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  1. While browsing through eBay for Zep stuff you'll find a lot of off-beat items.Thought I'd make a thread about some of the more strange or downright ridiculous ones we come across. Or items that are cool, but you just can't convince yourself to buy.
  2. gibsonfan159

    Nitpicking Page 1977

    I'm omitting the acoustic sets from any of these because 1, the set is already gigantic and it would take me forever to do the whole thing, and 2, Page's playing doesn't vary that much on them other than some improvising on Bronyaur Stomp and White Summer. And although Page is a pretty good acoustic player, that's not where he shines, so it's unfair to judge it too much. Also omitting the drum and guitar solos. Nitpicking Page 6/21/1977 (Listen To This Eddie) We all know this show, so let's get to it. This was one of my first downloads, so I have no idea which actual version I have. The time sigs should be pretty close though. TSRTS- Undoubtedly the best intro of this song that I know of. Up-tempo and Bonham destroying his kit on the first few measures. First solo- Bonham matching Page's vigourous riffs. Second solo- Guitar is a little murky, but playing sounds good to me. This is "energy" defined musically. "A+". Sick Again- Almost a mathematical fact that bad things always seem to happen when there's a chance at perfection for a song. 0:44, Page either breaks a string on the intro and swaps guitars or has a cable issue. Solo- Missed note at 2:38, almost unnoticeable. Outro solo- 5:00-5:12, good fluid run. 5:34, a little sticky. Not a great flow, but good enough. "B+". NFBM- Pretty much flawless first half, though this is a song that's hard to screw up. Harmonica- I'm not the best judge of the instrument, but sounds like Plant knows his stuff. Solo- Pretty solid, maybe could've used a little better phrasing. "A". OTHAFA- Minor flub at 0:21. Plant seems to have some of his high range back. Solo- 3:04-3:12, absolutely love these bends. Superb phrasing. Articulation is a little hard to make out, but sounds pretty good. Top notch solo for this. 6:05, Page plays the out of tune string repetitively as to let his tech know. This is how this solo should've been played all through 75. "A". SIBLY- 0:42, yes sir. 3:04, Page matching Robert's vocals here makes me realize how sound his mind was for this show. Solo- "Suck it". Hangs up a little at 4:16. Very solid and fluid, maybe just a little spastic. A very solid "A" version. No Quarter- Nitpicking Jones- Very moody piano work that wanders on like the music to a silent film. Gets his Ray Charles going at 9:28. Boogie section- Page comes in with some steady lead work. 12:45, Bonham loses the beat for a second. 19:25, Bonham and Page having fun. Solid solo with Bonzo blasting away. Good outro. Apart from Bonham playing like a madman, there's nothing too noteable. "A". Ten Years Gone- Good solid start. First solo- Articulate, fluid, perfect phrasing. A minor flub at 3:41. Second solo- Pretty good. 5:34, tape cut, but the alternate source sounds good. Good playing on the outro. A first nitpick, so I'll say "A". Kashmir- 6:02, what a yell. Bonham does some cool, unorthodox fills at the end. A good version with the mellotron virtually absent. "A". Heartbreaker- Thunderous intro. Solo- Pacing himself nicely. 4:17, I know this is supposed to be somewhat intentionally sloppy, but this was almost a trainwreck. 5:00, Page was great at this type of noodling, should've done it more. 5:57-6:07, that's what I'm talking about. Good playing at the end of the solo with a nice extended jam. It's nice to hear this played with vigor again, unlike the 75 encores where it just sounds like they were legally obligated to play it. "B+" because of the choke in the solo. Achilles Last Stand- Very harsh guitar tone as he plays using the wah pedal. First solo- Spectacular. 4:41, minor flub. Second solo- Basically playing lead runs between the main riffs, very nice. Being the first time nitpick, I'll just rate this an "A". Stairway To Heaven- Solid first half. Solo- Extremely energetic playing and pretty good fluidity. 8:46, this little improvised riff sounds a little off. An "A" at the least. Whole Lotta Love (Partial)- The Alembic bass just doesn't work with this, in my opinion. Rock And Roll- 0:46. Bonham fires the tommy gun. 1:40, the version I have has a terrible sine wave noise present. Solo- 2:10, flubbed chord. Not bad. Final assessment- Bonham was feeling his oats (or coke) for most of this show. Page was quite impressive, playing with energy and a sound mind and I can't wait until he releases the multitrack later this year. We can dream, can't we?
  3. And I don't think I could be convinced otherwise. Elvis just never reached this level of coolness, I don't care how many jumpsuits he wore.
  4. gibsonfan159

