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  1. What's the worst live performance of a song?

    I did a quick remaster on the Tempe Achilles and brightened it up. If you don't listen closely it doesn't seem different, but if you do pay attention, holy crap. They're all playing/singing different parts of the song out of sync. It's almost comical.
  2. Polishing The Boards

    This is the reverb setting I usually stick to. You'll have to play around and see what you like best. I do just enough to add depth to a soundboard. The "SIZE" and "MIX" settings are what make the biggest differences. I keep both kinda low. Delay I usually don't bother with because it can muddy up the mix. If you do use delay, make sure the feedback is very low so it doesn't carry over too much. You don't want it to last much more than a second and very subtle.
  3. What's the worst live performance of a song?

    Here's one where Jimmy fudges What Is And What Should Never Be, though he gets back on track.
  4. What are some songs they played live that just make you cringe? Is there a bad version of The Rain Song? They played it so well consistently that I don't know if I've heard a bad version.
  5. How about your favourite acoustic set?

    Even though the show in total wasn't great, I really like the acoustic set from San Diego 1977 with Mystery Train.
  6. Polishing The Boards

    Here's one I did of No Quarter from 2/28/1975, Baton Rouge. Again, just adding some reverb, slight delay, and EQ adjustment. If anyone wants the whole show PM me.
  7. Polishing The Boards

    Sorry for the late reply. I use V.6.
  8. Baton Rouge 2/28/75

    I love the first two-thirds of this show, but Page really gets off the mark on the last few tracks. The Black Dog solo is a nightmare. But In My Time, Kashmir, and No Quarter make it with the listen.
  9. Hard To Find Photos

    Jimmy looked like death.
  10. Peter Grant & Robert Plant interview 1976

    Watched this just this morning. For all the horror stories you hear about Peter Grant he seems like such a gentle person.
  11. Toronto 71, where's the rest of this show?

    Ah! For some reason I was thinking only the SB was available, though a complete SB would be awesome.
  12. Any chance a complete set might pop up of this show? Why are all my favorite show incomplete?
  13. Southampton 73- Why it's the best bootleg

    I think a lot of people have confused the case I made for "best" (as in the best live representation of the band including audio quality) with personal favorites. This is by no means one of my personal favorites. I'm merely noting the enjoyment of listening to the biggest band in the world playing in an intimate setting with unparralled sound quality. I think that alone puts this in the top five of their must listen boots. Yes, subjectively, I could sit back and rip this show to shreds. But I tried to make the case objectively.
  14. Polishing The Boards

    I use Mixcraft. It's pretty simple to use and has an online forum which is useful if you have any questions. Edit: Not sure if they've changed it, but the version I use doesn't read flac files, which kinda sucks.
  15. Polishing The Boards

    Perfectly Ok with me. I shared a remaster of Deus Ex through Drive which was taken down by an admin. I can certainly understand why, but it seems moot considering you just need to use a YouTube downloader to get files from YouTube. I asked the admin if I could reshare the folder with the download option turned off and haven't received a reply.