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  1. wordev1977

    Dublin 1971

    I've always liked this better than Belfast Plant is phenomenally strong at both these shows I was wondering what is the best version of the show to get.
  2. wordev1977

    What show or live song are you listening to now?

    Probably Robert's strongest show of 77 he hasn't sang Black Dog the way he did since the Australian tour of 72 same with Over The Hills And Far Away he hasn't sounded that great since the LA forum show.
  3. wordev1977

    Munich 1980

    Thank you so much! This is my favorite show of 80 I really appreciate you taking the time to help me out.
  4. wordev1977

    What happened to Plant's voice in 1972 ?

    Munich has Robert singing phenomenal on everything especially Rock And Roll and Stairway I would start with that show, but Robert actually sounds excellent in Berlin even though it's an off night for Jimmy but Rock and Roll from Berlin is also excellent
  5. wordev1977

    Munich 1980

    Do you know where I can download the full version of this with Stairway also included, Thanks in advance!
  6. wordev1977

    What happened to Plant's voice in 1972 ?

    Robert has some really good nights in 80 he hits the high notes once again and towards the end of the Tour Over Europe Tour he sings Rock and Roll and the outro to Stairway in it's original melody
  7. wordev1977

    What happened to Plant's voice in 1972 ?

    For me after listening to a majority of shows his vocal issues first appeared in and around the first shows of the 1971 North American tour starting at the LA Forum. The first show in LA Plant is hitting all the notes but to me it sounds as if hes straining and from there on Robert alters the songs by changing some of the melody's in songs, the rest of the tour his voice was weaker then the Belfast-Montreux period which I'd consider as good as 70 and before. Strongest shows from the tour vocal wise 1 8/21/71 2 8/31/71 3 9/11/71 During the Japanese tour Robert improved a bit from the American tour but still not as strong as the Belfast-Montreux period overall hes about the same as the american tour and holding back on some verses in songs, giving strong performances in the Tokyo shows the 2nd night appears to be the best vocal wise but all the nights in japan except the last night Robert seems to be decent just not as good as those Belfast-Montreux shows. The last show of the Japanese tour Robert seems to have wore his voice out from the tour. Strongest shows from the tour vocal wise 1 9/24/71 Tokyo 2 9/23/71 Tokyo 3 9/28/71 Osaka The UK tour Robert seems almost completely back to his Montreux Copenhagen voice, Robert seems to had a nice break to rest his voice and it show in many of the dates of this tour specifically the Manchester and London dates. Overall the Manchester show in particular is one of my favorite shows, Robert sounds as he did in Copenhagen and Montreux and his voice has recovered for the most part. Strongest shows from the tour vocal wise 1 11/24/71 Manchester 2 11/20/71 London 3 11/16/71 Ipswich After listening to the Australian tour I've concluded that the last three shows in Auckland, Sydney, and Brisbane are the best Plant sounds of all of 72 delivering a phenomenal Black Dog in Auckland an amazing Rock and Roll from Sydney and other highlights. Overall after the UK winter tour I expected Plant's voice would have a nice time to rest and he should sound pretty strong again but I was let down with the first couple of shows. When I fist heard Auckland I was amazed Robert to me sounded close to his Manchester voice, then going on and listening to Sydney and Brisbane Plant still sounds overall very strong but after Brisbane I fail to find a show after brisbane in 72 where Plant come close to his Belfast-Montreux era voice. Strongest shows from the tour vocal wise 1 2/25/72 Auckland 2 2/27/72 Sydney 3 2/29/72 Brisbane
  8. wordev1977

    Weakest Studio Album Opening Track

    I’ve always thought that Achilles on Presence and Song Remains The Same on Houses seemed similar in that they each seemed like a big epic piece of the album and they start the album right of the gate.
  9. wordev1977

    What happened to Plant's voice in 1972 ?

    I've always thought it was weird how Robert’s voice changed, starting in August of 71 you can tell his voice is definitely weakened but by the time they do the winter UK tour Robert almost sounds compeletey recovered especially at Manchester and London, I’ve always thought this about the last three Australian dates too especially Auckland it seemed like each time he had some time off he recovered but something definitely happened after the Australian tour while Robert still has a good voice during the North America tour of 72 he’s using much more falsetto and it seems like the power of his voice gave out.
  10. wordev1977

    pick one

    Pittsburgh and Providence are close but for me I’d have to pick Baltimore Plant sounds phenomenal as does the rest of the band, is there any other shows in 73 where Robert sings the Stairway finale as powerful or almost as powerful as Baltimore’s just curious?
  11. wordev1977

    1980 Audience Recordings

    I’ll definitey look for that, I really like Frankfurt so it’ll be interesting to hear liriodendrons work on it I really enjoyed his work on the Landover soundboard.
  12. wordev1977

    1980 Audience Recordings

    I’ve actually heard that matrix it’s easily one of the better sounding boots from the tour I’ve always had a hard time listening to parts of Frankfurt such as how dry Achilles sounds on the board.
  13. wordev1977

    1980 Audience Recordings

    I was wondering what people think are the best sounding audience recordings from the Over Europe 80 Tour like many people I find some of the soundboards hard to listen to because of their dry sound, I’ve tried to listen to Rotterdam and Brussels which easily sound like some of the best shows of the tour but their boards sound really dry, some of the audience recordings I’ve checked out are Munich which sounds great and Vienna which sounds good to great, any suggestions are much appreciated.
  14. wordev1977

    Munich 1980

    Thanks this is a great recording, it’s one of my favorite shows from the tour everyone sounds great including Plant hitting notes he hasn’t hit in years and Jimmy’s playing is phenomenal. IMO this is one of the best later days show.