    The True King of Rock and Roll

    Jesus, I just noticed the guy strumming the acoustic lol.
  5. gibsonfan159

    Random Thoughts v.3

    The interview wasn't as intimate as I'd hoped.
  6. gibsonfan159

    Nitpicking Page 1977

    I think it's a typical 77 show. The band sounds good and plays good, but Jimmy is just a little subpar and makes a few mistakes. It sounded like JPJ got something good going on No Quarter, shame it was cut. I think Page's improvised solos are a double edged sword. When they work they sound great, but when they don't it can be cringe inducing.
  7. gibsonfan159

    Random Thoughts v.3

    New issue of Tiger Beat.
  8. gibsonfan159

    Led Zeppelin to do a Live streaming service

    https://www.npr.org/sections/therecord/2015/06/02/411473508/how-well-can-you-hear-audio-quality I was 3/6. I could definitely tell 320 from 120, but uncompressed was almost indiscernible from 320. But I was also using medium level earbuds.
  9. gibsonfan159

    What type of strings do you use and why?

    Gibson- GHS Boomers 10-52 Tele- Ernie Ball extra light I'm starting to stray away from Ernie Ball though, I've noticed their strings start to corrode quicker than others.
  10. gibsonfan159

    Led Zeppelin to do a Live streaming service

    There is pretty much no detectable difference between flac and 320k. Anyone who says they can hear a difference is a gosh durned liar.
  11. gibsonfan159

    Nitpicking Page 1977

    I thought about it, but I don't think there's enough standouts to really make a definitive list. They're all pretty solid shows, but I don't think any performance tops the LA run.
  12. gibsonfan159

    Nitpicking Page 1977

    Well, that explains the tempo. Thanks.
  13. gibsonfan159

    Jimmy Page confirms 2018 release(s)

    I think it's time to accept that physical releases aren't money makers anymore. Doing something just to satisfy the fan base isn't gonna happen. It's actually very surprising that they released the new deluxe editions physically, especially considering there's nothing new.
  14. gibsonfan159

