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  1. I'm gonna keep all future 1975 nitpicks under this thread as not to clog up the forum. Nitpicking Page 2/12/75 Madison Square Garden (Four Blocks In The Snow) This one has a reputation as one of the best shows of 1975. Of course this is a straight soundboard source, so I really need to imagine how it would sound live to judge fairly. I've listened to it a few times before but have never nitpicked it, so here we go. (Here's a remaster I did of the show that doesn't sound so dry- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NKfR9NOkf_U&list=PLtkfyvuP52RcQVJt6vNVOF6SsyDo-lf6L&index=1 Rock And Roll- A good solid start, Plant doesn't sound half bad. The solo, very reminiscent of the soundtrack version, except a little different at the end. Very nice start. Sick Again- First solo, good start. Hangs up a little at 1:49. 1:58, strains a bit. Outro solo, good fluidity but gets a little repetitive. A very pale comparison to 2/8, but not as bad as 3/21. OTHAFA- No flubs at the start. The solo, good noodling on the lower notes. The SB mix makes some of the bends sound strained, but I imagine they sounded more impressive live. Decent phrasing and improv throughout. 6:45, flubs the chords a bit. Not a bad version, though Plant started sounding flat. IMTOD- Solid playing, slow and heavy. One of my favorite versions actually. Solo 1, good flow with nothing forced. Pretty much perfect. Solo 2, same here. A solid slide routine. Page doesn't tend to improvise with the slide as much, but maybe that's a good thing. 10:22, listen to Percy! I guess that's as high as he could get in 1975 lol. A superb version, with Jones and Bonham also playing well. TSRTS- A muddy mix on this. The guitar on the first verses seems a little lackluster. The solo seems a bit strained at times, but I'm sure the SB mix accents that. The outro solo at 4:48 has Page's fingers tiring just a little. This version may not have been perfect, but it still had lots of energy. The Rain Song- 3:12, attack of the shitty mellotron (Or whatever he was using here). It drags a little up until the rock part, then seems to get back on track. Page's playing is fine though. 7:26, throw that damn mellotron out a hotel window. Beautiful ending otherwise. Kashmir- A very good version. 3:30, the mellotron acts up but it actually sounds intentional. No Quarter- Nitpicking Jones, he's putting down a very nice groove. Not really showing off, but playing what needs to be played. In comes JP. Not really nailing the flow on the funky part, but still maintaining the groove. Some decent fluidity on 9:05-9:12. He's playing very relaxed and without the fire he usually has for this. Sticky fingers at 10:03. 10:33-10:48, phrasing nightmare. Could this be the show where he really starts to lose his phrasing ability? 11:03-11:10, a nice fluid run. 12:37, some good bends. Bonzo and Jones are sounding excellent through this. 14:03, the jam seems to drift into an open field with Jimmy not sure what to do, but it almost mimics a Pink Floyd sound. The song comes back on track nicely. Outro solo, some solid playing accented by the wah pedal. It's obvious though that he's not in shred mode like 2/8. He's relying more on the powerful bends rather than lightning runs. It works alright for now. Trampled Underfoot- I'm sure Jones is doing some technical stuff for his solo on this song, but I've never found it very interesting. Luckily Page comes in soon. He's playing with some fire and nailing the bends. 