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    Zeppelin, Zeppelin and more Zeppelin! Anything pertaining to the band and their solo careers. Other favorite bands: John Butler Trio, Xavier Rudd, Pink Floyd, Alice In Chains, STP, Sabbath, Van Halen, U2, John Lennon and Gaga. Sport interests: Dallas Cowboys, New York Yankees, Syracuse University and NASCAR - Richie Evans, Dale Earnhardt and Kevin Harvick. Spend most of my time with my family and also love to go to the beach, watersports of all types and enjoying a nice sunset. Oh yeah and coming onto Zeppelin.com to learn about the band and check in with friends and acquaintances from around the world.

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  1. you guys like memes?

  2. Random Picutre Thread

    Happy Hanukkah!
  3. 2017 NFL "potted plant" Memorial Pool

    No offense taken. I can’t seem to pick games for the life of me anymore. I really don’t pay as much attention to the teams as much as match ups because of fantasy football anymore. But I can’t use that as an excuse because junior is all over both. Difference between having multiple careers and being a middle schooler, I guess.
  4. 2017 Major League Baseball thread....

    He is forever part of The Empire after all.... No matter who is paying him (less😉).
  5. 2017 NFL "potted plant" Memorial Pool

    What the fuck? I’ll say it if nobody else will. Get a grip, get a life, and grow the fuck up. It’s a football picking thread on a rock bands’ forum. My wife signed up using her email, on her phone and has made most of her posts on her phone, unless it was charging. You really need to get a fuckin life. Good bye, Merry Christmas, and don’t bother to respond to me here or PM. ✌🏼
  6. 2017 NFL Thread

    Walter Junior is going nuts over the fact he’s been employed since he blew the first game with three missed kicks! The Bills game definitely reminded me of growing up in the snow belt of central New York. Layered up with 4-5 layers and play all day long. The snow was the best - not now, then...
  7. 2017 Major League Baseball thread....

    The Empire Strikes Back!
  8. 2017 NFL Thread

    Yeah I know the math - at least at of them are playing each other over the remaining weeks. With Rodgers coming back and playing Carolina and Minnesota the next two weeks could shake everything up - or not! Go Cowboys! Love the heart they’re showing. This is bringing them closer together as a team, without question. Happy for Rod Smith. Great game, great guy.
  9. 2017 NFL Thread

    My Cowboys HOPE to do that for you! Winston has made the same mistakes for many years that I’ve been watching him - living in a FSU loving household/family wife’s side 😉). Nick Foles is on the hot seat for sure! I feel bad for Eagles fan - not! They did throw snowballs with batteries in them at Jimmy Johnson and cheered Michael Irvin laying paralyzed on the turf and the Vet. No love loss here.
  10. The Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday Kiwi! 🎉🍾🎂🍾🎉
  11. 2017 NFL Thread

    Nice game Jacksonville, but what an ugly ending. Wentz left knee injury, to what extent? Rodgers back with the Pack next week at 7-6 Zeke back after next week vs Raiders, hopefully the Cowboys will be 8-6 at that point.
  12. 2017 NFL "potted plant" Memorial Pool

    Junio: Buffalo Minnesota Chicago Green Bay Houston Jacksonville (in a game that can get ugly) Kansas City (finally) Detroit Tennessee NY Jets Chargers Philadelphia (in a close one, perhaps in OT) NY Giants (in an emotional win) Pittsburgh New England
  13. 2017 NFL "potted plant" Memorial Pool

    Walter: Buffalo Minnesota Cincinnati Green Bay San Francisco Seattle Kansas City Tampa Bay Tennessee NY Jets Chargers LA Rams Dallas Baltimore New England
  14. Greta Van Fleet

    Playing at a festival in Jacksonville in April. Thinking about going up there. Good multi-day bill.
  15. Random Thoughts v.3

    And to you and ...... ooops!