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  1. A local record store, The House Of Guitars posted that they got more RSD releases in, drove there and grabbed one just now!!!!
  2. cousinlouie

    Next Soundboard Release

    Never mind I figured it out
  3. cousinlouie

    Next Soundboard Release

    How do you get that to play?
  4. Listening on my computer speakers, comparing both versions in MP3 format, I hear a slight difference, like the new version is a touch brighter, if you already own original not worth a remaster, unless of course you want the box set packaging, and or vinyl, that's my opinion, but who am I? In contrast I totally could tell a difference from the 1990 remasters vs. the recent STUDIO remasters
  5. cousinlouie

    Finding Led Zeppelin in unrelated places

    Was watching that months ago, rewound because the scene was intense, and I realized In The Light was playing, perfect lyrics and haunting music for that scene
  6. cousinlouie


  7. cousinlouie

    The Rain Song

    I hate to take away from Led Zeppelin as a band, and YES this has always been one of my favorite songs, BUT my favorite version is The Unledded version
  8. cousinlouie

    Plenty live on 6Music today

    Cant watch whole performance in USA
  9. cousinlouie

    The Dread Zeppelin Thread

    Now thats a mystery solved, I was told Plant was going to perform with Dread Zep that night in Rochester NY, so I went to the bar after the Plant show, no Plant LOL
  10. This used to be a good forum
  11. I wish that Bonham would have just done drum projects, around LZ activity