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  1. EaglesOfOneNest

    Learning to Play

  2. EaglesOfOneNest

    Learning to Play

    Yeah, figured it would either be an instrument or knitting as I get older to keep the brain sharp and I'd much prefer the end result to be music rather than a scarf!
  3. EaglesOfOneNest

    Learning to Play

    Thanks! Encouraging to hear!
  4. EaglesOfOneNest

    Single female Zepp fans.

    I'll concede that Motley Crue is not terrible 🙂
  5. EaglesOfOneNest

    Learning to Play

    Hi everyone, apologies if this is not the right forum to post this question in., but.... how difficult is it to learn to play an instrument as an adult? I played the saxophone as a kid... started about age 8 and played all the way through high school when I was kicked out of the music program because I absolutely could not handle playing the sax and keeping up with the marching band routines - inability to walk and chew gum at the same time! The school had a rule that you could only play an instrument if you also played in the marching band (stringed instruments excepted). Now that I am semi-retired, I have the time to learn an instrument again. I probably could remember how to read music with a little memory jog. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  6. EaglesOfOneNest

    Single female Zepp fans.

    Mr. Eagles of One Nest has truly horrific taste in music - he's stuck in the 80's with hair bands. Awful. From time to time, he'll do Metallica or Priest when I complain.
  7. EaglesOfOneNest

    Post A Picture Of Yourself!

    Hi guys - thought I'd post a photo of me going to work. KIDDING, this was from Halloween, my favorite holiday!
  8. EaglesOfOneNest

    Favorite 2 Led Zeppelin songs off of each album?

    LZI: Good Times Bad Times / Communication Breakdown LZII: Ramble On / Lemon Song LZIII: Out of the Tiles / Bron Y aur Stomp LZIV: Misty Mountain Hop / When the Levee Breaks Houses: Rain Song / No Quarter Physical (double album, 4 songs): Trampled Underfoot / Ten Years Gone / In the Light / Black Country Woman Presence: Achilles Last Stand / Nobody's Fault but Mine Song: Whole Lotta Love and a repeat of Rain Song Out Door: In the Evening / Hot Dog Coda: Bonzo's Montreaux / Poor Tom
  9. EaglesOfOneNest

    Favorite Lyrics?

    My all time favorite line of any song!
  10. EaglesOfOneNest

    Which Pre Led Zeppelin Jimmy Page Song Are You?

    Beck's Bolero... .also, I want to know if anyone DIDN'T pick the Ace of Spades in that last question? LOL
  11. EaglesOfOneNest

    Led Zeppelin Quiz - Not EASY!

    17 / 20, missed the Australian artist question also
  12. EaglesOfOneNest

    How the West Was Won Album Cover

    Anyone else love this album cover? I think the photos of the band are some of the best I've seen.
  13. EaglesOfOneNest

    Thank You covers & origin

    I love the Duran Duran cover of this song! What is and What Should Never Be is (supposedly) about Robert's relationship with Maureen's sister, Shirley, although I think that factoid came from "Hammer of the Gods" and as such should be taken with a grain of salt
  14. My Led Zeppelin Spotify playlist just contains all Led Zeppelin songs ever recorded that I like!
  15. EaglesOfOneNest

    Robert Plant in Paris last night

    He sounds great!! They played a few months ago near where my parents live and I suggested that my dad, a Led Zep fan, go check them out. He said, "Robert Plant is too old". My dad is 76! HA!