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    Led Zeppelin and the power of Rock and Roll
  1. Denmark 1969

    Please, if there is a glimmering Knight in shining white armor out there in the world of Zeppelin, where can I find a copy of the Denmark 1969 concert. Personal Opion: Possibly the greatest footage of Led Zeppelin in their early days.
  2. Zeppelin Songs that were never played live

    I actually apologize about In the Evening because that is another good song in ITTOD. I completely forgot about it
  3. Zeppelin Songs that were never played live

    Fool in the Rain is the only good song from ITTOD. It's such a great sound but the rest of the album is trash. Sorry to anyone who likes that album but face it, it's not good.
  4. Live: Moby Dick RAH Dazed and Confused TSRTS Album: Out on the Tiles How Many More Times Rock N' Roll
  5. So is Jimmy Page a 'sloppy' player?

    I mean, it's a little harsh to be calling one the Gods of Guitar 'sloppy'. Jimmy Page definitely has some moments of screwed up but he has a certain sound that I can't really identify to be. If you've heard people commit on Ringo Starr's drumming, they say he has certain sound called 'swamp'. Basically it's like crisp mush but it fits perfectly into every song that Led Zeppelin makes. Thats the only way I can begin to call Jimmy's guitaring. For example; Black Dog. If you listen to it, it sounds sorta off tempo and mushy but then it picks back up to a crisp sound.
  6. I really wish for the early Zeppelin to be released like the Denmark session and definitely the Royal Albert Hall. RAH also has the best version of Moby Dick and you can only listen to it on YouTube which sucks for die hard Zeppelinites. One thing I don't understand is why Robert Plant says he doesn't want to release those recordings? Those are some of the best sounds from early not-album Zeppelin
  7. The later albums?

    Welcome to the Later albums topic session . Here we discuss the later, less tolerable Led-Zeppelin that puts that sour taste on our zeppelin palettes. Try to stay on topic and enjoy!
  8. First memory of Zeppelin?

    Mine was a few years ago I'd started to listen to them but before that I'd never actually cared. Then I heard Dazed and Confused on YouTube and said to myself "This probably is the greatest thing since sliced bread". That led (pun intended) me to listen to all there older stuff as I slowly creeped towards the later albums. I also remember listening to How Many More Times and was baffled.