4:22-4:27, these slow release bends usually sound terrible, but my god does he nail this one. 5:22, I love when he invents new rock riffs during a solo. Not the most articulate Page, but his phrasing was something else here. My only complaint is the incessant bass pedal through the whole thing. Moby Dick. 0.18, guitar flub. 0:42, flub. Damn Jimmy, you OK? Bonzo is, he's killing it. It's nice to hear this on a good soundboard where you can hear all those little snare rolls he's doing between the big hits. 18:58, guitar flub lol. Maybe he's out of tune? Dazed and Confused- I have to say, this song suffers badly without Plant's higher register. It just doesn't have the same impact. Maybe that's why they dropped it after 75. Page is playing very well through the opening. Not a bad opening solo, good phrasing and no strains. This San Fran section sounds really good, maybe the best I've heard. Bow solo, 11:50, that's officially the creepiest sound I've ever heard. It sounds like Plant is dying lol. This is a horror film done with sound. If there's any evidence the guys made a pact with satan, it's this bow section. Workout time- 18:03, sticky fingers. 18:10, some straining. 18:17-18:40, not good. Bad phrasing and articulation. 18:42, he finally gives up to rest his hand. Or brain. He comes back in and it's the same thing. 18:42-18:49 induces cringe. I'm thinking the Jack Daniels has kicked in? 22:30, he gets back in gear a little, with the speedy right hand showing up. The articulation is still a little rough. 22:38, very cool riffing. 24:25, officially out of ideas. He does manage to go into the Mars section flawlessly. 26:30, a very cool improv riff despite his sporadic playing. The song comes to an end like nothing bad ever happened lol. It's a shame because with the good opening, awesome San Fran section, and haunting bow section, this could have really been a classic. Stairway- "Sometimes all of our tharts.." Plant is singing with extra enthusiasm. Anyone know what he says at 5:58? The solo- a good start but Page seems to lose his direction quickly and starts repeating the same licks and pausing frequently. This has nothing to do with an injured finger, he's clearly inebriated and unable to focus. It's not a terrible solo, but compared to others it's a huge step down. To a nitpicker, it's an embarrasment. Plant sounds good though. Whole Lotta Love (Partial)- Plant is feeling good tonight. Opening riff sounds awesome and Plant is giving the crowd their money's worth. Black Dog- For all his flawed lead playing, Page is hammering down these riffs like a pro. Maybe it's muscle memory VS. improv ability (While drunk)? The solo- Other than a little bit of turkey gobbling, it's really not bad at all. He does the bends adequately and doesn't venture too far from the norm. 5:20 is a perfect speedy run to end it. Heartbreaker- I already dread nitpicking this solo. Let's see how goes it. Thundering intro. Solo- It's a standard "Heartbreaker" amount of sloppy. 6:07, nice change up. 7:10-8:48 somehow Page gets out of his mental fog and nails down a solid, fluid series of licks to end the song. 8:54, that drum fill must be mentioned. Final assessment- A good show overall. Plant, Jones, and Bonzo are relatively flawless. Page starts out alright, but sure enough after Moby Dick, his lead playing takes a noticeable dive. There's a pattern I've noticed with him starting a lead run, ending with a bend, and then he pauses like he doesn't know where to go from there. To mend this mental problem he starts repeating a line a few times as if to give himself time to figure out where he's going next. Until a soundboard of 2/8 surfaces I can't make an absolutist judgement, but Page is nowhere near the level here he was for that show or Montreal. As bad as 3/21? Maybe on par, but I'd have to listen to them side by side.
  2. While browsing through eBay for Zep stuff you'll find a lot of off-beat items.Thought I'd make a thread about some of the more strange or downright ridiculous ones we come across. Or items that are cool, but you just can't convince yourself to buy.
  3. What are some songs they played live that just make you cringe? Is there a bad version of The Rain Song? They played it so well consistently that I don't know if I've heard a bad version.
  4. gibsonfan159

