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  1. Remi

    What's the weather like where you are?

    Rain all the week !!!!!
  2. Remi

    2018 NHL Season

    Yeah i hate Philadephia too.. and they have horrible jerseys 😨 the worst of this season! Congrats for Buffalo Victory!!!! and as i said, i think East Conference is the hardest, So disappointed after the Detroit game... next in few hours at Carolina Hurricanes,.. anf after this Montreal + islanders + Tampa... lets go Devils !!! By the way, i try always to download games from MSG , this is a good channel, i like the commentary
  3. Remi

    2018 NHL Season

    You're right, I did not update the ranking. Buffalo made a nice match against Tampa even though I did not see everything. Honestly about the Devils I believe in a place in the playoffs, but in the difficulty like last year ... but after all, I hope I'm wrong, the ranking changes every day totally crazy!
  4. Remi

    2018 NHL Season

    Atlantic Division looks very solid, Tampa-Toronto-Boston-Montreal another victory at home vs Pittsburgh and i just watching the end of Buffalo - Tampa, good job Sabres
  5. Remi

    2018 NHL Season

    Another defeat, vs Winnipeg
  6. Remi

    2018 NHL Season

    Yes, i don't recognize my devils.
  7. Remi

    Binge Watching favorites (TV)

    I just watched today some scenes for memories, in my top 3 with The Wire and Oz. HBO, simply the best !
  8. Remi

    2018 NHL Season

    Cory Schneider , Kinkaid have a hard time this since three-four games, except Pittsburgh. Montreal ? Good, for us its Toronto.
  9. Remi

    2018 NHL Season

    You right, the season is so long and unpredictable. Caps vs Pens in few hours!
  10. Remi

    Beautiful Women

    Jennifer Aniston, soon 50 years old, and still the number 1, imo of course, great choice Paul !
  11. Remi

    2018 NHL Season

    Lundquist is a verystrong gooalkeeper, one of the best of NHL ! Bruins & Canadians have wins in the overtime, im surprise to see Islanders in the top! Victory 5-1 against Pittsburgh, it was very important to win after 3 loss, We remains last of metropolitan division if the Flyers and Rangers win. hope not, next game at Ottawa.
  12. Remi

    2018 NHL Season

    3 points in 6 games...
  13. Remi

    Presence Reiusse

    Ribs and all/carrot pod pod, this song is perfect, i imagine this song played during the No Quarter medley it would have been perfect
  14. Remi

    What are you watching on TV now?

    The Hidden Fortress, Kurosawa (1958) George Lucas has acknowledged the heavy influence of The Hidden Fortress on Star Wars particularly in the technique of telling the story from the perspective of the film's lowliest characters, C3PO and R2D2 Lucas's original plot outline for Star Wars also had a strong resemblance to the plot of The Hidden Fortress,, which would be reused for The Phantom Menace