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  1. While browsing through eBay for Zep stuff you'll find a lot of off-beat items.Thought I'd make a thread about some of the more strange or downright ridiculous ones we come across. Or items that are cool, but you just can't convince yourself to buy.
  2. gibsonfan159


    What about The Guardian? Too heavily left leaning? I used to like NPR but their leftist bias has really started to show over the years. I'm slightly left of center myself, but I want my personal political bias to be determined from my own assessment of information. Not by a corporation trying to push me in a direction.
  3. gibsonfan159

    Items you can't convince yourself to buy

    Okay, a pillow case. Weird, but not that weird. What's strange is the print which is lifted off that terrible comic book. Looks kinda cool though. I could possibly convince myself to buy this.
  4. gibsonfan159

    Led Zeppelin Live book with unseen photos

    I thought that was released a while back? I don't think Rey had anything to do with this one. Wuuuuut
  5. If the recording is from the live video feed from a screen behind the band, why can't you see the screen on the video footage? The screen is very clear in photographs of the stage, but not seen in the videos. Maybe it was above the camera angles?
  6. gibsonfan159

    Dumb question regarding the EC footage

    Watching Queen at EC in 1977 and can't help but notice the video quality is exactly the same. I imagine it's also a direct feed from an overhead screen?
  7. Just listened to the old vinyl this morning and compared the Celebration Day. Why did they switch out the vocals? The original had Plant almost matching the studio vocals. Plus they just had more character. The remaster sounds like he came into the studio and redubbed the whole thing against his will.
  8. gibsonfan159

    What Made You Un-Happy Today ?

    Apanther, you are indeed, without a doubt, continuously trying to troll people in this forum by consistently posting random ass political opinions in order to reel in an argument. You're not the only one, but you're definitely one of the perps. Do you even post about anything else? I've never noticed.
  9. gibsonfan159

    A list of the best Zep photo books?

    Anyone going for this one? I got my preorder in.
  10. gibsonfan159


    Got this sunset from my porch a couple months ago.
  11. gibsonfan159

    Which shows do we know were multitracked?

    For anyone complaining about the original No Quarter. Although this doesn't explain the Black Dog/Celebration Day flip.
  12. gibsonfan159

    New Peter Grant Book

    When watching interviews with Grant I'm always taken by how gentle and caring he sounds. Sometimes hard to imagine him having to break bad on somebody.
  13. gibsonfan159

