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  1. The Racing Thread

    Welcome ALL racing fans! Daytona Duels are happening tonight. A new season is upon us! Let all racers and fans alike join in and share the love we have for the speed, the personalities, and the multi-sensory intoxication that is attending a racing event. Forum members....START YOUR ENGINES!!!
  2. BON APPÉTIT! What Are You Eating?

    Made a ground turkey meatloaf tonight with green onions, ricotta cheese, and some flavoring-along with sautéed zucchini and mashed potatoes. Not the tastiest recipe ever, but decent non the less. Tomorrow gonna roast a prime rib in our new convection oven, that we were supposed to have received when we built the house... It has a built in meat thermometer. Very interesting. Will update when cooking has commenced.
  3. The Racing Thread

    Surprise there...Hamilton dominating! C’mon, someone give him a run for the money!
  4. 2018 NFL THREAD

    Giving up a 1st and 3rd rounder is what I’m hearing. Don’t believe that’ll ever happen with the Cowboys - nor do I think it should happen. He’s great, but 28 and a big contract. Then again, you never know....
  5. Your thoughts on autonomous vehicles?

    Only when I need to get after it on the highway. In 3rd gear I can easily push it to 90+ mph without getting over 5K rpms. By the time I’m in 6th gear I could be up to 150, but have never pushed it that far. It’s a convertible, so I view it as more of a cruising car, which is perfect for the Florida weather. Still, it’s nice to clear traffic when I need to and being an SS it corners like it’s on a rail. VERY fun to drive! Nothing like putting you deep into your seat by hitting that accelerator pedal!
  6. The Racing Thread

    Very cool looking car! I look forward to better competition this season. Hope the Ferrari and Red Bull conglomerates have their game up to snuff!
  7. The Racing Thread

    Nice. Any significant changes? Will Mercedes dominate yet again? My boy Harvick has won three in a row in NASCAR, with a hiccup at Fontana due to poor decision making, not car set up... This weekend at “The Paperclip” aka Martinsville, before a much needed week off.
  8. 2018 MLB season thread

    It was a wonderful evening with you as well! Hope you enjoy the rest of your time down there. Have a great dinner tonight! S has the pictures, btw, so we’ll have to see how they turned out! 🤪
  9. 2018 MLB season thread

    Ebk is enroute! Here are the seats, etc for tonight’s matchup:
  10. Your thoughts on autonomous vehicles?

    @IpMan No problem guys/gals. Muscle car envy knows no gender boundaries. 😉 I love driving every time I get behind the wheel.
  11. Your thoughts on autonomous vehicles?

    Must be tough looking out a bus window at my bad ass bitch! But then again for the biggest bitch on the forum....
  12. Make me laugh!

  13. What Made You Happy today?

    Subpoena’s served.
  14. Random Thoughts v.3

    My lawd, I love to be courted.....
  15. Your thoughts on autonomous vehicles?

    When you’ve got this 6-speed, manual shift, 426 horsepower convertible beast...who’d want to be driven by some bullshit computer? Life needs to be lived... Just get the fuck out of the speed lane! 😡
  16. Random Thoughts v.3

    Damn, I needed a press speaker - and thought I was well on my way after admitting to the Stormy Daniels arbitration deal. I didn’t need the shortest term for a Secretary of State in American history. Thanks to the Russian nerve gas attack in England... Fuckers!
  17. 2018 March Madness

    Syracuse shouldn’t have gotten and that’s from a die hard Orange fan. NCAA has screwed them royaly in the past few years and now they are at only 8 scholarship players. Next year will be a completely different story...GO ORANGE!
  18. Daylight savings time / Summer Time

    That is until the morons down here realize tv shows are going to be an hour off and businesses won’t open, regionally, until an hour later. Welcome to the well thought out Florida legislators...
  19. Make me laugh!

  20. 2018 NFL THREAD

    Nope. His contract will stay there. We have the coach that was the architect for the LOB as our secondary coach, with young talent. That will be the strength of the D defense this year. Cowboys believe in drafting, keeping and coaching right now. I think it’s a good formula - but that remains to be seen in SB victories....
  21. What Made You Happy today?

    Another great week/weekend in the Lakeshore neighborhood. Apex was going on the field for the Orlando City game and meeting the team/waving the banner on the field during the national anthem.
  22. Random Thoughts v.3

    Shit. Can’t believe I was away for a week and my jock got ridin’ 4 times out of 5 by the same desperate bitch again. I guess Mrs Walter was right, yet again. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior....
  23. Random Thoughts v.3

    Says the biggest bitch on the forum! Btw, you can quit riding my jock any time now. Find another fascination. I’m already taken.
  24. Random Thoughts v.3

    Let’s play tic-tac-toe. All I need is a press secretary on my card:
  25. Random Thoughts v.3

    That wind was fuckin crazy yesterday. Glad to be home and ready for Orlando City season starting tonight (at the stadium right now) and Spring Training games later this month - and seeing you, of course! 😘