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  1. Christopher Lees

    Led Zeppelin Fans Who are Doctor Who Fans

    Sara Jane is a lovely assistant! I was just thinking that the other day, saying to myself, "This lady is so pretty". No ink stains all over her body, modestly dressed and very classy. How things have changed. Girls just aren't like that anymore. Tom Baker was the doctor from 74 to 82, or in Zep parlance, from Physical Graffiti to Coda.
  2. Christopher Lees

    What's the worst live performance of a song?

    This is a pretty bad one lol! But this is one of those awful soundboard recordings which makes it even worse. I hate the soundboards as they are always too dry. No reverb. They suck. But we can't blame the soundboard for this this entirely - it's bad! Another crappy show was Buffalo 73. Terrible.
  3. Christopher Lees

    The Best blues song ever made by Zeppelin.

    Since I've Been Loving You! I heard the Moby Grape tune which obviously inspired this song, but what can I say? Zeppelin took a half baked idea from Moby Grape and fully developed it on a whole different level. This might be my favorite Led Zeppelin song. The live version from TSRTS is the best I've heard and I've heard many bootlegs. Many. After SIBLY, I might have to go to I'm Gonna Crawl. It's bluesy, not strictly the blues, but it's close enough. In my opinion, the guitar solo is the best Jimmy recorded since Zeppelin Four. It's a masterpiece. Great to know that Jimmy still had it in 1979 because as you all know, his playing lost a lot of its magic by then. After these two songs, I would have to say that either I Can't Quit You Baby or You Shook Me and I base that off of the live versions from 69. Before Zeppelin released the BBC Sessions, I actually had them as bootlegs and I was blown away by the how awesome Zeppelin covered those two tunes live. I was new to Zeppelin then (1988) and was shocked to realize that they played straight up blues!
  4. Christopher Lees

    Led Zeppelin Fans Who are Doctor Who Fans

    I grew up watching Tom Baker in Doctor WHO in the late 70s and early 80s. I've been watching it again for the first time since 1982 or so and it's such a flashback! Funny thing, I somehow get the feeling that fans of Zep would likely be fans of Doctor WHO, but I don't know why. I do realize that some of the lyrics to Kashmir seem to talk about a man that travels time and space, but I'm reaching beyond that. In some weird existential sense, I somehow get the feeling that there is some kind of hidden connection between Doctor WHO and Led Zeppelin. LOL! How many fans of both do we have here at the Zeppelin forum?
  5. Christopher Lees

    What is the best bootleg?

    If you want to hear later material then Listen to This Eddie or Over the Garden from 77 are great. My personal favorite from 75 is February 14, Nassau. My version was from The Diagrams of Led Zeppelin. I've heard better sound quality versions, but honestly they were too dry or something. I'll take the TDOLZ version any day. However, Flying Circus (Feb 12, 75) is also excellent. Of the three LA shows at the end of the tour, I like the last one on March 27, 1975. From 73, I like March 22 and March 24 but the Vienna gig is fantastic too. I have to say, March 24 stands out at Offenbach. From 72 I like Ooh My Ears Man! It was from their Australian tour. Really good show. From 71 any show is good, but Osaka 9-29 or 9-23 are outstanding. From 70 Blueberry Hill is still great, but for variety, you might pick up Box of Tricks from Sept 6 in Hawaii. From 69 I like 4-27-69 and another one called Stroll On. From 1980 I like the Zurich gig. Fantastic. Probably the best from 1980.
  6. Christopher Lees

    What show or live song are you listening to now?

    Dancing Days at University - Led Zeppelin at Southampton University January 22, 1973