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  1. Jimmy is living in the past. Enough already! To be quite honest , I've never been the biggest fan of this Two date performance in 72 because Plants voice is too high pitched. It's annoying. I'll take TSRTS vocals with some grit and baritone to the Mickey Mouse type linear thin high pitch squeal that I hear every time a piece comes in my headphones. Not sure if Jimmy mixed it with Shirley like this on purpose.......just kidding...however , I was expecting something added to HTWWW- a DVD , omitted songs, other 72 date songs ,...something!!!. I used to rip bands for releasing greatest hits albums as creative filler but now I believe Zep is becoming one of those bands. I realize they are defunct but give us some new live stuff or new Pagey stuff. This reissue bs is just hogwash. I know some of the past releases give us some few gems but please - GTC sans vocals? ...that's what you call a deep cut?. Jimmy needs to either get some real good deep live stuff going and/or start producing other bands or come up with new material. I'm questioning his dedication as a guitar player because only true musicians keep creating and performing. He seems lazy or apprehensive to do anything. I am a huge fan and Zep history buff but really - HTWWW? Rerelease deluxe ...what's next for Jimmy ..Super Ultra Deluxe with better sound that no one really notices. Sorry just some late night venting. Disappointed ...
  2. Blaize86

    Underrated/overrated shows

    Over - new orleans 73 alot of 1973 shows to me lacked a bottom sound . Page was more a lead soloist here than a combined LS and rhythm player. His tone I didn't like , not to say that some if the SRTS stuff isn't great but some songs that need a heavy bottom to sound proper, didn't go down well in this tour . ex- MMHop - terrible shallow sounding WLL-'the main riff which draws on its baritone like tone sounds empty. Black Dog - another one where the riff sounds empty. Much better in 1975 with more bottom. Under - Copenhagen birth shows 1979 Knebworth 8/4/79 Montreal 75 killer Page Philly 75 some of the Europe 80 shows are quite good with great versions of All My Love and Achilles.
  3. I just love the show. Your critique is from a guitar player and I was just protecting my favorite 75 show. Haha. All good and I will re listen with your input in my head. As far as that Philly show, yes I need to give that a good listen. I heard DAC from it and it was remarkable audience recording of I recall. I've been so stuck on this Montreal show for a couple of years now. It just baffles me how Jimmy can go from one night to another and his playing ability suffer so much. Was he in taking that much chemicals or was it nerves. ? I'm glad I heard this show because I wrote him off after 1973 and some of the EC shows. I kinda got a new " see u told ya he can play " bragging right out of this show so i'm protective. All good , just read your MSG 75 thread too and you are spot on. DC nyc
  4. Blaize86

    What's the worst live performance of a song?

