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  1. Lol I wouldn't go that far. For one, sometimes it's been a while since I listened to the shows when I do those compilations. For example, I recently put together a "best of Earls Court" compilation, and I had completely forgotten about Page disappearing at the end of Bron-Y-Aur Stomp on the 18th, or the somewhat sloppy Kashmir on the 18th. I'm going based off of memory and sometimes my memory of a show as a whole makes me biased and put in more songs from that performance than they deserve. I certainly haven't gone through them in as much detail as you have!
  2. Is that the Slumpymatrix? If so, I'd actually say you'd be better off without it. They did a very sloppy job, and the two sources go out of sync quite a bit. If you're sticking to the soundboard (technically it's a video soundtrack, but it sounds just like a 77 soundboard), I'd recommend Godfather's "Conquering Kingdome". Personally, I prefer the audience recording. It's good enough to hear the instruments clearly, and it preserves the atmosphere and elation of the crowd. I have the JEMS transfer of the "Bill B" source and it sounds pretty good, on the level of the 4/28 Cleveland show. You should be able to find either one on Guitars101. If you can't find them, just PM me.
  3. Glad to hear you enjoyed my remaster! I tried to make the music sound more lively and have Page's guitar have more "aggressiveness" to it and I think I did a pretty good job...if I do say so myself! I mostly agree with your analysis above. Always thought this was the weakest Earls Court show by a fair margin and never understood those who consider it to be the best of the run (or one of the best of '75 for that matter). I'm particularly in agreement with you on No Quarter. Solid, but nothing on that version really blows me away. The 18th version smokes it. The only real surprise to me was how you didn't like Dazed. This is actually one of the few versions from '75 that, imho at least, doesn't drag at any point. It's pretty tight and focused for the time period. Then again, I may be biased because it was actually the first live version of Dazed I ever saw or heard, even before TSRTS. I caught the footage on Youtube, which was split into four parts, and I was quite mesmerized by it. Page's bow solo was pretty eerie and spooky but in the best way. I don't know, maybe I just have nostalgia for it. You never forget your first love! What do you plan on doing after the last Earls Court show?
  4. ZepHead315

    Iron Maiden and Judas Priest

    Maiden has the more consistent discography, but Priest has more variety. For me this would be a question of eras. If we're talking 80s Priest versus 80s Maiden, Maiden wins hands down for me. But if we're talking 70s Priest versus 80s Maiden, it's more neck and neck. I don't know if I can choose. They're both great bands. I'll leave it at that.
  5. You should have listened to the Empress Valley's "No Quarter" from their "Earl's Court: The Final Option" box set. The version you picked (assuming it's the 4CD "Complete Earls Court Arena Tapes II") unnecessarily switches between three different sources, and it's overly EQ'd. The Final Option version uses the best source (first released on the Immigrant label as Complete Earls Court Arena '75) as its main source. And it's been tastefully EQ'd to eliminate hiss. It's definitely the best audience tape from this Earls Court run, imho, and it does a good job at presenting this show in the best light possible. Glad to hear you like NQ so much. This one is my personal favorite from 1975 actually.
  6. ZepHead315

    Nitpicking Page 1977

    Did he do this in any other live version of Stairway? Nothing comes to mind off the top of my head. Wonder he why decided to do it that particular night. Must have been in a good/creative mood.
  7. We've talked a lot about the best recordings of the band, but what about recordings that may not be perfect, but have some sort of unique quality that draws you in? For example, one of my favorite recordings of the band is the 8/21/71 LA show. It's not the best by any means, but I LOVE how Bonzo's drums come across on that. Each hit on his drums sounds like an explosion or a cannon going off. Honestly, it may be the best recording I've ever heard of him in terms of showing how LOUD he sounded. I also enjoy the 4/28/77 Cleveland, 6/11/77 New York, and 7/17/77 Seattle audience tapes because of how boomy they sound. They're so atmospheric and the band sounds absolutely massive. You get a sense of the vastness of the arenas as well as just how many people were in the crowd. It's a great vibe.
  8. ZepHead315

