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    Charles Trenet: La mer
    The Beatles: A day in the life
    The Rolling Stones: Can't you hear me knocking
    Supertramp: Hide in your shell
    Fleetwood Mac: Sara
    The Specials: Ghost town
    Kate Bush: Cloudbusting
    The Style Council: Shout to the top
    Die Fantastischen Vier: Tag am Meer
    Led Zeppelin: Since I've been loving you

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  1. football

    Kaká hangs up his boots? He was a great player who has won everything. Adeus Ricardo.
  2. Hammer Horror, The Musters, The Addams Family

    When I was in my 20's, I was so scared by the scene, Nosferatu is standing outside the bedroom door and he is grabbing at the girl. The monster at your bed is a girl's nightmare. German expressionism created such a new exciting visual language. Beauty, harmony, perfection are gone. It have been creative but also dark and depressed years. The ashes, the evil and vicious phoenix arose from. And I am very happy for everyone who left in the 30's.
  3. Songs That Represent Who You Are

    Great thread, Charles! And great songs. First of all, my favorite song since it came out. The music!!! not the lyrics, is totally, completely and utterly ME. When I'm happy, self-confident, beautiful, strong, funny, laughing, contented, full of positive energy The darker days:
  4. BON APPÉTIT! What Are You Eating?

    Baked a stack of waffles today. Served with whipped cream, warm cherries and vanilla ice cream
  5. Random Picutre Thread

    PHEW - it was only a dream
  6. football

    Watching Train journey through the Gobi desert, part 2: Sandstorm, is more exciting than most qualifiers are. England went through the qualification campaign unbeaten. Gareth Southgate is doing his job well. Harry Kane is a fantastic player. There are no reasons to give up hope. And non achievers is the name of the Dutch team. Oops, they did it again. The success of the Iceland team is so cool. They qualified in a group with Croatia, Ukraine and Turkey. That's astonishing.So, what did we learn today: you don't need over-paid, cocky posers to win a match
  7. football

    The return of the thunder-clap: Iceland has qualified for the World Cup. That's terrific. Nice team, nice fans, great atmosphere: HUH
  8. Hammer Horror, The Musters, The Addams Family

    The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920) is a visual masterpiece and a psychological drama. Nosferatu (1922) is a little more creepier
  9. Favorite HMMT performance?

    Texas International Pop Festival My favorite live moment - 23 breathless minutes
  10. Photography

    Art Nouveau stained glass windows
  11. TSRTS on vinyl (SS 89 402). Bought the album in 1981 or 82.
  12. BON APPÉTIT! What Are You Eating?

    That sounds delicous, CP. Bon appétit. I fried many many potato pancakes/Latkes and made fresh apple puree. We ate it all. A single wafer-thin mint could cause a catastrophe ...
  13. Amy at her prime, accompanied by guitar and bass. Awsome.