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  1. gibsonfan159

    Best RP stage outfit

    Totally forgot that one.
  2. gibsonfan159

    Best RP stage outfit

    I should not have tried this on mobile. Holy crap. Anyway, I think #8 (turquoise Plant) will always be the iconic outfit.
  3. gibsonfan159

    Best RP stage outfit

    1. 2 3 4 56 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
  4. gibsonfan159

    Interview with Jimmy Page - GQ Magazine

    It's really strange how these media interchanges happen, and have happened for eons. How does an interviewer/employee get a chance to talk to someone on the level of Jimmy Page, which would obviously have to warrant some high level of professionalism, and ask such dumb questions? Either the media failed or Page's publicists failed in setting up the interview. Now obviously Page is enough of a seasoned pro to know how to give his fanbase some details without delving into bad taste. He should be open -minded enough to understand the incessive drive his fanbase has to dig into his mindset. I refuse to believe that Jimmy Page, rock and roll pioneer and music enthusiast, couldn't comprehend the inquisitive desire people have to delve into every aspect of the Zep mindset. Kudos to the interviewer for asking this though when bringing up Elvis. Page plays down his private life, but at the same time he used his private interests (The four symbols, astrology, tarot symbolism) to promote the band and create an interest from a marketing point. Page's defensiveness is very intriguing. Maybe he isn't the open-minded wizard we all want him to be and maybe he's just a regular Joe who got lucky in the music biz and just wants to be a responsible figure to his family. I don't know, but I find it weird that you'd go out to promote your rock band but get defensive when asked about the circumstances that surrounded your career. There's a sense of bitterness underneath so many Led Zeppelin interviews that doesn't exist with other artists.
  5. gibsonfan159

    Current music recommendations

    Sounds familiar
  6. gibsonfan159

    Best live version of The Rain Song

    I'm with you.
  7. gibsonfan159

    Interview with Jimmy Page - GQ Magazine

    I commend the interviewer for trying to avoid just kissing an artist's ass, but at the same time he just asked the same old questions that the band members have shot down for decades. If you know you've already annoyed the man and he says you've got one more question, why would you make it one about his occult interest? "Did you actually practice magic?" That was an unprofessional move. Plus he said Rush were Zep imitators. That's just ignorant.
  8. I'd have to disagree. The drum and bass build up that Page slowly creeps his way into with the chorded riffs is a vital part of the live representation. I think it's necessary to set the mood and it just sounds unnatural without it, like a CD skipping. Then you have the actual introductory phrase that's always played (even on the studio version) that gets cut. Without that the solo is never properly introduced. I can understand that this was never actually meant to be a live album, but a soundtrack. But then you have the bonus songs, so that whole statement goes out the window.
  9. gibsonfan159

