards themselves sound amazing. Here's what my compilation would look like: Rock and Roll - 3/21 Sick Again - 3/21 OTHAFA - 3/4 IMTOD - 3/14 TSRTS - 3/20 The Rain Song - 2/12 Kashmir - 3/17 No Quarter - 2/28 SIBLY - 3/21 TUF - 3/21 Moby Dick - 2/28 D&C - 3/21 Stairway to Heaven - 3/21 Whole Lotta Love - 3/11 Black Dog - 3/21 Communication Breakdown - 3/21 Heartbreaker - 3/21 So what would your 75 soundboard compilation be?
  8. After 3/21/75. . Whats next??

    What happened with this, btw? I know the sample came out months ago and there seems to be no update on it. I know EVSD doesn't exactly have a stellar reputation, but it seems odd for them to tease this out and then have nothing afterwards.
  9. After 3/21/75. . Whats next??

    I agree with Strider. The only two post-January shows from 75 that I'm at all interested in are 3/12 Long Beach and 3/27 LA (yes, the Millard tape does the job, but it would potentially make for a good matrix IMO. Plus, it'd be great to hear Dazed and TUF from this show in soundboard form). If we're following the pattern of EVSD releases (ie. mostly 75 and 77), I'd love to hear the two non-Millard recorded LA shows (6/22 and 6/26) in soundboard form. Would also love Pontiac, anything more from the New York run, or anything we haven't heard at all yet (St. Paul, Baton Rouge, Greensboro, etc.). For 73, the top two on my list are 7/23 Baltimore (God, Plant sounds so great! And them playing Dazed out of order?! Hell yes!) and 6/3 LA (would be nice to hear the complete show without all those damn tape issues). My all time top 2 (as in a Holy Grail that probably won't happen for decades if at all) are forever 6/19/72 and 9/19/70 (evening show). If I had to pick one that has a snowball's chance in hell of coming out? 6/22/77, though I know EVSD is going to be hoarding the shit out of that until the well is truly dry, assuming they even have it at all.
  10. New Mystery Soundboard?

    Listening to Dazed now. By God, are they ever on fire! Love hearing Bonzo say "Again!" when they're jamming on a killer break. Easily the best Dazed of '75, and the only one that can even compete with versions from earlier years IMO.
  11. 1977 North American Tour - 40th Anniversary

    Well said Strider as always! The 77 tour may not have been the band's most consistent tour ever, but it isn't the disaster that some make it out to be. The only truly awful performances I've heard from this tour are Tempe, San Diego (and even then it's only Bonzo that's the culprit), and a couple of the Landover gigs. And even those shows aren't all bad. Hell, I think Jimmy's Stairway solo at Tempe is actually fairly decent. Besides, even if I could only attend one of these shows, I'd still happily do it. It's Zeppelin after all, and who knows? It probably sounded way better anyway due to the loud amplification as well as all the substances floating around. I'm curious what you think would have happened had Karac not died. Of course, it's pure speculation, but I've always wondered how much/how quickly the band would have recovered. My guess is that by the end of the tour their performances would have become quite solid, if not at the spectacular highs of the LA and NY runs. And who knows what would have happened afterward? Were the band planning any other shows after the US tour? I've heard talk that there were rumblings about touring South America. That certainly would have been interesting! You're probably right, IpMan. That being said I'd still love to hear the show. If nothing else, no recording currently circulates, and it was their second consecutive show. One thing I've noticed is that Jimmy always seemed to play better if the band were playing consecutive shows, at least from 1975 onwards (ex. 3/21/75, 4/28/77, 6/22 and 6/23/77, 7/24/79). Grant could very well be wrong, but it'd still be an interesting show to hear regardless. That's an interesting theory about Page. I hadn't considered that, but it actually makes sense. By the way, I'm curious Nutrocker, what do you think happened with Page that made him so good for the Copenhagen 79 gigs? I know it's slightly off-topic, but I've always wondered what happened there given how the band was usually quite rusty after a long break. Did he perhaps go clean (temporarily) in order to prepare for Knebworth? Did he get some really good drugs? Is it just pure luck?
  12. Make me laugh!

    The most amazing news blooper I've seen in quite a while!
  13. This site is invaluable for just this sort of question. CTRL + F "Eddie Cochran", then click the song links for a list of when each song was performed.