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  1. What's Your Latest Purchase?

    The Silly Job Interview is epic. C-a-C and Minehead by-election are also great. And how nice, that your mum likes Python too. I haven't watched series 4 for a while, need to refresh my memories soon. The sketches are almost 50 years old but the jokes are still working. Maybe the world changed a lot but silliness goes on
  2. What's Your Latest Purchase?

    Welcome to the club, Kiwi. I wonder why there is no Python thread on the forum. First season is full of favorites. Dead Parrot, Hells Grannies, Two Kilimajaros, Upper class twit of the year and on and on and on. Maybe you like Bicycle Repairman as much as I do. It's hilarious.
  3. Photography

    Pac-Man is alive
  4. Photography

    Once upon a time: The Concorde. I saw her once at JFK and was surprised how small she is.
  5. football

    Yep, giant killing is the big fun in Cup competitions. Last season we had a third league club in the quarter finals. Everyone cheered them up. I raise a glass of Pimm's Cup to that
  6. football

    Why does England have two cup competitions? I've always wondered about that. And the League Cup is now called Peekaboo Cup?
  7. Rolling Stones Thread

  8. What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    Black Betty was the coolest song on our highschool parties. This song is a time machine for me
  9. football

    Awful game. The first 60 minutes both teams played pure comedy football.
  10. football

    The videos of the singing Cologne fans in London go viral. Arsenal will win 10:0 or more. Poor 1. FC Köln. Poor Mr. LedZed #returnofthegoat
  11. football

    Well, I liked Rooney as a player. He looks very sturdy but had great technical skills. Good heavens, what has Cheshire done to you? For me, the English -shires sound pastoral, but that's a wrong impression, I suppose. It's not Middle-earth ...
  12. football

    I like Wayne Rooney, especially his Mini-me on Special 1 TV
  13. football

    You saw that game live in Istanbul????? How did you survive that? I almost got a heart attack watching it on TV. What an affectionate gift from Mrs. Xolo!
  14. football

    The 2005 CL Final was nerve-wracking. What a game and a great win by Liverpool. And a shocking discovery: English sides can win penalty shootouts
  15. football

    Champions League starts this evening. I'm looking forward to the Tottenham : Dortmund game tomorrow.
  16. Hurricane Irma

    I'm just watching CNN and the eye is passing Naples - and there is not even a wisp of wind. I read about that but I couldn't imagine the silence in the eye of a storm. And now I see the pictures. That's very strange. I hope, there is not too much damage when the water comes back. Walter, good luck for your beautiful new casa. I hope you and your familiy stay safe.
  17. Hurricane Irma

    +1 I hope you are all safe!
  18. Photography

    Cheers, Zepscoda. By the way, I like the sunset or the sunrise you posted on June 4th very much.
  19. Photography

    ^ Beautiful Hummingbird
  20. BON APPÉTIT! What Are You Eating?

    A fine minestrone with baguette and kippers. And a very nice Prosecco is waiting for me in the fridge
  21. Photography

    Great picture!
  22. Zeppelinstraße (Zeppelin Street), Cologne, Germany
  23. football

    Why do they serve Smurf Tea at the ridiculous Tunnel Club ??? And I'm not sure if I should laugh or cry - about the Tunnel Club, not the tea ...