    Nitpicking Page 1973

    Nitpicking Page 3/16/1973 Vienna, Austria (Danke! Vienna- Winston Remaster) Page's reputation for this show is legendary, but let's see how he holds up to a nitpick. A boomy audience recording spliced with a soundboard. Sound quality varies. Excellent guitar tone btw, one of the crunchiest I've heard him use. Rock And Roll- A murky sound, but the guitar is cutting through good. Solo- He plays this very loosely, really stressing the bends and leaving gaps. Not bad but sounds unstructured. Excellent finish by Bonham for a solid version. "B+". OTHAFA- Good intro with a crunchy guitar tone. Plant sounds rough going into the chorus. Solo- Page shifts his phrasing up nicely, bouncing from speedy runs to perfectly played pedal steel bends without straining or overdoing anything. 3:24 is the type of short, speedy run that was easily played by Page at anytime pre-75. 3:43, Page struggles with these chords a little. 4:32, scratchy Plant. Good ending for a decent version. "B+". Black Dog- Page plays the main riff with supreme attitude and swagger. 1:48, double bass by Bonham makes this border on the "Death and Roll" genre. Solo- 4:01-4:12, good phrasing. A little inarticulate at 4:13. 4:37, menacing low note bends. This solo makes me wanna stop listening and jam some myself. "A". Misty Mountain Hop- Plant dedicates this to "Big Brother". The feedback on the intro sounds awesome. Not much to point out on this song, except how the palm mutes make it sound extremely heavy. Plant is a litlle scratchy throughout and the solo is solid. "A". SIBLY- Blazing intro. 1:04, nice SRV style bend. 1:10-1:16, lightning runs of the like that were never heard again after 73. 3:13, them trills. 3:20-3:28, the man's on fire. Solo- 3:54, one of the meanest sounding riffs ever by Page. Excellent solo, seemingly too short. 6:36, good scream from Plant. A huge problem with the 1973 SIBLY's- Plant is almost irrelevant. He was the showcase up to 72 and after 73 Page had to dial it back a bit which let Plant have equal ground, but in late 72 and 73 Plant might as well have went for a walk while Page schooled the world on badass blues riffs. "A". Dancing Days- 0:16, squeaking days are here again. 2:32, Page improvs a riff that is seemingly out of key. 3:15, now it may have been intended, but this series of runs sound off. The song ends abruptly. "B" for some bad structuring and looseness, though this is the first nitpick for this track. Bronyaur Stomp- Page's guitar comes in very thin with some feedback. Bonham's bass drum comes in like thunder. Breakdown- 3:00, guitar fades in and out abruptly. If the taper did this he should be slaughtered. Good atmosphere despite the recording flaws. "A". TSRTS- 1:09, something sounds off with these riffs. 1:50, Page is a little late on the beat. First solo- Page obviously doesn't have the live solo downpact yet. It's very erratic and poorly phrased. Plant's vocals fade on the returning verses. 3:33, very nice. Page had some trouble doing this beyond 73. Outro solo- Not only better, but honestly amazing. The bit at 4:24 is astounding and should have been a staple for this part. A few flubs keep it at a "B+". The Rain Song- 1:59, flub. The mellotron sounds like a movie playing in the background. 4:08, the vocals come in very distorted. Rock section- Nice guitar work from Page, the rest is hard to make out but sounds pretty good. It may be a bad recording, but I'd honestly take any 75 version over this one. "B+". Dazed And Confused- Can anyone make out what the guy said at 0:18? 2:53, knocked on my backside. 3:53-4:02, that's one large set of triplets. 4:25, Page turns down his volume knob for this noodling. First workout- 5:10, this is honestly pretty sloppy. 6:09-6:27, the kind of extended, fluid run that was rare after 73. San Francisco- Sounding good, and don't let Bonham's intricate drumwork go unnoticed. Bow section- Very dynamic with good interplay with Plant. Second workout- 14:46-15:05, another reminder of that level of awesomeness Page was able to tap into in 73. 17:21-17:28, excellent pull off run. 20:06, Page showing off a little. The Mars section is very loose, but comes out alright. 23:16, one of the most energetic climax sections I've heard. Good noodling on the finale with Bonzo destroying his kit. "A+". Stairway To Heaven- 3:19, good playing on the Rhodes by Jones. 4:12, an echo of laughter. Solo- A relaxed start. 7:11, those lightning fingers. 7:36, a wrong note. Good final runs. Plant sounds rough coming back in. A fairly solid version though the solo was almost too laid back. "B+". WLL- The title track is solid with some decent improv riffs. Boogie Chillun- Good except for wrong notes at 7:58. Baby I Don't Care- Not bad, maybe a little unstructured. Let's Have A Party- Much better. I Can't Quit You- A slightly subdued, straight blues sounding performance, but Page still puts down some impressive runs. The solo features a fantastic array of blistering blues licks, way too many for me to time stamp. A good medley but it lacks the atmosphere of the earlier ones. 22:25, Page flubs that phrase. "B+". Heartbreaker- Awesome intro jam and that guitar tone sounds killer. Some of Bonham's fills sound surprisingly too loose, almost flub level. Solo- Pretty standard with nothing really noteworthy. The "Bouree" part is played nicely. "A". Final assessment- Page plays very loose, almost careless at times, which shows his confidence and mastery over the fretboard during this era. He could go in any direction and still sound in control, though he certainly wasn't flawless. Plant is semi-scratchy most of the show, but the rest of the band make up for that, with Bonzo also matching the intensity of Page. The highlights- A menacing Black Dog, intense SIBLY, and devastating Dazed. Also a unique TSRTS. It almost seems like a necessary balance of the universe for Plant's vocals to have diminished by this era, because a 1970 sounding Plant in 73 would've simply been too much to handle. For those who say Page played on par with 73 in later years; Page did play some songs on the same technical level. He did do some runs that were reminiscent of earlier shows. He did do things after 73 that were beyond anything he had done before. He did match, and in a lot of cases outdo, the energy level of a lot of shows. But there's a certain element of Page's mentality that ceased to exist after the 1973 tour. He was able to access a level of ingenuity and power over the fretboard that let him play with full confidence, where even his mistakes seemed like a racecar driver almost losing it on a tight turn. He was able to play with a flow that was awe-inspiring for listeners and musicians alike. He was able to convey an attitude into the strings that almost seemed like he had to hold back to keep it from outshining the other members or committing overkill. At any time he chose he could let his fingers fly on a lightning fast, articulate run, whereas later on this sort of thing only happened on his better nights. Maybe he just switched drugs, who knows. But the totality that was the 1973 Jimmy Page was never seen or heard again, at least as far as I've heard. He tapped into something that year, like a kung-fu master who could toy with his opponents and still defeat them without really trying. Next up- 7/6 Chicago, the worst of 73.
  14. When my kid asks me to do something with them, I really need to stop what I'm doing and go play or whatever. I always have huge guilt trips over saying "maybe later". I wanna go back to school and learn some new skills just for the hell of it. I need to focus on what makes me happy instead of always worrying about things I have no control over.
  15. 0:25, Dave ad libs a joke about playing with the Stones at Altamont, which shows he knows a little about classic rock. That's Charlie Jones playing bass, who'd later play on the Page/Plant stuff. 6:00, Dave- "Do you hear anyone as good as Led Zeppelin?" Robert- "I hear a lot of people trying. There are some new bands around that are really good." For anyone/everyone who mentions Greta Van Fleet, take notice. This has been a reoccuring theme for over three decades. 6:10, Dave- "But you don't find it rewarding in any way though?" Robert- "Not as much as Jimmy Page does." The fans sound shocked as they mistake this as Robert sleighting Page personally, but Robert is merely making an underhanded remark that Jimmy makes more from Led Zeppelin than he does. I'd love to see some royalty figures that back this up. This might also explain why Plant is so reluctant to talk about the old days. He doesn't get paid as much for promoting the old days. 6:25, Dave- "It's not like the old days, is it?" Robert- "This must be leading into one of them." Robert realizes Dave's questions are leaning more towards his former band. An interesting comment after I've watched so many interviews lately with Robert promoting his latest album "Carry Fire", where he is noticeably reluctant to talk about Zep. He always tries to steer the conversation back to his current musical endeavor. So over twenty years ago, he was doing *the exact same thing*. 6:30, Robert- "It can be, and God willing, it will be." A very obvious hint that the "Unledded" project is already underway. The way he answers this is interesting; He either sounds thankful that he's getting to work with Page again and rework the old songs or sounds grateful that he's gonna get this "Reunion" over with because he's been pressured into it so much. Considering Plant's attitude, I'd assume the latter. 6:35, Dave- "So there's hope for the future?" Another very interesting question/remark because you'd really have to have been backstage for the pre-interview to know the context. At first I thought Dave made an extremely cringey remark that sounds like the only hopeful aspect for Plant is to revisit the old days {Plant's reaction backs this up also), then I realize he asks this because Plant has already hinted to him about the reunion that is being planned. Dave plays dumb by saying "I don't know what that means". Plant's reaction is the typical "Cat's outta the bag" lip bite.
  16. I try to keep an open mind, but some of the stuff people start spouting can be absurd. Then again, some things make me wonder.
  17. Checked out the remastered Rock And Roll. Sounds like the guitar tone is beefed up nicely. Unlike the HTWWW remaster, where it's dialed back a little.
  18. Now, I'm not saying they steal album covers or anything..
  19. And nude. Yes, I understand the general concept of the cover and that it represents an alternative artistic viewpoint. But these are the youngest nude children on an album cover since Nevermind. I actually never thought anything of it until I got older and became more aware of pop culture and standards of society. These are naked kids, end of story.
  20. gibsonfan159

