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    Charles Trenet: La mer
    The Beatles: A day in the life
    The Rolling Stones: Can't you hear me knocking
    Supertramp: Hide in your shell
    Fleetwood Mac: Sara
    The Specials: Ghost town
    Kate Bush: Cloudbusting
    The Style Council: Shout to the top
    Die Fantastischen Vier: Tag am Meer
    Led Zeppelin: Since I've been loving you

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  1. LedZed66


  2. LedZed66


    Yesterday we took a trip to the countryside. The weather was beautiful and the light was spectacular.
  3. LedZed66

    What's the weather like where you are?

    Yesterday was the first day this autumn, that the weather matched the season. We still had 18C/59F (and more) at daytime and 10C at night, so far. Yesterday we had 5C/41F, 8C at noon, and the first frost at night. That's what we call November.
  4. LedZed66

    The pub

    A Leffe brune from Belgium for me and a bottle of local Mühlen Kölsch for Mr. L. Cheers!
  5. 101 - and ready for the 33rd re-issue of TSRTS
  6. LedZed66

    BON APPÉTIT! What Are You Eating?

    Hi CP, never heard of Gammon with egg as a hot meal but we have gammon with egg in aspic (one of the things I'm not keen on) We enjoyed a super delicious French cheese this weekend. Super creamy with a wonderful taste. Looked like this:
  7. LedZed66

    Soundtrack Music ~ Movies, TV, Etc.

    Happy 90th birthday, Ennio Morricone
  8. LedZed66

    BON APPÉTIT! What Are You Eating?

    Had to google the Ras el Hanout but it's the same mixture my Moroccan cookbook calls "secret spice mix", I grind the spices with a mortar and pestle. Your Tagine recipe sounds fantastic. Do you use dried apricots? This weekend we're going to have a traditional menue. This morning my mother-in-law delivered fresh Kale from the garden. Usually Kale is harvested after a frost but the night temperatures don't go below 10C this year. There's no frost in sight. Kale, smoked gammon, potatoes, onions, salt - yummy
  9. LedZed66

    Random Picutre Thread

  10. LedZed66

    I've Been Going to the...MOOOOvies

    I liked the movie very much but I loved the first Johnny English movie more. It's hilarious
  11. LedZed66

    Star Trek

    Yes, the Gorn was great and I'm happy he has made a cameo in The Big Bang Theory.
  12. LedZed66


    The background is very interesting and I like the way the mantis is balancing on the plants. The fallen leaves are also very nice.
  13. LedZed66

    I've Been Going to the...MOOOOvies

    Sounds like great memories. My father hated the music I was playing, we were fighting about it constandly. Horrible. In November 1990 I left my hometown and moved to the big city. Spread your wings and fly away? Well, I did it.