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  1. Tennis

    ...and now the oldest #1-ranked player ever... https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/tennis/2018/02/16/roger-federer-clinches-no-1-ranking-oldest-man-do-so/346530002/
  2. Word association

  3. Song Name Game

    Lay All Your Love On Me - ABBA
  4. Word association

  5. Song Name Game

    Way Out Of Here - Porcupine Tree
  6. 2017 NFL Thread

    My post was referring to Dan Snyder and his horrible "leadership" of the Redskins. Did you mean to reply to Strider's comment?
  7. Best FLAC to WAV converter for Mac?

    You did! XLD, as the others have said and I concur, is really good.
  8. Song Name Game

    Bird On A Wire - Leonard Cohen
  9. Best FLAC to WAV converter for Mac?

    ...and I see that you have! My humblest apologies for putting the thread in the wrong section. Thanks again, everyone, for helping a new show collector become a show collector!
  10. Best FLAC to WAV converter for Mac?

    Ok, everyone here on-thread and off (you know who you are)...you are officially awesome! It took me a little bit of time to figure things out, but I am now the proud owner of the "Listen To This Eddie" show on 3 CDs that I made myself, thanks to all of you! XLD is in fact very good and very easy to use - even more, the XLD file conversion was really the easiest part of the process. If there are any Mac users who are thinking of starting to get boots, I can now also recommend XLD. (When I saw it was from Sourceforge, that made me feel good right off the bat - if I remember correctly, they are the firm who came up with FLAC originally.) Thanks again, everyone!
  11. Song Name Game

    Stone Free - Jimi Hendrix
  12. Best FLAC to WAV converter for Mac?

    Yes - if I were still using a PC, I'm very experienced with TLH. However, I have always preferred Macs, I have a good Macbook now, and I'm not going back! (Those who do use PCs, I can second that TLH is a great program.) It does - thank you! ...and thank you!
  13. Word association

  14. Song Name Game

    You Make Me Feel Like Dancing - Leo Sayer
  15. Best FLAC to WAV converter for Mac?

    (Webmaster - if there is a better, existing place to put this thread than this new one I'm creating, please send it to where you think it should go. Just let me know where you are relocating it, if you do! OK, I am taking the plunge in burning shows to CD for my listening pleasure. Due to this magnificent site, there is no end to helpful people who can lead a person to appropriate sources. However, now I need help in converting files to burn them onto CD. I have a Macbook and the files I have are FLAC. iTunes, tragically, does not have the functionality to convert FLAC to WAV. So, in the board's opinion, what are the best FLAC to WAV converters for Mac, preferably free of charge? Thanks in advance!