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  1. TheMadIrishman


    For all who love dogs and everything about them. Post pictures of your dogs here
  2. TheMadIrishman

    The accidental Telecaster creation

    No the amp is still the same it’s always been (it’s a Marshall MG30FX [which already gives a great sound]). Maybe the coils in the pickups expanded or loosened from the heat and now it gives off a Telecaster sound? This what the pickups look like on the outside (you can see they’re a little sluggish from being slightly melted
  3. TheMadIrishman

    The LP corner

    This here is a topic for people who collect records/vinyl/LPs. People who know the difference between good and bad sound quality shall come to this thread. The best LPs I own (in the sense of sound, quality and original value) are a 1980 repressing of Zeppelin IV, an original pressing of Wish You Were Here and an original pressing of Paranoid.
  4. TheMadIrishman

    The accidental Telecaster creation

    So I recently took my guitar, a Rogue Rocketeer (a rather unknown and crappy guitar), and took the purple/black finish off of it. Since I’m not a electrician, I didn’t take the pickups out before using a heat gun to take off the glossy layer of laquer. So naturally the pickups started to sludge and melt a smidge as I took the varnish off. However, very nervous I broke my only guitar, I plugged it in after it was redone and to my surprise, it sounds exactly like a Jimmy Page esk Telecaster. It has that sorta fuzzy raw sound from Jimmys dragon. Anyone know how this is possible?
  5. TheMadIrishman


    If you pre order it before Sept. 15, you get a FREE Led Zeppelin Poster....
  6. Obviously none of these picks are correct. You can say Ten Years Gone or Achilles Last Stand or In My Time Of Dying. However there really is only 2 songs that would define Led Zeppelin, Stairway to Heaven and/or Black Dog. If I were to personally choose a song that has been officially released, it would have to be Dazed and Confused from TSRTS 1973. If I were to choose and unreleased song it would be Dazed and Confused from 1969 London club- one of the best and gritest performances from Zeppelin.
  7. TheMadIrishman

    How great are the Foo Fighters?

    I was recently reading an article for an upcoming Foo Fighters concert. Now I’m not a huge fan of the band but do respect them. However, this list makes me chuckle with a new found love for these guys. This is a list of banned items at their next concert
  8. Man you people are hard asses
  9. In this newest of Battles we have a competition between the master of head thrashing, Mr. Geezer Butler from Black Sabbath and the God of Thunder, Gene Simons from KISS. In an all out battle, who would win?
  10. TheMadIrishman

    Dee Snider Of Twisted Sister Puts Down Zep

    I will very politely correct this statement. This is sorta true but, swing really is a type of jazz/musical style. This means you play in an flowing rhythm, sort of an up and down or back in forth in a 4/4 or 1/2 setting. Listen to In the Mood by Glen Miller, classic swing example
  11. TheMadIrishman

    Dee Snider Of Twisted Sister Puts Down Zep

    It’s just a bunch of crap. So many artists have expressed their dislike toward Led Zeppelin simply because they exploded into fame and stardom, leaving behind and blanketing some of the larger bands at the time. Keith Richards said he didn’t like Zeppelin because of their sound and John Bonham was “too heavy footed” for his taste. That’s a bunch of bullshit. The Stones weren’t as good as they were in the 60’s when the 70’s rolled around. ALL of The Who HATE Zeppelin simply because they (The Who) were around longer and didn’t have nearly the same amount of fame (in fact Zeppelin got their name from a Keith Moon wise crack towards Jimmy saying “if you started a band it would go down like a lead balloon”). ANOTHER example is Ginger Baker from Cream. He states Bonham isn’t that great because he can’t swing for shit, we all know that Bonham IS the best drummer to walk this earth. And now Dee Snider is joining the barracks of hate because it took TS like 10 years to get a record contract and they were so short lived.
  12. Here today we have two masters of metal. From the band that started it all, Mr. Bill Ward from Black Sabbath. And in the other corner, the man behind the master of puppets, Lars Ulrich from Metallica. Who would win?
  13. You know them, you love them. I now present to you in this third installment of Guitar Battles, one of the Godfather’s of Metal, Tony Iommi from the legendary Black Sabbath. And in the other corner, the physicdelic man himself, Buck Dharma from the laser eye burning band Blue Öyster Cult. No limits battle, who would win? (Also I’ve tried to match more stylistic players with each other, both being physcedelic and metal masters)
  14. TheMadIrishman

    Second best rythm section?

    I feel Black Sabbath’s rhythm section is left out here. Watch Snowblind live and just see the pure raw connection between Geezer Butler and Bill ward, their absolute animals when they perform
  15. TheMadIrishman


    All of the Bon Scott era is amazing. I feel bad for Brian Johnson- the man is an amazing singer but after the first three 1980 releases, it kinda just started to dwindle in creativity but nontheless, AC/DC is still one of the best