    What's the worst live performance of a song?

    Yes, that TYG was pretty sloppy.
  5. gibsonfan159

    Iron Maiden and Judas Priest

    I remember reading that Priest got booed off the stage.
  6. gibsonfan159

    Iron Maiden and Judas Priest

    Priest. I've tried Maiden so many times but just can't get into them. A little too cartoonish for me. I admire the fact that they've stuck to their sound for so long though.
  7. gibsonfan159

    Outrider (1988)

    I like to think of Outrider as "Presence Pt.2". It has a similar production and feel. And I don't listen to it much.
  8. gibsonfan159

    Nitpicking Page (The quest for the best performance of 1975)

    Hey now, I'm doing these nitpicks so you can pick your own lol. But honestly, Zephead315 is the go-to for anything live. If you visit the Reddit Zep page /r/ledzeppelin/ he's already done a bunch of "Best of" lists.
  9. Gonna get one of these because I'm tired of navigating youtube for the content. What's the differences between the two?
  10. I paid $40 for a Knebworth VHS, that, I kid you not, has the worst performances of both shows combined on one. I was too naive to realize it back then and played it for a year straight.
  11. gibsonfan159

    Nitpicking Page (The quest for the best performance of 1975)

    After I do the last one I'll go through and make a "best of" in which I usually listen to each track again and compare them. That way I'll know if I was mistaken in my judgement or not. Sometimes if I'm not feeling it that day I tend to miss the general presence of a song. But strangely, I really liked the TUF on that one, a song I usually never have a good feel for.
  12. gibsonfan159

    Nitpicking Page (The quest for the best performance of 1975)

    That Dazed, to me at least, sounded like they were really tired of doing it. Add the fact that Page really wasn't "on" for this one like he was some others, his second solo lacked energy. He was much more fluid on the first two. I guess that's opinion though. I really wanna do 7/17/77 to see if it's as bad as I remember. I downloaded the SB/Audience matrix.
  13. gibsonfan159

    What's the weather like where you are?

    Why do I live here?
  14. gibsonfan159

    Nitpicking Page (The quest for the best performance of 1975)

    Nitpicking Page 5/24/1975 (The Earl's Court Tapes Vol IV) I'm using a remaster of the Watch Tower boot Zephead315 sent me (which sounds great). It has the same time stamps as the EC Tapes boot. Rock And Roll- Plant sounding pretty rough. Good energy though. Solo- I think "raunchy" is a good way to describe Page's lead playing that is sloppy in a good way. A little rough on the ending, but still a fairly good solo. "B+". Sick Again- Good energetic vibe and Plant has warmed up quickly. First solo- Struggling pretty badly. 2:58, Jimmy's barely hanging on here. Outro solo- 4:25 starts a good, articulate run, which is immediately followed by some struggles. 4:55 goes off the track a little. Page brings this down to a "B". OTHAFA- Cholera, sleeping sickness, Plant always has to cover for Jimmy lol. Perfect intro. 1:32, funny Plant yodel. 1:53, easy Robert. Solo- Phrasing is a little off at the start then finally tightens up some. 4:08, decent run. 4:55, turkey gobbling supreme. Not too bad, but probably the worst solo of the run so far. I really hate how Page always ends the song with that awkward finger slide."B". IMTOD- Smokin' intro. 