    Any version of ten years gone in 1977... what is so hard about playing that solo...a piece that he wrote to boot!!. whats with the 3 neck gimmick that never really made that much of a difference , to me that is. The beginning was never poweful Bonzo was always a bit heavy handed in the live versions. Percy was always great especially in the verse after the so called solo. and Jimmy flubbing the solo night after night and if he did at least nail half of it , he gets too much credit especially from some threads on this site. It's his job to,play well. To rehearse. To nail it. To be a professional. In this song he played like a ten year old with his first guitar. There might be a version or two from LA and Copenhsgen but most suck.
  5. Always thought the MSG shows in 75 were overrated. Uniondale much better show.
  6. Japan 1971 Osaka. Japan 1971 Osaka . Japan 1971 Osaka Did I mention Japan in nineteen seventy one in Osaka... Killer opening acoustic Tangerine short compressed Moby Dick A killer DAC including a fantastic Pennies from Heaven A great Bonham and Plant fight right before Tangerine where Robert says fck you mate... Jimmy is on and Robert which became a rarity after some seventy three shows ..yes my keyboard number keys are not working for some reason..can't even use parenthesis...I can't express myself ..there was suppose to be an exclamation point there.. Anything from seventy one ....
  7. Way too critical. As far as twangy sound and other sound issues it's the source of the audience boot to blame. This is a great great show. It's Percy who ruins it as usual as he did for the 73 Europe shows, most of 1973! and all of 1975. It's easy to focus on Jimmy cause Robert is too cringe worthy to listen too. A lot of the 75 shows are soundboard compressed and lack any reverb or tone. This audience recording is bottom heavy which Zep lacked in 1973 shows. Page doesn't sound on his own here , he sounds like he's on a mission with Jonsey and Bonzo bass drum right along for the ride. This is a powerful show that if balanced correctly can be played on any loud Bluetooth speaker in the house. Jimmy probably plays more of a flurry of notes than most guitar players out there during a show. He switches constantly from lead to rhythm while playing root notes, blues scales , pull offs, and risk taking the whole time. He's not a great live player I believe because of nerves. Yes he holds the pick a bit heavy and gets caught in the strings. This show demonstrates his lightening speed especially towards third and final verse of DAC. Shows his risk taking by adding a third solo of furious fast notes at the end of Sick Again. Kashmir is a monster here and about time the keyboards are not prominent. Pagey pulls off my favorite STH solo of all time. His tone is magical and his phrasing lyrical. If only Plant could get over his 2 year flu , the 1975 shows would have surpassed 1973. Why they would let the shows go on is a question i'm sure most people were afraid to ask Peter Grant. I guess it was a money issue. A lot of these shows where Planty is suffering ( Europe 1973 ) , Jimmy is on. When Jimmy is terrible ( most of 1977) , Robert is on...is this a game they played ? In this show I personally believe with the lack of accesss to certain stimulants in Canada and Robert hurting , Jimmy just didn't give a fckn and just played his balls off. It is a bit rushed like a lot of 75 shows but I believe his playing is as good as 1973 European tour which was the rhythm section just tearing it up night after night. Yes , it's not perfect, but a great audience recording. Thanks for letting me vent. You should see my You Tube comments!! DC NYC
  8. True story no bs... it was about the time the Stones album Dirty Work came out. I was in Staten Island NY. My sisters best friend happened to be Keith Richard's wife's niece. She eventually became their nanny or something like that but my sister also got close with Keith and Patty. I was delivering food as a young teenager and somehow ( no cell phones ? ) she got in touch with me and said Keith was in town for a family party should you like to meet him. Hell yeah!!! Me and my Chinese food delivery partner bolted over to the hall smelling like egg rolls and wanton and strutted into the party. I was met by my sister who excitingly took me over to Mr. Richards who was standing against a stage like one would see in a school. He had his skull ring on and everything. " Keith Keith this is my brother Dan and his friend John "... All I can say is that Keith Richards ( I met him after that again) is a gentleman and very kind to my sister too. Here is the kicker .. I was and still am a huge Zep head back then . I knew Jimmy played on Dirty Work so I had the gall to ask Keith about working with him . This was his exact answer to me- in of course his British accent - " Jimmy Jimmy is a lovely Guitar player just lovely , he has his problems but just a lovely guitar player." So here I am meeting Keith Richards ( photo to prove ) and i'm asking him about Jimmy Page.!! Proof that I was hardcore fan. I'm a huge fan of the Stones also. All I can say about Keith is that he didn't get the hard bombastic sound that Zep had. He also wasn't a fan of Planty and his golden locks look and all the strutting around. Which always baffled me since Keith's partner wore eye shadow, as did Keith , and strutted around stage like a feminine chicken. Jagger had a more professional point and opinion about Zep I feel. Richard's wore everything on his sleeve and if he didn't like you he would tell you. Jagger was more polite I believe and respected Led Zeppelin as also Queen did. It was the music, yes, but it was how they carried themselves and did business as Brian May eluded to once before. Getting back to Keith. I don't think he liked a lot of people in the industry.
  9. Blaize86