    Nitpicking Page 1977

    I tried both. It's not a lot better.
  10. gibsonfan159

    Nitpicking Page 1977

    Nitpicking Page 6/10/1977 Madison Square Garden, NY (The Garden Tapes- Empress Valley) Skipping 6/8 because of the bad source, though it sounds like a decent show. The EV release is the most listenable version of this good audience source unless there's a Winston I don't know about. The sound clarity starts a little muddy and clears up some a few numbers in, but remains distant. TSRTS- Booming intro and good verses. Rob doesn't sound half bad. First solo- Hard to make out, but sounds spot on. Second solo- Sounds tight as ever. Page is seemingly in sound mind so far. "A". Sick Again- 0:05, half time. This intro is lethal. Unfortunately someone bumps the recorder mic at 0:33. First solo- Maybe not the most fluid, but it's phrased and played well. 4:41, sounds like Bonham is putting in some extra snare roll on this part. Second solo- A few hang-ups, but nothing too detrimental as far as I can make out. "A". NFBM- Robert sounds good. Harmonica solo is decent. Guitar solo- Page opens up with a surprising flurry of fluid notes, then gets some good bends in. A little sloppy at 5:12, but he wisely moves on to another phrase. Bonham is on point. "B+". OTHAFA- Good intro except for the major firecracker explosion. Page goes missing at 1:30, exposing how dreadful Jones' bass sounds on this. Solo- Good noodling at the start, slowly ascending to the sky with a nice stretch of runs and bent notes. This almost sounds like it's going the way of the 6/22 solo, but Page jumps back into the return riff, leaving us wanting more. Good exit. "A", despite Page dropping out for a few seconds. SIBLY- A song that always sounds better on an audience recording. Solid open. Page does some wicked palm mutes at 2:50 and 3:00. Solo- Opens with a good scream from Plant and a blazing run from Page. Incredible phrasing and emotion. Excellent refrain at 4:34. Quick hammer-ons at 4:40 are perfect. 5:05, this slow released bend sounds wonderful. 5:17, he ends with a nice little speedy lick. Nimble fingers be damned, this rivals any 72/73 version in my opinion. Possibly the best I've heard from 77 so far. "A+". No Quarter- Good first quarter. Nitpicking Jones- A little too spastic and unstructured. Page joins for a good jam at 10:00. Solo- Slow start but gets a good bend at 13:56, then eases off again. 14:38-15:18, a good aggressive series of noodling. 17:20, haven't heard this lick since August of 73. 17:51, yes sir. 19:37, impressive staccato chording. 20:00, intriguing chording here. The return is good and Page goes wild again on the wah-soaked outro. Great showing by Page, but Jones failed to impress with his part. "B+". Ten Years Gone- Solid intro. First solo- Some bends sound slightly forced, otherwise very good. Second solo (4:38)- Some solid pedal-steel bends at the start and finishes with some good phrases. Plant comes back in for some fantastic vocals. Solo three (6:22)- More pedal-steel bends. 6:50-6:54, absolutely love how he ends that phrase on the rooted fifth. Solo four- The delay effect sounds pretty good. The epic journey comes sliding home for a perfect finish. Definitive performance? "A+" anyway. Acoustic Section- Really hard to beat the clear soundboard from the 7th, but this set sounds very solid performance wise. I don't know if the tape is running fast or not on GTC, but Plant hits some high notes that sound unnatural for 77 (2:17). An excellent vocal at 1:44. BCW/BronYaur Stomp has the crowd jumping in their seats and once again Plant is singing in a higher range. Kashmir- A driving, mid-paced version with Plant giving his all. "A". Achilles Last Stand- Fast paced with Bonham and Jones sounding like a machine. First solo- Well phrased and articulate for the most part, though some of the final runs sound strained. Second solo- Hard to make out, but sounds ok. Sounded like a great, energetic version, but the boomy recording makes it a tough listen. I'll go "B+". Stairway To Heaven- The vocals drop pretty low in the mix, but everything sounds good. Solo- Page's fingers sound quite nimble on some runs but his phrasing isn't as smooth as usual. 7:44, Bonham makes an excellent choice to bring the rhythm to a halt and allow Page to create some tension and build-up. The final four bar section of the solo is one of the best I've heard, with the final pull-offs screaming like a banshee. Excellent climax. "A". WLL (Partial) Rock And Roll- A inferior source kicks in on the solo. Solo- Sounds good but has an unorthodox ending phrase. "B+". Final Assessment- Very hard to judge based on the distant recording, but this sounds on par to any L.A. show and better in a lot of areas. That's not to say that a soundboard wouldn't expose a different side to the ears, but this has definitely made its way to the top of my SB wishlist. SIBLY and Ten Years Gone are the highlights.
  11. gibsonfan159


    Should we start to worry? Any new live material for the anniversary would surely warrant some massive hype and promotion by now. They're barely even promoting the official photobook, so it's not looking likely this year.
  12. gibsonfan159

    Nitpicking Page 1977

    Surprised in a positive way. After the first few numbers I thought for sure it was gonna be a cringefest, but they straightened out half way through for some solid numbers. I have a tendency to lose focus on Kashmir considering it's so damn repetitive, but I guess that knocks it down to a "B". Gonna knock out this NY set and maybe do a best of.
  13. gibsonfan159

