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  1. Cosmic_Equilibrium

    Nitpicking Page 1977

    Good review. I've never quite understood the disparagement the Houston show receives from some quarters, to my ears it's a good performance, not the best of the tour, but solid, and Bonham is spectacular on certain songs.
  2. Cosmic_Equilibrium

    Are there any songs that you feel just don't work when played live?

    HotH songs either work great live or don't... The Rain Song is magnificent live, but I would have preferred it if OTHAFA had been dropped after 1975.
  3. Cosmic_Equilibrium

    Underrated/overrated shows

    Think I might as well include the Nassau shows from 1972 which are PHENOMENAL, TBH they blow the HTWWW shows away. Cleveland 28/04/77 is an almighty performance too.
  4. Cosmic_Equilibrium

    Are there any songs that you feel just don't work when played live?

    Rock and Roll post 1973 - mostly due to Plant's voice, plus it became a bit tired as a setlist encore. OTHAFA to me always sounded a bit 'scratchy' live, as does TSRTS. The studio versions aren't as heavy, but sound fuller and lusher. Dazed and Confused post 1973 should have been dropped from the set. The 1975 versions are just too unwieldy.
  5. Cosmic_Equilibrium

    Jimmy Page confirms 2018 release(s)

    I thought the consensus was that the Japan shows were multitracked somewhat basically, but Page or the band listened to the tapes and decided they weren't of quality to release. At least that's what I recall.
  6. Cosmic_Equilibrium

    Jimmy Page confirms 2018 release(s)

    You'd be surprised about what bands don't do sometimes. It boggles me slightly that Black Sabbath didn't do more extensive recording of their live shows - they just did bits in 73 and 75 I think - but it seemingly wasn't a huge priority for them. Equally, I've always been surprised that Floyd never put out a big live album in the 70s. They recorded their 1974 Wembley show and released that as bonus material on the DSOTM and WYWH releases eventually, but I don't think they professionally recorded the 75-77 era. Sometimes the circumstances surrounding the band can contribute. Sabbath were dealing with an ever-increasing drug habit and legal troubles which probably distracted them a lot. Page as we know was strung out periodically on the 77 tour, it seems logical to assume that he probably didn't get round to multitracking everything because of that. It's more likely he did possibly multitrack in 75 outside of EC, as he was more together for that tour, but it's not certain. EDIT: Actually, when you think about it, Page did more multitrack and video recording than a fair few major bands of the 70s: 1970 RAH 1971 Japan 1972 LA/Long Beach 1973 Southampton and MSG 1975 EC 1979 Knebworth That's more than most bands of the era bothered to do. We criticize Page for not doing enough, but what if he was actually being more productive than almost anyone else from the era?
  7. Cosmic_Equilibrium

    Updated Soundboard Wish List

    ^ Yeah, those two shows are just absolute bangers. I wasn't bothering with 1972 much, but those performances..... oh wow.
  8. Cosmic_Equilibrium

    Radio broadcast reels mystery

    Oh I had no intention of buying them, I was just wondering how authentic they were. I thought they were probably repackagings of bootlegs anyway.
  9. Cosmic_Equilibrium

    Radio broadcast reels mystery

    Anyone got any clues as to what the story behind this is, it's been floating around on ebay for some time now: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Led-Zeppelin-Live-Two-Radio-Broadcast-Reels-1969-1970-1971-1977-1980-Rare/302554222323?hash=item4671a30ef3:g:qxIAAOSwUM5aJfI4
  10. Cosmic_Equilibrium

    Updated Soundboard Wish List

    The UK winter '71 tour is pretty great, but it would be nicer to have it in decent quality. I do think some of the high points of that tour equal Japan or other more famous 1971 shows, particularly the Manchester show which is a ferocious performance but sounds like it was recorded at the bottom of the ocean. SB wish list, then: 26/04/69 San Francisco 11/11/71 Newcastle 24/11/71 Manchester 02/12/71 Bournemouth 14/06/72 Nassau 15/06/72 Nassau 12/01/75 Brussels (for WTLB in SB quality) 22/06/77 LA
  11. Cosmic_Equilibrium

