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    My favorite Led Zeppelin song is the brilliant Achilles Last Stand. It is a masterwork. To go on for ten and a half minutes without being repetitive, or getting dull and boring, and keeping your focus on every last note is a phenomenal achievement, and something Zeppelin did (in regards to long pieces) more consistently and at a higher level than any other band.
  1. Hello, new here

    Hi craigled. Glad to meet you.
  2. Hello, new here

    Here is a poem I wrote that is inspired by Jimmy Page: Jimmy Page Lover Your contradictions: Jimmy Page bowing a guitar. You curl your index finger, I meekly follow. I can't quit you; I willfully suffer what is in store. When I fell for you I fated my sickly sorrow: murder my lust; leave me dazed on the floor. Tremble your name, gaze cold eyes, I wallow. You shook me down for my innocence: Salty of your seaside - I am weak, callow. Swim mouth, drown heart, cooly rage fist, animosity love; fierce shreds - Zoso guitar solo. Mock my will to flee, because I can't resist. I am knot tied to your vibrant darkly glow, lovingly unkindly life-giving meanness. Sweet depravity made me bend till loyal. Hammer, bite, scratch sugar caustic kiss: trample my kiss and fucks; magnetic recoil. cruel thrust down, prove your love will lift. Surrender, desire and eager: await tomorrow Your mad love: an obscene Jimmy Page guitar riff! ~ Robert F. Reiley
  3. Hello, new here

    So, back in the late eighties, I was about 18 years old during the oil depression of that era. My dad had worked off shore on a ship servicing oil rigs. He lost his job, and eventually, we relocated to Pensacola, Florida to a trailer park there. At the time, I wasn't overly interested in music, mostly just whatever played on the radio or MTV.. Yes, I had heard of Led Zeppelin, and I knew of Stairway to Heaven. But I never really paid much attention. But after we moved to the trailer in Pensacola, I noticed that the last family had left something behind in my bedroom closet. It was a cassette, no packaging or such but just the cassette. Eventually, I picked the cassette and saw that it was Led Zeppelin I. The cassette was well worn and you couldn't read all the song names. In fact, you couldn't tell which was side 1 and which was side 2. "So, let's find out what all the hullabaloo is about," I thought to myself. Now we were poor so I didn't have a great stereo system, but I had a cheap K-Mart boom box. I dropped the cassette and pressed play. From the opening riff on Good Times/Bad Times till the close of How Many More Times, I was infected. That, about thirty years ago, began my sickly passion for Led Zeppelin. I am glad to find this place. ~ Bobby