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  1. Black Dog in film TSRTS

    Remember when VH1 played the movie in the late 90s? That was my first time seeing it. I think I kept my finger on the "record" button on the VCR so I wouldn't miss a second.
  2. Pontiac 1977 - New Photos

    I don't think I've ever seen Jones playing that Ovation 12 string before.

    Damn, was embroidering technology that bad in the seventies?
  4. Presence

    In my head I keep wanting that riff to come back in as the chorus or something. That would've been an awesome groove for Page and Bonzo.
  5. Parents Comments About Zeppelin

    My dad knew I was a huge Zep fan since I was ten, but never really acknowledged anything. About three years ago we were riding together somewhere and WLL came on the radio and he said "Hey, I remember that one. Who is that?" I answered Led Zeppelin with a grin on my face. I think he always thought they were just a heavy metal band like Judas Priest or something.
  6. Plant's vocals on I'm Gonna Crawl

    I prefer this greatly over Tea For One.
  7. Song Remains the Same DVD - Std. vs. Blu-Ray

    So I'm confused on this. After holding on to the VHS for ages, I want to get TSRTS on disc and I want the best I can get. When searching for the two disc special edition (which I imagine has the most material) all I see come up is the DVD, not blu ray. Does the blu ray also include the extra material? Is one preferred over the other?
  8. It Makes Me Wonder

    Probably shooting out my ass here, but after 73 the band seemed to make a set list based on the songs that allowed for improvisation and exploration. Songs that had a straight forward, repeating riff disappeared from the live set. Maybe they were afraid of boring people? Personally, I think an extended guitar solo on every song gets old. Wish they had done more basic tracks live.
  9. Presence

    I think the vocals were too soft on Candy Store Rock. I like to imagine Plant still having his high range for this. I think that would've made it way more interesting. HOFN is the third best track on the album to me. Very catchy and upbeat. Tea For One is tied with Carouseumbrella for least listened to song.
  10. Ten "desert island" Zeppelin shows

    I could certainly live with your list. I think I'd swap out Stoke for Southampton.
  11. Unpopular opinions re live shows

    I don't care how awesome they were on 6/21/77, I don't like the show because of the crowd noise. It's just overbearing to me. The theremin was a bad idea. The drum solo should've been dropped after 73. The 77 guitar solos (after Moby dick) were overkill.
  12. travelling riverside blues

    To me, this is the most mysterious Zep track. Also one of my favorites. What was the intention of the song? Did they only put it together for the radio show? Is there any back story whatsoever of the song outside of the radio show? Was it meant for an album and then canned at the last minute?
  13. I kinda feel the same. The Knebworth shows have a certain charm, even though the cork-sniffers wanna pick them apart. I think Plant sounds better than at EC 75. Page is only slightly worse. Bonham is more energetic at knebworth. Seattle 77 is a dud in my opinion. Plant was horrible and Page was as bad as Knebworth. Bonham was on fire for that show though.
  14. Zep Artifacts Locations?

    I can't find anything about pics of the print used for IV. If you know of anything I'd love to see something about it's post album existence.
  15. Bootlegs

    I was making a point for the principal of the matter, not for the actual consequence. But I certainly won't argue that bootlegging hurts a band financially. I actually said the opposite. I think losing creative control is probably the biggest reason bands and managers were vehement against boots. We all know Page won't release anything official that has a mistake in it, at least not without heavy editing.