3:45, Page disappears. Reappears at 4:11. First solo- Excellent phrasing on this one with smooth transitions. Second solo- A little more basic, but not bad. Jimmy's rhythm work wasn't perfect, but still a great version. "A". TSRTS- Good, speedy intro. The way it should be. First solo- Starts off good but loses some articulation on the fingerpicked part. A little smoother with a great finish on the pull offs. "B+". The Rain Song- Everything sounding great on this, with the mello sitting just right in the mix. Rock section- "Now listen!" Very good emotion from Plant. Superb version, "A+". Kashmir- Great first half. 6:30, flub. Good exit. "A". No Quarter- 2:20, "The snow fulls hawrd". Nitpicking Jones- A little slow moving, but hauntingly beautiful. Solo- Page gets a good groove going. He's not doing anything mindblowing, but he's playing very solid all the way through. A good jam section from the three. 19:39, Page does an excellent descending run here that is drowned out by Rob's ad libs. An extremely rock solid version, though I wouldn't pit it against 5/18. "A". Tangerine- Finally some bass coming through. Solo- Nailed it. The best so far. Perfect ending. "A+". GTC- Audio switches to audience recording. 1:54, Plant tests his limit. Sounds like a 71 version. Very nice. "A". That's The Way- Mandolin comes through nicely and Plant is lively, telling a story with the lyrics. Excellent mando on the outro with Plant nailing the last note. Plus a jab at Neil Young. "A+". Bronyaur Stomp- Guitar is low in the mix. "There's no companion for a blue-eyed merle". Deducting points for lyrical flub. Good version overall. "A". Trampled Underfoot- 2:58, Plant squeak. Solo- Jones is inaudible. Page comes in with some fiery riffs. He's keeping a good flow and not forcing anything. Plant throws in some nice Gallows Pole phrases. Very nice, "A". Moby Dick- Not quite as dynamic as some others. Dazed And Confused- First workout- Page doesn't get a great flow going and it sounds a little forced. Woodstock- Some good noodling before going into the main motif. 10:25, these wah riffs sound a little too erratic. Bow section- A little boring. Second workout- Phrasing is pretty straightforward. 20:44, not great articulation. 22:53, unique riff. 26:06, Page has used that descending run at least fifteen times now. Mars- Doesn't have much impact. 26:53, flub. 27:49, Page builds up to the climax then misses it. Page's finale noodling is decent. Not a terrible version, but arguably subpar. Plant sounds lazy and Bonham is half asleep. "B". Stairway To Heaven- Good first half. Solo- Page starts out more subtly on this one instead of overdoing it. 8:27, nice run. 8:53, hiccup. A few hesitant licks, but a very good solo. 10:20, Plant yodel. A fairly good version, "B+". WLL- Good energy. Page throws in some good funk riffs. Theremin- Plant comes alive with a good vocal duel as Jones shreds his bass. "Love Light" at the end. I suppose this is "A+" for an experimental track. Black Dog- The tempo seems to be dragging some, which doesn't sound good for an encore. Solo- Pretty rough articulation though Page is playing with some fire and the phrasing is good. Unique ending with Bonzo being dramatic. "A". Final assessment- Page's technicality has slowly declined as these shows have went on, but he's still better than most of 75. A perfect Rain Song, Solid Kashmir, haunting No Quarter, lively acoustic section, solid Trampled Underfoot, and textbook Stairway are the highlights. Not a bad show at all. Throw that Dazed out the window though.
  15. gibsonfan159

