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  1. Realperson

    Nitpicking Page 1973

    I don’t know if you’re planning to do any more of these shows but Pittsburgh is on my list and I would love your take. The bootleg is a little rough but Jimmy sounds fantastic to me, as good as MSG if not better. If someone could put out a good sounding recording of this concert, they’d be doing god’s Work...my brother was at this concert but I was too young
  2. Realperson

    Plant promises Zeppelin reunion!

    https://fox43.com/2018/07/11/led-zeppelin-is-reportedly-considering-a-reunion-for-its-50th-anniversary/ ok...this says there’s a legit reunion talk going on...and not in a chip shop...fake news, click bait?
  3. Realperson

    Songs that Sample Led Zeppelin

    This one is my favorite.... https://youtu.be/LG6T5cydKcM
  4. Realperson

    Jimmy Page interviews,2018.

    http://ultimateclassicrock.com/jimmy-page-new-album-2018/ lol...I guess his new "solo" album will be coming out posthumously too...
  5. Yeah, as a guitar player, slides are notoriously difficult to get good sound on a 12-string. He did a good job with it for most of the solo. The problem was the notes at the end higher up on the fretboard really fell out with the slide, hence it sounds out of tune. He probably should have adjusted the arrangement of the solo to avoid running into that issue IMO
  6. The man constantly winged it. Slide on a 12-string. Not a good idea but it worked ok here. I think he'd like that decision back. I thought there was a reason they never released live Tangerine, like on HTWWW. Does it have anything to do with Keith Relf's widow's claim that royalties were owed Keith on the song?
  7. Realperson


    Nevermind. I think it was fake news or a hoax. There were two tweets posted from yesterday saying "Jimmy Page" was engaged and then got married, and they ended up quoted on a website that appears to be fake gossip site....If you google his name and "married" you might be able to find the fake article if it's still up....
  8. Realperson


    Sorry. I don't know how to post on this site and where to put this....but did Jimmy just get married again today? Seeing a lot on twitter. Anyone know?
  9. Realperson


    Yes, I confirm we're different people 😀and have different information. I know nothing about whether they practiced or recorded in a studio. But my source was actually present for discussions between two or more members about whether they should release "new" song(s). Again, no idea if that is or was or going to be acted upon.....
  10. Realperson


    Getting together in a studio to put out a song later in the year is not the same thing as a "reunion." Nor is it "performing together." Just saying. People may have reason to be cynical. I have a good source that this was discussed at least
  11. Realperson


    New poster here. I have heard nothing specific with respect to the use of a studio and when, but I did hear (can’t say how) that one of things being explored by the group to be released for the 50th was new songs or a song. Just passing it on. No idea if that comes to fruition