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  1. Saw Plant in Santa Fe last night....voice was in fine form....also in fine form were his comedic one-liners...some political commentary too....and something about no one over 30 should be playing rock music
  2. Realperson

    The Ocean

    I’ve tried to find good live performances elsewhere too, but really, the best is TSTS...hands down...that guitar tone is not as good in any other performance imo
  3. I couldn’t find the t-shirts, or anything LZ, on the Le Bon Marché website. I went on the MadeWorn website and he had nothing from LZ listed, but be advised....he sells his own crafted “rock group” t-shirts and they run about $175 each...
  4. Realperson

    Led Zeppelin or Related on YouTube

    Cool dissection of isolated tracks...hope it stays up
  5. Realperson

    Jimmy's mystery necklace

    Lol...I take equal offense to that term too, assuming you meant “hetero,” as there is no such thing as either of them....might as well just call him a unicorn...
  6. Realperson

    Jimmy's mystery necklace

    No, former Yardbirds manager Napier-Bell, himself gay, was quoted in the new Page biography as calling JP “partially gay.” I took offense to that term....
  7. Yeah, except it’s not the same as AXS Rock Legends....VH1 basically just had a script of facts/history read by Tyler that was punctuated by clips of the band and prior interviews cobbled together, all of which we’ve all seen before....what I like about the Rock Legends is that they have people—musicians, critics, producers etc—commenting on the group just for the show, and what happened during their run, and putting it in a broader context. It just scratches the surface because it’s only 30 minutes long, but an hour or 1 1/2 hour Rock Legends on LZ would be brilliant. Come on AXS! We know the boys will never do a documentary like this but they should....
  8. Realperson

    New Jimmy Page Biography Released

    Lmao....I wondered who that colorful guy with the goat trailing behind him was in those riot photos from 1969....
  9. I wish AXS would do either a “Rock Legends” show on LZ or “Classic Albums” segment on one of their albums....I keep hoping to see it, but I guess they need the cooperation of the boys...I have no idea why they wouldn’t do something like this....
  10. Realperson

    New Jimmy Page Biography Released

    Lol, Good catch...I forgot about goat sacrifice in voodoo and that there’s a large Haitian population in NYC...I always think about someone dancing around and biting a chicken’s head off when I think about voodoo...
  11. Realperson

    New Jimmy Page Biography Released

    Yeah, it was him....his book sounds interesting but I still don’t get the term “partially gay.” Imo it’s an impossibility. Either you’re gay (primary romantic feelings for same sex) or you aren’t. That’s not to say that all people, either gay or straight, couldn’t have had sex with someone of the sex they’re not primarily attracted to...but that doesn’t make you “gay.” Even if someone considers himself or herself bisexual, they likely have a preference, and still, that’s not being “partially gay”
  12. Realperson

    New Jimmy Page Biography Released

    https://www.telegraph.co.uk/books/what-to-read/repression-sin-debauched-life-led-zeppelins-jimmy-page/ here’s another review...must be a slow news time in the UK...either that or book sales are lagging, otherwise why all the reviews a month after it came out... new description of JP from Yardbrids manager: “partially gay”...never heard that one....how one can be partially gay is beyond me...
  13. Realperson

    New Jimmy Page Biography Released

    Yes, some passages in the Bible equate goats with evil, but they were also “sin offerings” to God....you sacrifice the goat to cleanse you of sins before God....I think Crowley sacrificed a toad to do away with the influence of Christ...not a goat lol
  14. Realperson

    New Jimmy Page Biography Released

    Lmao....I thought the same thing...a goat? So Biblical on the wrong side from Satan....and so prosaic.... also where does one find a live goat in Manhattan if you’re at, say, Atlantic records headquarters completing a business deal ?
  15. Realperson

    New Jimmy Page Biography Released

    https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/7096346/led-zep-jimmy-page-biography/ Here’s another purported excerpt from this ridiculous book lol....poor Jimmy, but he’s an “evolved” human being and a “nice bloke” so he’ll get over it....he actually sounds downright boring to me