    Nitpicking Page 1977

    Nitpicking Page 6/7/1977 Madison Square Garden (Treading The Boards- A Group Project) Another series of shows I've never really listened to- MSG 77. I'm excited to dissect these and hope I find some gems. This version is an improvement on the uneven and dry EV release. TSRTS- Good energy on the intro. Small chord flub at 1:30. Plant sounds excellent. First solo- Some sticky fingers. Second solo- Not too bad. "B+". Sick Again- Solid intro. Good verses. First solo- 2:38-3:00, embarrasing. Outro solo- 5:05, bad articulation. 5:20-5:27, sloppy. The energy is there, but Page's fingers aren't. "B". NFBM- Solid first half. Harmonica solo- Plant rips out a good solo here. Guitar solo- Not a bad start. 5:22, he shoots for the stars but barely leaves the ground. Considering this track is usually played tight rhythmically, I have to judge by four things- Plant's voice, the harmonica solo, the guitar solo, and Bonham's enthusiasm. I'll go "B+". IMTOD- Good intro. First solo- almost decent, but Page never really gets on track for this. Second solo- decent start but 6:15 gets sloppy. "You Shook Me" verse sounds good. Lots of energy but the solos really bring it down. "B". SIBLY- A little laid back, but otherwise very nice intro. Plant gets an excellent opening note in. Solo- Not bad at all. A good audience recording would probably make a better impression. "B+". No Quarter- Jones' opening notes have a slight glockenspiel tone. 2:58, Plant belts out a good extended note. Nitpicking Jones- He puts together an impressive routine off the bat. 6:35-7:30, the "soul" section is especially good. Guitar solo- It's certainly a journey, not an articulate or fluid one though. He never really goes off the track or anything, but there's absolutely nothing worth pointing out. I actually think the groove Bonzo and Jones are locked into is more noteworthy. 23:49, Percy comes alive and Bonham responds. 24:38, Bonham does some killer fills from here on. Everyone shines here except Page, who brings it down to a "B". Ten Years Gone- Plant sounds great. First solo- Pretty damn good. Could've used some more enrgy, but not bad. Second solo- Some decent licks with good phrasing. Third solo- Guitar drops in the mix, but sounds good. 8:40, winds down perfectly. Gotta go "A". Acoustic Set- "A+" overall, with excellent sound and enthusiasm. GTC rivals the studio version. Honestly makes up for the bum tracks thus far. Kashmir- Guitar up in the mix. Plant still sounding great. Very solid throughout, with Plant giving his all on the outro. "A". Moby Dick- 12 minutes of snare rolls is more than I can tolerate. No dynamics here, sounds like a warm-up routine. Guitar Solo- Yep. Achilles Last Stand- Very solid first half. First solo- Not too bad, but a little sticky. Second solo (7:53)- Haunting. Bonham was solid as a rock on this one. "A". Stairway To Heaven- Well paced and Plant is singing with drive. The guitar is distorting the tape a little. Great verses. Solo- 6:37-6:45, a little sloppy. The soft part sounds good, but some of Bonham's fills throw the vibe off. 8:20, sloppy. Page flubs the final build-up lick. Plant delivers on an excellent climax. The mood for the solo was there, but Page was just a little too subdued and sticky-fingered. "B+". WLL- Very fuzzy guitar tone. Plant comes in like he's looking for a fight. I love the aggressive attitude on this. "A+" for what there is of it. Rock And Roll- The fuzzy tone doesn't sound as good on this, though Plant is still energetic. First solo- Played and phrased well, though the muffled tone doesn't help it. Second solo- Has more of a Chuck Berry feel and played well. Not bad, "A". Final Assessment- First, Plant sounds as good post-72 as ever and sings with vigor. Page never really gets above average for 77. His ability to chord perfectly but fall apart on solos will always boggle my mind. Bonham is lively and Jones is flawless. Highlights are a very solid Ten Years Gone, an amazing "must hear" acoustic set, an epic Kashmir, a driving Achilles, and an excellent one-two punch encore. I'm rather surprised by this show, though I'd recommend ignoring everything prior to Ten Years Gone, but that's me.
  14. gibsonfan159

    New Jimmy Page Biography Released

    I had no idea. Thanks for that.