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    Kiwi, I'm sorry for your horrible PMS. I'm pretty sure that we all have these worthless thoughts from time to time. Sometimes the hormonal cocktail is a tsunami, very hard to sail. The good thing about getting older is that more than 30 years of period terror comes to an end. And I never had much problems, no PMS, not much pain. But it's soooo annoying. God, how I hated it. @Slave to Zep: I'm sorry to hear that the stupid hot flushes are still annoying you. Happy to hear you found some herbal help. I had hot flushes only a few times for about a year at the end of my forties. I was able to breathe them away, reduced them down to 20-30 seconds. So it was ok for me. Haven't had them for years. Free at last Oh, and the contraception issue is solved, too (But I needed quite a time to relax ...)
  2. football

    Au revoir, Arsène Wenger. Thank you very much for the unbeaten season 2003/2004. Beautiful attacking football.
  3. What's the weather like where you are?

    29C - in April Weird, but the weather is so perfect, simply wonderful.
  4. What Made You Happy today?

    Cherry blossoms everywhere. Spring has sprung and I love this time of year very much. It's a restart
  5. football

    I'm looking forward to the four Champions League Semi-Finals. Great pairings. But the Europa League Semi-Final Arsenal vs. Atletico Madrid is another goodie. Atleti are one of most interesting teams in Europe. The team grew quite old. So Arsenal may stand a chance.
  6. The Rest in Peace Thread

    Rest in peace Miloš Forman. Thank you for "Amadeus". The movie introduced me to the power and beauty of classical music.
  7. Random Thoughts v.3

    No coffee after 4 pm for me, because it keeps me awake lately, too. I never had a good iced tea, I know the sugar infested supermarket stuff only. But I like Long Island Iced Tea On hot summer days we drink black tea with lemon at room temperature. Very refreshing.
  8. football

    YEAH - Liverpool or Roma in the final!!!!!!! That's terrific I don't want to see Real Madrid winning for the third time in a row. Even though I like their playing very much. EL: Arsenal vs. Atleti would have made a perfect final.
  9. The pub

    Kölsch, the local beer, on the left Wieß, my favorite beer, the unfiltered version of Kölsch on the right
  10. Random Thoughts v.3

    I NEED coffee and I LOVE coffee (2 cups a day, black) and I enjoy one cup of tea a day (English breakfast, Darjeerling, Yunnan or herbal tea. No green tea, ugh)
  11. football

    The semi-final draw is on Friday, 13th. 1 p.m. CET https://www.uefa.com/uefachampionsleague/#/iv/article/2547023 Both games are the proof that you can't buy the Champions League title. The CL competition is still very strong. City and PSG burned so much money but didn't succeed. I was deep thinking last summer if I'll stay a football fan - when PSG spent 222 Million € for Neymar. This is so disgusting. Now, I am very pleased - no, it's pure schadenfreude!
  12. football

    Congrats to Liverpool. Great second half. And Barca's out, that's even better - Grazie Roma!!!!! Fantastic game, great tweet!!!
  13. BON APPÉTIT! What Are You Eating?

    Chillumpuffer's Gorgeous Goan Chicken Coconut Curry I tried the recipe and the curry was awesome, CP. Superb!!!! A perfectly creamy coconut sauce. The paste smelt wonderful with the coconut, spices, ginger and garlic. Mr. LedZed liked it very much, too, so it won't be a one-hit wonder Now, there's a very nice French rosé wine waiting for me in the fridge - finishes a fantastic weekend (very sunny, 26C)
  14. football

    Pogba finally woke up ... Terrific! All fingers crossed for Liverpool on Tuesday, they'll face a very angry City. Emptyhad -
  15. What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    More than 20 years gone since I took a trip with a couple of friends and a cumbia tape was played - 500 times
  16. BON APPÉTIT! What Are You Eating?

    Lamb chops spiced with thyme, rosemary, oregano Oven roasted vegetables (red peppers, zucchini, eggplant, potatoes) Tzatziki - makes vampires run for cover Mixed salad: tomatoes, cucumber, onions, feta cheese (marinated in olive oil and oregano) Digestif: Pear brandy (eau de vie) Aperol Spritz later this evening
  17. BON APPÉTIT! What Are You Eating?

    A pie (puff pastry) filled with cod (cooked in white wine, spiced with laurel leaves, cloves, juniper berries), roasted mushrooms, parsley and boiled eggs. Served with compound butter and a green salad (arugula, tomatoes, onions, pecorino cheese) Accompanied by this French white wine
  18. Photography

    ^^^ Beautiful architecture, Marlam. The orange/ochre rotunda with the blue sky is very nice.
  19. What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    I like the videos with the scores along the music, too. Johann Sebastian Bach wrote two masterpieces for Good Friday service: St. John Passion and St. Matthew Passion. This is the final choir piece from St. Matthew Passion. But remember: One cross each
  20. Today, it's a little bit warm. No, not warm, it's hot - 45th anniversary: March, 24 1973 Offenburg, Ortenauhalle My favorite Whole Lotta Love. Jimmy's guitar playing is so powerful and the sound of the guitar is awesome
  21. BON APPÉTIT! What Are You Eating?

    I love the Gang Panang with roast duck. I try to eat less meat, so mostly I choose tofu. But in 2 weeks' time I will meet a friend at the Thai restaurant and I will certainly have the Panang/Penang with roast duck The Thai and Vietnamese restaurants appeared 15 or 20 years ago. They are very popular. As much as I love the Thai curries I don't like the Vietnamese cuisine. They are possessed with fresh coriander leaves and that's one of the few things I really don't like. I use the dry seeds in my kitchen very much but not the leaves. There were a lot of Chinese restaurants in my childhood. In 1978 I visited London with my parents and we went to a Chinese restaurant. It was very different from what we knew as Chinese food. I think it was a more authentic restaurant because we were the only Europeans in there, the other guests were all Chinese. I like the Indian curries very much but there is not one good Indian restaurant in town. There is a fantastic one in the neighbor town that I visited twice.
  22. Photography

    Beautiful! Winter wonderland
  23. BON APPÉTIT! What Are You Eating?

    Very impressive. I need Thai food once a week. But my attemps at homemade asian cuisine were ok, but not overwhelming. Apart from springrolls. I'm looking forward to the Goan recipe, thanks in advance CP