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    Zeppelin, Zeppelin and more Zeppelin! Anything pertaining to the band and their solo careers. Other favorite bands: John Butler Trio, Xavier Rudd, Pink Floyd, Alice In Chains, STP, Sabbath, Van Halen, U2, John Lennon and Gaga. Sport interests: Dallas Cowboys, New York Yankees, Syracuse University and NASCAR - Richie Evans, Dale Earnhardt and Kevin Harvick. Spend most of my time with my family and also love to go to the beach, watersports of all types and enjoying a nice sunset. Oh yeah and coming onto Zeppelin.com to learn about the band and check in with friends and acquaintances from around the world.

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  1. Random Thoughts v.3

    American students used to scream racial slurs at kids trying to get an education too. What’s the point. Time changes, people actually catch a clue. We loved shooting those firearms, but understood how dangerous they were. No need for that shit. Kid hit a target 200 yards away. Imagine if he was fucked Up like these shitheads....
  2. What Made You Un-Happy Today ?

    If splitting cunt hairs is what it takes, then go with that!
  3. What Made You Un-Happy Today ?

    If this type of thinking justifies your thought process and allows you to put your head on your pillow and sleep at night - god bless ya. There’s nothing I can say to change your mind. You’ll have to experience something in your life to change that. I truly hope it doesn’t have to come to that though.
  4. What Made You Un-Happy Today ?

    Thank you. Some sanity.
  5. Random Thoughts v.3

    Nice assumption but you should educate yourself before responding. He’s already been trained with military grade firearms, as we all have in this household, because we have close friends who are Vets. Plus it’s an INSERT, meaning you insert it into a pocket in the backpack for protection. Sick that it’s available, but it is - amazon. Probably from NRA driven companies. Stick to what hotel Jimmy Page stayed In back in ‘70. That’s far more insightful and interesting.
  6. Random Thoughts v.3

    I’m not playing the odds. Our governor has relaxed gun laws to an unprecedented level. You must not have children for such a callous response.
  7. 2018 MLB season thread

    We will. Yankees will win the World Series in 2018. You heard it here first!
  8. What's the weather like where you are?

    Gonna be between 83-87 the next 2 weeks at least. So much for winter/spring transition. It’s time to run the a/c full time in February! Ugh.
  9. Random Thoughts v.3

    Yep, you can get them through amazon. My son will have one entering 9th grade next year. Sad fuckin state of affairs.
  10. Random Thoughts v.3

    There you go, you’ve got it pinpointed! Fuckin simplistic, at its finest! No other major differences at between us and the rest of the civilized world.... See folks, my point is made....
  11. Random Thoughts v.3

    Get inserts for the back packs that are bulletproof for the students and yourself.
  12. Random Thoughts v.3

    Jules, they never see. Only regurgitate what propaganda the NRA, Fox and the GOP throw to them. The rest of the civilized world doesn’t have the problems we have and it’s our own fault. But they don’t give a shit, because if you haven’t noticed they only care about themselves, power and control. Everyone else be damned... Here comes the standard line “laws wouldn’t have stopped this from happening”. Bullshit. Doing nothing is a choice and being complacent is saying this is acceptable. It’s not.
  13. Random Thoughts v.3

    Yes, it’s beautiful today. Sunny and low 80’s. Put the top down on the car ride home nice weather! ✌🏼