    LZ logo font

    Anyone know the source of this font or if it was used anywhere else? That's pretty awesome.
  16. gibsonfan159

    Who's That Bloke With Percy?

    This pic is so casual it kinda makes me uncomfortable. He should at least have some dragon socks on.
  17. gibsonfan159

    Random Thoughts v.3

    Yea, disregard that. It was off the wall. I'm speaking of having more cameras in public places.
  18. gibsonfan159

    Random Thoughts v.3

    Yes, and I'm glad for it. Body cameras are a must. I'm a big supporter of big brother because you can't trust anyone. But this doesn't have anything to do with the anthem protests, which are to shine light on the fact that cops have been abusing their authority for decades and getting away with it. Literally murdering people and getting a week suspension. Even with video footage nothing is really being done in a lot of cases. You can cry about your sports and your flag all you want, but when people and their families are getting murdered and then laughed at, they tend to not care.
  19. gibsonfan159

    Nitpicking Page (The quest for the best performance of 1975)

    Nitpicking Page 5/23/1975 (The Earl's Court Tapes Vol III) Not a great recording, but better than the 17th. Let's hope Page didn't stop by the liqour store during those four days off. Rock And Roll- Plant comes in sounding like he's 90. Solo- Pretty solid. Poor Plant. "B+". Sick Again- Minor flub at 1:17. Solo- Nimble fingers, maybe the best solo of the three I've done so far. Outro solo- Pretty fluid first runs. Strains a little on the bends. Still a solid version, "A". OTHAFA- Good intro. 2:15, Plant squeak. 2:26, flub. Solo- He struggles to get a good flow going, despite some decent runs. All the little parts sound ok, but they just don't fit together well. Good exit. The solo wasn't bad enough to really hurt it, "B+". IMTOD- Guitar drops in the mix at 0:53. First solo- Hard to make out, but he seems to put down some good phrasing. 5:41, Bonham and Page start the next part on different beats. Second solo- He does the weird phrasing again here, not too impressive. 9:18, Bonham almost loses the beat. 9:47, Page and Bonham just aren't on the same page for this one. "B". TSRTS- Good start with Plant sounding good on the verses. First solo- not the best articulation. Outro solo- Much better. "B+". The Rain Song- Very smooth version with a good rock section. "A". Kashmir- 2:14, Plant squeak. Absolutely no energy for this version. 3:35, Plant gets ahead of himself, Bonham tries to go another verse, but Page stays on track. 4:04, maybe the slowest fill I've ever heard by Bonzo. Plant belts out a good scream to lead back into the verse. 5:57, Bonham strangely hits the kick drum three times in a row. I suppose some might like this extremely slow tempo, it sounds like their batteries are dying to me. The mishaps and Plant's squeaky vocals keep this at a "B". No Quarter- Jones is almost inaudible on the intro. Nitpicking Jones- Taking a while to get going. Nice melody at 7:08. 9:52, wonderful octave run. Not too bad, but it pales drastically in comparison to the 18th. Solo- Page fails to get the flow going he had on the 18th, also lacking articulation. He does some neat whammy bar bends at 19:12-19:18. Not a bad performance, but I personally thought it was very bland. "B+". Tangerine- Guitar tuning is iffy. Solo- Sounds ok until the awkward ending where Page has to pause to switch back to the rhythm. Not too bad. "B+". GTC- I enjoy Plantations, but he needs to pipe down on this beautiful intro. No real complaints, a solid version. "A". That's The Way- Excellent version. "A". Bron Y Aur Stomp- Good first half. Page's breakdown section isn't bad, but fails to leave an impression. "B+". Trampled Underfoot- Good energy. Solo- Not bad at all, though the recording is a little murky. 7:59, weird sounding drum fill. "B+". Moby Dick- Maybe it's just me, but this one sounds very spastic and uneven. 11:48, I do like this part though. Dazed And Confused- 4:35, Damn, where'd that come from? 1969? First workout- Fair. Not incredibly articulate or well structured. 7:09, blown eardrums. Woodstock- Sounds pretty good. 9:37, this sounds really good. Page jams a little more before the bow solo. Bow section- Great sound quality through here and very spooky. Second workout- A straightforward beginning, nothing special. 21:55, decent run. 25:24, a little sloppy. Mars- Damn heavy with good accents from Plant. Page's articulation comes alive during the last flurry of notes and Plant scrreams his head off. A solid performance, but Page didn't really do anything above average. Kudos to Plant though. "A". Stairway To Heaven- Good first half. Solo- Like the 18th, Page is trying to throw too much in at once instead of creating a good build up. The beginning almost sounds like the finale and the whole thing sounds kind of emotionless. He's playing pretty good though and I'm certainly not one to tell Jimmy Page how to craft his solos. "A". WLL- Page gets some good funk licks in before the usual theremin section, which is pretty basic. "B". Black Dog- Solid first half. Solo- Not bad, some straining on the bends. Decent for 1975. "A". Final assessment- Page certainly wasn't bad for this one, but not quite on the level he was for the first two shows. The performances remind me of 6/26/77, where all the songs were performed adequately but lacked a certain amount of magic. Sick Again and a solid Black Dog are the standouts.
  20. Page started using a different guitar setup which I believe consisted of the Eventide Harmonizer. Although I think it worked great for some tracks (Achilles and NFBM), I always find it sounds too over-processed. The solo from Fool In The Rain is a prime example. It had a very flat frequency range and sounded almost like a synthesizer. It just wasn't a "Rock and roll" tone. I really wish he'd kept the old Les Paul straight through to a Marshall sound.
  21. gibsonfan159

    Random Thoughts v.3

    Remember when almost no one had a portable video recorder on them and couldn't conveniently record evidence of cops abusing their authority? Technology changes and attitudes change. And the fines go to charity, do you really think that will affect anything? Don't get me wrong, I think shitting where you eat is a bad idea and that there are more tasteful ways to protest, but it's still gonna happen. I guarantee it. Also, no politics.
  22. I try to keep an open mind, but some of the stuff people start spouting can be absurd. Then again, some things make me wonder.
  23. gibsonfan159

    Nitpicking Page (The quest for the best performance of 1975)

    I've been trying to stick to the stuff available on the "longliveledzeppelin" site since it's the most convenient way to get the boots. Some of those "FileFactory" links are a bit of a hassle. But I'll definitely get those for my personal listening.
  24. gibsonfan159

    Nitpicking Page (The quest for the best performance of 1975)

