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  1. Night Flight is a totally underrated song. I love it.
  2. EaglesOfOneNest

    What's the Next Concert You're Attending?

    Indeed... I keep commenting on their FB page, "COME TO SOUTH FLORIDA!"... glad to see they listened! 😉
  3. EaglesOfOneNest

    Hot Pics of Robert

    apologies if this has already been posted
  4. EaglesOfOneNest


    From CNN.com https://www.cnn.com/interactive/2018/10/entertainment/led-zeppelin-cnnphotos/index.html Hadn't seen the photo of Plant in the pool before!
  5. EaglesOfOneNest

    What's the Next Concert You're Attending?

    As luck would have it, I got an email about pre-sale tickets for GRETA VAN FLEET in Miami, where I live! Got 7th row seats - concert is in Miami. I cannot wait!
  6. EaglesOfOneNest

    Rehearsals at Manticore Studios, early 1977

    What fantastic photos! Thanks for sharing!
  7. EaglesOfOneNest

    Neal Preston's best photograph: Robert Plant catches a dove

    I always wondered about that photo. Interesting and thanks for sharing!
  8. EaglesOfOneNest

    What's the Next Concert You're Attending?

    I'm DYING to see them but they don't have anything scheduled remotely near me 😞
  9. That last line is great!!! I just asked this question on another forum topic!! And yes, this article was definitely from 1986 as it says he is 40 years old and it's 6 years after the breakup of Zep. Although he's talking about classical music, one could almost see how his work fits in with EDM, way ahead of its time!
  10. EaglesOfOneNest

    How old will you be for Zeppelins 100th anniversary

    I'll be 94 as well... but that brings up a good point. Widely available music (available to most people on radio, records, 8-tracks and cassettes) is a fairly modern construct. It makes sense that most people today are familiar with and enjoy listening to a wide variety of music from the 1950's onward because most people were alive when music from the '50s - today are still alive. However, in 2068, will people still listen to Elvis, Ray Charles, James Brown, Led Zeppelin, the Who, Rush, Willie Nelson, Pearl Jam, etc? Or will the sheer amount of music available be so large that older acts naturally fall off the radar? Will people that weren't alive during modern music's birth and heyday still be interested in that kind of music? I've left Rolling Stones off of that list because Keith Richards will still be alive in 2068!
  11. EaglesOfOneNest

    Why isn't this the version of WTLB ?

    GREAT version! Thanks for sharing!
  12. EaglesOfOneNest

    Sept 25, 1968

    They went into the studio at 11PM on Wednesday so their studio time likely spilled into Thursday without a separate booking
  13. EaglesOfOneNest

    Best 14 Led Zeppelin Love Songs

    Agreed, it was missing Trampled Underfoot and Custard Pie!
  14. EaglesOfOneNest

    Tea For One

    I don't like it. It's the one, the ONLY Zep song that I just don't like
  15. EaglesOfOneNest

    Led Zeppelin - Plagarists Or Innovators? Article

    I have to read the article and then come back and see if I have a different opinion, but to me, they weren't plagiarizing. Their "crime" if you will was not crediting properly. Everyone did it, there is nearly no "original" music..it all feeds off each other