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  1. The Era of Led Zeppelin

    1 to 4...the rise to the top PG and Presence....Zep at their peak HOTH and CODA...hard to place these. I love CODA and several HOTH cuts. But I consider them fillers (albiet fantastic ones) between the eras Purposely left off ITTOD....to me it was basically Plant/Jones getting 'artsy' and not Page/Plant/Jones/Bonham. I just dont like it. But, since it IS a Zep album lets just say if PG and Presence was the peak, and 1-4 the climb up, then ITTOD is their plunge from the top, with CODA as a finale showing us what they once were.
  2. I wish Page would get Jones and Jason and somehow get Plant off his tower to get together and finish (vocals and remix) "10 ribs and all", "LaLa", and "St Tristans Sword". Three actual new songs that can be keyed to Plants vocal range now. Even redo "Swan Song" as their last studio song.
  3. ITTOD

    I too blame it all on Page and his being out of the loop due to drugs. So sad. He eventually recognized it when he relates how he and Bonham decided the NEXT album would go back to what Zep does best...riff driven rock. Unfortunately this was the last album. Not enough Page and Bonham input and way too much Plant and Jones input. Now, when I scan the truck radio and stop on a Zep tune, it is almost always the dreaded FITR and I just cant take it...have to hit 'scan' on the truck radio again.
  4. Presence

    Different strokes for different folks. My top 10 zep songs (which is kind of fluid and in no order) has Achilles, Nobodys fault, Tea for One, and For your life, all of these are on Presence. But we are both into Zep enough to join this forum! I think thats cool. I despise the last few minutes of Carouselambra but the first several minutes are pretty good. And to the OP, Presence is my all time favorite Zep album.
  5. old man with sticks

    I wonder if he still has it? Man it would be cool to see what he bought and compare it to whats on the album.
  6. Trivia On Led Zeppelin (31 Questions)

    21. Amazing because I know a ton of trivia about the songs but not a lot about the people who almost played with them, etc.
  7. Royal Orleans the song and the hotel

    I love Hots on For Nowhere too! Fantastic song. Love the power chord at the end. I used to CRANK that ending so I could hear the reverb or echo or whatever its called from the last note.
  8. Robert Plant rearranging zeppelin classics

    Couldn't agree more with the original poster here. Plant tries so hard to distance himself from the Zeppelin years, then goes ahead and performs Zeppelin songs. I love Zeppelin, really really do. But ya know, the band members are people....I dont have to worship everything they do. Plant has been disappointing me in a LOT of what he does lately. I know I'll get bashed here for this, so be it, I am entitled to my opinion. Most of his solo stuff sucks, not all of it, some of it kicks, but most of it doesnt. Kind of have to ask ourselves, if Plant never joined Zeppelin....would he have made it in the music world if all he ever did was his solo stuff?
  9. What next? AGAIN

    I still wish they would at least get together and TRY to finish 10 ribs (beautiful tune), La La (great rocking beat), and perhaps St Tristans Sword. Plant/Page could write words, key the music to Plants vocal range, get Jason and JP in there, and give it a go. If it sucks, destroy the tapes and say 'thats all folks', if it works out, release them and then say...'thats all folks'.
  10. Easy to figure out why I wouldnt want it on the album. In my opinion the song sucks. Simple. Bonham certainly is outstanding on it, but the song just sucks. I tolerated it in 1979, now I just plain cant stand it.
  11. I was 18 and had eagerly waited for the release, being a Led head since 1973. I am well aware how popular it was. But just because it was popular doesn't mean it was good. Look at some of the music today. But then thats why Baskin Robbins has 38 flavors, if everybody was the same they would only have one (and it would be black cherry!!!).
  12. Anything is better than how it is now. I'd break carouselambra into two songs, (Carousel and Lambra ? HAHA), then throw "lambra" and Fool in the Rain into a shredder so that they could never be found and put onto a Zep "lost cuts" album. Darlene is AWESOME and I love Wearing and Tearing. So ditching the two and putting in the other two should do it. Then the weakest cuts would be All of My Love and Hot Dog. Both are listenable unlike FITR and the last half of Carouselambra.
  13. The later albums?

    Agreed. Presence is my favorite zep album. ITTOD is such a let down. Almost never listen to it. In the Evening and only the first half of Carouselambra (or however its spelled) are the best on that album in my mind. The last half of carouselambra is one of the worst songs zep ever even thought about. Fool in the rain is one of the few, perhaps only as I think about it more, zep song that I change the radio station when it comes on. Unfortunately it gets a lot of airplay. I however really like CODA. Maybe after ITTOD anything would sound good, but after all these years I still like CODA.