    Nitpicking Page 5/18/1975 (The Earl's Court Tapes Vol. 1) Not a great recording, but definitely a step up from the previous night. Rock And Roll- Pretty good start, though Plant sounds rough. Solo- Very solid with Bonham throwing in a unique drum fill. "B+". Sick Again- Good energy. First solo- fluid perfection. No complaints. Outro solo- Good start; but those bends at 4:45 sound very strained. Pretty good, "A". OTHAFA- Decent intro, but Plant sounds very shaky going into the chorus. Solo- 3:31-3:39, exceptional run reminiscent of 73. Again at 4:00-4:20. Page is ripping this apart. Flub at 5:32. Not bad, but Plant really brings this down a notch. "B+". IMTOD- Good intro. First solo- Page takes off with some good slide phrasing. Second solo- A little repetitive in spots, but not bad. Plant doesn't sound good on the cheeses part. Bonham does some amazing fills after the 9:00 mark. Pretty solid version despite Plant being subpar. "B+". TSRTS- Bonham comes in with a lot of energy for the intro. First solo- Page has a little trouble starting, but then sounds great with good articulation. Outro solo- The guitar drops out almost entirely for a few seconds, but sounds like he was playing good. If Plant's vocals weren't so crackly all the way through it would be a great version. "A" for 75. The Rain Song- Good start. Mellotron is a little flat compared to the guitar tuning. The rock section comes in like it's supposed to- blowing the doors off the place and Bonham knocking down the walls. Too bad Plant isn't sounding great. Good version, "A". Kashmir- Plant is having a really hard time staying in key. A heavy, stomping rhythm throughout. Page's lead work on the outro is sloppy. "B". No Quarter- Amazingly clear intro. You can hear the "swishing" from the chorus effect. Nitpicking Jones- 6:27-7:16, some of the most elegant, perfectly structured piano phrasing I've heard from Jones. Then Bonzo comes in for an excellent, dreamy jam section. I think Page even holds off a little longer than usual to let it flow. Solo- Page is playing very relaxed which works well for this. Good, smooth runs. 14:39-15:04, perfect phrasing and articulation. 15:42-16:25, Stevie Ray Vaughn level of bends and phrasing here, sans the beefy guitar tone. That bend at 16:16 gets me rigid. He merges the ending theme with some creepy chorded arppegios. Perfection. It seems wrong to bring the verses back after that. Decent outro solo, though the intensity is lacking after the previous solo. Page may not have had the frenetic energy he did in 72/73, but his fingers and brain are just as nimble. "A++" considering Jones really nailed it too. Tangerine- Guitar is in tune (albeit twangy) and the harmony sounds better this time. Solo- Very loud and shrill, not great phrasing. Plant sounding much better. No bottom end makes this song sound slightly thin live. "B+". GTC- This performance has a much better flow than the previous night's. Plant strains a little on the bridge. 4:14, that mandolin. "A". That's The Way- Not gonna lie, this song bores me to death. Good mandolin playing throughout and Plant sounding good. "A". Bronyaur Stomp- Solid version. Page's breakdown gets a little mundane and he disappears from the recording almost entirely at 4:52. "B+". Trampled Underfoot- Recording gets a little murkier. Solo- Page gets some decent licks in, but the phrasing could have been a lot better. He kind of gets lost at the end. "B+". Moby Dick- This one failed to hold my attention. It's alright I suppose. Dazed And Confused- Powerful, menacing first part. First workout- Page goes wild at first and then tapers down. Woodstock- Takes a while to get going, but sounds pretty good. Plant always sings the verses like he's making them up on the spot. Bow section takes a while to get going. Not bad, not great. Second workout- Page's phrasing is alright, but his runs are just a tad sticky, like at 22:15. This one just isn't flowing as well as the previous night, though it's certainly not bad. Mars- Very basic. Climax sounds good with Bonham raisning the energy level. Page gets some nice fluid runs in at the very end. This is a very solid version with everyone sounding good, it's just very straightforward. "A". Stairway To Heaven- Superb sound at first but gets a little muddy as it goes on. Excellent verses. Solo- Good energetic start with Page in shred mode. 7:20, speedy right hand. A very lively solo that's almost too energetic, but I'm not complaining. Plant is a little scratchy on the final verse. "A". WLL- Very thin sound. Funk/theremin section is again nothing special. Black Dog- 1:42, my ear drums are crying. Solo- Starts off good, but he loses it some at the end with some bad articulation. Good flurry of notes from Page on the finale. "B+". Final assessment- Another good showing by Page, though I don't know if this show outweighs the previous night. Both are pretty good showings for 75. No Quarter is a must listen. Great Going To California and a very solid Dazed.