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  1. you guys like memes?

  2. Presence Success

    Yeah, I never really got into punk. I kind of think it's all sort of inane
  3. favorite band (besides zeppelin)?

    LOTS of Rush fans here!
  4. Presence

    Yes, agreed! It starts off great, I wish they would have worked that opening riff back in somewhere a few times.
  5. Parents Comments About Zeppelin

    Yes, my dad is 74, so definitely a different generation. Very cool stories about the plumbing Plant relative and Richard Cole!
  6. favorite band (besides zeppelin)?

    There are other bands besides Led Zeppelin? HAHA. I also like Jimi Hendrix, the Who, the Stones, the Doors, Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, Metallica, a local band called Modernage, Rush, Eric Clapton and related bands, Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Willie Nelson, V.A.S.T. I think the musical pickings are slim after the '90's and dont really care for much music produced after the '70's (exception is Rush, of course!)
  7. Parents Comments About Zeppelin

    OMG, that is hilarious!!! I got into classic rock because of my dad! His favorite band is the Who, but he had all of the Led Zeppelin albums, most of the Stones and is an ENORMOUS Jimi Hendrix fan. I can still remember him blasting "Gypsy Eyes" on Saturday mornings! And I have to admit, I HATED "Stairway to Heaven" because he went through a phase where he played it over and over and over again! I got over that, of course! But yeah, my dad actively encouraged and was responsible for my taste in music!
  8. Presence Success

    I love Presence, but definitely came to it later in my Zep love affair. Achilles is hands down one of my favorite Zep songs of all time - one time, I had it on and Mr. EaglesOfOneNest (who is not nearly the Zep fan I am) couldn't believe it was Zep! He was like, "OK, this is Metallica before Metallica!" - you can debate that all you want, but that was his reaction. Anyway, I agree that the length of a lot of the songs on the album mean that they didn't get that much airplay. I don't ever remember hearing Achilles on the radio, but I was born in 1974, so I can't speak for the environment when the album first was released. Sirius does play some gems from Presence on channel 27 ("deep tracks") from time to time.
  9. Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience (Tour)

    I agree that the JBLZE show is really fantastic and totally worthwhile even though it's a "cover band". FWIW, I paid about ~$50 for floor seats at the Hard Rock arena in Hollywood, FL. We were very close to the stage and it was awesome. I have no idea what the non-floor tickets were going for (less, obviously), but I had seen a comedian (Russell Peters, worth it if he brings his show to a city near you!) at the venue a few months earlier and the stadium seating was really terrible regarding the view of the stage, etc. I am OK with paying more for a smaller venue versus than a large arena... in the days of my youth (hehe), I saw plenty a show a Madison Square Garden and the Meadowlands in NYC / NJ and sure, you could see a big name band for $18 or something, but the seats were so far away and the acoustics were meh. It's worth the extra money if you have it to get closer seats (or even farther away seats) in a smaller venue, and since there are fewer tickets sold, of course, they have to charge more. I saw Phil and Friends at a theater in Montclair, NJ a few years ago and we were all the way in the back but still much closer to the stage that I ever got when I went to Grateful Dead arena shows back in the '80s and early '90s.
  10. Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience (Tour)

    Wow, what a set list. I LOVE Down by the Seaside and TYG is my all-time favorite. I saw the JBLZE in 2016 in his backyard here in South Florida with Tony Catania. Tony was fantastic; I can only imagine how Mr. Jimmy is going to take the show to the next level. I hope he brings the tour here to South Florida again!
  11. It Makes Me Wonder

    Interesting and probably correct. I got free tickets a few years ago to see some '90's like Gin Blossoms or something (don't judge! Tickets were free, it was an outdoor event and the weather was beautiful) and the guitar player had a different guitar for each song. Each one!! His guitar tech came out between songs and handed him a new guitar; you could see them all lined up and ready to go at the back of the stage. That seemed really excessive for such a mediocre band!
  12. Blaize, what a great story!!! Glad to hear Richards isn't a total a-hole, it's always disappointing when public figures just want a little privacy ;-) Regarding Bruce, him saying that about Zep doesn't surprise me. I think he's talented, he does great things for the citizens of NJ, but I find him to be an insufferable virtue signaler! And I don't care for his music either, even though I grew up in NJ!
  13. Presence

    Presence is one of my favorite Zep albums, if only for Achilles (a tour de force!) and Nobody's Fault But Mine. Can I admit here that Tea For One is the only and I mean ONLY Zep song that I dislike? I already debated the various merits of it with some folks on another thread. Everything else on that album is pure, awesome Zep; you cannot pigeonhole them!
  14. Robert Plant rearranging zeppelin classics

    Thanks for that! Didn't know that
  15. Robert Plant rearranging zeppelin classics

    That looks like a good set list. I generally hate '80's music, what a terrible decade, but I like his '80's stuff.... Big Log, In the Mood, Twentynine Palms, Ship of Fools. Even the cheesy Honeydrippers stuff. I absolutely loved the Sea of Love video on MTV!