    Nitpicking Page 1977

    Nitpicking Page 5/18/1977 Birmingham, Al (Out Of The Way- The Diagrams of Led Zeppelin) I've had this show on my computer for a long time, but was always turned off by the distant audio source, There's actually quite a bit of clarity, it just has that "recorded from the rafters" sound. It has an excellent reputation so it's worth a nitpick. TSRTS- Page's 12 string meanderings on the intro make you wish he'd used it more frequently to write songs. Good start. First solo- Articulate first half. A little less on the latter half. 4:00, Plant strains slightly. Outro solo- Impossible to make out, but Jones and Bonham sound good. "B+". Sick Again- Massive swagger on the intro, reminiscent of 6/21 without the string break. Plant sounds decent. First solo- Good phrasing and fairly nimble fingers. 4:23, nice double bend lick here. Outro solo- Starts off with the usual spurts of noodling but by 5:27 he's just forcing it. Still a good "B+". NFBM- Good start. 2:05, Page jumps the gun a bit. Harmonica solo- Starts good but he seems to get lazy and hits a bum note at the end. Guitar solo- Not bad, some bends sound strained. Good energy, but performance wise- "B". IMTOD- Thunderous first half. First solo- Hard to make out, but the phrasing sounds a little lackluster. Not bad, but Jimmy fails to really take off. Second solo- Gets going a little better. Out of key at 6:30. Struggling near the end. 8:37, fantastic vocals. 8:50-8:55, Page goes off the road a bit. 9:18, a near flub but Page jumps in on time. A cut near the end. Just like the previous song, there's tremendous energy, but the solos could've been a lot better and there were several flubs. "B". SIBLY- Intro rolls in like fog, slow and moody. Excellent opening vocal. Solo- Page blasts off with aggressive phrasing. Not bad. Solid performance by all, but nothing too mind blowing. "A". No Quarter- Page is absent on the intro riff and doesn't arrive until 1:40. A unique version already. 2:54- Massive vocal sustain. Nitpicking Jones- Excellent audio quality btw. The transition from organ to piano is surreal. Damn, a cut. Not too big of a chunk though. Some decent piano noodling. Boogie section is pretty straightforward, though Page never really gets a good flow going until the end. Solo- A better flow here with some nice interplay with the other two. 15:40, nice tempo change by Bonzo. 18:29, Percy is feeling his oats tonight. As usual, Page plays a little smoother with the wah toward the end. 20:15, damn. Although a good performance in places, I've really gotta grade this on a steep curve. The lackluster boogie section brings it to a "B+", otherwise fairly solid. Ten Years Gone- False intro as JPJ apparently wasn't prepared. 3:30, Page's chorus effect comes through louder than usual. 4:27, slight flub. First solo- Rough start, but he straightens out. 5:52, wrong note. 6:03, flub. Straining near the end. Second solo- Much better, but some slight straining. Third solo- Some good bends to start. 9:15, yikes. 9:36, ouch. Fourth solo- The best of the bunch. 11:40, almost flubs the last notes. I hate to do it, but I gotta slap a "C+" on this one. (12:17, They went home with his car key?) Acoustic Section: Battle Of Evermore- 3:30, nice vocals. Fairly solid. GTC- Very good with excellent harmony at the end. BCW- Not bad, short. BAS- Uptempo, very energetic. A cut on the breakdown. WS/BMS, rough intro. Not phrased well and minor flubs throughout. "B+". Kashmir- Powerful with booming drums. No flaws I can hear on this inspired version. "A". Achilles Last Stand- Intro sounds very subdued, probably a volume control accidentally turned down. Excellent beginning. First solo- Starts off just a little shaky but he gets going okay. 4:34-4:44, some off-key notes. Second solo- Not bad. Third solo- The delay effect doesn't come through but it still sounds good. Too many flubbed solo notes make it a "B", though it's certainly a thunderous, energetic version. Stairway To Heaven- Beautiful, mesmerizing first half. Solo- Page releases a steady barrage of melodic runs with good phrasing. 8:26, out of key. The final four bars are great, except for some bad articulation on the last bit. The climax hits hard and blows the roof off. "B+" despite some off-key notes. Rock And Roll- Good energy for the encore. Solo- Page does some unusual bends to start it off, but ends with textbook perfection. "A". Final Assessment- This is one of those shows that had the potential to be a classic. The energy and attitude was there but lady luck wasn't with Page this night and almost every song went off in the ditch in one way or another. The other three performed exceptionally. Highlights are a moodier than usual SIBLY and a pretty much flawless Kashmir and Rock And Roll. Ten Years Gone is a travesty for Page, with even Plant losing some motivation. Achilles and Stairway were damn close to being amazing, but again Page struggled.
  15. gibsonfan159

    BBC Sessions Appreciation

    I bought it on cassette in 97 just for Traveling Riverside Blues. First time I ever heard the WLL medley and it floored me.
  16. gibsonfan159

    Led Zeppelin to do a Live streaming service

    Download a free DAW and set it to record the incoming signal.
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    Pardon my naivete, but how does unauthorized live material fall under any copyright law? Shouldn't the studio releases still cover any live performance? Aren't bootlegs still illegal before or after 50 years?
  18. gibsonfan159

    What are you watching on TV now?

    New Norm McDonald show on Netflix. I was expecting a trainwreck but he's actually a damn good interviewer. I like the loose, uncensored, unedited format of the show. There's just enough awkwardness to keep it fun and not too cringey.
  19. I try to keep an open mind, but some of the stuff people start spouting can be absurd. Then again, some things make me wonder.
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    Remembering contributors on this LZ Forum

    Did you see my first nitpick post? I was basically dragged into the streets and stoned by angry villagers because I shed a little truth on the band's chops.
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    Longer or not, Page's playing on Orlando is miles above Osaka. That's really what I was basing my opinion from. Edit: In reference to Immigrant Song only.