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  1. strombringer101

    Top Ten Best and Worst Led Zeppelin Songs

    If I was to do a top 10 for the mighty Zeppelin it would go like this. * 1. When the levee breaks 2. What is what should never be 3. Trampled underfoot 4. For your life 5. Hot’s on for no where 6. Bring it on home 7. Kashmir 8. How many more times 9. Friends 10. In the evening. * subject to change. my least listened songs from Zeppelin. 1. Dyrer maker 2. The crunge 3. Moby dick 4. Walter Walks 5. Darlen 6. Living loving (she is just a woman) 7. Out on the titles ( the ending drumming is amazing) 8. Stairway to Heaven 9. Houses of the Holy -song 10. Fool in the rain
  2. strombringer101

    Led Zeppelin 50th Anniversary

    When the news came around that Led Zep's 50th anniversary was coming up, I was expecting a little more than just a book and some online song list. I wasn't expecting a concert but I was hoping for a live album. Nothing. I will say I am not interested in paying for crappy bootlegs on some website when Youtube has ton of those already.
  3. strombringer101

    The Best blues song ever made by Zeppelin.

    Led Zeppelin in the beginning was known as heavy blues rock band before Houses Of The Holy. Some people thing Led Zeppelin 3 "Since Ive been loving you" is Zeppelins best or maybe a couple of tracks off Led Zeppelin 1. (you shook me, or How many more times) For me I believe Led Zeppelin hit their peak with the blues with one song that stands as the best Led Zeppelin blues song. That song would be : When The Levee Breaks: Off their fourth untitled album. The structure of that tune is simply amazing and the drum beat that started the industrial Revolution has been sampled by 100s of hip artiest. the last section at the 2:00 minute mark is the making of ROCK.
  4. strombringer101

    Cleveland 4/28/77 alternate source

    I have whatever source it is haha kinda good kinda bad recording. I did noticed that the version of Kashmir is flawless.
  5. strombringer101

    Companion discs are rubbish

    I bought all of the reissues accept Physical, & Led Zeppelin 1. Not that I don't like those albums I just haven't gotten around to getting them. The first batch I bought was In through....Presences, Houses Holy. I was not happy with the mono versions of All my love but didn't bother me much because the official version sounds amazing on my Sonos Player 1 speakers. Incredible intro with those keyboards by Jones. The surprise gold nugget was THE Epic. holy cow that jam deserve to be played on the radio! The keyboards are more in the back, Jimmy playing is more upfront as is BONZO. Presences is my favorite Zeppelin Album because it has no keyboards, or soft ballads. It is just pure balls out rock and roll with a hint of the disgust Plant was having with the drug scenes of the 1970s. Excellent recording, very happy to have it. I think en general I was very happy with the cystral clear sounds of the studio and was happy for the new lesser liked companion disk.
  6. strombringer101

    The O2 In Retrospect...

    When I think about how Zeppelin could've toured after the 02 concert, and how upset I was with Plant not wanting to continue. Then it dawned on me. Why does Robert have to meet those expectations when he and the boys already were on top of it. There was no need to continue because there was nothing left to prove. The Music and what official videos we have is probably going to be it. I am fine with it now, because when you look at it, its also 30= years of the Bonham family having to remember the days their father, husband, brother was still around. Led Zeppelin lives within the heart of the fans now. I would be happy with one kick ass Best of Led Zeppelin Live with best recording possible. Peace.
  7. strombringer101

    Led Zeppelin 50th Anniversary

    Best band to ever walk the Earth. I do not care what they did backstage even though it makes for good readings. The Music those 4 created will stand the test of time. Generations from now will pounder in their cubical mind machine getting blasted by Zeppelin.
  8. strombringer101


    Was digging through my archives of Led Zeppelin related stuff. Besides finding some Rolling Stones interviews. I found this, Proximity/ I bought this at a now defunct record store back in 1993. anyone else ever hear of this magazine ???
  9. strombringer101

    1975 -1977 recordings,

    Holy Crap this Version of Sick Again 77' Houston is beyond words. I am amazed how strong Zeppelin was live in 77' this is like a punch in the gut. In your face heavy rock. Yeah!! I know your name and no you don't look the same but sure did rock many moons ago!!!
  10. strombringer101

    1975 -1977 recordings,

    Holy Shit this is what I am talking. Excellent recording with rich bass and Pages guitar effects in full effect. Yeah I will be sending yeah a message!
  11. strombringer101

    1975 -1977 recordings,

    Have a question to the mighty Led Zeppelin collectors that post some stellar Live Zeppelin shows on Youtube. I been listening to this 1975 live soundboard recording of different concerts played in America. The sound is incredible, (he does state he did some sound touch ups) than I listened to his 1977 recording compilation. and the sound is terrible. performance wise the shows selected are great, but the sound quality is (be Nice) not good. Can anyone refer me to some great sounding 1977 recordings, besides (Listen to this eddie)
  12. strombringer101


    Awesome I am buying it!
  13. If I had to choose one song to be remembered by. That song would have to be the beat that started the industrial revolution. When The Levee Breaks.
  14. strombringer101

    1975 US Soundboards "Live Album"

    I for some reason have always thought the version of Kashmir done during the 1980 tour was hard to listen to because of those keyboards.