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  1. Ten "desert island" Zeppelin shows

    I could certainly live with your list. I think I'd swap out Stoke for Southampton.
  2. Unpopular opinions re live shows

    I don't care how awesome they were on 6/21/77, I don't like the show because of the crowd noise. It's just overbearing to me. The theremin was a bad idea. The drum solo should've been dropped after 73. The 77 guitar solos (after Moby dick) were overkill.
  3. travelling riverside blues

    To me, this is the most mysterious Zep track. Also one of my favorites. What was the intention of the song? Did they only put it together for the radio show? Is there any back story whatsoever of the song outside of the radio show? Was it meant for an album and then canned at the last minute?
  4. I kinda feel the same. The Knebworth shows have a certain charm, even though the cork-sniffers wanna pick them apart. I think Plant sounds better than at EC 75. Page is only slightly worse. Bonham is more energetic at knebworth. Seattle 77 is a dud in my opinion. Plant was horrible and Page was as bad as Knebworth. Bonham was on fire for that show though.
  5. Zep Artifacts Locations?

    I can't find anything about pics of the print used for IV. If you know of anything I'd love to see something about it's post album existence.
  6. Bootlegs

    I was making a point for the principal of the matter, not for the actual consequence. But I certainly won't argue that bootlegging hurts a band financially. I actually said the opposite. I think losing creative control is probably the biggest reason bands and managers were vehement against boots. We all know Page won't release anything official that has a mistake in it, at least not without heavy editing.
  7. '75 soundboards vs '77

    One thing I've noticed about the 77 boards is the frequent overloading of certain lines, usually Plant's vocals. The 75 boards seem to have more balanced instruments, though the quality varies. I'd really to get my hands on a book that details the circumstances of how all the soundboards were recorded.
  8. Bootlegs

    I actually live in a bubble and have never left my house. Now aside from taking a piss, you know why sports venues block local games from being aired on TV? Because they want to force people to buy tickets to the game and spend a crap load of money on concessions. "Logic" tells me concert venues would want the same thing. And my point about smartphones is that catching someone taping a show has now become moot considering half the audience is recording with their phones. Sorry I didn't clarify that better.
  9. Bootlegs

    It should also be noted that a live show probably isn't 100% the bands property. The venue/promoter also has some rights to what gets played in their venues. They are the real victims of bootlegging anyway, since there was no reason to go hear a live show if you can just buy it later. But that issue kind of disappeared with smartphones.
  10. Bootlegs

    Peter Grant definitely didn't look the other way. There are several reports, by record shop owners themselves, of him making routine visits to shops and confiscating any bootleg material. It may seem strange that Zep were the most bootlegged band if they were so strict about it, but that's because sometimes there were several tapers at shows and not all of them got caught. As for how bootleg labels stay in business without being sued into the ground, I have no clue. Maybe it's because in reality, though the labels make a little money, the bands aren't actually losing any. It's an unofficial product that isn't taking away sales from another product. Also consider that nowadays bootlegs are mostly distributed in the back pages of the internet, and once a label puts out a show it gets spread around pretty fast. So maybe the amount of time and resources it would take to shut down bootlegs (which really aren't popular among the average listeners anyway) doesn't pay off in the end. Again, someone making a small amount of money off you is different than someone preventing you from making money, and bootlegs don't really do that. But what I really don't understand is why a band/label doesn't just confiscate any bootleg, put it through professional remastering, and release it themselves.
  11. '75 soundboards vs '77

    You realize you're comparing a dry soundboard source to an audience recording?
  12. '75 soundboards vs '77

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't the majority of the 75 soundboard releases due to a Showco employee running a separate line out to another source? Seems like I remember reading that.
  13. I often wonder where all the old stage clothes are now. Are any of them in rock museums? Hall Of Fame? Did they drop them off at a Goodwill store when the tour was over? I think I saw Page's plaid trousers there once. What about the original picture for the fourth album that Page found in the antique shop? Seems like that would be a pretty legendary item, yet I've never seen an actual pic of it. What about studio and stage equipment? The speaker cabinets painted with ZOSO? The equipment that Page had in his home studio? He must have auctioned that stuff off to someone once it became obsolete. Is there a website or thread that has stuff like this on it?
  14. Polishing The Boards

    Got the Feb. 12, 1975 MSG show up on youtube. Not a great performance, but pretty solid for 75. Added depth to the flat soundboard.
  15. Seattle 73 Question

    If you can link me to the Departee download I can create a patched version. I have the complete soundboard. I'll even upload it to Youtube.