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  1. Beck plays Howlin' Wolf
  2. Mother's Finest
  3. Imagine Page & Jones doing a new album together (not as LZ). They decide to invite different singers - just like Tony Iommi and Slash did before. What would be your choice? Here is mine: Joyce Kennedy, Jack Black, Terry Reid, Cormac Neeson, Roger Daltrey, Chris Robinson, Glenn Hughes, Chris Goss, Roy Harper, Chris Cornell, Paul Rodgers, Deborah Bonham, Natacha Atlas, Michael Des Barres, Elin Larsson, Eric Gales, Corey Glover, Ann Wilson, Donovan, Jacqui McShee
  4. Yes. right here:
  5. Bob Welch (ex-Fleetwood Mac) had a short-lived band in the 70's, "Paris". Very Zep-alike. This track sounds a lot like "Black Dog":
  6. My first Zep album was "Houses of the Holy" (Christmas '75, I was 12). To me it has a very special + unique atmosphere, and I still can recall the mood it once created.
  7. The Ocean