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  1. Black Dog in film TSRTS

    Was there anything except Black Dog and SIBLY missing from the soundtrack? I will say that it was a different version of No Quarter on the soundtrack than the one in the film and I prefer the one in the film. As a matter of fact, to me the versions of SIBLY and No Quarter in the film are among my favorite live versions of these songs. Once again - Thank you all.
  2. Black Dog in film TSRTS

    From about three years the soundtrack and the VHS of the film TSRTS were my only means of live Zep. This was in the second half and early third quarter of the 1980's when I was about 18 - 20. My favorite song from the film TSRTS was definately Black Dog and the ending, some better musically educated would likely say the coda, always astonished me. I never understood why Black Dog wasn't on the soundtrack; and I asked several techies how the song could be recorded directly onto cassette. They always said, "That's gone be hard to do."
  3. Presence

  4. Presence

    I recently made a post about the song and the hotel Royal Orleans. The posts were all so great that I wanted to make a post on the whole Presence album/CD. I love Presence. My least favorite cut from the album would be Candy Store Rock. I am not knocking Candy Store Rock but I like all of the others more. I will say that I much more prefer Candy Store Rock to the studio versions of some of the songs from III. Achilles is my favorite song from the album and that's probably not too big of a surprise. Achilles is among the hardest tracks the band ever did and it also showcases the whole band's talents. I have already said how I feel about Royal Orleans in my last post. (Great song. Should've been performed live.) The big surprise at the Celebration Day Concert in Dec. 07 was when they performed For Your Life. When the show was released I had people telling me how surprised and shocked they were at how good this song was. I wasn't. I was headbanging to For Your Life twenty plus years earlier. Nobody's Fault But Mine is true Led Zeppelin! If they weren't going to show off but two of the tracks from Presence then it would have been a crime for this not to have been one of them. People brought up Hots On For Nowhere. Yes! Yes! Yes! I could never listen to Hots On For Nowhere because I can't listen to this song without head banging - not a pretty sight. Tea For One always takes me on a journey. Achilles might be my favorite track from Presence but Tea For One is the deepest track on Presence; and they were correst in making it the album's closer. Tea For One always has sort of an anesthetic effect on me but yet it certainly doesn't put me to sleep. This should have been done live but at the same time I would have wanted them to keep it fairly close to the studio version, as they always did with: Kashmir, The Rain Song, and Stairway. I guess the '77 tour was supposed to be the Presence tour. I have never understood why they didn't showcase more of Presence on the '77 tour.
  5. The song: Great song. I love this song! It's a shame that it was never performed live. The hotel: It's been several years since I have been to New Orleans. The Royal Orleans used to be the very nicest and the most upscale hotel in the city. A city with some nice and some upscale hotels. The locals used to call it simply, "The Royal." The locals were so in awe of The Royal. I have learned the hotel has long ago been sold to corporate interests. What a shame. I would say to still check it out for historical purposes.
  6. To say I loved it is a shameful understatement. I have been in a funk lately over things going on and I think this video and this show was honestly good for the soul for me. Misty Mountain Hop still rocked despite amplifier troubles! Woah! I always love Misty Mountain live. The highlights of this show were many. Too many to even try to name them all. I think the greatest moment of the show for me was Achilles Last Stand. Achilles rocked, as always and I enjoyed the song. What I enjoyed the most about the song was that the band was into it. LZ was rocking to this one just as much as anybody in the crowd was. It did me good and almost brought a tear to see them having so much fun while showing why they were indeed the biggest and most powerful rock band in the world. It's almost Thanksgiving in the USA and I am going to ask a favor of the board - and this is something that I have never done before. Please be happy for me. Watching this show was honestly good for the soul for me.
  7. Dallas 3-5-75

    Thank you all so much who have replied. There doesn't seem to be that many fans of the 3-5-75 show here. We all have our favorites and even among a group of hardcore Zep fans a lot of it comes down to personal taste. In a way it's kind of funny to me that many of you don't think much of the 3'5-75 show. That may show what a Zep fan I am. Fred Astaire, err...Robert, probably described my feelings for the 3-5-75 show in the song WE'RE GONNA GROOVE, "...You just set my soul on fire." Again, thank you all who replied.
  8. Dallas 3-5-75

    I love it!! I know we all have our preferences but this will always be my favorite Led Zeppelin live recording. Dazed And Confused was so good at this show that it honestly brings tears to my eyes. What do you guys think of this show?
  9. Atlanta 1973 soundcheck photos

    Thank you!!! Led Zep in my city of ATL 1973. I've heard there's a recording of this show. It would be awesome if it would surface.
  10. Physical Graffiti Fight

    I wasn't there and I was about 8 years old at the time so I can't 100% say it's the truth. I did get this story from a guy that has always been a straight shooter though. I was told by someone that worked at an Atlanta record shop when Physical Graffiti was released that the album sold so well that they quickly ran out of copies upon its release. He said he was working the register one day and a guy snatched a copy of the album from another guy in line and they almost had a fight over who would get and buy one of the last copies in the store.
  11. Atlanta 1973 Bootleg?

    Woah! I didn't know that there were screens at the Atlanta 1973 show!! Thank you. I have definitely learned something new.
  12. Atlanta 1973 Bootleg?

    We all know it's not hard to hear things, and sometimes the stuff you hear can be a bunch of junk. It's always been generally accepted that there is on bootleg of the May 04, 1973, Atlanta show; but I heard that there was one. The story that I heard was that this one man has a bootleg of that show and he's keeping it for himself and is not releasing it or letting anybody hear it. Has anyone else heard this tale?
  13. Howard Malette Led Zep Expert?

    Thank you Zep Head! I am sorry that I misspelled Howard's last name.
  14. Has anyone ever heard of him? A man named Howard Malette that is supposed to be an expert on Led Zeppelin? Thank you everyone and wishing you all the very best.
  15. Led Zeppelin's best live performance

    March 05, 1975, Dallas.