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  1. And you thought the best thing to come out of Colombia was the finest Arabica coffee, well….you could be wrong! Digital Bounze duo Steve and Chriz are set to release a new daring track “Box of Memories” in collaboration with producer Sory and singer Vincent Barco, also from Colombia. This ambient chilled house track is set to become a taste of summer and bound to be a balearic favourite on the San Antonio beaches as the Mediterranean sun sets. Moving away from their usual mainstream club style, “Box of Memories” reaches out to many who have experienced lost love; giving people hope when they feel there is none left and learning from those times as one emerges back into mainstream life. The track is definitely majoring on the positives in life. Digital Bounze are an established team well known in the EDM and club arena, and although “Box of Memories” has taken them in a different direction they have found the experience worthwhile and will win over and inspire the public with the song’s profound lyrics and arrangement. This chill out track will certainly encourage people to live their lives to the full, with a sublime way of portraying this message. Digital Bounze are no strangers to the spotlight, having tracks aired at the Ultra Music Festival by Galantis as well as getting radio play from players in the EDM scene: Tiesto, Thomas Gold, Sunnery James and more. Rubbing shoulders and wowing the 4000 ravers at festivals with EDM stalwarts Steve Angello, Deadmau5, Axwell Ingrosso, Zion, Lennox and more. Steve started to DJ at the age of 15 with a passion for house music. Chriz entered into music at the age of 6 playing the violin and flute in several orchestras before delving into the world of EDM production at the age of 12. Both have been influenced by a varied taste in music with main influences coming from Swedish House Mafia, Erick Morrilo, Linking Park, Gorillaz and Coldplay. They have taken all of these genres on board and have composed an evolutional sound, with plenty of soul and energy wrapping the crowd in energy. Barco’s eclectic voice with beautiful South American undertones blends perfectly with the subtle beats making “Box of Memories” a track to remember the summer by. If you are someone who loves the taste of summer and inspiring music then this is most definitely the track to check out. Social Media: Follow us: Facebook : Youtube: Instagram: Twitter: Follow Sory: Instagram: Facebook : Follow Vincent Barco: Instagram: Facebook : Twitter:
  2. Sherelle Clarke, best known as Relley.C, is an upcoming urban singer-songwriter behind the powerful new single “Unruly”; a soulful and uplifting track that captures the best of what modern music can be. Vibrant, inspirational and redemptive,“Unruly” is a song that will captivate audiences around the world with it’s heartfelt and empowering message. Combining RnB, Soul and Contemporary Pop, “Unruly” is a truly memorable song from a talented artist you will not want to miss. Relley C’s new single“Unruly”' reaches out to people from all walks of life and is all about believing in yourself and knowing you are enough to accomplish great things no matter what people say or how they may perceive you. This song is all about being yourself and being proud of who you are. Relley C is a powerful female performer who is an amazing role model for young people everywhere. Her track “Unruly” celebrates personal choice and the freedom that comes when we choose to live our lives according to our own rules. This is a song which is at it’s core about believing in oneself and the ability to overcome whatever obstacles life might happen to throw at us. Relley C is a truly transformative performer and someone with a great deal of wisdom to share with her listeners. The former X-Factor Finalist is no stranger to the spotlight and is known equally for her vocal talents as she is for her magnetic stage presence. Inspired by the likes of Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blige, Beyonce and Lauryn Hill, songstress Relley C is able to work within well established RnB song structures to create something new and truly original. “Unruly” is a breath of fresh air and a very welcome entry into the landscape of global urban music. In a world of formulaic popular music without a heart or soul, Relley C is an artist with something truly original to share with the world and born from a place of true inspiration. If you are someone who loves deeply inspiring and moving music sung with true passion and emotion, you need to check out Relley C’s new single “Unruly”! More dates are being added but be sure to catch Relley C headlining at: BurtonFest on July 22nd, 2017 Warwickshire Pride on August 19th, 2017 Herfordshire Pride on September 2nd, 2017 FOR MORE INFO: Biography: Twitter:@Relley_C Instagram: Relley_C Snapchat: Relley_C Facebook: Relleyc LinkedIn: Relleyc