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  1. Dumb question regarding the EC footage

    Thank you. I knew I had seen pics of the screen before, but didn't realize it was up that high. Too bad they didn't go with a wider, theatrical screen.
  2. If the recording is from the live video feed from a screen behind the band, why can't you see the screen on the video footage? The screen is very clear in photographs of the stage, but not seen in the videos. Maybe it was above the camera angles?
  3. top 5 favorite No Quarters

    I'm glad to see that Providence version get some love, Page is on another level. Shame those 73 versions were so short when he was playing this well.
  4. Favorite Plantations

    I liked the introduction to Moby Dick on 5/24/75. "Somewhere out there watching is an eight year old kid. So Jason Bonham, here's your dad."
  5. Jimmy's beard

    I've actually not seen these pics before. Thanks.
  6. Jimmy's beard

    I've only seen pics of Jimmy when he already had an inch of facial hair. Are there any pics of him in the early stages? What's the first pic after he shaved?
  7. What live song do you skip or endure?

    Also Heartbreaker, maybe more than any other. I don't care for the studio version or the live versions (Except for maybe the West Coast 72 versions). As far as enduring no matter what, Rock And Roll, because I keep waiting to hear a version that matches the studio version. Still waiting lol. OTHAFA. Jimmy mixes that solo up so much it makes each version a treat. And the studio version might be my all time fav Zep tune. The Rain Song. I know this might be the least varied song Zep ever played live, but I listen every time. Maybe it's because I play guitar and each time I hear it, I'm in awe of how sophisticated and intricate the structure is. Achilles. Hell, I'll take the Tempe 77 version over just about any Heartbreaker.
  8. What live song do you skip or endure?

    Depends on which tour. Dazed after 73 has never really interested me. Same with WLL after 72. SIBLY after 73 is hard to swallow just because it was so played out. To me, this was a showoff song for Page and Plant and neither could top anything they did after 73. I do like the 4/28/77 version though (or 27, whichever was the audience source). I've never really enjoyed Misty Mountain Hop live. For me, that song simply has to have Rob's higher octave to sound good, otherwise he's got that straining on the toilet thing going. Like a user stated above, Moby Dick only gets played if I'm purposely listening to the entire show. Trampled Underfoot has me yawning after ten seconds. Page's solos for it were too forced and erratic and swamped in wah effect. Another track where I prefer the studio track. We're Gonna Groove in the early days. One of my least favorite Zep songs.
  9. best version of earls court 25.5.75

    I caught the EV "Heavy Metal Kids" on eBay. Why they included half of the 25th is confusing though. Why not add a disc and have a complete set? But then again, maybe this means it's a lower gen copy.
  10. Travelling Riverside Blues Cover

    Thanks, and will do.
  11. Whats up with Keith Richards on LZ?

    The Stones were great at catering to the mainstream. The mainstream came to Zep. Zep played blues rock with integrity and passion and the people who respected that integrity showed up to the shows. Meanwhile, the Stones were trying to convince teenage girls they were bad boys by singing songs from the "devils" point of view. Is this a Stones bashing thread, because it seems like it lol. Honestly though, who in their right mind would compare the two? I love the Stones and think Sticky Fingers is a top five must have classic rock album, but let's be real, they're a bunch of preschoolers in the shadow of Zep University. Albeit very marketable preschoolers in the 60s.
  12. Random Thoughts v.3

    I'd much rather have the complete 25th show with an hour of the 24th, but I thought it was pretty good for the price ($27). If I find a good complete 25th I'll grab it. I've been downloading so much digital stuff I'm just desperate to have something physical. Plus, the packaging is pretty cool.
  13. Random Thoughts v.3

    Just got this on eBay. Hope I'm not disappointed.
  14. Travelling Riverside Blues Cover

    Thank you! This was my first attempt with it on the 12. Took me thirty minutes to retune it. I'd ways thought this was an electric song, so it kinda blew my mind when I read Page used an acoustic 12 for the main guitar.
  15. So I did a comparison with the two versions (Supersonic vs TYOTD) and recorded it with my phone (which looks crappy but at least you can see the difference). The Supersonic show has the contrast/brightness cranked up a little, which seems like the better result at first, but I noticed whenever the camera pointed towards the stage light the picture became extremely faded. The EV version was darker overall, but maintained a better picture during the brighter parts. As far as quality of the video, I couldn't tell a difference. As far as audio, the EV version seemed to have a little more bass and clarity. So in the end, I'd choose the EV TYOTD version.