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  1. TheMadIrishman

    World War II

    The prelude to WWII was started when the Nazi political party started to grow in 1925. Hitler, who had being released from imprisonment, wrote a book during his sentence and outlined the perfect ideals for a German Society and blamed the Jewish people for the pitfalls of Germany. This led him to rally, organize and control people to gain power within the Reichstag. Once the Chancoller of Germany died in 1932, Hitler assumed the roll of Fürher of Germany. This then led to his “peaceful” expansion of Germany into former parts of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Most countries agreed to these treaties and union but Poland refused to join. Now, enter Great Britain and France- the British had been severely impacted by the depression and WWI and France had never really recovered either. However, they stated that if Germany continued its aggression, they would launch an Act of War. With this being set, September 25th of 1939 started WWII Now we look at Japan. The Japanese had started to go through a series of reforms to upgrade and expand their country and economy- known as the Meiji Restoration. With this, the Japanese empire was born and Japan became a military dictatorship. In 1917, Japan had launched war against China and Russia and won. They took over massive parts of land. Fast forward a couple of years of building opon their military, and Japan started to take over small Pacific Islands and with this attacked Pearl Harbor in December of 1941. They then strode to control the entire world in their Empire. With Russia, WWI had severely impacted the country. Communism had spread and started and they ended hundreds of years of an Empire. Whilst now under a new communist ideology, Russia began building and creating a new industrial country. They built their army up to massive amounts. But, when Hitler started to invade foreign countries, then leader Josef Stalin feared they would attack. With this, he made a secret agreement with Hitler of peace. However, Hitler thought Russia was still weak so if stricken at the right time, he just might be able to take the country. But no one could stand against the Power of the Red army so in 1940, Russia was attacked by Germany.
  2. To start off this rant of nonsensical jargon, Elvis Presley started his career in 1955, becoming an international hit all over the world. He led a very successful and fantastic career until his death in 1977. So with the “King” dead, he left a legacy that became known to us as the “King of Rock and Roll”. Now go back to 1953, when Chuck Berry started his career. This was a very overlooked moment in Rock history. Elvis, being the hottest shit since sliced bread, steam rolled a lot of brilliant talent. And if we really think about it, Elvis had really only a couple of true rock and roll songs such as “Hound Dog” and “Jailhouse Rock”. Chuck Berry on the other hand was a madman on the guitar. He lived and breathed Rock and Roll. Whenever I personally think of classic Rock and Roll, I immediately think of those classic 50’s riffs from Chuck Berry. And when it comes down to it, Chuck Berry was better than Elvis at the guitar, showmanship and songwriting. Now don’t get me wrong Elvis is fantastic and one of the greatest rock artists ever. But does he really deserve the title King of Rock and Roll? No, this title should be revoked and given to Chuck Berry. So with this being placed on the table, what do you say?
  3. TheMadIrishman

    Elvis vs. Plant

    To start, we need to realize the differences between the two. Elvis sang mostly in a Baritone voice- so naturally much lower (EX: Blue Christmas). However, Robert Plant always strided to sing the loudest and best he could. Yes his voice changed but not because he “lost” it, because he just got older and wanted to still perform at the max volume. Also, just basking in who’s singing is better, defining Plant, Elvis would be swept under the rug compaired to him.
  4. TheMadIrishman

    Lawsuit over Stairway to Heaven

    From a musical standpoint, Taurus is nothing like Stairway to Heaven. The reason why the Spirit estate lost was because they tried to sue Zeppelin for the entire song even though they meant the intro. Another reason why they lost so hard was because they were basically sueing them over an A minor chord. If you read the sheet music, Stairway is completely opposite to Taurus- one is an A minor ascending chord while the other is an descending chord. However if you listen to them, thay sound simular because of this one chord progression. If you skip to 3:40 in this video, it really explains the riff
  5. TheMadIrishman

    How did you get into Led Zeppelin

    I know I’m if anyone reads this I’m a newbie, but besides the fact that I’ve only recently discovered Zeppelin, it was on complete accident. It was 2013 ( I was only 10) and I found my Grandmas old record player. A bit later, I found an album- Led Zeppelin II. But me being a bit dull in the head, didn’t read the album. It, surprisingly, was a Jimi Hendrix record (also how I discovered Hendrix). Then a bit later, I went to the YouTubes (once again, I apologize for my insolence) to look up some Zeppelin and very surprised to find out it wasn’t Hendrix. As soon as I heard Dazed and Confused, I was very impressed but it was when I listened to How Many More Times that I was completely hooked. Since then I’ve deticated my life to get every album.
  6. TheMadIrishman

    Why In Through The Out Door is a GREAT album

    I think that ITTOD was just to pushy. The I and II albums were focused on that hard blues rock that Zeppelin was known for. In the III and IV albums, they started to be more creative and it was beautiful. Houses of the Holy showed stunning ideas and amazing feels. Physical Graffiti was just an explosion of new and fantastic sounds nobody expected to happen. But Precence was a bit iffy on its sound and mixing. Then comes the mad man named In Through the out Door. Not only was it the end of 70’s, but it was the spiral of Rock and Roll. Zeppelin was starting to be out of the public eye and Bonham and Page were dealing with addictions. So with all these problems and the new sound of the 80’s, the very pushy and misunderstood album ITTOD came out. It could have been a better album but it just wasn’t.
  7. TheMadIrishman

    Denmark 1969

    Please, if there is a glimmering Knight in shining white armor out there in the world of Zeppelin, where can I find a copy of the Denmark 1969 concert. Personal Opion: Possibly the greatest footage of Led Zeppelin in their early days.
  8. TheMadIrishman

    Zeppelin Songs that were never played live

    I actually apologize about In the Evening because that is another good song in ITTOD. I completely forgot about it
  9. TheMadIrishman

    Zeppelin Songs that were never played live

    Fool in the Rain is the only good song from ITTOD. It's such a great sound but the rest of the album is trash. Sorry to anyone who likes that album but face it, it's not good.
  10. Live: Moby Dick RAH Dazed and Confused TSRTS Album: Out on the Tiles How Many More Times Rock N' Roll
  11. TheMadIrishman

    So is Jimmy Page a 'sloppy' player?

    I mean, it's a little harsh to be calling one the Gods of Guitar 'sloppy'. Jimmy Page definitely has some moments of screwed up but he has a certain sound that I can't really identify to be. If you've heard people commit on Ringo Starr's drumming, they say he has certain sound called 'swamp'. Basically it's like crisp mush but it fits perfectly into every song that Led Zeppelin makes. Thats the only way I can begin to call Jimmy's guitaring. For example; Black Dog. If you listen to it, it sounds sorta off tempo and mushy but then it picks back up to a crisp sound.
  12. I really wish for the early Zeppelin to be released like the Denmark session and definitely the Royal Albert Hall. RAH also has the best version of Moby Dick and you can only listen to it on YouTube which sucks for die hard Zeppelinites. One thing I don't understand is why Robert Plant says he doesn't want to release those recordings? Those are some of the best sounds from early not-album Zeppelin
  13. TheMadIrishman

    The later albums?

    Welcome to the Later albums topic session . Here we discuss the later, less tolerable Led-Zeppelin that puts that sour taste on our zeppelin palettes. Try to stay on topic and enjoy!
  14. TheMadIrishman

    First memory of Zeppelin?

    Mine was a few years ago I'd started to listen to them but before that I'd never actually cared. Then I heard Dazed and Confused on YouTube and said to myself "This probably is the greatest thing since sliced bread". That led (pun intended) me to listen to all there older stuff as I slowly creeped towards the later albums. I also remember listening to How Many More Times and was baffled.