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    There are a lot of wasps buzzing around this year. They went wild over grapes on the breakfast table this morning, they even fought with each other. I took this picture last year and I like the details of it's body
  2. LedZed66


    The pictures are very beautiful. Was this one taken underwater? May I ask what camera did you use to take that photo?
  3. LedZed66

    The Rest in Peace Thread

    Rest in peace Aretha
  4. LedZed66

    What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    Happy Birthday, Madonna. Thank you for accompanying my life with your music 🎂🥂 My Top 3 Madonna songs:
  5. LedZed66

    Soundtrack Music ~ Movies, TV, Etc.

    Elevator to the gallows
  6. LedZed66

    Soundtrack Music ~ Movies, TV, Etc.

    The Fahrenheit suite, Sinbad and Journey to the Center are awesome!! It's been ages since I saw these movies, I couldn't remember the music.
  7. LedZed66

    Soundtrack Music ~ Movies, TV, Etc.

    Great story about Anton Karas, I didn't know that. I like the Third Man very much and the music fits perfectly to the atmosphere. The ending is epic. It's possible to visit the original location in the Viennese sewer system. The last time we visited Vienna we didn't had time for the tour but I had to promise Mr. LedZed the next time we're in Vienna we are doing the Third Man tour. https://www.drittemanntour.at/en/index.html
  8. LedZed66

    Soundtrack Music ~ Movies, TV, Etc.

    Cool movie, cool soundtrack. Outstanding woodwind/brass parts
  9. LedZed66

    post anything

    I did and I like them. All kinds of root vegetables are still popular. And the vegan people made almost forgotten kinds popular again. Today we can buy a greater variety of roots than 20 years ago. My favorite root is beetroot and I use them very regularly in my kitchen.
  10. LedZed66

    Which Pre Led Zeppelin Jimmy Page Song Are You?

    The Who - I Can't Explain
  11. LedZed66

    I've Been Going to the...MOOOOvies

    Is this the Italian version with subtitles? La dolce vita is my favorite Fellini, too. It's very nonchalant, stylish and cool but you can feel the emptiness and lonleyness in every character. And I love the soundtrack
  12. LedZed66


    The water was too cold to go swimming but one of the things I love most in my life is walking down that beach on the sand, where the waves come in. That really clears my mind. We spent our vacation in Jutland for the fourth time and I love this place very much. You are right, there isn't much surf on European shores. They have a surf spot in north Denmark, Jammerbugt, North Sea. France and Portugal have surf and surf spots on their Atlantic shores. But I have no idea if they can keep up with California. Visiting the Library of Congress was on top of my list visiting Washington. We did a guided tour and it was awesome. The building is outstanding, the main reading room is a beauty. But most of all they are doing a great job and they are the top library in the world. Whatever that means nowadays...
  13. LedZed66


    I liked the National Gallery of Art a lot but the Air & Space is a very special museum. I remember the space suits quite well, I was very impressed. Today I'm happy to have a camera that takes great pictures in museums and exhibitions, so I remember all these outstanding objects much better.
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  15. LedZed66

    Soundtrack Music ~ Movies, TV, Etc.

    Thank you very much for opening this thread. I love soundtrack music
  16. LedZed66

    The 80s Thread

    Koyaanisqatsi was a must in the 80s. It made a great visual impression in those days. My favorite movie from the 80s was, and still is, Diva by Jean-Jacques Beineix. A bootlegger's crime story. The most coolest scenes in the movie are with M. Gorodish in his loft apartment, and the wave machine. I'd like to watch this video all day. It's so relaxing. (The video is not from the movie) How to bootleg the Diva
  17. LedZed66


    Fantastic pictures. Do they really have a model of the Star Trek NCC 1701 at the NASM? That's cool. I visited Washington 20 years ago and I liked the city very much. The area between the Potomac river and the Capitol is outstanding. Impressive and beautiful. Me in front of the Library of Congress, November 1998
  18. LedZed66

    New Peter Grant Book

    Thanks for posting the wikipedia link, very interesting. I've always thought the Chelsea drugstore is a metaphor for a place to buy stronger stuff than Aspirin and Alka Seltzer...
  19. LedZed66

    Favorite drum intros

  20. LedZed66

    BON APPÉTIT! What Are You Eating?

    Pommes frites with mayonnaise are a match made in heaven. Add a Leffe brune or any other dark Belgium beer and I'm happy
  21. LedZed66

    Astronomy - Planets , Stars & Heavenly Bodies

    It was spectacular because of the perfect, bright sky. I must admit I find eclipses boring, but it was different this time. The moon was still near the horizon, so it appeared quite big and the red color was beautiful. And it was magical when the eclipse ended and the sun started to illuminate the moon. It would have been a perfect moment for Thus spoke Zarathustra