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  1. ForEvermore

    Song Name Game

    Come Together - The Beatles
  2. ForEvermore

    Nick Mason resurrects early Pink Floyd

    Now, THAT'S what I want to hear!
  3. ForEvermore

    The Smashing Pumpkins Thread

    Just saw the show in Philly on Saturday - they were awesome! Here's the setlist: https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/the-smashing-pumpkins/2018/wells-fargo-center-philadelphia-pa-6beb2ae6.html The "Stairway" cover was actually very well done. Unless you are in a LZ cover band, I don't know why you would go for straight reproduction of the song. In you're in a band like SP, you would do it your own way but be faithful to the overall sound - that's exactly what they did. It sounded great. I hope they are back for good. Time will tell, I guess.
  4. ForEvermore

    Whisky Tread

    My preferred whiskey: https://www.connemarawhiskey.com/
  5. ForEvermore

    Word association

  6. ForEvermore

    Song Name Game

    Late In The Evening - Paul Simon
  7. ForEvermore

    Song Name Game

    Beat It - Michael Jackson
  8. ForEvermore

    Word association

  9. ForEvermore

    Performers With 9 Lives

    Well, one obvious one to point out is Keith Richards - how many blood transfusions has he had over his life? Another would be several/all members of Aerosmith - rock legend has it that, crossing paths with Jerry Garcia(!), he told them that they were doing too many drugs! When Jerry Garcia is telling you that you're doing too many, how are you even conscious?
  10. ForEvermore

    World Cup 2018 (Russia) Contest

    Well, I'm sorry that I was correct on the result for today - I wanted to be wrong. Living in England for the previous 2 WCs resulted in some of the "quiet desperation" (in the words of Pink Floyd) seeping into my consciousness regarding England in the WC - that's why I usually didn't pick them throughout this contest, despite my wanting them to win anyway. ...moving on... 3rd Place game: Belgium 2-1 England Final: France 2-1 Croatia
  11. ForEvermore

    Word association

  12. ForEvermore

    Song Name Game

    To The Birds - Suede
  13. ForEvermore

    World Cup 2018 (Russia) Contest

    God, these two semifinals are both coinflip games... First, thank you, Croatia, for knocking out Russia - they were the only team left that I didn't want to win the WC. I'd be happy for any of the four teams left to win it. Of course, I'd be happier if Belgium (because I picked them) or England (because I always root for them when the USA is knocked out/isn't in in the first place) win it all. Geez...I guess I have to make a specific choice. OK, here goes... Belgium 2-1 France Croatia 3-2 England (If it seems strange that I picked Croatia, see my explanation for my choice of Sweden in the last round. Same thinking.)
  14. ForEvermore

    World Cup 2018 (Russia) Contest

    Yes, France actually concerns me more versus Belgium than Brazil did. This Brazil team doesn't have the shutdown defense and goalkeeping like their 2002 and 1994 teams did. The other half, IMHO, is wide open.
  15. ForEvermore

    Song Name Game

    Stranger To Himself - Traffic