    Nitpicking Page 1977

    That's a pretty good list, with some interesting and unorthodox picks! I've got to say that for the longest time the 25th Kashmir didn't do much for me, but I've been warming up to it lately. It's now neck and neck with the 21st for me. Ultimately, I'd still personally choose the 21st, simply because I love Plant's ad libs there. The 26th is the show I'm least familiar with, so I'll have to do another listen for your picks there. For IMTOD, I'd choose the 22nd simply because I've never heard a heavier or more brutal version. I'll admit I don't care for Trampled Underfoot from this tour (too slow and plodding) so I'd say it doesn't matter much to me. I'd personally go with the 23rd for SIBLY, only because I think it's the most balanced out of them all. The 21st is energetic with great vocals, while the 25th has a great solo. The 23rd is the best of both worlds to me. I picked Rock and Roll from the 23rd due to Keith Moon's guest appearance. I picked the 23rd for Stairway for one big reason: there's a cut in the 25th version! Listen around 3:10 or so (right after Plant does his "ah ah ooohh!" vocals). It's small but noticeable. (Okay I just listened to it again and I can't decide if it's a cut or just both Page and Jones switching up at the exact same time. Either way, it's a bit jarring. Besides, the 25th solo is great, but I detect a few flubs here and there. The 23rd is, imho, one of the all time great Stairway solos. One of Jimmy's best ever.) Other than that your choices are identical to mine. For the acoustic set, I'd go with: TBOE - 27th. Great vocals from Plant and a nice warm vibe. GTC - 27th. Ditto. That's Alright Mama - 26th. Going Down South/I Can't Be Satisfied - 27th. Black Country Woman - 21st. Plant's vocals here are incredibly strong. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp - 27th. Even with the broken string, the Dancing Days tease alone makes this a must imho. As for the solos: Over the Top - 23rd. Keith Moon's guest appearance makes for a nice, fun version. Though if we're talking in purely technical terms, I'd choose the 22nd. VERY brutal and powerful with a nice upbeat pace. Noise solo - 22nd I guess since it ultimately flows into Achilles. The 27th version might work if it weren't so goddamn long! Once again, thanks for doing these nitpicks! On to Earls Court!
  9. ZepHead315

    Nitpicking Page 1977

    I have to say I've really been enjoying your analyses here. Completely agree with you on LA '77 being better than any show in '75. In fact, when all is said and done, I personally think these LA shows and the two Copenhagen warm ups are the only post '73 shows that are musts. Out of curiosity, since you've clearly listened to these shows in great detail, what would your "best of LA '77" compilation look like? I did one myself and I'd love to compare and contrast your list with mine.
  10. ZepHead315

    Underrated/overrated shows

    Not to toot my own horn here too much, but if anyone's interested, I did a best of 1980 tour compilation: In general, after putting this together, my thoughts are somewhere between rm2551's and IpMan's. In terms of full shows, I think only Frankfurt and Zurich are must hears from this tour. Everything else ranges from just decent to flat out embarrassing. But there are plenty of highlights sprinkled from throughout this run. Had Jimmy and Bonzo gotten into rehab, I think the American tour that year could have kicked serious ass! Plant was singing songs like Rock and Roll in their original melody again. But I do agree that Bonzo's lack of energy drags these shows down, even more than Page's sticky fingers. Plus, I think the setlist for that tour was horrible. The Rain Song followed by Hot Dog, followed by All My Love? Terrible pacing. Ultimately, like all latter day Zeppelin tours, it's a mixed bag with plenty of highlights imho.
  11. Yes yes yes! 100% agree, especially on TSRTS. I enjoy the studio version of The Rain Song fine, but the live versions are way better. I feel even more strongly about TSRTS. After listening to a bunch of live versions, the studio version of that song is just about unlistenable for me. Who the hell thought it'd be a good idea to speed/pitch up Plant's vocals? It sounds horrible! Like a chipmunk, or like he just inhaled helium...or Geddy Lee! If he couldn't get that high without artificial help, why not just lower the octave or something? Anything would have been better than what they went with. Gah!
  12. ZepHead315

    Random Thoughts v.3

    I first listened to it through my computer speakers and could only hear Yanny. Then when I listened through my headphones, I could hear Laurel. Now I hear both! Btw, I'm digging your new profile pic Walter!
  13. I never felt they quite nailed What Is and What Should Never Be live. They always seemed to play it a little too fast. The song works better with a slower tempo imho.
  14. ZepHead315

    Nitpicking Page 1977

    Yes. The Millard tape for this show suffers from a bunch of technical issues. In fact, most versions of this show use three sources because Millard's recording doesn't start until just before SIBLY (apparently he forgot to press record). The technical issues caused a bunch of tiny drop outs and cuts on his tape, which is why it splices to an alternate source. With regard to TSRTS, if memory serves, Page's guitar strap came undone towards the end of the song, which may account for the somewhat sloppy ending. This is also why the band briefly pauses before Sick Again.