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  1. Physical Graffiti Fight

    I wasn't there and I was about 8 years old at the time so I can't 100% say it's the truth. I did get this story from a guy that has always been a straight shooter though. I was told by someone that worked at an Atlanta record shop when Physical Graffiti was released that the album sold so well that they quickly ran out of copies upon its release. He said he was working the register one day and a guy snatched a copy of the album from another guy in line and they almost had a fight over who would get and buy one of the last copies in the store.
  2. Atlanta 1973 Bootleg?

    Woah! I didn't know that there were screens at the Atlanta 1973 show!! Thank you. I have definitely learned something new.
  3. Atlanta 1973 Bootleg?

    We all know it's not hard to hear things, and sometimes the stuff you hear can be a bunch of junk. It's always been generally accepted that there is on bootleg of the May 04, 1973, Atlanta show; but I heard that there was one. The story that I heard was that this one man has a bootleg of that show and he's keeping it for himself and is not releasing it or letting anybody hear it. Has anyone else heard this tale?
  4. Howard Malette Led Zep Expert?

    Thank you Zep Head! I am sorry that I misspelled Howard's last name.
  5. Has anyone ever heard of him? A man named Howard Malette that is supposed to be an expert on Led Zeppelin? Thank you everyone and wishing you all the very best.
  6. Led Zeppelin's best live performance

    March 05, 1975, Dallas.
  7. So Called Bad Zep Shows

    I want to begin this post by stating four things: 1. I am not trying to put down anybody or knock anybody; 2. I am nobody's musical expert; 3. I am a hardcore Zep fan and this could certainly could cloud my view; 4. We all have our opinions and something opinions differ. I have read posts talking about certain bad Zep performances that I found the recordings to be very enjoyable. Let's state that for the record that all of these questionable performances are all post '75 and most of them are post '77. It seems to me that many of the post '75 performances and probably most of the post '77 performances take a real beating from some of the fans and I don't really think that's fair. I recently read a post against the Seattle '77 show but I seriously enjoyed that video. I will say that maybe the visuals made up for any slight flaws. I found it hilarious when Jonsey saved the acoustic set when Jimmy broke that string. I am not a big fan of the '77 version of No Quarter, but then this is more than made up by: some great versions of IMTOD, Jimmy's solos, some of the best ever versions of Moby Dick. In '77 Achilles and Kashmir always brought the house to its knees. Both of the '79 Knebworth shows were killer and that's all I am going to say there. Overall, I like the '80 tour better than the '77. If there were any loose ends in '77 I think they had been tightened in '80. The best version of Train ever! All My Love was always breath taking when performed in '80. There is just too much that I love about the '80 tour to go into here - but I am going to say I am ecstatic that they brought back The Rain Song. As I posted recently, I know someone that saw the Berlin '80 show as a young US Serviceman in Germany and you'll never convince him that it was a bad show. You'll never convince him that Zep Berlin '80 wasn't the best rock show he ever saw - and he has seen some shows! I have heard that the Tempe '77 show wasn't a good one but I haven't heard that show yet and so, at this time, I will reserve my opinion. Are there certain shows where certain numbers didn't come out of the wash well? Certainly. Are there more nights when these same numbers were jaw dropping? Definitely. These statements are true with every band and it's part of the beauty of live music. Just the opinions of a hardcore Zep fan.
  8. whats your top 2 led zep songs?

    1. Kashmir 2. The Rain Song 3. Stairway To Heaven
  9. I will admit this may be the most absurd post here but it's something that I have run into many times. Does anyone else ever have trouble deciding which Zep CD or show to listen to? I run into this frequently. When this happens to me I lump most of the CD's and many of the shows I have in my mind and have to fight with myself over which one I want to listen to at that time. I was wondering if I am the only one this happens to. BTW: 1. Dallas 03/05/75 may be my favorite show and it's one I go to often. I believe I have the audience recording. 2. As these words are typed, I am listening to How The West Was Won.
  10. Americans that saw Zep in 1980

    ------- I am 49. I will be 50 in July 2017. I was 12 when Led Zeppelin performed the Berlin 1980 show!!
  11. Americans that saw Zep in 1980

    I'm too young to have saw Zep live but I have talked to different people who did. I have talked to: two people that saw Zep in '68, two that saw them in '70, three that saw them in '73, two that saw them in '75, and eight that saw them in '77; with the different people having seen them across three different cities on the '77 tour. The one thing that all of these different shows had/have in common is that they were all in the USA. I actually talked to somebody a few days ago that saw the the Berlin '80 show. He was in the US Army at the time and was stationed in Germany. For all of the criticism that this show has gotten my friend's only complaint was that he couldn't believe there was no bow solo. I told him that there was no bow on the '80 tour. I am definitely blown away at talking to someone that actually saw the band in '80 and at their last concert. I have thought about this before but it came to a head here. It seems to me, and I beg opinions here, that there were more Americans that saw Led Zep on the '80 tour than anyone would ever believe. I have wondered if maybe 20% of the crowds at the '80 were Americans. I know that's a large number but still... It seems to me even at the very end of their career that Led Zep could bring us Americans in, and even from the other side of the world. What do you guys think?
  12. Note: I spelled presence with a lower case "p" because I am referring to the presence of the band's music and likeness and not the recording, or album/CD, Presence. We all know that Led Zeppelin disbanded in 1980. Technically speaking, Led Zeppelin is a band that was probably a little before my time. I was 9 when they did their last show in my city of Atlanta at the old Omni on Apr.23, 1977, This didn't stop Led Zeppelin from being my favorite rock band in the 1980's and even on up to today. Judging by the Led Zeppelin T-shirts being worn on the high school campuses of the 1980's, and the Led Zeppelin music from cassettes spilling from cars, you would never know that Led Zeppelin wasn't a current band in the mid to late 1980's. I would have told you with a quickness back in '84 and '85, and I will still tell you the same thing with the same quickness in 2016, that Led Zeppelin is my favorite rock band of all time. Has anyone else thought about how big of a part of the 1980's that Led Zeppelin's music and likeness was? I have never seen this subject brought up here. Thanks and Merry Christmas to you and your family.