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  1. EaglesOfOneNest

    Sept 25, 1968

    They went into the studio at 11PM on Wednesday so their studio time likely spilled into Thursday without a separate booking
  2. EaglesOfOneNest

    Best 14 Led Zeppelin Love Songs

    Agreed, it was missing Trampled Underfoot and Custard Pie!
  3. EaglesOfOneNest

    Tea For One

    I don't like it. It's the one, the ONLY Zep song that I just don't like
  4. EaglesOfOneNest

    Led Zeppelin - Plagarists Or Innovators? Article

    I have to read the article and then come back and see if I have a different opinion, but to me, they weren't plagiarizing. Their "crime" if you will was not crediting properly. Everyone did it, there is nearly no "original" music..it all feeds off each other
  5. EaglesOfOneNest

    Does 'Coda' Count?

    Poor Tom is one of my favorites!
  6. EaglesOfOneNest

    BE TRUE TO YOUR SCHOOL: The College Football Thread

    The ball is the same size. the field is the same size. there are few rules that are different. And NFL doesn't have marching bands!
  7. EaglesOfOneNest

    Which member of Led Zeppelin are you?

    Jimmy Page on the original one; JPJ on the 2nd one. If I had the chance to meet one and only one LZ member, it would be JPJ!
  8. EaglesOfOneNest

    Pink Floyd sounding very Zep-like?

    A little... I'll give you that. But Pink Floyd had its own distinct sound for sure.
  9. EaglesOfOneNest

    Does 'Coda' Count?

    Yes, they were songs that the band created together that had not been previously released. I would include them.
  10. EaglesOfOneNest

    What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    Disposable Heroes
  11. EaglesOfOneNest

    How great are the Foo Fighters?

    I respect them as musicians and think they're talented but I don't like their music. Too screamy and angsty.
  12. EaglesOfOneNest

    Led Zeppelin or Related on YouTube

    What happened to the live Whole Lotta Love video from SRTS on YouTube? You can only get the audio now
  13. The Facebook Group "College of Rock and Roll Knowledge" was put in Facebook "jail" for posting a photo of the HOTH album cover. Insane!
  14. EaglesOfOneNest

    BE TRUE TO YOUR SCHOOL: The College Football Thread

    Yes, same size as the NFL. A few of the rules are different between college and NFL but the field is the same size.
  15. If we're going with just audio, it would be a hard pick for me between Ramble On, Ten Years Gone or the Rain Song... for the light and shade aspect that others have mentioned. If we're going to add in the performance element, I'd say Whole Lotta Love from the the Song Remains the Same... It starts and ends with blistering drums from Bonzo, there is good back and forth between Robert and Jimmy and between Bonzo and JPJ; it has the theremin, the flaming gong, the improv breakdown in the middle, all without going into 20 minute plus territory. All that's missing is a little JPJ organ or Jimmy's bowing and it would be the perfect encapsulation of Zep live at their peak.
  16. EaglesOfOneNest

    BE TRUE TO YOUR SCHOOL: The College Football Thread

    I went to Rutgers for undergrad and University of Miami for grad school, so those are the two teams I root for. Rutgers won yesterday (v. Texas State, just a warm up) and the Hurricanes play tonight!
  17. EaglesOfOneNest


    The world's most expensive cover band!
  18. EaglesOfOneNest

    New Jimmy Page Biography Released

    Isn't Capricorn the goat?! LOL And... not that hard to find a live goat in Manhattan. My grandparents lived there and were adventurous - always making new friends and trying new things. Once, in the late 1960's or early '70's, they were invited to a party thrown by a Haitian couple they had recently met. My grandmother went to use the bathroom and heard a noise behind the shower curtain. She checked and there was a goat! She grabbed my grandfather and they departed! Evidently, not adventurous enough to participate in a voodoo ceremony!
  19. I don't know how to play bass and I play it better than Gene Simmons. How is this even a question?!
  20. EaglesOfOneNest

    New Jimmy Page Biography Released

    LOL!!!! I once dated a guy that was into astrology. He insisted on "doing" my chart and was "shocked" that I had no Capricorn anywhere in my signs or whatever because I was such a "hard worker". Needless to say, that was not a relationship that lasted very long!
  21. EaglesOfOneNest

    Best RP stage outfit

  22. EaglesOfOneNest

    Best RP stage outfit

    IpMan, apologies for offending your delicate sensibilities!!! 🙂
  23. EaglesOfOneNest

    Best RP stage outfit

  24. EaglesOfOneNest

    Interview with Jimmy Page - GQ Magazine

    The interviewer asked kind of asshole questions regarding the occult and drugs. I did like what Page had to say about Ginger Baker and his criticism of Bonham! I thought it was touching that he said the most profound moments of life were the births of his children... stars - they're just like us! Also that performing with Leona Lewis at the Olympics was a highlight. Not what I would have expected! I also agree with his comments about the 1960's / 70's. I was born in the early '70's and didn't really get to experience them, but I can only imagine how exciting that time would have been for a young adult. People are jaded today. Nothing is new or exciting.
  25. EaglesOfOneNest


    I was out with friends and there may have been adult beverages involved. We had an impromptu AC/DC singalong (Cause I'm TNT, I'm DYN-O-MITE!). The next day, I was in the car with Mr. EaglesOfOneNest, using the GPS on my phone. I said, "That little singalong was fun last night". The GPS interrupted the direction-giving to say, "I'm sorry, I can't help you with an AC/DC singalong". I swear that the words "AC and DC" were not uttered while we were in the car! Creepy!