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  1. And here is the link to the thread.
  2. I believe this has been discussed in the forum before but this is the original inspiration for the cover shot.
  3. It would appear that the Any Time Now actually means October
  4. Lets wait and see shall we. An update/upgrade usually means a new album is on the way.
  5. Robert Plant's website has a new message.
  6. Finally got to speak to the great man as he came back into the gallery to finish off some captions. He was such a nice guy and as the picture shows was only too willing to sign my copy of Led Zep I. We both agreed that it is not truly indicative of his work but that it is one of the most iconic images in rock. "At least they seemed to like it," he laughed. We chatted for quite a while but he had to stop as he was giving a talk to a visiting group of students from a local college. At 72 he still teaches and is only too keen to share his knowledge. "Always be ready to accept that you can be wrong" was his parting remark. A truly remarkable man.
  7. I attended the George Hardie ....50 Odd Years private view last night. It was a pretty amazing evening and was attended by some of the music worlds great designers. The introductory speech was given by John Vernon Lord and while there I was introduced to Paul Clark, probably one of the most influential designers involved in the birth of pop culture in the 1960s. They really were a group of wonderful "gents" and George's collection features some extraordinary iconic pieces including not only the one included here but others for Pink Floyd and Paul McCartney as well as examples of his vast array of other works. The exhibition runs until 7th April at the University of Brighton gallery and is well worth a visit.
  8. Not sure whether this has been reported elsewhere but the Meltdown event at the Royal Festival Hall withRobert in The Boat We're In has now ben cancelled due to the Court Case in the States. It appears that Robert is preparing to appear. Shame this case is now effecting what would have been a unique and beautiful performance and a highlight of the Meltdown festival organised by Guy Garvey.
  9. Those pictures from Knebworth bring back many happy memories of the day. Amazingly they are really close to where we were sitting. Is that me in the Zeppelin t-shirt I wonder?
  10. Do you mean this? There was also another one, now removed I think. Load of rubbish.
  11. At last !!
  12. Well bollocks that didn't happen either. You can't tell me some of you weren't hoping
  13. How about we all hope it will be 1.00?
  14. I'll give it another minute