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  1. Going way back to plants remark about where John Paul Jones was, when plant replied "He's out parking the car". What was the catalyst for that? Why did he have such animosity towards JPJ? Was there a long simmering fued between them? I mean, plant isn't exactly an idiot...he had to know it would get back to JPJ. I dont recall any friction between them during their heyday. Any ideas?
  2. Besides being a Led head, I am a HUGE HUGE Apollo fan. Can you provide a link that details what plant said about the Landings, what he recalls about it? Thanks!
  3. "Do I owe the first person that employed me"? Yes, a little. I am always grateful. But what you didnt ask...."When I was near the end of my dream and ready to give up then someone noticed me and as a result turned me into a multimillionaire and one of the most famous rockers in history and allowed me to realize my dream, would I feel like I owed THAT person? Especially when after all is said and done that person (Jimmy) seemed to be lost in the post Zeppelin breakup". Yeah, I like to think I would encourage him and when I (plant) held the key to maybe a freaking reunion or cutting a few songs or even just finishing unfinished songs (like LALA or 10 Ribs and All) with the result is that it helps out my buddy. I mean come on, its going on 40 freaking years. Thank goodness for 02. Did that kill him? Even ABBA is getting back together for a few songs. He (plant) is just SO AFRAID of being typecast into the Led Zeppelin thing that he just shuts it out. I've got news for him....he could find the cure for cancer, Alzheimers, AIDS, and male baldness, yet he would STILL be firstly known and introduced as "the singer for Led Zeppelin". He needs to come to grips with it. This space shifters nonsense and raising sand and other junk is just noise. 100 years from now no one will ever hear of that, but Zep is timeless. One day it will be too late, if not too late already, he may wind up regretting his distancing from LZ. I do believe Jimmy, JPJ, and Bonham would have been a supergroup with any of several others singers. Plant fit in perfectly of course and the 4 formed the greatest group, but I do believe even with another vocalist we would still be talking on this forum.
  4. Um......, his talent HAD gone unnoticed until Jimmy got a hold of him. In at least one of the many books and articles Ive read about Zep over the years plant was talking about being on a road construction crew and wondering if her should give up on his singing career since he just couldn't seem to make it. Fortunately he didnt, but the FACT is we had a struggling singer that due to Jimmy Page got the lead role in the greatest group in rock and roll. Its called gratitude, if someone helped me achieve my goal in life I certainly would keep it in mind.
  5. Exactly! In fact, wasn't plant thinking about throwing in the towel before Jimmy contacted him? That is why when others say that plant owes us nothing (regarding a reunion) I say perhaps not us , but he CERTAINLY owes Jimmy a thing or two. In my mind (its sometimes a strange place😎) plant would have been nothing without Jimmy.
  6. Agree. Yeah, heaven forbid that plant gets back to the roots that made him famous. Instead we have that Raising Sand garbage he is so proud of and now SSS. I think Jimmy blew it by not just seeing the light with plant back in the early-mid 90s, getting Jones and Jason together and picking up a new singer. THAT would have lit a fire under plants butt. A new Zeppelin kicking ass without him.
  7. I started lessons when I turned 52. Im 57 now and went from a negative 10 to a negative 9!!!! At this rate I'll leave the "I am horrendous with a guitar" category and enter the 'I suck at guitar" category when I turn 80! Ah well.....maybe in my next life.....
  8. How come I cant get a 26 year old girlfriend?????
  9. dandak

    2018 Oscars sucked worse than ever

    I dont even bother. Self-promoting hypocrites telling the rest of us how to think.
  10. Sure wish Tea for One was included.....absolutely LOVE IT. And....so GLAD that AML and FITR were not included, hits or not, it is not what I think about when I think of LZ music.
  11. dandak

    How about an acoustic reunion?

    Since plant is now a prima-donna and wont do anything with Zep, how about the other 2 getting together with Jason and just doing a little instrumental playing in front of a live audience. They can do Bron-yr-aur, Black Mountainside, Moby Dick/Bonzos Montreux, 10 Ribs and All, St Tristams Sword, La La, Jennings Farm Blues, Swan Song, etc., as well as a long long medley of the riffs from worded Zeppelin songs (Nobodys Fault, Heartbreaker, 10 Years gone, Out on the Tiles, Tea for One, Achilles, etc). I'd bet even without plant there the event would be fantastic. Of course, the naysayers would be griping that "it isnt Zeppelin" (Duh....No Kidding?) but I'd still take that over NOTHING, which is what we will get as Page waits...and waits....and waits...for plant to say he is interested. Heck, invite the singer from Greta Van Fleet to sing along on a few songs. Seriously, plant isnt coming around, these guys are getting old. Its time to do SOMETHING without plant.
  12. dandak

    The Era of Led Zeppelin

    1 to 4...the rise to the top PG and Presence....Zep at their peak HOTH and CODA...hard to place these. I love CODA and several HOTH cuts. But I consider them fillers (albiet fantastic ones) between the eras Purposely left off ITTOD....to me it was basically Plant/Jones getting 'artsy' and not Page/Plant/Jones/Bonham. I just dont like it. But, since it IS a Zep album lets just say if PG and Presence was the peak, and 1-4 the climb up, then ITTOD is their plunge from the top, with CODA as a finale showing us what they once were.
  13. I wish Page would get Jones and Jason and somehow get Plant off his tower to get together and finish (vocals and remix) "10 ribs and all", "LaLa", and "St Tristans Sword". Three actual new songs that can be keyed to Plants vocal range now. Even redo "Swan Song" as their last studio song.
  14. dandak


    I too blame it all on Page and his being out of the loop due to drugs. So sad. He eventually recognized it when he relates how he and Bonham decided the NEXT album would go back to what Zep does best...riff driven rock. Unfortunately this was the last album. Not enough Page and Bonham input and way too much Plant and Jones input. Now, when I scan the truck radio and stop on a Zep tune, it is almost always the dreaded FITR and I just cant take it...have to hit 'scan' on the truck radio again.