    Random Thoughts v.3

    I've heard many sources state that William Wallace was nothing more than a rock slinger who deserved exactly what he asked for. Wallace was rebelling against a system that actually benefitted the country.
  21. gibsonfan159

    Random Thoughts v.3

    This forum is turning into a political trolling center. If the Moderaters want to allow it and ignore the instigators, fine, I'm game to argue with them. But the rocks being thrown at windows is pretty obvious and any repercussion should be shown towards those chucking rocks.
  22. gibsonfan159

    Random Thoughts v.3

    Jesus Christ, some people just don't/can't/won't get it. Listen carefully Panther and try to put yourself in other people's shoes. The photo used is used solely to sweep the awareness of police discrimination under the rug. "Dismissing" is an attempt to sweep it under the rug. I don't know the true context of the photo (could be shopped?), but it is irrelevant, COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT, to the fact that minorities are treated differently under the same circumstances as the majority. Which is what the BLM movement raises awareness to. I'm not a hard lefty, I value personal freedom and responsible law enforcement. But the evidence is overwhelming and anyone who argues is just trying to disguise the issue so their bias won't be exposed. Ask yourself Panther, are you biased or do you recognize statistical facts?
  23. Damn it, I'm gonna buy the new remaster. I've been listening to the 76 version for twenty years and maybe the new mix will blow my mind.