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  1. Does anyone have any Led Zeppelin autographs they've obtained in person? I haven't obtained any in person but purchased a few over the years. Here's an authentic set of all 4 signatures. Led Zeppelin autographs
  2. I liked his collaboration with The Black Crowes even though I'm not a fan of them. I saw that Miles Kennedy said he recorded two new songs with Led Zeppelin when they were thinking of touring in 2008 when Plant said he wouldn't tour with Zep. Anyone heard any of this or think it'll be released? led zeppelin autographs
  3. Interested. Message sent. led zeppelin autographs for sale
  4. Jimmy Page is a fan and collector of Aleister Crowley. About 9 years ago I purchased a very rare print from a well-known friend of Jimmy's (can't give away his name) but I'm sure you can guess plus Jimmy also signed it. At the time my email had Zoso in it and he messaged me asking if I knew what it meant. I said no I don't even though I have the tattoo down my arm. He then explained to me what Jimmy Page told him the meaning of it. I'd be honest I did swear to him I wouldn't tell anyone which to this date I haven't but you'll be disappointed. It doesn't mean any of the meanings people think. Unless he told me fibs!!
  5. There stunning instruments. I wish they were signed by JPJ, I would buy one. I don't even play bass but would have this on the wall.
  6. My dad was a fan ever since they came out but the first time I saw them was watching Brian May of Queen on VH1 selecting his favourite music. He picked Led Zeppelin Dazed and Confused and I was blown away. Around the same time, Remasters was released so I had to buy it, then ever since that was me hooked.