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  1. hummingbird69

    Led Zeppelin or Related on YouTube

    Glad the appreciate Zeppelin but my sentiments exactly
  2. hummingbird69

    The Song Remains the Same - Upcoming screenings

    Back in 1982, I went to see a showing of TSRTS at the Salem Tri Cinema In New Hampshire. Small Theater with 3 screens. I got there an hour early because I thought it would be hard to get in. When I got there the parking lot was empty and it looked like it wouldn't be a big crowd. Boy, was I wrong, I was there about a half an hour all by myself when the lot filled up in an instant. I couldn't believe it. The building had a glass foyer with large windows. Within minutes I was pressed right up against the glass with about 300 people screaming to be let in. The man came to the door to open it and as he did the people about 4 feet away from me went right through the plate glass. Other people started trying to jump over the people who were stuck in the window and the rest were trying to force their way in through the doors. I was really scared that I was going to end up through the glass I was pressed against but as soon as it happened the TRI shut the lights and started telling people the show was off and made everyone go home. Everyone went nuts but within 5 minutes the police came and ended the fiasco. A couple years later I went again with a friend. The place was packed but not one person was partying, smoking or yelling. My friend and I had a joint with us but no lighter, not even a match and we couldn't find one person who would let us use their lighter. Can you imagine that? at a time when just about everybody smoked cigs not one person had a lighter. but at least I finally got to see the movie. This theater isn't there anymore, too bad. I saw a lot of movies there.
  3. hummingbird69

    Dublin 1971

    I have it check your pms
  4. hummingbird69

    Is it true that Keith Moon named Led Zeppelin?

    Great pics fo the happening! Can you remember just how long Keith played during Moby Dick?
  5. hummingbird69

    My Television shows.

    You forgot, Maverick Curb Your Enthusiasm. You mention Shandling, Both The Shandling Show and Larry Sanders were good.
  6. hummingbird69

    Plant promises Zeppelin reunion!

    The daily star is from the UK, Fox had no hand in the creation of this story main branch or affiliate alike.
  7. hummingbird69

    1st show of 1975 N. American Tour Recording?

    I have just about everything there is in circulation and as far as I know there is no recording for Bloomington yet. Doesn't mean there isn't one though. BTW the date is 1975-01-18 there were no shows in December 1975
  8. hummingbird69

    Japan 1972

    If I'm a livin nex a door to ya it's a not a lost eh
  9. hummingbird69

    Tit for Tat / Empress Valley

  10. hummingbird69

    Led Zeppelin or Related on YouTube

    Too fucking cool!!! You are one of the few people I have seen do Zeppelin that doesn't make me sick. Your variation was stunning. Would like to see you play that on America's Got Talent. I mean you definitely understand Jimmy and would blow the audience away with that.
  11. hummingbird69

    New "Song Remains The Same" 2CD/4LP/3DVD Deluxe Set

    Ha! When I read your post I was definitely perplexed and wanted to say something but because I didn't buy the set I decided against it. I'm glad I didn't and that it's been sorted because I have been wondering about your statement
  12. hummingbird69

    Empress Valley Warning

    I saw King Crimson in Boston last year, an incredible show of which I may or may not have a recording of. Fripp has always had a huge problem with the music industry mostly regarding the ownership of the music produced. You might think he's sitting on a pile of cash but according to him, he doesn't make a whole lot from his time in King Crimson so he tours to sustain himself. I could be wrong, but today's fans of KC are yesterdays fans with only a small portion of the whole being new young people. DGM live is selling bootlegs from every tour and over last few years they have been releasing huge box sets for each of the original albums. Prices are pretty high although there is a shitload of content in each but who's buying them? I couldn't find any sales figures but I don't think they're flying off the shelves which would be a shame because no matter what year you go too they were great. Releasing a new album with all new music might help create new fans they need to keep going. Then again they are all pretty old now so maybe just play until you die?
  13. hummingbird69

    Empress Valley Warning

    King Crimson started touring again in 2014 with a 7 man lineup without a new album to promote. Right now they are touring with an 8 man lineup and still no new album in the stores. I wonder how much money they are making?
  14. hummingbird69


    6-21 has been mentioned and it's a great show especially TSRTS but for me as a listener, it's really the highlight of the show as it's better than anything else they played that night. 6-23, however, has a lot of Highlights as I mentioned above. For me, those versions are near perfect but it's a matter of taste really. I often wonder how we can all have such different takes on the performances. It's like sometimes I just scratch my head and say how can they think that.
  15. hummingbird69


    You really think that "I"* feel the 23rd is a highly rated and great show because of Moon's appearance? that's funny. His time on the boot was funny, almost sad really but that's all. It also has nothing to do with being a Millard recording. I think most people know this show from the original For Badge Holders Only boot which is from a different source and "I" still love it. I never listen to the Millard recording for this show because of the all the dropouts. I listen to this show because the performances of NFBM, OTHAFA, SIBLY, NO QUARTER, THE ACOUSTIC SET, (very cool) and TUF, are IMHO hard to beat. Bonham's drum solo is pretty damn good for 77 as is Jimmy's noise solo although I could do without the anthems (always). The bit he does on the toggle switch is magic and the theremin and bow solos are wild. I don't care about the mix up in Kashmir or how slow WSBMS is this show is highly enjoyable and as a person who loves the atmosphere and playing at this gig, I do not feel it's overrated at all. This is coming from someone who has all the shows and has been listening to live Zeppelin since 1983. * "I" in parenthesis represents those who do not feel that the high rating is for the reasons you stated