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  1. What happened to Plant's voice in 1972 ?

    Plant was never a trained singer. He sang from the throat not the abdomen most likely. He was lucky to reach the highs he did before 1972 even though he did hit it now and then in 1973 ( LA ). I always thought that HTWWW had Plants voice recorded too high . I personally don’t like it . There is little baritone and it was pitched way too high in the recording. To me it had little feeling. The 71 Osaka dates were Percy in top form. He can hit the highs , be spontaneous and on key and also supply a baritone Elvis like feel in medleys. Orlando also is a peak. Plant had a mature voice so imagine him on American Idol at the age of 20 and he would have blown those teenyboppers off the stage. It matured fast I guess with his harmones and one had to realize how young he was in 72 and 73. He never lost his voice as much as he juat just got older. His voice changed. Yes they did 3 hr shows 4x a week which would not be happening now and he could have cancelled a ton of them. Alcohol and cigarettes don’t help plus the grueling touring of the seventies. It was a voice stress for anyone.
  2. Montreal 2/6/75 Underrated?

    Hey sorry . I got a little ahead of myself before searching for the topic. I thought I was the only one on to something😜. Give me a rhythim section like this and Plant in good form after 1973 and the only thing that comes close to me is Copenhagen. I never understood the raves about 1977 especially after SIBLY was played . Plant is nasal and Page is sticky. The STH solos were meandering and his tone wasn’t at par with 1975. Having said that ..thank you all for the nice welcome since this site has been my addiction for quite a while as is live show collections . Years ago In NYC you could go down in the village and find store after store of live shows along with compilations also. Those were the days.
  3. Montreal 2/6/75 Underrated?

    Feb 26 1975 Audience recording with some good bottom which was rair in 75. Plant is sick but he gets the job done and gets better with the show I was never a big fan of the 73 recordings nor did I like Pagey playing . In 1975 on all cylinders I feel they were nastyand dirty tight. This show , with bootleggers comments and all, proves how good the rythim section was getting. Rock n Roll - watch how the energy builds right after the solo Sick Again- wonderful Jimmy extended 3rd solo. Lightening fast. OTHFA- Jimmys guitar loses a string. You can start to here him switch the key prior . The band covers and just listen to Bonzo.!! IMTD- stellar - as good as 5/24/75 EC SRTS/Rain Song- again Jimmy and Bonzo are tight as ever. The guitar flurries on the 12 string during the solos are reminiscent of Japan 71 at end of Celebration Day. Jimmy is in full command maybe making up for Percy. Kashmir - even without Plant are the end outro, this is one of the best if not the best sounding versions I have ever heard. That's saying a lot for 1975 where the versions sounded weak with the melotron. Listen to Bonzo snare hit intro. No Quarter.- again a wonderful paced Jimmy solo. When he gets on the wa wa you can hear some Frampton in there. Better than any Earls Court. Trampled - raw version. Page lights up the solo. Very intricate and fast. Sounds like steely Dan a bit. Watch how they mess up coming in from the solo and recover. Zeppelin- always on the verge of a mistake!! MD- Bonzo coming in after the typannys is the best I have ever heard him play adding lightening fast triplets with amazing stamina. Playboy had Karen Carpenter voted best drummer that year and Plant holds nothing back letting his childhood friend know that at the end. Very funny. Dazed- what a version. Due to Robert's sore voice they refrain from pushing him so Jimmy takes command. There is a section after the call and response part which is probably the fastest most fluent I have ever hear Jimmy play. He is just pushing Jones and Bonham. He is steady, fingers are loose playing almost Van Halen like. The speed of the band is thrash like. Reminds me of the Europe 73 tour agin with Plant hoarse. Is it me or does Jimmy usually shine when Robert is ill and vice verse. Stairway - the best and most lyrical Jimmy solo I have ever heard. Blows EC away. Watch how he just keeps pushing it and pushing Bonzo. We don't need lyrics. Jimmy tells a story with his guitar. BD- stellar Heartbreaker - raw and dirty. Listen to the second solo and Jimmys speed. Wow. Its amazing since the review in the Zepplelin Live chronicles was sub par. This show proves that the boys were a bit nervous at EC which besides the acoustic stuff is very lumbering. This proves that when Jimmy is not LA distracted with minimal press, after a good nights sleep he can be as good or better than any rock n roll guitar player out there. This show gave me faith in the bands ability to kick ass in a tour that doesn't get good press. Me personally would listen to a 1975 show more than an impersonal heroin laced 1977 show or thin sounding 1973 show. After this the only performance that rivals it is Copenhagen 79 which is another story all in its own. This is my first post in this website. Though I am as knowledge equipped of this band as you fans are, it is a relief that I don't have to waste theses thoughts on my wife doesn't get it. You Tube the above show before it's taken down.