    Underrated/overrated shows

    Yep, the Manchester show is good. So too is the one from the Winter 71 tour, although it sounds like it was recorded at the bottom of the ocean. Zeppelin always seemed to play good shows in Manchester. Not sure how underrated this is, but after playing it on Youtube last night I'll throw in Nassau 14/02/75 - a great show and the equal of the MSG one two days earlier. The band were on good form in those mid-Feb shows. The St. Louis one from the 16th is a solid performance too.
  12. Cosmic_Equilibrium

    Underrated/overrated shows

    I like the Southampton show but it is a very loose and laid back performance, with the exception of a great HMMT/CB. I do value the recording quality and also how low key it is - the biggest band of their time playing a student union hall at the same period they were headlining multiple nights at huge US venues. The contrast is interesting. Don't write off the UK tour because of it though - check out Stoke from a week earlier, that is a pretty underrated performance.
  13. Cosmic_Equilibrium

    top 5 favorite No Quarters

    I think it seems to have a lot of momentum in the middle jam section and doesn't drag. I haven't listened to the two following shows as much, but will give them a listen too. The momentum is one of the reasons why I also went for the Houston 77 version as well. The 1977 NQs are rather hit and miss for me. Some sound concise (Houston), some jam on for ages without getting boring (LA 27/06/77) and some sound rather aimless. I must admit though that I can't stand the jams with Nutrocker in them, it sounds ridiculous.
  14. Cosmic_Equilibrium

    Underrated/overrated shows

    Haven't seen this discussion for a while and thought it would be interesting to get it going again. Underrated: 1) LA Forum 22/06/1977. Several people have mentioned this one as potentially the greatest shows of the 77 tour, and I have to agree with them. The band is just ON here, if anything even more so than the previous night. The main drawback is the sound quality, but it says a lot that in spite of that I keep coming back to this perfomance all the time. Best version of IMTOD ever. One of the two or three best versions of Kashmir ever. Phenomenal energy all the way through and if Millard had been there this show would be in the top 10 of most people's lists. 2) San Francisco 26/04/1969. Most people go to the 24th, which has great sound quality, or the 27th, which seems to be a favourite show of the early days to listen to. Both of those are great performances, but the 26th has the edge on the other nights around it - the band is white hot on here. Again, it's a case of a sub-par recording putting people off somewhat, but with a bit of effort this is a rewarding listen. 3) Knebworth 04/08/1979. I get the feeling a lot of people tend to be too disparaging of this show, either thinking it's a slightly uneven performance, or that the Copenhagen shows massively overshadow it. I honestly don't really get either claim, I think the band are absolutely firing on all cylinders. They do sound a little tense here and there through nerves, but I think this is regarded as one of Zeppelin's classic shows for a reason. Best version of Achilles Last Stand ever - top two or three at least - and also the best versions of ITE and WLL around, plus another superb version of Kashmir. I appreciate that the performances are just as good on Copenhagen, but the better sound quality of Knebworth gives it an edge. I do agree that the following week's show wasn't as good though. 4) Vancouver 19/03/1975. Best show of the 1975 tour. Possibly the best SB recording ever, more bass than usual. Spectacular version of NQ too. 5) Several 1971 shows - take your pick. I could choose Hiroshima (the overlooked show of the Japan tour), or the first night at Berkeley (almost as good as the following evening). The UK winter tour stands out though, with several really nice performances ranging from the relaxed (Newcastle) to the wild and passionate (Manchester), though one has to get past the sound quality on a lot of the recordings. I think generally the live standard of the band in 1971 was so high that nearly every show seems to qualify as either very good or brilliant. Overrated: LA Forum 1975. All three of these shows are fine, but I can't really get into them - the band sound quite tired and worn out, and seem to lack the energy and inspiration of the previous week.
  15. Cosmic_Equilibrium

    1979: Copenhagen v Knebworth

    I have to agree with these comments. Copenhagen 24/07 is certainly a great performance, but when people say that the sound quality is as good as LTTE I have to wonder what they were smoking. There's like, no BASS or depth to the recording. It just sounds tinny. Obviously not every audience tape can be like Millard's, and Copenhagen is not the worst AUD tape I've heard of Zeppelin by a long way, but there is no way I would classify it as the best AUD tape ever.