    Why In Through The Out Door is a GREAT album

    I personally believe that 2 of the bands most played songs on mainstream radio come from this album. All my Love and Fool in the Rain. FITR I believe gets no respect. Who would of thought that type of beat and tempo would come out of the mighty Zep. Bonham's Purdue Shuffle is pure genius and never tires during the song. The insane samba soccer chant beat in the middle is brilliant followed by what I think is one of Jimmy's best solos. Robert is as clear as ever with one if his best vocal performances ever. All my Love should have stuck with the original Jimmy solo ending. I'm Gonna Crawl has cheesy keyboard intro but has a wonderful Jimmy solo and Robert singing his balls off with heavy echo. Hot Dog is fun In The Evening - pure Zep. A little over produced with Robert coming in too heavy on the reverb. Live is better. Carouselambra- take away the keyboards a bit and raise Roberts vocals and it's a gem. The ending fade had Bonham in top form coming off and on the rider cymbal and floor toms with breakneck speed but it fades too fast. The song should have ending with just Bonham and that beat. South Bound Suarez sounds like a Plant solo album song. Has a great riff though and Bonzo is holding a great pocketed beat. Happy Holiday
  10. Blaize86

    What next? AGAIN

    Guys / Gals - there is nothing else. Let's be clear. Zeppelin didn't spend a lot of time in the studio and when they were in the studio , it was Jimmy's show. Aside from recording and touring , they went there own way. There is nothing else. Zeppelin songs came out of the studio and from the stage most of the time and the songs were written almost impromptu. That's why we love them. That gave the songs the energy and freshness that still survives today in 2017. A lot of bands spend time in the studio individually with members surrounded by session guys , managers, different producers , engineers and assistants. They mange to pull together a song here and there and later the band would fill in the remaining and it would become a b-side or a vaulted song. Zeppelin traveled in a tight group with Jimmy and Peter calling the shots. What the band did as a unit is what you got and it ain't much with 8 studio albums. Springsteen has a ton of stuff as does Dylan, The Stones, U2, Lennon, Petty, ... These bands spent a lot of time in the studio , amongst other musicians and the industry itself. They were in the mix so to speak. Ideas come along and you put it on tape , case closed. Led Zeppelin kept to themselves. It was a tight almost tense filled group. When not in the studio or touring , it was the countrtyside with family away from the studio, hence the lack of publicity and photos. I just don't think, besides live stuff , there is anything out there. Seriously , was the Zep 4 additional cd with the songs in there scaled down versions really a revelation ?!!. If one didn't give a sharp listen besides the instrumentals , it would seem the as the released version. Is this all Jimmy has to offer us ? I think it is...
  11. Blaize86

    Led Zeppelin's best live performance

    Osaka Osaka Osaka 1971 - The intro - Jimmys outro solo on IS is serious shit..the acoustics ..Tangerine - the Percy banter - the group infighting w a drunk Bonzo- Moby Dick marching snare patterns -Pennies from heaven in middle of DAC- all systems full throttle- no drugs !!!
  12. Blaize86

    Best LIVE VERSION of Ten Years Gone?

    Yes yes !! Copenhagen is terrific with that solo. It baffles me why Jimmy couldn't nail the solo most of the time. It always seemed like a struggle until the solo days with Robert. He sounds like a 10 th grader with his first guitar at times. I cringe when I hear it. The 1977 boots had JPJ very low with no bottom and i'm assuming it sounded better if one were in the audience. I also like Robert in the 1977 versions on the bridge after the solo. He comes in strong. Studio wise, one of his best lyrical solos.
  13. Blaize86

    Favorite/Best version of Since I've Been Loving You

    Hands down without going any further - Pure Blues Live boot - Plant is incredible. This version really made me realize how good he his as he rephrases portions of the verse intros. He also gives it a different key when the second - " to eleven every night " comes and and so forth during the song. Page is low in the mix but Percy and JB are up front. This is Plant reaching or near his peak. Powerful. Play it real loud !!!
  14. Blaize86

    Plant's vocals on I'm Gonna Crawl

    I don't think it gets respect because of the cheesy keyboard sound in the intro. Why Pagey doesn't re- release ITTOD and take down the keyboard sound and add guitar is beyond me. This song is wonderful and had it blasting in my car just the other day. I was thinking the same thing as everyone else on this topic.- what a great solo by Page and vocal by Percy. Robert is highly reverbed but it adds to the deep tone of the song. He sings his balls off especially at the end. Would have been great to see them do this in 2007 also at reunion. Again, from what I recall reading about this song, the intro is the weakness but Pagey and Plant its strengths. Would be great at the end of a movie credits rolling ...