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  1. strombringer101


    Jimmy We don't need a photograph book. I just don't see the point? It is a slap in the face to the people who bought the Super Deluxe editions. Why not just open the bootleg vaults and re master the best of the best concerts.
  2. strombringer101


    That is incredible. It just shows how timeless Led Zeppelin is.
  3. Do not read When Giants Walked the Earth. It was a horrible account on Led Zeppelin. I tossed it in the trash.
  4. strombringer101

    The Camera Phone Photo Thread

  5. strombringer101

    top 5 favorite No Quarters

    Holy cow that is an Amazing version of NO QUARTER. WOW !!! I always thought NQ was kinda the bathroom break song for the 1977 tour. Because the Seattle 1973 is incredible. No disrespect to those that like the NQ 1977 versions, in my opinion they could have cut the length of NQ and play more tracks off Presence, imagine hearing "Hot's on for No where" "candy store Rock".
  6. strombringer101

    1984 Film 'Scream For Help' Coming On Blu-Ray (JPJ Soundtrack)

    My Gosh. My sister bought the soundtrack and listen to it once and put it away. That is terrible. JPJ did much better later on with other production work. I like what he did with Buttholesurfers, and REM.
  7. strombringer101

    The raw power of the 1973 kezar stadium show.

    someone please tell me where this show is from ? Holy COW ZEPPELIN KILLED IT!!!
  8. I am sorry if this conversation has been written before. In saying that I shall begin. Not being the biggest fan of Live unofficial recordings (bootlegs) I had to try open my prospective on the issue. I know that the sound is not alway the best so I learned to listen to the performance, and in doing so I discovered that their is some hidden gems in these sometimes horrible recordings. One show that comes into mind is Kezar stadium show in 1973. Bonzo is a mad man on celebration day, and Page is the wizard I've only heard legends about. Than they explode into a mean version of Black Dog. Plant doing his best to hit those incredibly hard notes that would rip my lungs in two if I tried that scream at the end of B.D. The power Zeppelin had during their live shows has not been matched today by any band. I am very happy that Zeppelin collectors are sharing the magic of live LED ZEPPELIN. My Zepptology continues.
  9. strombringer101

    Robert meets up with Jimmy & JPJ recently

    I may not like the idea of Robert Plant always turning down a Zeppelin reunion, though this has been the case since 1982. Led Zeppelin is done, at least with Robert as a singer. Furthermore I have read in this forum that Jimmy Page might not be able to play guitar anymore because of his hands. I don't know if that is true or not but the question has to be asked? "how come Page always claims he has new music coming" I personally think Page is not able to write new tunes.
  10. strombringer101

    Japan 1972

    I really Hope that Jimmy doesn't release these shows. The set-list for these shows are already on an official release. I hope that he has something from the 1977 tour, or 1980 tour over Europe. If anything why not anything from 1969 American tour?
  11. strombringer101

    Thefts of recordings from Jimmy Page's home...

    Here are the facts. Jimmy Page did go to court over these bootlegs being sold. he seizure of CDs and DVDs included counterfeit Led Zeppelin material valued at an estimated £11,500, a £220 set of recordings from a Led Zeppelin tour in Japan and a £40 set of a warm-up session in Denmark. It also included an estimated £1,790 BPI anti-piracy manager David Wood welcomed Langley's conviction. "Langley was notorious in the trade for the sale and distribution of bootlegs and is another of the major bootleggers to be convicted. He'd amassed a huge personal fortune by ripping off musicians, record labels, music publishers, and the state, but justice has finally caught up with him," he said. https://www.theregister.co.uk/2007/08/01/led_zep_piracy_conviction/
  12. strombringer101

    Mono mixes on ITTOD companion?

    I bought the Deluxe two cd set. I find the version to be sub par at best, sounds horrible, and it was a big low point of the companion cds. Out of all of them I thought In Through The Out Door Companion disc sounded terrible. Considering their is a excellent extended version in the archives. (All My Love).
  13. strombringer101

    Recordings that have "that special something" for you

    I was listening to some of these "live recordings" and the quality is just terrible. I am not complaining or anything because I love how Zeppelin changed the songs from night to night. Though the recordings Iv'e heard on this post {NYC77} are terrible. I am totally sure if you where there it was amazing show. Can you guys guide me to better sounding Zeppelin shows, with rich bass, thundering Bonzo, wizard spider finger Page, and howling wolf Plant? Besides Listen to this Eddie.....
  14. strombringer101


    To me I find the situation regarding John Bonham very sad. Such an amazing drummer with a fire that could not be sustained. His drinking was his swan song. Reading from Richard Cole Book Stairway to heaven, he makes Bonzo look like a total drunk. By passes the fact the man was a loving father, a caring husband, and a brother and son. Bonham to me would have retired on his farm with his wife Pat, sing songs as a golden sun goes down. Happy Birthday Mr. Bonham.
  15. If I had to choose just one Led Zeppelin song. I would have to choose the song that started the industrial revolution. When The Levee Breaks.